Tanya Faye Patenaude

September 19, 2014 Grande Prairie 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: watch out for this slut.she fucks without a condom then aborts her babys!!thank god cuz who knows what she has!!!this bitch is straight outa east prairie alberta but wont admit it beacsue of her past there.n yes she has a husband n kids who she dont give a fuck about.if you ever come across her dont!!this bitch will chew u up n send u packin if you dont let her see other men.low life your dead to me stay away from us!!

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Kelsey Sorensen

September 15, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kelsey is A Bad Whore Who Cant Keep Her Legs Closed She Fcks Everbodys Boyfriends Lies And Cheats On The Ones She Has Had And Even Give Me Cla**idia When She Was Cheating On Her Boyfriend With Me She Needs To Be Put On Blast Hard She Always Lies And Says She Either Not With A Man Or Just Broke Up With One And Then I found Out She Has A Man She Is So Shady I Feel Gross For Ever Touching Her But To Any Lucky Guys Out There She Where Lingerie And Will Speak French To You As She Sucks You Off

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Amanda Mcguigan

September 15, 2014 Grande Prairie 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty slut acts like mother of the year, yet shes a fat lazy cnt. She does everything she can to stay home and snort lines. Shes got two boyfriends on the go for the last 4/5 years that ive known her. She fcks her baby daddy brandon then gets bored with him and calls over her other bf nathan. She even has nathan over while brandon is there. Shes showing her daughter and all the neighborhood kids who visit her daughter that its normal to have two boyfriends. She’s been doing coke for years, finally losing weight. She probably Fcks more than the two guys that the neighborhood knows about because coke whores don’t give a shit who’s dick is at the end of the line. She’s a typical Grande prairie whore looking for the next coke party. What a disgusting, waste of skin that actually calls herself a mother. I feel bad for her kid. The Apple won’t fall far from the tree.

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High Level Escort

September 15, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: Beverly crashed her bf at the times vehicle and was still paying for it n was on drugs n her kids don\’t go to school n she keeps getting kicked out of her homes cuz she cant pay bills. she sleeps with men for money and likes to use guys for their money since she has no job and shes a whore/loser that cant do nails right. she will brake up a good relationship because she is jealous she cant find a good man because she is a WALKING MATTRESS IN HIGH LEVEL,AB her son steals from vehicles around their house that they r getting kicked out, her daughter don’t go to school n cant talk right because bev is not a mother looking after her kids she rather be a whore/slut n bringing in any dick and harry to her home and she has 5 other kids that don’t live with her THANK GOD

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Dead Beat Dad

September 15, 2014 Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie, Prince George 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy here likes to call the mother of his child down but yet doesn’t even go see his own son. I know both very well and have seen all the Shit and Mike you are no saint. You need to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. Your bot even there for your son, you don’t support him or do anything all you do is call down Des. What makes you a better person than her?? Nothing as I can see she is actually trying and doing good. She takes care of kale and raises him day to day and what do you do?? Maybe you should take a look at yourself before you wanna call everyone else out on their own Shit cause you have a lot of your own.

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Brittany Wilson

September 11, 2014 Grande Prairie 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl has seen more dick ends then weekends. She lies cheats and steals then when someone moves on she does everything and anything to sabotage your happiness. She’s scandalous. The Alamo cum sponge. Boys watch out she will do anything for a quick pay check! She spends her child tax on booze and coke. One of Gp’s finest

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Brittani Peebles

August 28, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Brittani slut is nothing but a piece of fat meat in grande prairie she tries to date drug dealers but they don\’t even want her bc she’s a whore and all she does is snort white up her nose she acts all perfectly innocent but she lies to everyone when we all know how big of a whore/druggie you are Brittani!!! Not even carl thinks your cute anymore because you\’ve gained so much weight you hippo! You need to go puke that fat away you black out. her best friend Rebecca topol even deals and supposedly uses her boobs to get people to buy from her. when you go out and assume everyone likes you when on the real nobody does they are just nice to your face because everyone feels bad for your horrible lifestyle. I love how you go around telling everyone you spent 1000$ on hair extensions and you still look like a train wreck go buy a vehicle or better yet get your licence you low life loser everyone has you in their phone as brew sloot Britt And yes funny so funny that you called the cops on your ex because he beat you up well honey being a rat doesn’t get you anywhere in life so happy his girlfriend at the time beat you up because you were so wasted you broke and entered into his place and thought he still wanted you except your nothing but a cum bucket. for the dress code you should learn to buy clothes that actually fit instead of having a muffin top with everything you put on your not skinny like you used to be when you were 15 keep up the good work with being filthy hopefully another native man will want you or better yet once you get big enough black men will die for you. And also everyone knows you should keep your clothes on stop going to the club and stripping you dumb hoe nobody wants to see that cellulite all over your legs and ugly ass. Everyone knows how brown and big your beef curtains are funny how your ex has a video fucking you and put it on youporn everyone go check her ugly body out ew raunchy

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Sandmans Main Man

August 27, 2014 Grande Prairie 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy is a loser. He only acts like he a big shot cause he’s in management big Fcking deal buddy! This Fcking bastard likes to play mind games he’ll make you believe on story after another!! He’ll make you feel wanted and special then say later he’s moving! I just hope you ladies see beyond he’s looks cause get a gold digging piece of ass!!

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