FSU | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Jerry Linn Gets Invited To FSU

February 27, 2012 FSU, Manhattan, The Dirty 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t tell if this girl is being serious or just trying to get a bunch of youtube videos.  She does have some huge ass +2′s which makes her an automatic winner in my book.

This shows you how stupid the students are at FSU. One of her sisters told her about Jeremy Linn from New York and she confused it for a black guy who doesn’t play for the Giants.- nik

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Piece Of Trash

February 20, 2012 Dirty Predator, FSU, Kansas City 69

Piece Of trash!

THE DIRTY ARMY: This douche-bag is nothing but a worthless piece of trash. His name is Andrew Lawrence Porter. He thinks he is hot shit and he’s nothing. He uses women to get what he wants and fills their head full of nothing but lies. This dude isn’t going anywhere and life and never will. This guy is nothing but a predator out to get in any girls pants he can. Your a disgrace to our country. In this pic is him thinking hes something at the bar he works out, even though hes some big air-force hot shot but yet works at a bar now.

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Representing Tallinasty

February 17, 2012 FSU, The Dirty, Would You? 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not going to beat around the bush.  FSU basketball is dominating, we will be good at Football next year and we got super hot chicks like this girl down here in Tallinasty.  I wanted to ask if you would with her, if you were a freshman at FSU right now.

Answer: No, she looks torn up in the face and has a hole in her nose.

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Are They Real

February 6, 2012 FSU, Orlando, The Dirty 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tatiana. I’ve seen her around downtown Orlando and at some of the clubs including the one where I’m a bartender. I’m pretty sure she now goes to FSU. I think shes pretty hot and anytime she’s ever brought up everyone how she has a huge rack for a half asian white girl. So what do you think, are real or not??

Those are FAKE. You can tell by the seagull lines when she lays down.- nik

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Identified Flying Object

February 1, 2012 Dirty Greeks, FSU, Tampa, The Dirty 12

Identified Flying Object

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I saw this clip on youtube and forgot how awesome & funny it is… you have to see it! The girl spanking her ass on the truck is called Kate Wicker and she is the biggest drunk at FSU! After this video went viral she got kicked out of her low tier sorority because they were embarrassed of her. After her fall she proceeded to get back on the truck, show her boobs to the crowd and chug vodka from the bottle. A Lindsey Lohan lookalike also makes an appearance… its EPIC! Call out this shambles of a girl!

Looks like FSU is winning in the party school department.- nik

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Corrine Is The New Brock’s Chick

November 27, 2011 FSU, Tampa, The Dirty, Would You? 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is Corrine. I think she is the most gorgeous girl ever. I believe she is your new Brock’s Chick. Represents FSU well considering she is perfection. So Would You?

Answer: No, I rather bang a pregnant Brock’s Chick than rub Corrine’s forehead for good luck.

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Pretty College Freshman

November 7, 2011 FSU 3

College Freshman!

College Freshman!

College Freshman!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Maci. She is a freshman at Florida state. She is super pretty and really down to earth. In my opinion she looks better than the other freshmans that have been submitted so far. What do you think Nik, would you?

Answer: No, her bodies shaped like a board and she’s got pudgy pits.

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New Angle On An Old Debate

October 13, 2011 Atlanta, FSU, The Dirty 49

New Angle On An Old Debate

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, alright, so we all saw the post about the white girl knocking black guys and the way they approach women, but has anyone ever considered discussing how white women that are into black men approach them? I am a black man and almost every white girl I have dated or hooked up with has been obviously disappointing in the fact that I am mature and intelligent.  Now I’m not saying all black men are immature or dumb, unfortunately that is stereotype we live with, we are all products of our environment and how people perceive and treat us based on how we look, but I’m tall, athletic, and dark skinned and most people think white girls that date me are open minded, yet from my experience, they are extremely ignorant.  Associating their attraction to immature males with the black race and they try to undermine my heritage because I don’t fit the profile of what they want in a boy toy. Basically, for all you white girls that ‘love’ black guys would you date Myron Rolle? Former FSU/Tennessee Titan defensive back and Rhodes Scholar? probably not.

It is true that fat White Women are super aggressive towards dark meat.- nik

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