Brittani Peebles

August 28, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Brittani slut is nothing but a piece of fat meat in grande prairie she tries to date drug dealers but they don\’t even want her bc she’s a whore and all she does is snort white up her nose she acts all perfectly innocent but she lies to everyone when we all know how big of a whore/druggie you are Brittani!!! Not even carl thinks your cute anymore because you\’ve gained so much weight you hippo! You need to go puke that fat away you black out. her best friend Rebecca topol even deals and supposedly uses her boobs to get people to buy from her. when you go out and assume everyone likes you when on the real nobody does they are just nice to your face because everyone feels bad for your horrible lifestyle. I love how you go around telling everyone you spent 1000$ on hair extensions and you still look like a train wreck go buy a vehicle or better yet get your licence you low life loser everyone has you in their phone as brew sloot Britt And yes funny so funny that you called the cops on your ex because he beat you up well honey being a rat doesn’t get you anywhere in life so happy his girlfriend at the time beat you up because you were so wasted you broke and entered into his place and thought he still wanted you except your nothing but a cum bucket. for the dress code you should learn to buy clothes that actually fit instead of having a muffin top with everything you put on your not skinny like you used to be when you were 15 keep up the good work with being filthy hopefully another native man will want you or better yet once you get big enough black men will die for you. And also everyone knows you should keep your clothes on stop going to the club and stripping you dumb hoe nobody wants to see that cellulite all over your legs and ugly ass. Everyone knows how brown and big your beef curtains are funny how your ex has a video fucking you and put it on youporn everyone go check her ugly body out ew raunchy

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Sandmans Main Man

August 27, 2014 Grande Prairie 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy is a loser. He only acts like he a big shot cause he’s in management big Fcking deal buddy! This Fcking bastard likes to play mind games he’ll make you believe on story after another!! He’ll make you feel wanted and special then say later he’s moving! I just hope you ladies see beyond he’s looks cause get a gold digging piece of ass!!

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GP Sloots

August 25, 2014 Grande Prairie 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two druggies work in a bar in grand prairie. Everytime I am there they are acting like total alcoholics! Drinking on the job and acting belligerent! They walk around GP acting like they are the shit..Victoria( the whale) is 30 years old still working at a bar. The other girl is her sidekick and just follows victoria around like a dog.So embarrassing! Get out of Grand Prairie!!!

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Free Rez Dog

August 20, 2014 Grande Prairie 223

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jamie bringing another cr*ck baby into the world! Guess what world she’s pregnant again and doing meth! She doesn’t know who her baby’s daddy’s are. And threatens to  ***l herself if he doesn’t take her back for all the blow jobs she gives out at work, the cozy corner run down pissy bar she works at! Your mommy n daddy can’t protect you forever, loose cunt bitch…EG should be very proud… Lmao located in high prairie Alberta, from sucker creek- Nik put this bitch on Blast!! Thanks… Of n ps don’t bring kids into the world when our tax money is paying for their disabilities!!!

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Dirtbag Cheater

August 20, 2014 Grande Prairie, Halifax 14



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a low down dirty user and abuser named Jason Lesbirel. He was a friend until he believed his ex over me and now i’m exposing his dirt. He had an on and off relationship with his ex Beth Watson for 2 years until he got her pregnant in december. What she didn’t know was he gave her chlamydia and herpes because he was seeing other women the whole time and she lost the baby because of it. About a week later he cut her out of his life and then acted like she was crazy. I believed what he said until she started blaming me for things I didn’t do and he did the same to me. Just dropped me as a friend. I’m sure his new girl pal Holly Galbraith has no idea what he is. She’s a school teacher with kids. Which is funny, because he has nothing to do with his own son back in Nova Scotia that he abandoned when he was less than a year old. He’s still on dating websites while he’s with Holly and I doubt he told her about his dirty package.

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Lyndsay Gusty

August 12, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware this old cougar will go after anything that will have her, in exchange she will give you a Hagered tattoos. She is a waste of skin and should have stayed where she fled off too, she claims to be a good mom, yet her children were taken away from her and she did drugs while she was pregant. She should be put down for her crimes. She weighs a whole 90 pounds and claims she’s clean but won’t do drug test!! This piece of shit is looking for anyone that will listen to her lies and try to score some rocks!!!

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Beware Of Junky Jess

August 10, 2014 Grande Prairie, The Dirty 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone watch out for Jessica. She’s been in grande prairie a few years now. I started dating her thinking she was a cool chick, we went out for a year and I took her into my home where I live with my daughter. Little did I know she was f*cking everyone she worked with behind my back. I went to surprise her at work one day to find her sleeping with some 50 year old in her car. When I tried to kick Jessica out of my house, she snuck back in a week later and trashed my place. Men, watch out for this bitch, she may be sweet to taste and hot as he’ll but she’s a horrible person and will take you for everything your worth. Karma’s a bitch Jess, and it WILL catch up to you.

No way is that a real Gucci swimsuit.- nik

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Neighbourhood Cracker

August 7, 2014 Grande Prairie 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jessica, our neighbourhood escort. She lives a few houses down from myself. She has constant traffic flow around her house all house of the day/night. Whenever I see her in public she looks like a complete mess. There has been a few incidents involving the popo for who knows what, yet she still lives there. How I ave these photos you ask? My buddy texted her number from the back pages and she sent him these when he asked what he was gonna get, of course he never went through with it but we wanted proof for you nik. So here she is … Grande prairie at its finest haha

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