I’m sorry I ever dated this loser

April 15, 2014 Ft. Lauderdale 1 6,253 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, I was dating this guy for about a month or so and everything seemed to be great. He treated me like a princess and everything. Well one weekend I became ill from an allergic reaction and my face swelled up like a balloon. We had a date planned for that night which I had to cancel. Up until that point everything had been going great…and then I suddenly never heard from him again after that night. He never called or texted to see how I was doing or anything. Finally two weeks later, he sends me a text message telling me that he ran into an old girlfriend the night I was stuck at home sick and decided to go back to her. They immediately began dating after that night and that is why I never heard from him again. He even said they are on a trip together in Mexico. He said he had been leading me on and that it was a mistake for me to spend time with him. And to add the cherry on top of that sundae, he told me that I shouldn’t be so upset about it because “millions of girls get hurt all the time.” REALLY??? What a f–king Grade A DOUCHENOZZLE!!! Well unfortunately for him, I happened to stumble across an old mugshot of him from when he got arrested for DUI. Way to go, bro!! So not only is he a liar and a player, but he is also a reckless loser who put other people’s lives in danger by driving drunk. He drinks pretty heavily, so I’m not surprised that he would try to drive drunk. So I guess I should be glad that this idiot douchebag is out of my life. Good riddance!!!

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Allie Whore-land

March 20, 2014 Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando 6 5,687 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is married, with a daughter, has a boyfriend and is fcking another guy. She can’t stay faithful to any guy ever never has, she’s always had more than one guy, and she doesnt care if she breaks up a relationship as long as she hooks another guy. Would you really want to fck this?

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Christopher Kirkland Steer Clear Of This Jamaican Boy Toy

March 15, 2014 Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood 1 6,421 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, steer Clear of this man. I met him on interracialdatingcentral about a year ago, only to find out, that he not only has been in a committed relationship for about 4 years, but a a slew of other women on the side, an goes to Europe allot to meet them. He also has them come to him. I found out about this, when I was visiting him a few months ago and he left his computer open when he went in the shower. There were pics of tons of women, some with him in sexual positions. He was chatting with 3 other women while I was on that visit, telling them the same things he told me. I also found another other woman who had a one year relationship with him, where she moved form California to be with him in Miami, only to find out that he not only didn’t love her, but that he was cheating on her too, with tons of other women. There is a woman on this site, Cha**** Dall***, who had a five year fling with him and her ex posted about her and his name was in there. Disgusting. H e will sleep with anyone and anything, from the looks of the women on his computer. And from the looks of the tests to his girlfriend, she has no idea. I tried to call her a few times and text her, but they are never returned. I hope she finds this site and him on here. LADIES, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. THIS MAN IS A LIAR AND FILTHY.

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Human Centipede

March 10, 2014 Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale 8 6,923 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girls name is Ronnie Moore. I was browsing through Chive the other day looking at bad tattoos and I saw this girl, and I said “Holy Shit, I know her!!” She’s since covered up the Human Centipede with a big owl or something, but the WWJD is still there. I was friends with her on FB through a mutual friend, I’d never met her before. She posted one day that she needed a ride from her “sister’s” place back to her place (about a 30 min drive). I had nothing better to do, so I responded that I would if she did something for me, implying that I wanted something sexual in return. I didnt think she’d actually go for it, but she said ok pretty much immediately. I picked her up, bought her lunch and drove her home. She invited me in and let me bust inside of her for the cost of a ride home and lunch at Burger King. Unfortunately she moved to Florida recently and I only got to see her one other time. Florida people, be on the look out for this girl needing a ride somewhere, it’s totally worth it.

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Catt Smith aka Shelby

March 6, 2014 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami 11 9,675 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see you don’t have a West Palm Beach section on your site. Hopefully, that will change. Recently, This pay for play whore came back into my city running the same game she ran last time she was here. And that is, working at Rachels strip club under the stage name Shelby. Also working at Off the Hookah. Either place she will go home with a guy as long as he’s willing to pay the right price. But what she fails to tell these guys is that she’s got the DRD’s. I’ve seen these girls come and go in my city and I thought last time she left for good. Apparently not. Here we are again, her injecting my city guys with the drd. I wish she’d leave this city. Everyone talks bad about her behind her back and she doesn’t even know it. Warning to the guys, she make come across as easy. She may be dressed like a grade A slut. But don’t fall for her vaginal web of DRD. Pics provided of her with long and short hair so no one gets confused when she wears her wigs.

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Bobbi and Jeff Scott

January 21, 2014 Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa 6 9,629 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bobbi and Jeff Scott are crack heads Bobbi likes to have sex with men to get hotel rooms for her and Jeff in florida cuz they are homeless cuz they spend all they money on crack they even steal from Bobbi’s 13 years old daughter and 9 year old son their wii’s and tv’s and even their dog poor kids she opens her legs to every man willing to fck her loose shit then has a kid and never takes care of them gives them away for others to take care of so they can steal from them shes a whore became a mom at 13 had 3 kids by age 17 she lets strange people have sex with her kids while she goes gets high on crack she tells her own daughter to kill her self and when her daughter tryed she said she could care less if she lives or die and calls her a dumb ass for attempting su she contacts her daughters feoncee’s family harrassing them talking shit about her daughter and his family trying to ruin her family she caused her neice to cut her self and get 17 stitches and end up in a mental ward Bobbi is fake she acts like she turned christian got baptised then cusses her daughter out and says a bunch of evil stuff to her thats not a christain tell me what you think of her.they both ugly too she thinks she is so hot she has no fucking teeth.

Its not Halloween.- nik

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Home Wrecking Stripper

December 6, 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami 11 7,672 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Teri Inzegian. She lives in Pompano Beach, FL. Over the summer this woman, also known as a stripper by trade, met and had an affair with my retarded husband. Meanwhile, I was home in another state with a terrible illness. I flew to visit my husband and my illness landed me in the hospital for four days. I sat alone for four days in the hospital while my husband fcked around with Teri. Nice guy huh? Nicer gal huh? Gladly, I found out about this affair before I had sex with my husband again because I learned she had given him ***. So thankful now that I was too sick to be intimate with my husband when I flew to visit. Anyway, this woman along with my husband ruined the happy life I thought I had. Feel free to facebook her under that above stated name. I’m sure she’s looking for new husbands to fuck, or John’s to get paid from.

You shoulda posted your ex, he was the one doing the excessive tipping (at least I hope its your ex).- nik

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Meet Natalina Turchi

November 23, 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, The Dirty 44 110,387 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this is Natalina Turchi… She is a stipper in Ft. Lauderdale but always talks about how she’s from MIAMI.  She’s totally delusional and f*cks older guys for pairs of shoes… She’s not even attractive unless you find a pudgy umpalompa hot… shes like 4’9 and weights like 140lbs… the worst part about this is that she is like a wannabe pornstar… she acts and tells people that shes is a pornstar when she’s not…. home sex videos don’t count… any guy who’s looking to get a piece of easy ass make sure to hit her up.

If she got a nose job she wouldn’t look as Mexican.- nik

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