Gold Digger

October 21, 2014 Grande Prairie 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gold digging whore will sleep wit anybody who’s willing to give her money or buy her an iPhone like her last bf did all she wanted was 4 him to pay all her bills like a gold digger she is then sleeps wit her nephews 18 year old friends the guy she’s wit now she only knew 4 a few weeks then sold everything she had to move in wit him cause he’s willing to get her anything she wants and by the way she threw out her own daughter 4 her bf so she wouldn’t be the one who had to leave this bitch deffinaty deserves what’s coming 4 her gold digging whore who gives up her own to have some ugly man take care of her desperate ugly wrinkled c*m bucket ditch pig mother of the year nasty ass bitch should be a sight 4 low life’s she’d be top of the list that’s 4 sure

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Sasha Laboucan

October 14, 2014 Grande Prairie 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: well look who it is!!!! Its you, Ms.sasha trasha the garbagecan labacun. the first time i met you, you tryed to fck me at that time, you were dating your babys daddy. you were not pregnet at the time, but you were still disgusting and i am way out of your leugre. reasons why i and so many other people didnt fck u is because you would have been a stalker, you are very disgusting and have plates of crusty food in ur room. you are pale, your hair looks like it came from a horse of the res u r from too. oh ya i also wouldnt have been able to listen to you moan because your voice sounds like a dude. this girl is a compulsive lier who thrives for attention which is because all of those reasons i mention why i wouldnt fck u, u know its true. couple things i left out, i remember one night after bars closed i was at the same place partying as you were while your child was at home and you were bleeding down ur led because u r so stupid u cant even rember menstrial cycle. i noticed u changed clothes. i also notice u had once sock on when u were changing ur heels so that made me wonder did this girl really put a sock in her pussy? yeeeep i found out it was true. this bitch has her period and uses socks. I hope you lose your child because your babys father is a great person with a kind heart. oh ya< stop doing those photo shoots and wasting film along with internet space and peoples time because you look so fcking disgusting.

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GPS Demon Soldier

September 30, 2014 Grande Prairie 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is hands down the biggest skankiest disgusting girl in grande prairie! She’s a horrible insecure jealous psycho probably because she’s getting it from everyone because she’s forcing herself on them too ! It’s crazy she thinks she’s a drug dealer ducked the whole ball team and demon soldiers group thinking she was hot shit till they got rid of her because she smoked all there meth and wasn’t worth a fck ! This bitch has diseases and trust me I know because she have Claudia to me the gross bitch ! And word to the wise wrap it up if your going with the one your not going to feel her anyways she’s pretty loose probably from having the 2 children she never has ! Sad treats her kids like shit like it’s there fault they had to have that piece of shit for a mother ! Anyways look out that’s a warning for u guys she will act like she wants u but trust me she just want security while she fcks and blows everyone put this skank in her place nik

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Worst Mom

September 26, 2014 Grande Prairie 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sabrina nik you have to post her! shes the worst mom in the world cheats on her bf with two dif people she works with I even heard she was sleeping with the boss! all she does is get drunk with her losser friends and snort pepsi she lost custody of her kid cause of her drug problem! She cheats on her bf everytime she says shes just hanging out with the girls post this nut job junky thanks nik!

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Exclusive Personnel, LLC Pay Below Minimum Wage

September 25, 2014 Dirty Business, Grande Prairie 9


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, after working 1 day for this company on a spur of the moment assignment. I received my check with a bogus deduction for $25.00, I agreed to .02 for finding me work and .08 for a fake insurance they claim to have. But that only comes to $6.60 of a measily $66 check. These guys are not honest and I will never work for them. I wouldn’t recommend them to a company managing dog houses. I know it is a small check but principles are just that. If they’d steal $19 from an employee they assign and ultimately pay them below minimum wage who will work for them but desperate individuals. It adds up quickly over time. I was suspicious when I faxed my time sheet on mon 9/15/14 at 9:28 am only to be called at 3:00 pm asking me about it, they were on some garbage. So I resent it, mind you I wouldn’t get paid for another week, because it had to be in their offices by Noon. So I waited until 9/25/14 and they had deducted just whatever they wanted, and told me everybody pays that. Since, that’s what they said, I figure they steal from anybody that is in their employ.

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Mr. Dancing

September 23, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Shokhi Hossain. GP’s wannabe Under cover cop. He runs the business START MY TRUCK and claims to be an under cover CIA agent for Canada. He goes from woman to woman trying to catch a hand out whenever and which ever way he can. He claims he is an oilfield consultant as well yet never works. What he does for money is unknown but i am pretty sure it is of the illegal nature. He claims to love you then leaves you for four months and has numerous woman answer his phone and then laughs it off like it was one of his family members. He lives off people and doesn’t pay his bills yet expects people to care for him and take care of him no questions asked. He beats woman and disrespects them to the fullest. Watch out for this scum bag as he claims he is no longer in Grande Prairie yet was seen a few days ago driving around in his car with his START MY TRUCK logo on the side. Such a loser! Has no respect for anyone not even himself! He would rather sit and play video games all day and doesn\’t even take care of his own son. He typically likes to control his woman and make them be his slaves as he does nothing and uses them and there families and leads them to believe he is a GOOD PERSON and that he is INNOCENT and never does anything wrong yet finds it ok to leave the country with no notice and leave all of his stuff and bills to whomever he left behind. Stay away from this FAKE wannabe! He ruins lives because of his own mistakes!

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Heartless Melorie Ray

September 22, 2014 Grande Prairie 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Introducing Melorie Ray. Is known for being an unfaithful piece of shit.So heartless she would put her own self before someone she says she loves. Causing loss and heartache for more people than she could imagine.She is a perfect description of everything that is wrong with bitches she sleeps with so many guys one night with her you could have a type of syphilis u didn’t even know existed she is top of the line dirty. She is so gross I wouldn’t even let her own an animal, because it is higher up then her.She deserves nothing but being alone and anyone out there deserves a warning! this cu*t deserves to be *******. if u know whats good for u stay away u just might be the next she takes down with her heartless ass.

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Miss Kelsey the Abortion Queen

September 22, 2014 Grande Prairie 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl gives metis and native people in the region a bad name. The perfect oilfield whore. No rubber required. If you have a job and looking for the perfect pass time whore, this is your girl. She has ruined the lives of many guys in Alberta and has no remorse. She will use her common suicide line if you try to break up with her and i think she is the only girl in Grande Prairie and Dawson Creek area that cuts her c*ke with baby powder and gets caught. Kelsey Lee-Ann Dautel is the Name, and she is ready to f*ck. Also dont worry if you get her pregnant cause she will get it aborted before you can say “dont” Guys if you are working in the oil patch, avoid these types of girls or they will destroy your life. Just in case you’re wondering who the other girl is, that her best friend and duo partner. When guys talk about blow and hoes they refer to these 2.

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