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Financial And Sexual Con-Nan Eric Noveshen

December 5, 2014 Dirty Business, Ft. Lauderdale, The Dirty 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do not trust Eric Noveshen he is one of Fort Lauderdale’s shadiest FINANCIAL and SEXUAL CONMAN. He uses Tinder, Match.com, millionairematch.com and Jdate to lure women into his life of fraud, excess and sexual perversions. He lures women to his $2-million home in Fort Lauderdale and forgets to tell them it’s in foreclosure and it’s not even his!! He sleeps with at least 3 different women at a time, never using condoms and then posts them on a secret facebook site (not in his name) that he only allows his guy friends to see. He always goes after older women with money, and asks them to borrow large amounts $10,000 and up and NEVER pays them back. He goes after younger women just to have sex with. Since 2003 he has lost two homes to foreclosure and lived in 2 other homes in foreclosure never paying a red cent in rent. It is verified that he gave DRD to 3 girls (verified) and one had a cervical cancer scare. Both women and men beware when he asks you to invest in his penny stocks. He asked a friend for a $100,000 investment in penny stock company called Spa Capsule, said the investor he would triple his money. Stock was a pump and dump scam. The guy lost all his money! Don’t invest a penny, don’t take off your panties for this man!

None of these squares interest me.- nik

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Kayla Ruiz

December 4, 2014 Ft. Lauderdale, Miami 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Kayla nicole ruiz. Born sept. 1st 1993. Shes my gf but I recently found out that shes just a money using whore. She claims to have been raped when she was younger but truth be told she was actually in a relationship with her cousin and when peopke found out they were related she cried rape. Currently she lives off meand her mother here in pompano beach florida. She left her ex for me right after she killed their unborn child by doing a bunch of coke with me in the bathroom at her cousins house. ( I did not know she was pregnant.) Although we are together I thought Id put this out there so everyone knows who she truly is. If the head wasn’t so great id be gone by now. She tells me she loves me but come on lets be real shes a gold digger and wanted nothing to do with me until she found out I have a rich family

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Biggest Scumbag in Delray Beach

September 30, 2014 Dirty Business, Ft. Lauderdale 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Kent Schloesser. This turd calls himself “Kent Money” IG: Kentxavery. He stole 3 million from old ladies in FL and was charged with wire fraud, money laundering and indecent exposure for looking like a penis. (story in Sun Sentinel) He now lives in LA running other scams. With this retard gone, and in LA, the title for biggest scumbag in Delray/Boca is up for grabs. With the FBI raid Good Decisions Sober Living several individuals defrauding insurance aka “Schloessers” are up next. It’s expected more penises or “Kent’s” will pop up. They’re coming after patient brokers, those accepting kickbacks and guilty of insurance fraud. “Business owners” will will give addicts cash to get high, then bill insurance so they can go to “treatment.” They let addicts live rent free and bill insurance 8-10k a week for them to scribble with a crayon 2-3x a week and bill insurance for IOP or PHP. They charge 10k a week per “client” Those of us in the industry find it disgusting. The same guys that ran timeshare scams, call centers, and leveraged metal scams have moved to recovery related insurance fraud. They act like they want to help, but don’t give a shit. Out of insurance? Pack your shit-homeless. Some go as far as “bum hunting” finding bums with insurance to run. A good catch is worth 10k. With this turd in cali ripping off people the title for biggest scumbag in Delray/Boca is up for grabs.. Who takes the cake??

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Scumbag in Delray Beach/ Boca Raton

September 30, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami 259

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kent Schloesser. This weasel calls himself Kent Money” and stole millions from elderly victims but unfortunately looks a penis. With this retard gone, who is the biggest scumbag living in Delray Beach? After the FBI raid of Good Decisions Sober Living a few days ago, allegations of several companies allegedly fraudulently overbilling & urine testing excessively has cost insurance companies millions of dollars. “Alegedly” right. They’re coming after those who have been patient brokering, accepting kickbacks and guilty of insurance fraud. “Business owners” in Delray Beach will give addicts cash to get high, then bill insurance so they can go to “treatment” They will let addicts live rent free while they bill insurance 8-10,000 a week for them to attend IOP or PHP. They then bill insurance companies over 1,000 dollars every time a client pees in a cup. The Delray/Boca area has seen a couple people arrested for timeshare scams, call centers, and leveraged metals companies stole millions and got a slap on the wrist. Several of these same scammers have moved to recovery related insurance fraud. Who’s the biggest scumbag in Delray Beach and Boca Raton?

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Jango Radio Airplay Is A Scam

September 24, 2014 Dirty Business, Ft. Lauderdale 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,I signed up for Jango (Radio Airplay) through Sonic Bids, another scam. They sent me emails saying that you have a new listener or fan. Radio Airplay would give the name of the fan and picture if they were on Facebook. I checked out every facebook member they sent to me. They either did not exist on Facebook or they did not respond to any messages sent through Facebook. My verdict is, this is a ripoff. Every real fan I have ever contacted has returned a message, begged for new music or ask for tickets to a show on South Beach, thats how I know these people do not exists!

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Rochelle Marshall Fraudulent Calls Regarding Merchant Services

September 24, 2014 Dirty Business, Ft. Lauderdale 0


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I recieved a message on a back up machine in my office stating that my company had submitted an application for new merchant services and that they would need to come out and have me answer questions and take pictures of my store. It seemed quite fishy as I have been with the same proccessor for the last 2 1/2 years. I called the number back to inquire as we had just had a issue with a fraudulent merchant account being opened in my companies name within the last 90 days and the message was dated back to slightly before that time. My call was answered by Rochelle Marshall the same woman who had left the message. When I started to inquire about the message Rochell. She refused to answer any of my questions about her call and when I informed her that I had put in no such application she rudely hung up on me. I will be forwarding her business info to First Data, my merchant processing company for further investigation. There’s no way a reputable proccessor would have miised the opportunity to explain themselves. Beware of this woman. Her business practices are quite shady.

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Chad Van Horn Of Van Horn Law Group, P.A. Is The CRAPPIEST ATTORNEY ON EARTH

September 4, 2014 Dirty Business, Ft. Lauderdale 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, warn others in Ft. Lauderdale of this thief. Chad Van Horn you think you are going to STEAL from me and get away with it. You do huh? He is the only attorney I have used who has just obviously lied to me. He lied over and over and over again. If you meet him your skin will crawl like you have maggots under your skin. He is sleasy. He stinks. He is just a plain bad, bad, person. NO caring! NO work! NO filings! NO calls! NOTHING but a greedy bastard. NOBODY with his firm is worth a darn. He got crappy grades in school. Yeah, I checked with his former classmates. He was just the biggest bonehead in class. The attorneys he hires are the cheapest, lowest cost attorneys he could find and you get the left over junk. He acts like he cares. But he passes you off to his idiot hirelings. HE LOST MY CASE. HE LOST MY CASE. HE LOST MY CASE. HE LOST MY CASE. HE LOST MY CASE.

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour

September 4, 2014 Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Plano, San Antonio, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Texas, The Dirty, University of Miami 9


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