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Justin James

December 10, 2014 Grande Prairie 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yeah, I don’t know how hard it is to get a post Taken OFF on the Dirty. But I’m sure a Cop Could do it … This Rat Goof Is Justin James. Hanging his rat hat in Whitecourt. All the dealers have spilled out of this guys mouth. Go looking for paper. It’s out there.

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Delusional Ditch Pig

December 9, 2014 Edmonton, Grande Prairie 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: I thought it should be known to all that this dirty ditch pig Lynn Vander aka Wendy Lynn Vander likes to go on random hookup sites & screw married men, even though she’s married herself! She went after my husband, met him online, they hooked up once with intentions of hooking up again. Sadly, my husband was killed in a car accident on his way to hookup with another woman before he went to work one morning. This nasty twat was so delusional about what she really was to him that she actually contacted my family right after my husband died, contacted the funeral home demanding to see his body. Threatened me that if I didn’t allow her to see his body, that she would show up at the funeral! Stalked my husband’s Facebook and posted in his groups that she was his girlfriend, looking for sympathy from those that knew him. She even had the balls to contact my teenage son through Facebook. Even after showing her the emails & text messages to and from other women, she still tried to maintain that they were in love & that they had planned to be together. Contrary to every text message & email between them. It turned out that she had drd’s The even scarier part of this is that this delusional cunt is a social worker in Grande Prairie!!! Married men & women beware!!!

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GP Escort

December 5, 2014 Grande Prairie 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is charlotte bellam a g.p hooker/mth user she lies to ppl to make herself look good she constantly leaves her kids with random ppl to do her tricks n smoke meth with other users she has to buy or be in ppl to b her friends even family members she says she cares for her kids but she lets terrible things happen to them shes a lost cause stay away she has had five abortions n 9 studs

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Merrific Eh

December 3, 2014 Fort Mcmurray, Grande Prairie 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: Grande Prairie and Fort Mac had a bad reputation for drd’s and drug use, but this one got away, moved away and brought her DRDs elsewhere. she was one of GP’s biggest m*th/*eroin heads, started out by being drunk every every sleeping with different guys, then she got into meth and later on became a junkie selling herself for sex. I wish the dirty junkies like her would just at least have enough brains to use clean needles, or condoms with their messed up on meth selling their body for drugs. she has spread her dirty diseases all around, and tries to tell people shes clean. calls herself MErrific ….you think that means your terrific? terrific at giving head because your drug use depended on it. its a shame to see these young girls fucking with every guy who will give them a hit, byt the time they are in thier mid twenties they are so used up and filthy full of track marks and diseases. the dirtiest of the dirty . grande prairie, do something about your filth!!!

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Belle Grand Prairies Sloot

December 1, 2014 Grande Prairie 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Because she is hooked on m*th and her head is spun because of it. She says everyone has screwed her over but in the end they all have been screwed over by her she will date you and live at your place until it becomes time to pay bills and rent and then she leaves and doesnt pay at that point u would probably still have some of her belongings she will cry wolf and say he wont give me my stuff back and aay u beat her then her homless wanna be street gang called RMF ruthless mother fckers , will come and try and bear spray you and take everything and she acts like she is the victim , she always walks around or rides her bmx around with a purse or backpack full of loose money , dope ie; M*th and langerae in case she receives a escort call so people watch out for this little blonde slut who will fck your life up and have no remorse i just witnessed her do this to one of the sweetest guys in the world and now he is almost died cause of the stress and pain she has caused thank you

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Riley Berlinski

November 26, 2014 Grande Prairie 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: riley is a discusting dirty fck !! he acts like hes from the city being a white washed coke head but meanwhile hes a dirty fcking rezz mutt wanna be big baller and he lives with his dad btw.LOL he is a compulsive liar! he tried to act like all these girls like him and wana fck him but …… hes just a played out squid.. aint nobody tryin to have none of that . he’ll fck any girl that will suck his little dick off. doesn’t matter what you look like !! as long as you suckin ladies !!! GET IN LINE .

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West Bank Sloot

November 25, 2014 Grande Prairie 5

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THE DIRTY ARMY: alright nik this bitch is so nasty before she got pregnant and ran away to grande prairie she use to be a big raver slut would dress half naked and be high on mdma or k you name it but even before that she started dating he drig dealer of a boyfriend who is is a complete ass anyways before she started dating her boyfriend she was the westbank whore literally fucked every giy like reagan sommer decker long all those nastys she even got pregnant woth reagans kid and aborted it!!! she would literally sleep around in what was called the shanty and fck all the guys there like chad willliams hes like 27 they even had a relationship and heard she aborted his kid to. i just cant believe shes been with her boyfriend for this long and had his kid but hey who knows if it is even his this girl needs some help and get rid of that fcking ugly piercing oh and your fat abd thank god you got rid of that nast purple and pink hair

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Best Women in the World

November 20, 2014 Grande Prairie 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this was a post made by someone trying to keep me and my wife apart its complete fuking bullshit tamara is a angel and i love her to the moon and back who ever posted nonsense about her is a fcking retard and will get whats coming to them

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