The Dartmouth Dirtbag

March 11, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 29 10,164 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melissa Orvis, the dartmouth dirtbag, this fast paced coked up feine will do anything or anyone for a line….if you had the unfortunate mishap of being her friend lock up your clothes, money, shoes anything that can be taken out of your home or this bitch will snag it up. This cnt was a fcking hooker, her and her firned Lori use to con guys online and trade sexual favours for money sure she still would for 5 bucks or a line. This dirt bag thief and liar is one of the best con artists ive ever met the girl is downright trash. Bitch couldnt even keep her own kid, this cunt proclaims her undying love for some stumped up guy and hours before shes fcking some other dude. guys wrap your dicks and women stay the fck away from anything this dirty bitch has touched…..beware…..

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Fire Starter

March 10, 2014 Halifax 32 7,547 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have to check this out! This here douchbag no good for nothing mother will do anything for a buck that includes ruining people’s lives. This here scallywag knowing who the father is right from the get go, decides to take this other guy for what he’s worth and has his wages garnished knowing its not his! Good thing he proved it wasen,t , its too bad he never did it sooner, seeing how he had his own family to support among all her for you men out there, you see this scumbag Rollin around the corner make sure u wrap it up or run the other way!!!

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Wayne Long

March 10, 2014 Halifax 29 6,731 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Wayne Long. Hes a 30 yr old pizza delivery guy that works at down town pizza. Dont eat there its disgusting. He thinks hes hot shit because he has a nice car and is a drug dealer. He has a girlfriend that hes been with for 10 years but he cheats on her all the time with little girls that come into his pizza shop that are in their teens or early 20s. Its a known fact that he has DRD so stay away!!!

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Acadia and SMU Sloot

March 10, 2014 Halifax 31 9,125 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is Jessica Livingstone. I was her friend but I cannot stand her anymore all because of the fact that she is a slut. I am around this nasty thing almost everyday and ugh I cant even…. She meets random guys at clubs and throws herself at them or starts to stalk their lives completely because she is such a lonely bitch. She has a thing with a guy named Kyle Briand now and she isn’t even committed to him… But hes just as disgusting as her. Two pieces of scum who will literally fuck anything that breathes deserve each other, right? If you ask me, Jessica Livingstone is an embarrassment to Acadia and SMU!

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Truro Forgy

March 10, 2014 Halifax, Truro 19 10,163 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here it is Nik, the biggest fag you’ll find in Truro. Ill tellyah, ive know this idoit for six years. & its all been bullshit. He controls people , even if there not dateing. He over reacts about everything. He gave a boy a hand job, i witnessed it & it was for smokes !! Haha, thats nasty if you ask me. Not to mention, he has the smallest di*k you can possibly imagen. Have fun lady’s if your gunna fu*k that! Haha. I swear too god he is gay as fck and uses girls as an excuse to cover it up.. If you can’t tell by the picture, what you think? He’s lazy as fck, an he only goes to school to drain his poor grandparents out of there money when he grauates& and so he can stay liven with his momma! Watch out ladys and gents , watch yourself. He might try to stick his tiny dinky in yah!

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Worthless Space

March 8, 2014 Halifax 41 6,187 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this ones a real scumbag.. he goes by the name of jamie dewolfe.. —this guy thinks he can just get girls pregnant and bail on his kids.. not only that he quits his jobs days before he has to go to family court to avoid child support.. there’s nothing worse then a dead beat dad i mean come on how the hell could a someone be as low too just not even attempt being around his son.. now you must pay for being this low.. your rep is on the line share this with everyone i refuse to let this scum get away with this

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Odessa Parsons

March 7, 2014 Halifax 35 6,067 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do we I begin….Mmmm Meet this dirty B***h at bar and I was F88ked from the jump. should have know by the way it looked from a distance to run but the smell of well used P***y due me in, was thinking with the wrong head. then woke up and said WTF did I just do. then the cascade of bullshit and lies started. The only one’s I feel sorry for are this pathetic excuse of woman’s beautiful children, and that this drugged out over used piece of S*** is unfortunately their mother. while her children are sitting sad with family this Dirty B***h is down in the big city shaking and F***king for a cheap dollar. real role model eh…?? you would think she would be in rehab like she came down for right… hell no why change a good thing right and do what one does best. All the best in your future and men watch your money and anything of worth including your dignity cause it will be gone and cashed in for the next fix…. so this is my warning to you all of the newest piece of shit around town.

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Maine Hooker

March 7, 2014 Halifax, Hamilton 60 9,508 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ragety look washed up hooker is Termaine Hurst-Shepley wants so much to be accepted as one of Randy’s Labelle’s baby mamas!!! Well here your recognition btch!! Ya sure Mina is Randy’s kids and why shouldnt you get your recognition along with all the other baby mamas Since they are all up here! Seriously tho this girl use to be a prostitue and sleep with old men for money and gifts and in return she gave Randy Labelle presents for life!! Ya there isn’t much this trick won’t do, heard she’s pregnant with baby number five!!! Like btch close your damn legs and stop making more welfare recipient children that you can even teach to read or spell!

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