Odessa Parsons

March 7, 2014 Halifax 34 6,053 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do we I begin….Mmmm Meet this dirty B***h at bar and I was F88ked from the jump. should have know by the way it looked from a distance to run but the smell of well used P***y due me in, was thinking with the wrong head. then woke up and said WTF did I just do. then the cascade of bullshit and lies started. The only one’s I feel sorry for are this pathetic excuse of woman’s beautiful children, and that this drugged out over used piece of S*** is unfortunately their mother. while her children are sitting sad with family this Dirty B***h is down in the big city shaking and F***king for a cheap dollar. real role model eh…?? you would think she would be in rehab like she came down for right… hell no why change a good thing right and do what one does best. All the best in your future and men watch your money and anything of worth including your dignity cause it will be gone and cashed in for the next fix…. so this is my warning to you all of the newest piece of shit around town.

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Maine Hooker

March 7, 2014 Halifax, Hamilton 60 9,501 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ragety look washed up hooker is Termaine Hurst-Shepley wants so much to be accepted as one of Randy’s Labelle’s baby mamas!!! Well here your recognition btch!! Ya sure Mina is Randy’s kids and why shouldnt you get your recognition along with all the other baby mamas Since they are all up here! Seriously tho this girl use to be a prostitue and sleep with old men for money and gifts and in return she gave Randy Labelle presents for life!! Ya there isn’t much this trick won’t do, heard she’s pregnant with baby number five!!! Like btch close your damn legs and stop making more welfare recipient children that you can even teach to read or spell!

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Cheater, Lier and Ratchet

March 7, 2014 Halifax 65 6,797 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well let me start from the beginning, i met this girl named HAYLEY TURNER. She seemed nice at first, but i guess they all do. I was was with her for like two months and in the end she turned out to be crazy, i guess a big hint was that in the second week i knew her she said “i think i love you, i really do” like this is nuts!! Shes wack. And when i finally relized that it was too late, when we broke up. A month later i found out she fcked sum 22 year old weirdo when i was with her. I would advise to stay as far away from her as possible. She dosent know what loyality is shes a dirty cheater. All she does is lie. She couldnt tell the truth if she wanted to, all she will do is sneak around behind your back and fuck with you shes straight crazy. She will fck with you emotions and manipulate you in so many ways. She has no real feeling i guess. And now shes going around hoping on any dick she can, shes ratchet as fuck nobody should trust her lies and bullshit because she would be glad to fck you over anytime she wants she thinks shes so great but really she is fucked. I wouldnt touch her with a 10 foot pole and i feel bad for anyone that thinks different because i garuntee she will lie to you, she will cheat on you, and do whatever she wants behind you back its just not worth it. Trust me

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Town Sloot, Manda

March 6, 2014 Halifax 439 10,749 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda McCullough, originally hailing from digby nova scotia now living in Halifax….enjoyed being the town whore since she was 13 years old, sleeping with men twice her age. after she fucked every man in digby she moved on up to Halifax. where she decided to start making her sluttiness more than a hobby and turn it into a career. this dirty skank has now been an escort since 2007. her gross body can be search anywhere on the internet, as she has had 7 years of never working a real job instead she has sex with men for money. she claims her speciality is anal sex and letting men dress in drag then do her. she has slept with over 1,800 people. she has had every drd known to man kind at one time or another, she frequents the pharmacy where i work getting her prescriptions for her newest drd of the week. her favorite is sleeping with men who are married. she gets a little extra kick out of that. this skank not only loves the classic prostitution garb that she flaunts around the internet with see thru netting and holes in the crotch, she love her to flaunt her titties….they are her money maker, for those men who like the look of a woman who has bore 7 children and nursed them all…the trick is she hasn’t had any kids, she just aborts one instead every few weeks or so. this hooker also has a finding nemo tattoo on her ass, perhaps to remind her of the days she was a borderline child having sex with grown married men. perhaps she thinks that perverted pedophiles that like penetrating a escort who has a cartoon on her ass is sexy? she’s pure trash from head to toe. you can find her on msmanda or her twitter account, msmanda or sexxiimanda……yes ladies and gents who aren’t dirties, this hooker really thinks shes sexy. for those who have already had sex with this dirty hooker….do yourself a favor and get yourself checked. shes carried every disease possible from all the dirty dicks daily in her dirty gap. GROSSSSSSS

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Goof of the Week

March 4, 2014 Halifax 55 8,866 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shane Howe is a rat goof that wrote a 26 page statement and a 4 hour Visio statement or a charge that he wasn’t even charged with… He gave the rat pigs everything they need to pin a murder beef on two good buddies of mine.. Me and Shane and and another buddy went to jack a car stereo one night and when me and my buddy were unhooking the gear Shane was smelling the crotch of a little girls bathing suit.. This mother fcker is a waste of space. He got kicked out of fairview when he turn rat!! When he was about fifteen he was babysitter a ladies little boy and got the kid to suck his fat ass titts. I know this cause we were charged together and I got all his crown disclosures. Fcking mutt souls be hung and rocks thrown at him.. Everybody feels bad for him cause there was a cross burnt on his yard in the valley, but I’m sure they found out he is a diddler and rat!!! Shane you piece of shit, karmas a bitch. I would tell you don’t ever come home but you already know that. You are the lowest scum there is .. Really a little kid, wtf is wrong with you?

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Dirty Cheat

March 4, 2014 Halifax 14 5,996 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wondering how many lady’s have met this cheating bastard

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How Does She do it

March 3, 2014 Halifax 33 9,576 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: How does she do it? Honestly. How can a girl who just had a baby not that long ago take away a father to 3 little girls? Does she even have a heart? Be real. This girl only gives a fck about herself. Who makes their boyfriend move to Nova Scotia for a “better life” when he’s already got 3 kids that he seriously needs to put effort into seeing. I don’t understand how anyone even supported their decision. This couple is just bullshit. I deleted both your damn asses after I heard your “big news” if you cared at all about his other kids, youd know that moving is the last thing David had to go do. You’re a cnt Sam. Who takes away a father like that.

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One Crazy Chick

February 28, 2014 Halifax 44 11,242 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is kaila burton, if you know and have encountered her i feel sorry for you, if not STAY AWAY

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