Kala the Valley Muncher

May 22, 2014 Halifax 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ratchet bitch is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, she’s told three men already they’re the father.. if she tries to pin you demand a DNA test. She’s slept with the whole valley, finding her next d on plentyoffish. She got a list of men she’s been with in her phone. Trying to get some government cash for the kid, no doubt she’ll be pregnant again in no time. Drinks and smoking her face off while pregnant ..a real classy b!tch. Taken slutty selfies trying to drag men in thinking she’s some hot catch when we gets there she’s 50+ pounds heavier then the photos. Word to the wise, she’s had the c**p more then once so if you poke it wrap it up. If she tries to tell you, youre her baby daddy get that shit confirmed.

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JP Lebanese Liar

May 22, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is a dirty slut for Dartmouth Jp, He is the biggest Lair makes woman fall for him well his doing the something to the Other one , has 2/3 phone number on the go so he doesn’t get cot good one buddy.He\’s nothing but a DRUNK ! On POF, and all the dating site, lives @ home with his mommy so his looking to go to woman’s place. Lady’s stay the fck away unless you like getting fcked over He will make you feel so special make you love him, but his nothing but a slut.Look out for Jp Chater!

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Easy is as Easy Does

May 20, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 24

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Darcy Anderson she will do whatever she needs to to get her fix. She lies steals poses like this to get attention. Org from Woodstock now works in Fredericton. she has a son that she uses to make men feel bad for her. She is just dirty.

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Watch out for this one Kentville

May 19, 2014 Halifax 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok ladies and gents,this life sucking jackass is Jaret Dean from Kentville, Nova Scotia, hes 26 but likes to fck and chuck women, he will pull you in by telling you everything you could ever possibly want to hear,make you believe that he loves you until he gets what he wants and then chucks you to the curb and moves on to the next one. He lies and makes promises that he doesn\’t mean or keep. He tries to play off as worlds best dad,but in all reality he never spends time with his son, nor does he help support him. He plays off as being such a nice guy,but when things get a little rough its NEVER his fault its ALWAYS yours ! So ladies watch out for this piece of shit ! ooh… Did I mention he cheats on everyone hes with and as personally admitted to me that he has beat women in the past.

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Kevin The Scum Awalt

May 16, 2014 Halifax 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a piece of work,his name is Kevin Awalt and he is the scum of the earth. He is a home wrecker and he prays on young girls, he has been engaged to the same airhead Nicole Mills for years, but goes after any young thing that he thinks he can fuk, that is how he got Nicole, he was her shoulder to cry on when she was having trouble in her relationship with her babies daddy. He is in his 40\’s but thinks nothing of going after girls as young as 15, it is a game to him, he offers to be the shoulder to cry on, the helping hand, he takes advantage of young girls when they are having problems, he comes across as a friend, helping them, but he laughs about the fact that he ends up fucking them. He rips off the government, saying he is unable to work due to an injury, so he draws a government check, but yet he works on cars in his yard everyday for money. He has been under investigation for child molestation. He has forced a number of young girls that he got pregnant to have abortions, he goes with them to make sure it is done. I know this because I was 15 when he did it to me. He has ripped of so many people that he can’t show his face around town. He will steel you blind if he has a chance, then say you owe him, if you confront him he will blame it all on someone else. This guy is a dirty, fcking scum, he is a coward and a pervert. He takes advantage of elderly, tells them that their car is not fixable, he buys it as junk, sells it for large profit.

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Real Winner

May 16, 2014 Halifax 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is one flea biting mutt that needs to be put down.He goes the name of Micheal Miles age 37 but more like 6 years old. Who am I? A concern citizen. This loser thinks hes the cream of the crop, but hes the scum of the earth. He works in Kentville with people with special needs. He likes to talk a lot of trash about his clients, he complaints that they get full medical and dental, and that he has to work so hard. He calls them RETARDS,waste of space and thinks that hes better than them.How in the world did he get this position? must be for the money, but this guy has a few skeletons in his closet.Like the face that he ran around on his wife with every female in the valley,so hide your kids and hide your wives . So ladies WATCH OUT !!.

