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Dona May Hasselstine

December 26, 2014 Halifax, Kingston 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: there is a nasty cow whore goof slut cas prodigy goof bitch who fcks dirty old men in the grave yard in picton and loathes around the tim hortons praying on taken men she likes to fck men that have a woman she is a punk and wont fight cuss shes a pssy assed bitch and she has more diseases then carters got liver pills ladys if u don’t know where ur man is call your local clinic and request a health check immediately xoxoxo dirty dona but you know who u are and she has been dirty dona since high school because shes is a ditch pig and any guy who knows her is absolutely disgusted by IT. oh p.s she has a for head n well her other nick name frankenforhead and buck wheat teeth like a fckin mack truck with no wheels xoxoxox ya filthy fcking cnt go doosh yourself please fuck man u got people thinking there by the trent river uhhhhh dirty ass bummy hoes discust me please go bath or something

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Useless Slore

December 26, 2014 Halifax, Sydney 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: There’s this Welfare Case Whore that im pretty sure if u all don’t already know about, you definitely heard about, She fcks men for money , Got pregnant for Paul Ranni and passes her kid off as her “so called ” boyfriends… whom she treats like shit.. Makes him sleep in the basement while she fucks random guys/ girls upstairs with her kids there.. ALl she Eats is McDonalds (as by her pics im sure you can tell)… This chl***dia Case needs to be out there so no more men can catcher drdS… Uck Off Brittany Lambert you low life, welfare trash ugly ,Fat, Dick pig Cum Bucket PIG!!

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Sleepover Sloot

December 26, 2014 Halifax 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jenna nelson is by far the dumbest slut out there, shes 18 and from Halifax, nova scotia. This little whore has given head to almost every guy at her school and has even given head to multiple guys at school! When she was 16 she got caught fingering herself at an all girls sleepover! This girl is the most unintelligent ditz out there, I mean shes straight up stupid, and she talks shit behind everyones back and wonders why nobody likes her!

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Clazzy Queen

December 24, 2014 Halifax 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is Julia zwicker. She’s famous for popping clazzies and taking dick. She thinks she is in love with a man named alex bailey, but he cheats on her all the time …. She even walked in on her friend Naomi Forbes sicking his bird and she\’s still with him. She’s a leach, she is fake fake fake she feeds of drama. Her mother is the same, a pill popping skeez who shouldn\’t of even had children. Julia claims she can fight, but she scratches bites and spits. Keep your cum filled saliva in your mouth Julia, try holding down a job instead of harrassing your poor grandmother for money. She doesn’t owe you anything! Your mom should be taking care of you not your grandmother. Listen Julia, shut your legs, Alex goes on all the time about how you will not leave. Playing with the pipe made you lose everything.

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Marquis Maclean

December 23, 2014 Halifax 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy right here is so delusional it crazy.I have seen him beat up on one girl and heard of him beating up on more. He is up on charges for it and everything. Word going around is he got some chick pregnant and won’t even own up to it. Told here to burn the baby and to fuck off that is just very immature and childish. I never would of thought of him to act like this cause I know he wanted kids so bad. I just hope he grows up before it to late because we all thought he was a stand up guy till this shit surfaced. Bud do make that mistake cause it’s about to be a bad one take it from some one who knows

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Kyle Andrea Is No Marshall Mathers

December 22, 2014 Halifax 247

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this mutt here is Kyle Andrea other wise known as SCRIMAGE. It really is a sin he thinks he’s the coolest kid around. He’s a train wreck waiting to happen, he needs to smart up and realize what’s good in life not treating the woman he loves like shes a physco path when he’s terrfieid to tell anyone he loves her. YOU LOOK LIKE THE CRAZY ONE! Give it up, treat your girl with respect! Thru all your bullsh*t she still loves your dumb ass. She may be crazy, but if you’re going to hide the relationship why bother? He’s a dirt bag that can’t rap and focus all his time and effort on something useless, chill your ego. Get a real job and enjoy life! Stop letting “crazy fans” run your life.

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Momma of the Year

December 19, 2014 Halifax 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello! Just here to stop by to tell everybody some facts: here is a girl well known by a lot of people, she doesn’t shower, she loves drugs, old men, and selling herself for item profits. I use to send this girl money for pictures I use to think she was a good looking gal til one day I seen a big gapping wart on her vagina. I then stopped sending her money, she then got furious …. Told me she was going to stab me with a needle ? And then proceeded too tell me she was going to shot up and die because she doesn’t have any income besides myself ? I was surprised. Such a good looking girl I thought, then one day I decided to webcam with her. She looks nothing like she does in pictures, the poor gal had her checks sunken in and dirty spoons and needles all over her bed. You’d think she would at least try too tidy her belongings. Everybody, I am sorry if you ever had to come across this monster. She’s a drug addicted money hungry hoe !!! Stay clear

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December 18, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik there me and my bro were at the mall food court when this nasty bitch comes up to us offering us to suck our dick for buss fare cause she needs to get to the clinic, so u know a dogs gotta eat so we were like fck yeah and she sucks us off for $2.50, total, not each! so like an hour later me and my boy leaves the mall and who did we see walking home. this pig, I mean do u know whats worse then sucking dick for bus fare and walking home?, sucking dick for bus fare and walking home, so we almost fcken died laughing when we saw this and took a drive by snap of her to show the boys. A few of them knew her one buds even told me that she has 5 kids from 6 men, how is that even possible but i dont know im not here to judge her. So where was I, oh yeah, so tim hauled out his phone and and showed me her profile on backpage, there she be all spread out, shit looking all blown out and i could damn near smell it through 4g, ts a good thing he has a 5gb limit cause that nasty is a big bitch and that pic took forever to load, i mean damn he is gonna have o put his iphone on weight watchers after that dl. So if your see her kickin about,flopping about or waddling about her name is kristen pond, she was deff worth the $2.50 but now that bus fare is jumping up to $2.75 in the new year i would prob tell a brotha to pass

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