Anna Green Gables not so Green

August 5, 2014 Halifax 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look Nic This is Annie Macgillivary from westville and she is getting around with all the boys and girls in pictou county.. She is a well known hog from from the pick a slop, Boys and girls beware she is spreading her fat ass and genital w**ts around, She is also a well known escort as misty in the halifax area the reason why she won\’t work in Pictou County for is that no body likes her and knows what she is all about

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Dartmouth Man Lover

August 5, 2014 Halifax 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this biotch here is Arielle Dixon but she calls herself “Eshaundria”. She will do ANYTHING for male attention.. She has a new boyfriend every week that she “loves so much”. She thinks she’s the baddest bitch ever because any dirty Dartmouth boy will fcuk her dirty ars. She has had gonorrhea and chl***ia multiple times! She lets any boy cm inside her and did I mention she use to prostitute herself for dirt cheap, and gave all her money to her pimp because she\’s a stupid love blinded WH*RE. Sh\’s a dumb ars whore that always talks sh*t about other peoples lives but she has NO friends. She has the worse attitude and smells like fish. I already know when she sees this shes going to say something like \”dey jus jealous of me\”. Nah hoe you are an ugly cock whore, who’s fcuked guys in her moms bed and has shit in her ars when she goes to have sex with people, you\’re a high school drop out who will probably work at walmart their whole life. Nik I don\’t know about this sloot she’s had trains ran on her in her moms bed, and people go to get her from th back and there sh*t in her ars. this sloot needs to be heard about and stopped.

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Mommy Of The Year

August 5, 2014 Halifax 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Katherine “Katt” Martin and she should be nominated as the worst mother of the year! This girl is the biggest slut I have ever met, she has a new boyfriend every other week and is “inlove” with them 2 days after she starts dating them. Half the guys she’s been with have just used her for sex. She has a daughter that she lost custody of because she got evicted from her apartment and was spending all her welfare and baby bonus money on liquor and tattoos instead of paying rent or buying anything for her child. She is absolutely disgusting, a HORRIBLE person to be around but she acts like she’s the victim and feels that everyone should pity her. If she didn’t act like such a twit, she wouldn’t be in her current situation. This girl needs to start acting like a mother and stop acting like a drunken sex crazed idiot!!!!!!!

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Alicia Macneil

August 1, 2014 Halifax 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl (alicia macneil) seriously believes shes Marilyn Monroe but truth be told she looks like a Muppet.She preaches quotes about Monroe daily “I just want to be Wonderful” even if the means spreading her legs for anyone that will take notice to her. Be wary of this one she will back stab you in an instance and than tell everyone the “dramarama” is caused by everyone else. To the eye she may seem like a nice ugly girl but be careful she has created quite a name for herself in this town.This blonde is not to be trusted and will start running her lips about you at a drop of a dime. she couldn\’t keep a man if she tried and she is always on the prowl for men while she has boyfriends. she thinks of herself as a professional in the social work field however she works at the money mart because no one will hire her. Its time this internet whore gets off her high horse.

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Cheating Dim Wit

July 31, 2014 Halifax 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girls name is Natasha Freeman and that is what she is FREE. She lives with her boyfriend of a number of years. He stays home at night and watches HER child, NOT his, while she is working or out for a coffee with friends. In reality she is gets off work and meets different guys. She is making her way around the guys who hang out in the parking lots in New Minas, she started with her boyfriends, friend and then jumps to whomever compliments her. Now she is running around with another guy from the parking lot, my guy, Shayne Webster, they think they are hiding it, but everyone knows. It only takes a compliment to get this girl to spread her legs and ruin your life. This is what you get for messing with my man, I warned you to stay away from him or this would happen, so I guess you are as dump as Shayne said. Oh and by the way I got the pics from Shayne. So girls if you have a guy that hang out in the New Minas area, watch out for her, she acts all sweet but will stick a knife in your back to get your guys dick stuck in her.

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Angela Slaunwhite

July 31, 2014 Halifax 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this trick here is Angela Slaunwhite also known as Angie or Angel she is the most fake, biggest 2 faced lying slut you will ever meet in Halifax! she has so many men on the go 3/4 of the men on POF prob tapped that ass! shes nasty she claims shes been single n had no dick for 2 yrs but has been bangin every cock she can get, she tells so many lies n storys its not funny! she will also claim shes preggo to try n keep ya, guys be fair warned steer 10 miles clear of this fake lying hoe

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Do You Smell Katie Sparks

July 30, 2014 Halifax 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: this girl right here would be katie sparks. shes nothing but a stinky whore who goes on craigslist finds men to give blow jobs for cheap! cause she dont wanna work. shes the dirtiest of them all. she stinks. even when she showers she still stinks cause shes so fat.. she thinks everyone likes her but more ppl talk bout her behind her back then anything. they all act like her friend for a free place to party n she usually supplies the booze n dope just to have friends.. shes just nasty.. who would want to have that suck there dick. her n one of her friends goes on craigslist n looks for slaves to do things for them cause they are to lazy to do it themselves.. they even locked a dude in a room with peanut butter on him with her dog.. shes one sick girl

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Sackville Dirt

July 30, 2014 Halifax 245

THE DIRTY ARMY: Madelyn Bolt Where do i start Nick, so everyone in Halifax has this thing about Sackville Sluts and Dirts and Madelyn nickname Madi is the top Funk ass of them all shes a greasy escort who jumps from pimp to pimp this girl loves paying black guys and gets a thrill from fucking someone else man! She is disgusting not to mention letting tricks and clients from play with her pussy. She is also extremely skinny hooked on crck cocaine and coke plus popping any prescription medication she can get her hands on when times are desperate this girl will do her damn thing nice and quick for 20$ so she can get a 20 stone. Madi’s pssy hangs says one of the three who gang banged her in sackville one summer night during a party. Madi will do anything for drugs and prostitutes for low amounts of money to give her pimp and support her nasty drug habits. Nick just looking at this girl in person you would be able to tell she is off. She loves to photo shop her stinkin ass so she looks good online to others when selling herself. She will fck anyone of the chocolate skin color and if they have a woman that makes her twice as happy. This girl should be hit by a bus. Ohh fck and i forgot to mention this stinky ass white girl had her nerve to get a weave glued in and got greasy ass straight hair that never looks washed. what a mess. I cant describe how NASTY and DISGUSTING this bitch is!! She also has Herpes so for the love of god i hope this warns most of the men of Halifax.

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