Matt Graca

April 23, 2014 Halifax 7 9,382 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where should I get started with this kid. This is matt graca or like he likes to be called matty g because he thinks he is cool? One of the biggest players you will find around. The poor girl he is with now she has no idea what she is getting herself into. She should run away while she still can, he has these anxiety attacks that he starts smashing shit and breathing right heavy he thinks he is all tough because of it but really he is nothing but a little bitch. He walks around sackville like he can beat anyone when really when it comes down to it he just runs the other way. Woman with kids beware he will start dating you then claim your child to be his and get all obsessive with them and won’t let you take care of them. He is the definition of crazy. You can’t trust him he lies about everything just to please the person. And he steals shit and try’s to Blaine it on other people. Stay as far away from him as you can people. He stinks and does not shower he is really the definition of dirty! Had to be said

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Gross deadbeat

April 23, 2014 Halifax, Sydney 3 6,779 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this boy is so nasty all he wants is sex from anyone that will give it to him no matter the age. He is a deadbeat dad that won’t pay for nothing for his child and wants everything from anyone he don’t care how he gets it a long as he gets it. He even went as far as to scam a cancer patient out of money. Told her his uncle died and he needed to get to the wake and all he wanted the money for was a new cell phone, who does that?? He goes around town looking for his next victim, bumming smokes and crawling on the ground by the Tim’s or Wendy’s looking for change. Pushes his cart around town all day, never showers and embarrasses his daughter by going to the school and also hides in bushes spying on his ex and makes sure sh doesn’t move on with anybody cause he stalks and tries to control everything abut her even thou they have been broke up for 4 years already like move on already she don’t want you anymore … Now let me ask would you fall for this??? Ladies and girls watch out for this scam artist he only wants you for your money and vagina …. Even thou he has no idea what he is doing … He is a two pump chump if you know what I mean. He looks creepy an stalks and looks in his exs windows and everything so I ask again would you???

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Leadhead Should’ve used his Head

April 22, 2014 Halifax 54 9,222 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik i’ve seen this guy on my newsfeed lately and i can see that he totatlly just got his heart broken by one of the biggest sluts around, shania muise … shes on here a couple times too .. but did he NOT see it coming ? what kinda man sits there and lets his woman talk to her baby daddy on the phone for hours at a time? not to mention the second they break up he starts posting statuses about how she’s a whore and this and that when he was fuckin her 5 hours ago … not to mention before dating shania he dated 15 year old taylor sampson .. brad claims she lied about her age but we all know the difference … highschool is about to have a new group of girls soon bradley go take your pick! always talkin about how youre a big shot drug dealer, when your woman had to go get you an iphone in her name cuz you couldnt afford it not to mention always spending your weekends with her and her son when you’re supposed to have your son kaiden but pawn him off on your parents .. you look some cute in that selfie in your parents bathroom! go sniff another pill or take another drink of methadone because we alll know shania dont do drugs by herself she gotta have a man supplying them … maybe you should use your leadhead and think twice next time .. she might be of age for once but she aint no better than the rest … poor baby got his heart broken and wants to take it out on facebook statuses. you’re bitch made and need to stop thinking you’re king shit with your bad tats and ugly teeth! xo

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Basilan Bastard

April 21, 2014 Edmonton, Halifax 39 6,963 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bastard Bart Tura from Isabela Basilan Philippines. Brought 3 of his children to canada, and abandoned of his sons back home in the Philippines. He owes 15 years child support for these 2 sons. He thinks they are bastards and does not care because he was not married to the women he had the 2 sons with. However his oldest son Benn Thomas Tura who is living in edmonton is actually a bastard, because the mother was 7 months pregnant before he Bart and his wife got married. As well Bart has a bastard grand daughter named Mica Tura Pagabo, but he accepts her even though she is a bastard child. This Basilan Bastard is a douch bag, he lies, steals and theves everything he can get, he is only out for himself and whatever monetary gains he can pilfer from whoever. Be careful people, he will try borrow money from you but his policy is to never pay his debts. If you see this looser run, and run fast.

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Bunch of Losers

April 18, 2014 Halifax 134 9,146 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t get these boys act like they got it all throwing up West side signs wen there all from the east cost… An are nothing but jail birds an drug dealers an wanna be phony gangsters. Specially this white dude Joe puke hash can’t even rap if you tried bro get a real job you fcking mutt, fuk nuff said let the people decide go stab another person or best another chick.

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Love Laura Shearer

April 17, 2014 Halifax 46 9,752 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t know much about your website (never been on it before) but my buddy told me it was a good spot to get advice about Relationships and help with problems.All right so here is the scoop. I have the prettiest girl you have ever seen, her name is Laura Shearer, she has beautiful blonde hair and the perfect body,a nice tight little butt you could bounce a quarter off of, she is sweet as anything. The problem is some of her friends. A couple of her friends PM’d me on Facebook about 2 weeks ago saying that Katie MacMillan and Kim Carcary and some others were spreading nasty rumors about me behind my back and trying to split us up. This is greasy as hell, what are they just jealous, do they think I am not good enough for Laura, are they unhappy with their own lives.Would they rather her date one of their friends? What is going on? Not sure what I should do stick it out, try and find out more details about what is going on, laugh it off or end it. I know Kim and thought we were pretty cool so I am not sure what is going on with her (that is the most hurtful)). Don’t get me wrong it is good to have lots of friends but I think Laura makes herself into a little too much of a socialite sometimes (does anyone really need over 1200 facebook friends). I am not jealous of her friends or anything but she needs to cut some of them out of her life or something. Some of them are real lowlifes for doing this crap.

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Sackville Slots

April 17, 2014 Halifax 61 9,505 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these 2 little sackville slots shayna solnicka yes everyone she is two warts away from a bad outbreak but that dont matter too her she drown’s her problems in a bottle every weekend after she pawn’s her kid off to who ever time to wake up get some cream and own up to your responsibility’s you nasty little slore

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Easy to get With

April 16, 2014 Halifax 148 9,053 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: She would lay for anyone. Sackville biggest slut. Swears on her kids about anythin will eat anythin. And the smell never eat her out u will throw up for sure. Shes a cheater by heart. And the pun on her god. U would think it another boob

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