Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 11

Obvious Pecknold

September 10, 2014 Halifax 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kaitlynn pecknold. is a fcking bitch. tho she comes across innocent and sweet she actually is a lying dick sucker and a cheater. she is on more drugs then charlie sheen and acts like bobby brown. she will tell you she loves you and that you can trust her. dont belive it. she will just run off with a guy with a little itty bitty boner up his ass. she is very sneaky and will lie to you even when you know the truth. BEWARE OF THE DIRTY WHORE.

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halifax’s dirty bitch

September 9, 2014 Halifax 146

THE DIRTY ARMY: o m g nik I cant believe this slore of Halifax she works for children’s services her name is Elaine Cameron she likes to kidnap kids from there parents who don’t deserve it she calls it apprehension of the child that word means to arrest with a cause but in all and all she is a drunken bitch who got her certification out of a cracker jack box she has no kids she considers her cat to be her id o m g this woman IS A 35 OR 36 YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO COMES INTO WORK STINKING and wow she gotta learn how to pop a breathe mint instead of pills and alcohol she is a no good piece of shit who lives in Bedford nova scotia and thinks her shit doesn’t stink that’s ok because everyone who she deals with says she’s a no good drunk

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Cheryl Sommers

September 8, 2014 Halifax 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Cheryl Sommers from the Annapolis Valley.While she may look like a sweet middle-aged woman,do NOT let that fool you.She is a completely clueless tramp.She meets guys on MeetMe and throws them her phone number before even learning their names. She claims to have an FWB,yet they don’t sleep together because he doesn’t date fat girls or sleep with them,he just manipulates her to do his housework for him while he works on his car and propositions other women online. She posts naked pics of herself online for attention and then complains when guys treat her like a sex object.She openly insults men and,if they’re cute but involved and not interested in her,calls their girlfriends bytches and hooers,and then complains that she cannot find a decent man She is a desperate and just plain batsh*t middle aged waste of your time.

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Big Fat Liar

September 8, 2014 Halifax 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I met this chick on pof and at first she seemed really cool. We would chat every other day or so. But then one of my buddies did some digging around and turns out she’s banging my old roommate. The same roommate I found out has w**ts. As soon as I found this out I stopped talking to her and now she won’t stop bothering me. Man blast this junkie girl so other dudes from the peg know what’s up. Glad I didn’t sleep with that when I had the chance. Man I dodged a bullet

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Just Do It

September 8, 2014 Halifax 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Honest opinions on dem eyebrows plz

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Scotion Slore

September 2, 2014 Halifax, Windsor 118




THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I’m shock that  “beautiful down G/Adrianna gray”hasn’t been posted yet .Inform everyone wat this disease infested ditch pig is all about .originally from Nova Scotia moved to windsor to start whoring career so that ppl/family back in hometown won’t know that she sells her ass for $.according to her Facebook image she tries to portray a mother that actually cares about her son (doesn’t see him on Mother’s Day and his birthdays who she only has Mon-Wed still can’t get him school on time so CAS was called) works as a “personal trainer” which is a front for the whore truth She started her sloring at 17 living on top of a rubNtug downtown oulette where she rubNtug for drugs and $20 bj’s .walking around downtown barefoot with her gut hanging out rancid bad breath raunchy body odour n scabies then moved on up the whore ladder to swinging around the pole at silvers,studio and leopards where she goes by “Lexi” stripping wasn’t enough she moved on to craigslist and backpage to start selling that DRD infested pussy behind her mans back . Now the super slut has moved to tricking on the side .she made sure to move to an apartment building close to strip club so she can bring men back to fuck for drugN $. This dyslexic bitch to retarded get a real job so she has spread her legs(read a book bitch) we used be grls until she fucked my man gave him the clap .i just feel sorry for her son. Nik pls let everyone know the who’re truth about this SCOTIAN SLORE

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Danielle Sabean

September 2, 2014 Halifax, Windsor 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is by far the worst person I have ever met. She slept with the vice principal’s son numerous times and was dumb enough to not use protection. Then when she found out she was pregnant she went completely bezerk and cried and blamed it all on him. She was gross enough to abort the foetus and got pleasure from doing so. The dude now hates her and called her out for being a psycho and now she’s fcked in the head. She sleeps around with people in Windsor and Halifax for alcohol and cocaine and god knows what else. She’s even gotten money from fucking strangers probably twice her age. She’s obviously okay not using condoms so she probably has every drd known to man by now. She whines about being depressed all the time and having no friends because no one wants to hang out with someone as fucked in the head as she is. She’s extremely skinny (from doing so many drugs) and is the biggest attention wh*re I’ve ever met. She sent nude pictures to almost everyone at AVHS and teased them but never pleased them. She LOVES showing off her slutty body in tiny clothes she probably got at the Children’s Place. I can’t want to find out that she’s knocked up again and has **DS. Which I know by now she would already. She posts nude pictures all over the internet that anyone can just ask for and she’ll send them a link. She obsesses over dudes and gets upset when they stop talking to her. All her “friends” are guys but she secretly fcks all of them. This crazy bitch needs to be stopped!

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Married Lover

September 2, 2014 Halifax 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Meet Stu Petrie . This married Greg licker is Married to Andrea Boutlier . Little does she know he’s out in the gay community of Halifax , and travelling to quebec city and montreal bathhouses smoking pole and taking up the a$$ like a champ . Talks alot of shit too , but he’s just a fat slob who can’t back his mouth up unless its about a Greg , then you can back it right to his lungs . Now I am not against or picking on gays or bi’s or whatever , what I’m against is a dude that lies to his wife and barebacks with dudes . He’s likely got DRD’s . Bringing them home to Andrea . He can be found lurking in Burnside in the back woods where the gays cruise looking for any greg that he can ride ! Go get checked man , You gave my buddy syph

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