Daisy Deanna Keddy

July 2, 2014 Halifax 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, This piece of SHIT WHORE JUNKIE UNFIT MOTHER THIEF BACKSTABBING COKE HEAD is as low as they can get!! She lost her 3 children because she lays on her FAT ASS and SUCKS COCK to support her herion addiction. She has been on backpage and Craigslist 4 years and is FAT and VULGAR!! Her daughter WAS a friend of mine, and she was tossed out as a teen, along with her oldersister, Ally. She has an 8 year old daughter Bekky, who she also disowned, because she is cannot give her enough time between INJECTIONS!! She INJECTS OXYcODONE and DILAUDIDS from morning until closing Aperantley in her legs because she has no VEINS LEFT TO INJECT IN!!!! Charlie, her EX, is also a JUNKY &he is trying to get BEKKY back! His sisters are trying to get custody, and are threating to “FUK HER UP”….Children’s AID have been called many times and she does not CARE!! She would rather INJECT MORHPHINE than have her kids back!! Her NOW pimp IS A greek WHO GOES BY THE NAME “jimmy the greek” ….He is misterios and nobody no’s his real name…but he gets the clients 4 her and recieves half her ANAL SEX MONEY…He has been pimpin my niece out for years , and he is also an addict on the poker sircut…she has BURNS over her body from a meth lab that exploded when they fukked up mda recipe!! GROSS!! SHE HAS BURNED(NO PUN INTENDED) SO MANY DEALERS THAT SHE HAS no credit left 2 GET HER THREW HER WITHDAWLS!! LOOKS GOOD on hewr….plaese POST THIS nikl!!

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Haylee Meldrum Proof

July 1, 2014 Halifax 169

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well here’s some proof that Haylee Meldrum has sold her self and been addicted to drugs. She posted this stuff herself. She never had a job at the time either. Kinda hard to feed a coke addiction and have stacks of cash without income.

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Todd the Douche

July 1, 2014 Halifax 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Todd the douche! Ladies and gentlemen meet Todd Cranston the douche one of many Nova Scotians Douche’s. Todd is a 43 yr old who cannot accept the fact that he is a balding old man. He thinks and has the maturity of a 20 something. Also drives around in his jeep like he owns the planet!!!! the man is 5″2 and recently competed, which by the way ladies his package appeared to be non existent! Not that you want this dirty man! He has every sexually transmitted Diease known to man kind. This trash talking little man is toxic. People be aware he is a racist and a shit talker.

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Jessica Hutchison

June 30, 2014 Halifax 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Hutchison is a drama starting skank! She is extremely manipulative and likes to twists stories around to make her sound like a victim. She is 18 and turned her back on her family for her 40 year old boyfriend!! Classy. Also she’s ALWAYS “sick” and everytime she goes to the hospital for her infections and “sicknesses” and gets prescribed medication, she wastes her money on drugs. Then complains she’s broke and shit! This girl is fcked and a total people pleaser! She will kiss your ass in person but behind a computer she grows some serious lady balls! But everytime she gets herself in a pickle she leaves town and moves in with people she doesn’t even know! Stay away from her. She causes drama no matter where she goes. Fucking whore

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Danielle Arsenault

June 30, 2014 Halifax 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Niki, this is a 20 year old girl that hangouts with little 13, 14 year old girls, and thinks shes cool. She threatens little girls, and tells them shes going to get them and fight them, when she weighs 300 pounds and shes a grown ass woman, (but not in her brain) <–obviously. Shes a HUGE bully, she deserves to get hit by a car. Shes been selling her bum , and selling her 13 and 14 year old friends bums too to old ass slimmy men. Shes the trashiest little whore out there. Shes a 2faced bitch and she’ll fck you over in a second. SHE ONLY CARES ABOUT HERSELF, AND HER MONEY FROM SELLING HER WIDE OPEN PSSY. Do not trust this bitch, and do not touch her, inless you want drd.

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Jazzy Escort Young

June 30, 2014 Halifax 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Niki, this girl right here is a 17 year old prostitute, she has been selling her ass since she was 12, with her MOTHER, FLORANCE YOUNG. Her mother has been putting her on backpage and craighslist, till she got locked up for selling little girls. Jazzy/ Jazmine, has had 6 miscarriages from being on drugs and loosing the babies, and 2 abortions. She will open her legs to anyone for 50 dollars to feed her addictions. I knew this girl for a while now, and shes just DIRTY. AS, FCK. her whole family are dirt bags. She stinks, she gave the clap to 2 of my guy friends. And one of my girlfriends went down on her and said that shes as wide as a house, and she coulda got lost in there. SHE IS DISGUSTING. watch the fuk out.

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Megan Anstey

June 30, 2014 Halifax 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat ass cow, sells her bum, started in fairview, and now in north end dartmouth. it wont stop. She works little girls. And talks them into doing bad bad things. She stinks. Does not shower. Ever. Its crazy. She has sists all over her body because of the ammount she sweats and since she doesnt clean herself. She opens her legs for ANY black guy out there!!!! And she has herpies. You can find her on backpage and craighs list, giving bareback blowjobs for 40 dollars. Shes a dirt bag scum, stay away from her . Embarssement to her parents, since they are both police officers in Newfoundland. Gross. Nasty.

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Brittany Mutt Jeffries

June 27, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty ass whore drags the nastiest scum in dartmouth back to her apartment and fucks them while her babies are sleeping in the next room.. she got soo many diseases! Ewww! Got noo friends causd shes the fakest most backstabbingtwofaced scumbag you will ever meet in your life!! Guys beware, if you dont want your boys to turn green, stay away from this nasty mutt!! And ladies, if u want ttouble, u will get it with this skank!!! This mutt dont even know who her baby daddy is! Try sayin its Greg, when all u do is fuck dirty old men for bus change and money for drugs … smoked crack while she was pregnant with her baby …. this bitch aint worth the air she breathes!!! Disgustinggg!!!!

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