Exiver James

July 3, 2014 Halifax 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Halifax, nova Scotia This guy is 19, his gf is 15 and they started dating in 2010. He was like 16 and banging an 11-12 year old.

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Denise Blackburn: Clayton Park

July 3, 2014 Halifax 275

THE DIRTY ARMY: Denise Blackburn claims to be a respectable women with a pure heart who is beautiful on the inside and out. But no respectable women I know has spent time working the streets of Alberta to support a drug habit, loses custody of her child for being unfit or chases after another women’s boyfriend. Seems to me that those are the actions of a dirty whore. But don’t take my word for it, check out Denise on Google+. While this mother of 1 claims that her priority is to regain custody of her precious son, her time is spent popping Dexedrine and getting drunk. Just last month she was so high that she was hiding in her cupboards. Doesn’t it make sense that if she truly wanted to get her child back she would work on being sober? Denise, when having a good time is the priority instead of raising your child, it DOES make you a bad mother. In fact, I think it’s the definition! Denise is always up for a good time. Welfare doesn’t support drug habits so if you have an extra $20 bucks kicking around, you could always head to one of Denise’s haunts and see if she is up for a blowie. Here are some places you may find Denise frequenting: Mickey’s Beverage Room,  Halifax, Freemans,  up the road from here, who knows what she will do for a $50!!) I hope Kyle isn’t missing his mommy too much while you’re out having your good times!

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Autumn Victoria Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

July 3, 2014 Halifax, The Dirty 226

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Autumn is underage and associates with pimps and escorts. Her friend Tashlynn Shaw just got busted for trafficking underage girls. Autumn doesn’t work but always has money and she even hints at what she does on her fb. These girls need to stop promoting thid lifestyle snd making it look glamorous. Its how they get the younger girls involved. They get 16 year olds to glamorize it to the rest of them. I guess girls without jobs that live in spryfield but have money to go shopping for new clothes everyday have rich spryfield parents lol. Its sad because young girls her age look think highly of her because she wears nice clothes but in reality she’s borderline retarded and can barely read and write.

The arms say everything… money buys good food.- nik

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Robert Purdy Huston and Tia st Peter

July 2, 2014 Halifax, Truro 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: robert huston is the biggest scumbag of all time, his only friends are the people he uses untill they get sick and tired of this needle banging waste of life mooching off of them, his own family doesnt want him for the same reasons, his pill head girlfriend is no better gangbanging guys left right and center they both cheat on each other reguarly if they dont have their drugs then tia throws a bitch fit cries all day makeing sure to ruin the day of everyone around her cus the crack head princess has gotta have her weed and pills when they arnt liveing with a hydromorph addict they are racking up debts with coke heads, he literaly owes everyone he knows money unless they were too smart to fall for his bullshit be warned they are both dirty drug addicts and should be run out of truro as soon as possible!!!

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The Tumblr Sloot

July 2, 2014 Halifax 163

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nicole or (Nikki) wells is the nastiest thing going. Last I heard she was sleeping with the 16 year old boys she sells weed too. This girl can\’t even hold down a job at BURGER KING. They probably fired her because they were worried some of that nasty metal in her face, or caked on black makeup would end up in their food. Nikki wears her heart on her sleeve and falls inlove with anyone who is willing to touch her. To top it all off this little skank posts full out naked and spread pictures all over her tumblr! why? just to get more followers and more attention. It\’s actually really sad, and really disgusting. Last I heard this girl was running away to new brunswick to be with some poor sucker she just met, hahah hopefully he does not find her nasty tumblr. I also heard this nasty sloot is all about the drug scene but can\’t afford it, haha using guys and girls for cocaine. CLASSY BITCH, how else do you think she is paying for her stupid piercings and terrible tattoos? sex! Zombie slut? more like trashy slut. you dont even look good girl, get over yourself and get a job, support yourself and get off of social media.

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Kaylee Macinnis aka Call Girl

July 2, 2014 Halifax 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Niki, this little girl falls inlove with any guy that wants her, she sold her ass to dirty old men all around Halifax. She worked for her ex boyfriend Codie Horne while he was in JAIL, just to buy him all kinds of shit for when he got out !!!! stupid or what? There was even a video on the net, of her sucking off about 15 different guys, in 1 time period. HEr teeth are gapped and grossssss shes trashy. SHE RUNS HER MOUTH LIKE SHE WANTS TO FIGHT YOU then pussies out like the littel bitch she is && she has 100 bestfriends that she talks about behind there back all the time everyone watch out for this slimmy snakey whore gross alex jesso someday ill meet you and i bet youll say to me fuckkkkk i made a mistake shouldnt have went with that call girl

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Daisy Deanna Keddy

July 2, 2014 Halifax 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, This piece of SHIT WHORE JUNKIE UNFIT MOTHER THIEF BACKSTABBING COKE HEAD is as low as they can get!! She lost her 3 children because she lays on her FAT ASS and SUCKS COCK to support her herion addiction. She has been on backpage and Craigslist 4 years and is FAT and VULGAR!! Her daughter WAS a friend of mine, and she was tossed out as a teen, along with her oldersister, Ally. She has an 8 year old daughter Bekky, who she also disowned, because she is cannot give her enough time between INJECTIONS!! She INJECTS OXYcODONE and DILAUDIDS from morning until closing Aperantley in her legs because she has no VEINS LEFT TO INJECT IN!!!! Charlie, her EX, is also a JUNKY &he is trying to get BEKKY back! His sisters are trying to get custody, and are threating to “FUK HER UP”….Children’s AID have been called many times and she does not CARE!! She would rather INJECT MORHPHINE than have her kids back!! Her NOW pimp IS A greek WHO GOES BY THE NAME “jimmy the greek” ….He is misterios and nobody no’s his real name…but he gets the clients 4 her and recieves half her ANAL SEX MONEY…He has been pimpin my niece out for years , and he is also an addict on the poker sircut…she has BURNS over her body from a meth lab that exploded when they fukked up mda recipe!! GROSS!! SHE HAS BURNED(NO PUN INTENDED) SO MANY DEALERS THAT SHE HAS no credit left 2 GET HER THREW HER WITHDAWLS!! LOOKS GOOD on hewr….plaese POST THIS nikl!!

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Haylee Meldrum Proof

July 1, 2014 Halifax 169

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well here’s some proof that Haylee Meldrum has sold her self and been addicted to drugs. She posted this stuff herself. She never had a job at the time either. Kinda hard to feed a coke addiction and have stacks of cash without income.

Also See: Haylee Meldrum

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