Terry Bigstone

October 29, 2014 Grande Prairie 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Terry ugly fat face bigstone is one of grande prairies nastyest whores she\’s nothing but a crack head homewrecking slut who fucked most of gp and getting with this whore anything goes she will shit all over your dick and suck that shit right off u can always find her at the bars and especially after party’s she loves those gang bangs she does drop ins to u can find her down town make sure u wear a one price latex suit this bitch has every desease in the book

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Beautiful Sloot

October 28, 2014 Calgary, Grande Prairie 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jessica Walsh. I knew her when she was living in Alberta, now she’s in saskatchewan or some shit. this girl is obviously drop dead gorgeous and she makes a great first impression. But she is a backstabbing slut. She definitely cheated on her boyfriend Cody while he was working up north and a few other times too. Im not the only one who knows this. Not even sure if they are still together but fuck Cody deserves to know cuz he is a legit dude and a great dad. I don’t want him catching a drd and have it be a surprise cuz the same shit is probably happening in sask. He probably already knows all this shit but yeah, this girl loves to party so she will probably blame it on that and he will probably take her back, but he deserves to know at least. come clean jessica, what goes around comes around. Never trust a hoe lol.

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Sidney and Michelle

October 26, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Sidney Durocher and Michelle danais both from High Level AB the slut is originally from Asumption probably why she’s a fucking pervert having sex with a 16 year old boy ( Sidney ) she is like 26-27 and this girl here had sex with Sidney he cheated on his baby mom for her also this girl is Sidney’s oldest brother babymom witch would make him the uncle of her son . Anyway they had sex then Sidney went home to his infant son ( 3 months ) and his baby mom gave his baby mom an drd witch he got from his brothers baby mom Michelle . They are low life disgusting inbred Rez mutts who seriously need to be put on blast like are you kidding me? You go lay up with you son and baby mom after fcking this drd infested trash. They have no morals or respect for themselves . They make me sick to my stomach . Gross mutts need to stay on their rez’ this girl needs to go to jail for sleeping with a minor . She now moved and lives in peace river AB after having sex with this little boy . And well he still lives in high level Bushe to be exact . They need to be posted cause this girl is a dirty slut who doesn’t take care of her kid and sleeps with kids she’s always cocked out, and Sidney is cocked out and high on weed most of the time . He doesn’t go to school or have a job to support his kid. He’s a little loser who tries to sell crack walking around like his shit don’t stink and that every girl wants him. He cheats all the time on his baby mama . Like how gross. Now he got what he deserves an drd for sleeping with his brothers baby mom. Witch would make her kid his sons cousin YuCK .They both need to be thrown In Jail nik please tell me what you think of this. They are just two disgustingly ridiculous people And people watch out cause now they’re both walking drd’s and Sidney wont wrap it up and this bitch is smelly

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Please no Babies

October 26, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is louise blanchette she fcks her brother kyle the dude who does shopping carts at walmart. shes a boldface liar she lies about being raped when she was sleeping around after giving birth. This little skank ass hoe is another round of crazy she let her daughter almost drown at the golf course. She cheated on her husband and had an orgy with her mother her sister and a cousin nasty ass hoe. She thinks everyone likes her but with her sour trout pussy people just want to buy her vagisil. Keep away people if you want to keep your sanity because once your in your stuck in the sarlacc vag from hell. Her brother Kyle as posted in a picture is a child molester but claims hes special needs so its ok. Her mother is just as insane claudette could not find pictures is a manipulative hoebag who thinks her children having sex is ok a sick fck for sure. welcome to the family from hell lock up your little girls because these perverts are spreading their nasty shit around town

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Gold Digger

October 21, 2014 Grande Prairie 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gold digging whore will sleep wit anybody who’s willing to give her money or buy her an iPhone like her last bf did all she wanted was 4 him to pay all her bills like a gold digger she is then sleeps wit her nephews 18 year old friends the guy she’s wit now she only knew 4 a few weeks then sold everything she had to move in wit him cause he’s willing to get her anything she wants and by the way she threw out her own daughter 4 her bf so she wouldn’t be the one who had to leave this bitch deffinaty deserves what’s coming 4 her gold digging whore who gives up her own to have some ugly man take care of her desperate ugly wrinkled c*m bucket ditch pig mother of the year nasty ass bitch should be a sight 4 low life’s she’d be top of the list that’s 4 sure

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Sasha Laboucan

October 14, 2014 Grande Prairie 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: well look who it is!!!! Its you, Ms.sasha trasha the garbagecan labacun. the first time i met you, you tryed to fck me at that time, you were dating your babys daddy. you were not pregnet at the time, but you were still disgusting and i am way out of your leugre. reasons why i and so many other people didnt fck u is because you would have been a stalker, you are very disgusting and have plates of crusty food in ur room. you are pale, your hair looks like it came from a horse of the res u r from too. oh ya i also wouldnt have been able to listen to you moan because your voice sounds like a dude. this girl is a compulsive lier who thrives for attention which is because all of those reasons i mention why i wouldnt fck u, u know its true. couple things i left out, i remember one night after bars closed i was at the same place partying as you were while your child was at home and you were bleeding down ur led because u r so stupid u cant even rember menstrial cycle. i noticed u changed clothes. i also notice u had once sock on when u were changing ur heels so that made me wonder did this girl really put a sock in her pussy? yeeeep i found out it was true. this bitch has her period and uses socks. I hope you lose your child because your babys father is a great person with a kind heart. oh ya< stop doing those photo shoots and wasting film along with internet space and peoples time because you look so fcking disgusting.

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GPS Demon Soldier

September 30, 2014 Grande Prairie 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is hands down the biggest skankiest disgusting girl in grande prairie! She’s a horrible insecure jealous psycho probably because she’s getting it from everyone because she’s forcing herself on them too ! It’s crazy she thinks she’s a drug dealer ducked the whole ball team and demon soldiers group thinking she was hot shit till they got rid of her because she smoked all there meth and wasn’t worth a fck ! This bitch has diseases and trust me I know because she have Claudia to me the gross bitch ! And word to the wise wrap it up if your going with the one your not going to feel her anyways she’s pretty loose probably from having the 2 children she never has ! Sad treats her kids like shit like it’s there fault they had to have that piece of shit for a mother ! Anyways look out that’s a warning for u guys she will act like she wants u but trust me she just want security while she fcks and blows everyone put this skank in her place nik

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Worst Mom

September 26, 2014 Grande Prairie 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sabrina nik you have to post her! shes the worst mom in the world cheats on her bf with two dif people she works with I even heard she was sleeping with the boss! all she does is get drunk with her losser friends and snort pepsi she lost custody of her kid cause of her drug problem! She cheats on her bf everytime she says shes just hanging out with the girls post this nut job junky thanks nik!

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