Ryan The Mutt Whalen

October 29, 2014 Halifax 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the dirtiest of all dirt in this city and probably up there in all of Canada. He will lie and use people to feed his habits. He is 32 years old and hasn’t had a job since he was a teenager. He’s been living off the system forever and yet has the nerve to complain about the government. He will sleep with anything walking and is about as dirty as they come. He thinks he’s the toughest guy walking and thats he’s gods gift to everyone. People don’t ever let this guy manipulate or use you, don’t believe his BS.

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Devan MacRae

October 28, 2014 Halifax 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Devan MacRae Little man’s syndrome. This kid is a slut. He works at a tanning salon in Sackville. Any cute ladies want a free tan? Just smile and flirt. He is dating and screwing some of the ladies of all ages who tan there. He thinks he so hot but he is a joke and ugly as fuck. He is like 5 feet tall, has no game. I know he don’t own the tanning salon he works at but he tells females he does. He is always being a slut downtown bragging he owns his own shop, come see me, I will hook you up, he will do anything for a piece of ass. I say…free tan and a drd…no thanks. My friends see him counting his money like he some baller, he is a bitch and pockets all the money from the person who owns the salon he works at…NOT OWNS!! Ladies beware….He is a no good slut. A thief , screws anything that will smile at him.

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Don’t believe a Word

October 28, 2014 Halifax 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I knew this girl, Wendy Cat, a while ago and believed word that came out of her mouth. She lives in Dartmouth off Windmill. She does nothing but lie about all these sad stories just to make you pity her and listen some more. She lied about getting hit by not one, but TWO cars and WENT TO WORK THAT SAME DAY. She was completely fine, not even a scratch on her. She disgusting, and she’s a whore. She smells even nastier a dumpster and her teeth are browner than shit. She talks about all of these “buddies” she has and never says any names and each time the story changes. She told me one of our older co workers was a SWINGER and said he tried to pick her up. Not a FU***NG CHANCE! When she decided she didn’t want to work she would tell us offensive stories, like “I had a SEIZURE because I was diagnosed with EPILEPSY” yet when she was told to bring in a doctors note, she didn’t. She’s told me she’s going blind, ONE of the times she got hit by a car it was her ex, the same grandmother has died TWICE, and the list goes on. She’s absolutely ridiculous. Her and a security guard are hooking up and they think they\’re hiding it so well. At the same time, she somehow got someone to date her, WHILE SHE\’S F**KING THE GUARD! I feel bad for him, he’s such a sweet guy and he doesn’t deserve this. The only thing this girl can do is LIE. She says she has all this money to go the Australia, California and Paramedic School, yet she has Collection Agencies are calling everyone else but her.

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Angelique Beaupre

October 27, 2014 Halifax 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why is this butter tooth pathological liar who uses everyone in her life because she’s too useless to grow up and work. It’s everyone’s else problem but not hers.

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Manipulative User

October 27, 2014 Halifax 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: i always feel like most people i see on here..doesnt deserve to be. but this guy… this guy DESERVES to be on here. I’m putting his ass on blast!! Andrew Trimper. originally from Greenfield, is now residing in bridgewater nova scotia. I just recently found out he played my best friend for the last 6 months, was living with her andstole a lot of money from her while sle eping with her, and sleeping with his ex girlfriend and stealing money from her also playing both girls against each other all the while he was being the douche bag . there are far to many story’s to sum up the past 6 months but i will gladly tell you all of them if you really want to know!! He’s really into shooting up drugs now too…. winner winner chicken dinner!! Special prize right here ladies..seriously.stay far away. he’s a master manipulator. couldn’t remember my name before, but i’m sure you’ll remember it now Andrew .

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Arien Keeping from Lunenburg

October 27, 2014 Halifax 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl Arien Keeping from Lunenburg is willing to duck anyone at anytime. You can call her at 3 am and she would kindly invite you over. 521 0152. This dirty whore will even take on two if not three guys all at once and likes to go after other people men. She likes It in every Way possiHow but whatever u do don’t go down on her cause she’s rotten to the core. This slut don’t bath or has way to much mulitpls of Cum in her also be careful you don’t pull her hair during fucking her cause it’s normally greasy…. She will also give blow jobs for pills ciggeretts drinks or whatever is needed But hey for a pack of ciggeretts its a pretty good deal all around… She Fucks her landlord for free rent and her boss for her car she drives . She can normally be found with her sluty friends at the knot pub on weekends or just give the hoe a call you will be surprised on how fast she invites you over… She is the type of slut that during a party will hop on a pool table and spread her legs and ask ” who wants to fck me” the slut has no morals whatsoever…she lives in Lunenburg but has been known to do bridgewater as well

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Military’s New Ride

October 22, 2014 Halifax 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, So I had to put the blast on this chick. Nathania Larose… ok well were do I start. Met her a few years ago at a party, very pretty girl, but honestly the biggest slut I’ve ever met! I fucked her the same night. We met in Quebec one summer, she was visiting family for the summer, fed me this story about how she had some stalker ex bf or something (hes military too I think) we hang out a bit screwed around but I was sent to Ottawa for work. Recently we met up again I ran into her at the MFRC in Halifax. Needless to say it didn’t take long before I was fcking her again. but come to find out she’s engaged to some guy in the navy!! Told me some story about how he doesn’t treat her well and whatever, same story I heard before. I did not know this until recently I told my friends and come to find out they heard shes a big whore! sleeps with a lot of guys around the base.. its gross!

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Teakeo Morton

October 22, 2014 Halifax 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is teakeo daniel Morton! Another deadbeat fake phoney low life! He has no standards and will f#@$ with anyone fir a couple dollars. He will steal anything from anyone. He can suck and f $## but hes dirty and broke. He is very charming and makes these poor women believe his lies. Thus fool lies so much he doesn’t know what’s true anymore not to mention he’s a rat and a mutt he\’s riding everyone on Kennedy this week

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