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Riley Berlinski

November 26, 2014 Grande Prairie 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: riley is a discusting dirty fck !! he acts like hes from the city being a white washed coke head but meanwhile hes a dirty fcking rezz mutt wanna be big baller and he lives with his dad btw.LOL he is a compulsive liar! he tried to act like all these girls like him and wana fck him but …… hes just a played out squid.. aint nobody tryin to have none of that . he’ll fck any girl that will suck his little dick off. doesn’t matter what you look like !! as long as you suckin ladies !!! GET IN LINE .

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Brandon Harvel

November 26, 2014 Grande Prairie 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: WELL HELLO GRANDE PRAIRIE ….. you’re about to meet one of the dirtiest scum bags that resides in the town. Wanna have a guy buy you a few drinks? JK Surprise!! Your getting drunk and fcked… with no condom. Have you been checked lately? I suggest you get on that ASAP. branden harvel got me so drunk I didn’t know where I was and he took advantage of me,in his car…. he acted like he was going to take me home and took me to the backroads by evergreen.. the best part is that im 17 and hes 25, So I’ve been raped… the worst part is … I had to go to the doctors last week because I had feminine itch which is so embarrassing and .. ive contracted genital drd and syp**lys from this stupid fuck my life is ruined I have sores everywhere and I can never have sex with anyone else. this walking drd lied to me he pretended he was 19 im surprised his small little cock hasn’t fallen off!!! girls keep your pussies on the lockdown!!!!!! THIS IS REAL DONT THINK IS A JOKE did I mention he still lives with his parents???AND I hope he chokes face down in a river for what he left me with. BY THE WAY THE GIRL ON THE LEFT HAS drd CAUSE SHE SLE{T WITH HIM TOO THE DIRTY 17 yr old !!!!! drd

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West Bank Sloot

November 25, 2014 Grande Prairie 3

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THE DIRTY ARMY: alright nik this bitch is so nasty before she got pregnant and ran away to grande prairie she use to be a big raver slut would dress half naked and be high on mdma or k you name it but even before that she started dating he drig dealer of a boyfriend who is is a complete ass anyways before she started dating her boyfriend she was the westbank whore literally fucked every giy like reagan sommer decker long all those nastys she even got pregnant woth reagans kid and aborted it!!! she would literally sleep around in what was called the shanty and fck all the guys there like chad willliams hes like 27 they even had a relationship and heard she aborted his kid to. i just cant believe shes been with her boyfriend for this long and had his kid but hey who knows if it is even his this girl needs some help and get rid of that fcking ugly piercing oh and your fat abd thank god you got rid of that nast purple and pink hair

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Justin James

November 24, 2014 Grande Prairie 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy JUSTIN JAMES is a straight up RAT and a GOOF. He’s playing both sides of the law . Anyone who helps him get Sh**, and anyone who he knows is dealing is COMPRIMISED. He has a stack if paper an inch thick. He\’s playing the dumbest game in the underworld. He lives with his brother in Whitecourt and doesn\’t realize the danger he\’s put on anyone in his life.

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Best Women in the World

November 20, 2014 Grande Prairie 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this was a post made by someone trying to keep me and my wife apart its complete fuking bullshit tamara is a angel and i love her to the moon and back who ever posted nonsense about her is a fcking retard and will get whats coming to them

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Justine MacInnis

November 20, 2014 Grande Prairie 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this young lady has been rode hard and put away wet! Just turned 18 and has fcked more guys than any normal human being ever should in their entire life. Its official.. she has CHLA**DIA! Nasty hoe’s record is 4 guys fcked in ONE night! When shes not blowing guys behind trucks at the river her favourite thing to do is piss her bed in mexico . if she cant have any of the above, she’ll just snort some coke all night to numb the pain of her dirty memories. Sorry Jus, your old news now.. No one could ever love a whore like you.

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Truck Theif

November 18, 2014 Grande Prairie 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this bum is going around stealing trucks so we wanna steal his mom heart… any info we can find on this bum or mom simply post below… we either want out trucks back or well we would like to take his mom on a date either way it we sure do like the help

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Tamara Dawn Fisher

November 17, 2014 Grande Prairie 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik i fcked this chick last week in lethbridge and she didnt tell me until after we banged she has drd shes a nasty gross chick and everyone need sto know this true slut is dirty as hell stay away unless you want a lumpy dick

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