GP Pepsi Slore

July 21, 2014 Grande Prairie 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is soo dirrty. I met her on plenty of fish, after talking to her awhile I started thinking she was a good clean girl, we met and she fuct me the first night. I was blown that she fcked me so easily. After a few days I started noticing pains in my groin and went to get it checked out. The stupid slutty whore gave me g***ea. Stupid chick has wrecked my life, hopefully people see this and stay away….

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Jason Junkie

July 21, 2014 Grande Prairie 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shit slept took me home one night from the Brewhouse in grande prairie. When I woke up the next day his roommate asked me if I was a hooker, I was soo appalled. His roomie appologized and said he only asked because he gets them regularly. I was grabbing my things when I was about to leave and realized the house was a disaster and he’s obviously a coke head because of all the left over powder on the coffe table. He totaly fooled me and made me believe he was one of the good guys after he smooth talked me all night. Men like Jason make it hard for the good guys. Shame one you, you coke head sleezball ball escort lover

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Adam Sarfield; GP Player

July 16, 2014 Grande Prairie 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and Gents, meet Adam Sarsfield/Adam Tyler. This piece of work has been in Grande Prairie for about 2 years now, and has fucked probably alllllll women imaginable. This dude doesn’t care if you’re fat, skinny, rotted teeth, butter face, drd infected, jobless, or a mother. He will literally stick his tiny peeper into anyone who spreads their legs for him. He likes to think he is God’s gift to women, playing multiple women at the same time, and lying to them all about each other. He will tell you he loves you through and through, then go on on a ‘date’ with another girl. He currently has an drd and has given it to approximately 3 different girls. He has rotten teeth (LITERALLY!!!), dirty long fingernails, and the most annoying voice you have ever heard. He literally is scum. Ladies, PLEASE if you have slept with this man, go get tested ASAP!!!! He also has a wide and 5 year old daughter in Ontario, and He fails to mention that until 3 months into a new relationship, and NO he does not pay support. Nik, please put this asshole on blast. He has screwed over soooo many women and it needs to stop!

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Hailey Campbell

July 9, 2014 Grande Prairie 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Id like to introduce u to this cousin fucking pig Hailey Campbell , she has been taking in the dick since she was 9 and has been sleezing her way around all the rez’s and giving to much love to her cousins and her uncle yo it’s all good to llove UR family just don’t make love to them u lil chug . Her idea of a good time is getting drunk then attacking her bf/cousins biting hitting stabing then calling the cops and putting it on them playing the victim . There is obviously something going on within the family jysr ask her who bought her fake titties (daddy) ???? To bad they already sag and one is bigger then the other . And those can be all urs for a case of lucky n a bag of blow .

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Jason Barath

July 7, 2014 Grande Prairie 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a joke. He works for the city and doesn’t make much but plays like he\’s a baller. He spends more than he makes. He’s a regular at the Brewhouse, they know him as jay bug his names is jason Barath.. He goes there everyday after work or during work even. He works for the city. Yup, Aquaterra at its finest ladies. I have caught him with a hooker before our the house. Yup engagement was off. Little did I know he had a secret coke problem and gets escorts all the time. This 5’2 piece of shit is probably diseased by now , I just want to give a warning. You may think he’s a good guy but he’s a closet junkie with serious mental issues.

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Grande Prairie Snitches

July 3, 2014 Grande Prairie 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik check out Mohamed Smilley and his loving sister Dalal black. They like to beat up rob and snitch on innocent females when no one is looking. Then they band together and call the police and social services while their victim is still bleeding in front of her kids and make up false charges.Mohamed doesn’t pay any child support he’s too busy hitting the mth pipe and fucking his sister and aunt. They tell him he\’s a good man for beating women and kids. After all they deserve it. Dalals womb rotted from genital warts and cervical cancer which she gave her brother there are scars and warts all over his dick watch out girls. He likes to pretend he\’s a good dad on his facebook while he really gives all his money to his sister for their wart medication. Not like she needs it because her lady parts have already been taken out. All the men at her work hate her and call her out regularly as a cock swallower. She got fired from her job at the podollan cuz they caught her sucking off customers. Mohamed attacked his sons grandma too and had to stay in pc in peace river because he\’s ratted out all his so called friends. Watch out girls he caries the cancerous hpv and beats the shot out of women and kids. His sister will back him up and do anything to you to protect her brother who she desperately loves so sooo much

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Kamloops Goof in GP

July 2, 2014 Grande Prairie, Kamloops 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is Pat Decque aka petrie this clown is from kamloops b.c. but has made his home here in gp. He claims to be a bro to everyone but actually is only out for him self he will bang your gf if he gets the chance and lie about it to your face. also he cheats on his own gf all the time. maybe i can get me a piece of one of his gf’s as payback or better yet both of them fuck you PAT scum bag gave my old lady an drd to

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Jamie Liddel

June 26, 2014 Grande Prairie 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is jamie liddel,she left her baby daddy few months ago the first pic is what she looked like prior to leaving him 2nd is 2 months after. she lasted not even a week coming back to gp before she started leaving her daughter with her mom to take care of her.wouldnt call or anything to see how she was doing or anything this would go on for aboout a week or so.partying doing drugs then going around sleepin wif everyone and anything(she sucks a mean dick though) who fcking leaves there child to their mom to take care of while shes doing speed and shoting herion then seeing her daughter and sister playing with them while she is coming down talk about mom of the fcking year dirty bitch! she is a snitch btw. the worst is her mom was taking her and baby daddy for custudy and the bitch didnt even care enough to show up to court!such a little mouth piece but all talk no action,one day that bitch will get wats coming to her!least her daughter is safe.dumb stuiped bitch fcking eth head stealing pos!so good luck gp and area have fun with this snitch pos excuse for a “mom”

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