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I Never Understand The Fat Pepsi Head

September 20, 2011 FSU 18




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little sl*t is Monica Fernandez and she has been in hiding for way too long. First of all, she claims not to do drugs when she is the biggest c*kehead out there… the saddest part is that she’s still a fat ass. If a girl has a boyfriend… it would be a mistake to introduce them to her because chances are she will f*ck him…or she probably already has. If any guy gives her a second of attention she becomes a total stage 5 clinger.  She also has to be one of THE dumbest people you will ever encounter.

This is FSU… What happened?- nik

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Old Hotness

September 14, 2011 FSU, Jacksonville 9

THIRTY ARMY:Nik I have a girl here you may like.  I went to school with her and God Damn! is she fine.  I remember gruops of guys changing their whole night to go drink at a place she was at…I wasn’t that desperate, I was realistic and slept with girls more my caliber…her plus 20, lol.  Anyways thought you guys might like her shes pretty well known.  don’t think shes in school anymore, last I heard she’s a model.  so ya, would ya?

Answer: No, she’s a promo girl, not a successful model.  First pics from a college magazine where kids get to highlight their photoshop skills.

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Fugly Sloot

September 6, 2011 FSU, Jacksonville 3

Fat ugly whore

Fat ugly whore

Fat ugly whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, This girls name is melissa, she is just plain nasty, apparently she is a suicide girl, but when i saw these “modeling” pics of her in the woods, i literally threw up in my mouth a little. Look at her rolls all around her sides. She is a total slut to, she literally posted this on facebook in her “about me” Copied and pasted. “2. melissa Hottest girl in the known universe, likes taking it from behind.  3. Melissa Melissa-A very beautiful person inside and out.” really? likes taking it from behind? YOUR MOTHER IS ON YOUR FCKING FACEBOOK! She must be so proud of her little slut, melissa, put some closes on and stop thinking your gods gift to men, cause you are no where near it. Also, you tits look like shit, you don’t even have cleavage, your tits make a V shape as cleavage because you pull your tits a little outside your bra to make them look bigger.

Pushing flapjacks together is not a good look.  Neither is exposing any of your muffin top.- nik

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Whatchu Think Nik

August 31, 2011 FSU, Jacksonville 9

Wutcha think nik?

Wutcha think nik?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik my best friend thats a guy has seen this girl around and has wanted to know more about her?what do you think nik?personally id say no but im no guy.

Answer: No, she has a beer body and a purple crayon addiction.

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Sarasotas Finest Trash Bag

June 13, 2011 FSU, Sarasota 9

sarasotas finest trash bag

sarasotas finest trash bag

sarasotas finest trash bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a drug whore. She is the epitome of pathetic and she is completely oblivious to her action’s consequences. She ruins every friendship/relationship she ever has. Not only does she steal from her friends, but she steals from her parents, her sister, and whatever guy will give her the time of day. She recently got her car taken from her because she nor her parents could make payments…yet she still has the nerve to take the little they have left! This chick dated a fifty yearold man when she was 19 (now 22) and she used to steal from his WIFE too! I feel awful for anyone who is graced with her lying slut ass. Actually, they could probably get their d**k sucked if they bought her a pack of cigs. So maybe I don’t feel SO bad for anyone who comes in contact with her…maybe I just hope they have something to give her in return. Everything aside, she manages to get guys still. Right now she’s dating a twenty yearold but still sleeps with her dealer and her neighbor for pills. What’s the deal…is she really that good looking??? What do you think Nik??

I think she can hold in guys of all shapes and color.- nik

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Florida State Alumni

June 9, 2011 FSU, Miami 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Florida State has been so boring lately, wanted to show you that FSU use to be hott atleast. What do you think of these FSU alumni’s?

A school cannot be judged based on its past. I want to see present day please.- nik

[Image: Robert Fenn]

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Christian Ponder’s Very Own Own Swimfan Kacie

April 28, 2011 Dirty Athletes, FSU, Tallahassee, The Dirty, Villanova 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, apparently Christian Ponder and his horse mouth girlfriend Kacie from Villanova broke up, and just like any guy in his situation would, he rebounded with some girls at FSU. Ever since, Kacie has been posting NON STOP on our school’s gossip website pretending to be a guy (it’s so obvious when girls try to talk like guys online, why does this idiot even try). She is talking about how “Christian made a huge mistake” and “He really screwed up because apparently Snoop Dogg texted her”…its so obvious that it’s her posting because no one at FSU would care that some big toothed slam piece from another school is too hot for CP or even know that she was texting Snoop Dogg. And even though the girls he rebounded with dont know Kacie at all and CP and Kacie had already broken up, she is posting the nastiest lies about these girls online CONSTANTLY. No one at FSU cares but her and if you saw these posts in question you would agree she’s a self promoting psycho. To top it off, apparently this girl is a well-known “anything athletic with promise” greg chaser at Nova. This girl is a slutty stalker that thinks shes a celebrity because she got some sh*tty photo-shopped modeling pictures done and dated CP. Too bad she missed “The Flavor of Love” years because that would have been perfect for her. If you want to protect your dirty army at Nova you should tell them to steer clear of this psycho.

I think it is funny how girls sleep with athletes on campus thinking they are going to go pro and be rich. The reality of the situation is that Division 1 star athletes make good cubicle warriors. I hate when horse faces get delusional just because they have a good spray tan and +2′s. College kids don’t like horses, they like donkeys Kacie. So what does that make you?- nik

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FSU DG’s Classy Twitter

April 12, 2011 FSU, Tallahassee 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I saw Lauren Rog****i and her DG sorority sisters submitted on here earlier, and I feel it’s my duty to give you these screenshots of their Twitter. I don’t know Nik, I think it’s kinda funny. Too bad these girls are 5′s at BEST and can’t really back up all their sh*t talking.

I want to know Lauren’s last name. Maybe I can get a referral fee from Porn producers.- nik

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