Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 11

Jenny used up Myra

September 23, 2014 Halifax 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ugly thing right here is named JEnny Myra. Im suprised she isn’t already up here already, but im sure youve all heard the name before! this girl is 20 almost 21 with no job, no education. All the does is mooch off people, she was “suppose to have a baby” with David Cyr but he left her becasue she’s a childish idiot who doesn’t want too get her life together. This girl has had the c*ap many times, she admitted it too me. “2 pills and its gone” she says. Jenny, you need to learn how to close your legs, and not to mention your mouth. Just becasue your fat doesn’t mean that your hard sweetie, why dont you go back to school and actually get an education instead of picking on people who are younger than you like the punk bitch you are . Stay away from this one everybody, you can smell her from a mile away.

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Melissa Matheson

September 22, 2014 Halifax, Would You? 222

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik always like reading your “would you” posts, I find you are usually right on with your “yes’ and “no”‘s.You need a few more Nova Scotians on your “yes” list. How about this girl my friend Melissa Matheson.She is skinny, blond and cute.Got one of those round tight little butts you could bounce a quarter off of. She is just crazy and wild, good in bed (just like a Bengal tiger, back scratching and everything I hear),she can down a beer like no ones business.She is really friendly and always goes out of her way to be nice to everyone, would help anyone with anything. just adorable. Someone who is great to party with and the life of every party. She is a great dance and can really twerk up a storm when she wants to. She is on FB and just a great person to have on your FB friend list.She’s on my “yes” list any day of the week. What do you and the “army: think? Yes or No?

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Jared Currie and Haylee Meldrum

September 22, 2014 Halifax 109

THE DIRTY ARMY: Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hey Nik,Well this guy likes to go out of his way to sleep with girls that have a man. He’s been sleeping with Haylee Meldrum for months while trying to get back with her cousin at the same time. He can’t be trusted around girls that have boyfriends. He slept with Shania Muise and Haylee Meldrum the same day recently. Walking drds Haylee likes to cheat anyways so I don’t blame him. Hey Mitchell ( haylees bf) check her fb and texts to him. If she can\’t show you it\’s because she deleted then because she has something to hide. I feel bad for this girl. She cheats on her man nonstop.. Jared just goes for the low hanging fruit. Easy girls, but he really should quit messing with girls that have bfs.

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Halifax Troll

September 22, 2014 Halifax 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m surprised this girl was. Ever posted on here before she’s one of the dirtiest girls in scotia!!!! She will sleep with anyyyy black guy even men she knows are taken and her friends men. She was selling herself on back page offering gfe kissing sex and everything in between for one low price. She has worked for tons of guys in north Preston going from one p.i to the next and was proud of it. The last guy she worked for had her on Bp with her friend Anna Lynn and she was also posted on there with Neva munroe on insta they’re men were friends and they had them sell themselves out of the same hotel room. They had a falling out but as the pic shows below they are besties once again. To sum it all up this girl Is a walking disease if she not sleeping with any black guy she meets she’s sleeping with a paying customer. Barf

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Scab Michelle

September 19, 2014 Halifax, Truro 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Dirty SCAB… Michelle (will go) Lowe is the biggest slut around!!! Of all ppl that should not be raising children god forbid they dont become her when they grow up… she goes with all the small guys around… ok i know its hard to find anyone bigger than her… so she can bully them and use them for there money cause she cant keep a job cause shes a BITCH! This Over grown skank has the biggest mouth around…

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Cindy Mcdonald

September 16, 2014 Halifax 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Cindy McDonald from Yarmouth nova scotia This fat of a slob is a home wrecking slore. Works at registery.com but really that’s her excuse to sit home all day on POF and pick up multiple men hoping one of them will father her kids. Meanwhile leaving her kids alone to go meet these men. She will suck your lollipop for a nickle and give you a tickle with genital w**ts. Shes giving the whole community drd’s from Yarmouth to Dartmouth. Good job Cindy

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Using Slore

September 11, 2014 Halifax 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: caitlin wilson she is probly the dirtiest person to hangout with she uses ppl like its nothing she only talks to someone when she needs something she lies she uses men for their attention and if they car or license its even better for her shes gross af wheres clothes that r way to small all her junk is hangin out she acts like the most innocent person in the world but she really isnt dont believe anything she says u want ur dick sucked? tell her u got a car n want to chill she got your back for that lol

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Lazy, Lying Dirt Bag

September 10, 2014 Halifax 236

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK This is Ryan Whalen, he is a verbally abusive MUTT who has the worst case of Little Big Man Syndrome. He’s been trying to intimidate and use people for countless years. He’s 32 and refuses to get a job. He hasn’t had one since he was a teenager. He talks so much crap trying to make people fear him, yet every time he puts his foot in his mouth he gets his butt whooped. His last girlfriend lasted 3 weeks of him until she couldn’t take anymore. He also spread an drd to Sarah Coffill. Ladies and gentleman stay clear from this druggie, thief, lazy welfare abusive scum. BUNG!!

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