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He’s Back

May 15, 2014 Halifax 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m Chrissy & I think I owe it to allllll of Halifax,Musquodobit Harbour,East Jeddore,Nova Scotia,Canada…..FCK it!!! The whole fckin world should be warned about this walking piece of shit scum bag!!! His name is Scott Gaetz AKA Bubba Gaetz or Bubba with the crutch but most of us,we call him the gimpy limp narc!!! This guy will tell you lie after lie after lie. He lies like you need air to fckin breath. Every woman who I have contacted who has been with this dead beat fuck has told me just about all the same stories about him,maybe a little things are different but they are all so fuckin similar. Scott manipulates women into his scheming ways and he is nothing but a fucking selfish,douche bag who gets his pleasure by watching others suffer from his evil spell. He starts off by telling these stories to people to make him feel good about himself or something but Scott we all know that you need major mental evaluating & you know what? It\’s ok to ask for help there big boy,you know because you would always seem to get your crippled ass up to the Red Deer hospital for your script of perks or pain meds from whatever doctor will listen to your sob ass story. You do have a fuked up knee yes but you abuse the privilege of getting scripts and you either swallow 50 at a time or you sell them & you claim you ain’t a dope fene! You silly boy! So he tells people that he was in the army,well he first said he can get an army pension but doesn\’t collect one because he feels like he didn\’t deserve it or earn it then when his ass got thrown into remand he said \”oh,they cut of my army pension cuz I\’m in jail” Wait…..What!!?! He also claims that in 7 years he can retire because him,his general & the other troops found this cave with all these gold bars in it….Lmao!!!!! Hahaha what a fucking crock of shit!!!! How the fuck did you sneak that out of The Desert Storm as your pathetic self claims to have fought in? He says he has a Purple Heart too,buddy you have to protect your crew in order to receive one & everyone knows isn\’t you!! You stand in the damn corner and basically piss your self when a man starts to raise his voice at you. Actually one time,his x girlfriends bf\’s friend phoned Scott just fucking screaming at him & this guy is like 17 years younger than Scott and you know what Scott\’s response was? \”Oh,sorry sir\” \”I do,understand\” lolololol do I hear a little bitch? Yes we do!!! Scott also claims to have been held captive for 14 days & that him & his crew had to dine on their own shit & drink each other\’s piss!! Hahahha sounds nothing more than a bad porno to me because we all know how you like getting T-Boned!! (yes,Scott was caught in bed in an uncomfortable position with another male low life shithead) & while captive he got shot in the head & was put into a coma & he says that he had to learn how to eat & walk all over again! Give me a fuckin break!!! That would of been in the news somewhere and he would of been honoured with medals for that or some shit!!!!! Scott also claims to be in this secretive group called the SS. The what?? Secret service is all I can think you squid assssss mother fucker. He says that this group surveillance\’s pedophiles and that they drug these guys up,stick them in a basement & Scott\’s job is to cut their fingers off while this is all going down on video camera. Well first of all if this is true,your boys are doing a horrible job because they have you the sick fuck-o who\’s good friends with this Jody guy who is I\’m jail for being a child fucker & he had this 17 year old girl overdose in his car at the Superstore parking lot in Red Deer from the cocaine that he sold her!! Then he did nothing more than kick her ass out of the car when she was no longer useable. He would meet that girl at the hospital sometimes while he was smoking heroin in the hospital bathrooms just not even hours before his surgery & sell her pils. Man oh man this guy is nothing but a fucking LOSER! Another big lie from Scott is that he owns 3 houses. One is a trailer that he said he bought & paid for with his own cash & here his x got that trailer through an inheritance & all he did was do renovations so in his small little mind he thought that meant he bought it! Hahahaa!!!!! (WAYYY TOO LONG)

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Robin ‘ Punky ‘ Powder 2

May 13, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch this sick cow she has four kids all different daddies but she tryna pin them on me ! Man id rather ** then have a kid wit her she cant even take care of her dirty pssy let alone a kid but on the reg she be drinking and smoking cr*ck ! Is that what a good mother does ? Girl just because on welfare day you decide to buy em a little food don’t mean your mommy of the year get a fcking job you cracked out hoe and maybe quit spreading your legs for any hobo out Der. Any1 dat knows her knows what she\’s really like

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