Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

kyle Marsters

December 10, 2014 Halifax 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this mutt kyle marsters is the biggest goof around halifax, he thinks hes hard but only fights with weapons,or just beats up girls for fun when hes drunk, he will sleep with anything that is wet and has a pulse dont matter what size age or nothing, hes 25 sleeping with 17 year olds .. might even have one knocked up . he has 2 kids he never sees , the boys crawling with diseases so bad you can pretty much see them jumping off of him… ladies stay away if you know whats good for you he will suck the life right out of you

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The One and Only

December 10, 2014 Halifax 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is Shania muise. Famous on this website for jamming needles in her dead arms. Goes on about how she is clean on face book because everybody knows what she’s about … Ya girl you are not anything. You are a lost cause with enough holes in your arms to drown in a tub of water. She will sleep with anybody for a pill. Anybody. Doesn’t natter if you are a male female transgender dog cat hamster it doesn’t matter if a pill goes in her arms she’s A-ok. Her boydriend is an ugly as she is ffs. She needs to grow up and stop using Facebook .. She acts like a 10 yr old with a goddamn comouter. She is nasty ‘ even told me she doesn’t know how many people she slept with. Why don’t you take your 10ccs and fck off shania

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The Grease In Pictou County

December 9, 2014 Halifax 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone please meet ALECIA SUTHERLAND.This sleaze bucket is too gross for words I have NEVER meet such a piece of shit in all my life. This skank popped out 2 kids to keep her man with her bc lets face it she wouldn’t find anyone else as she is hideous! She attempts to cheat on her ex thru POF but the one guy who she did try to cheat on her ex with took one look and was gone.She pretends shes the perfect mom when her house reeks like cat shit and piss, her kids get hurt and she doesn’t even take the to the hospital,parties every weekend which amazes me as she claims she never has $, moves every three months cause they cant afford their rent, she sits on her fat ass all day on the computer/phone causing bullshit wherever,poor girl has a friend for like a day and then they realize what shes all about, she goes,withholds her “stepson” and daughters from their family when she doesn’t hear what she wants, CAS is at her door almost weekly and yet she still has her kids?! She causes drama in ppls lives and when they threaten to beat her she runs to the cops like a child. She beat up a pregnant girl for fucks sake. Her life is pathetic and frankly Im sick of her wasting all our oxygen. Im actually shocked noone put this mutt on here yet. Im not the first shes stolen from, she called Crime Stoppers on her own dad to get cash!! Granted he was a drug dealer and as far as I know a pedo. If I had one wish it would be for CAS to take those kids and give them to someone who can read.

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Kristin the freak

December 8, 2014 Halifax 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here is Kristin Donovan. She’s a fat mutt, will sleep with anyone who gives her the time of day.. And take any drug you hand to her. She bullied rehtaeh parsons her last few weeks on earth and claims that she was her best friend. She’s a bully, she thinks she’s the hardest, hottest thing under the sun when she looks like a horse … Sorry booboo, you’re a dirty mutt, spreading the c**p to boys and girls and cute boo bear. Now hopefully you graduate this year because that would be your greatest accomplishment  other than sleeping with every drug dealer you can find to put your fav powder up your nose , just cause your butch don’t mean anything hunnie .. You’re as dirty as the rest of the mutts you hang out with pee yew .

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Mike Mcgrath

December 8, 2014 Halifax 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: in this article is big bad mike leader singer of group itchy dick yea wonder where he came up with that name maybe banging the holes from westville to much eh mike big bad mike drive his white ford pickup and hangout at the acro lounge every night with his bad boys what a fcking joke time to grow up mike go to the clinic and not have his itchy dick no more haha

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Stalker Robert Laframboise

December 5, 2014 Halifax 217


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok where do I start this guy has been stalking me for years in this weird kind of way like posting my on the dirty 2 different times, making up hooking ads of me then posting them, contacting me calling me fat, etc so I block him he makes other accounts he is serious a weirdo!!! Like last year he was texting me and my friends from app numbers threaten to hurt my friends if they didn’t stay away from me Like I’m just starting to realize how be of a freak he is he dont even know me I met him a handful of times because I dated a friend of his I’m not a rat I don’t go ro cops but I’m blasting him up here warning girls to be careful he’s a nutcase stalker also wanted to know if he has down this to any one else ? He’s from Halifax nova Scotia he got ran out of their he was scared for his life after getting into a gang haha. Its so bad I have to block him from EVERYTHING keep numbers private and block all my social media or he will steal my pictures and post Me on here .. I seriously am so sick of this guy like he’s weird …. Bewware ladies

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PSA: Elaine Crow

December 5, 2014 Halifax 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman should ROT IN HELL: her name is Elaine ‘Ellie’ Crow. She pretends to have BREAST CANCER to get discounted rates at hotels in Halifax so she can run her prostitution ring out of the suites! She also carries a large cleaver on her at all times, she should be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS. There is a special place in hell for people that fake an illness to save a buck! I hope the police finally gain enough evidence to put her away for good – there is an active case against her in HRM. If you have ANY information about this mutt, please contact the regional police! Let’s get people like her behind bars!

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The Sleaziest and Slimiest

December 5, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the one and only Garret “flocka”  Shunahan. He is the dirtiest, greasiest slime ball in all of the HRM. He will make a girl feel special and swear she’s the only one, and take the next girl home that same night. He thinks it’s funny to have his side chicks hanging together without them knowing he’s banging all of them. And he does more coke than scarface. Hes always broke but claims to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank, and years ago he moved up to god knows the fck where to supposedly get out of the drug scene, but hes back and higher than ever. He claims to have all sorts of connections but never follows through with any of his words. Ladies: if you fall for this skinny fck, he talks a big game but will present you with the smallest dick and the worst sex you will have ever had. Men: hide yo girls, hide yo wives, cuz this bitch is fckin all yo bitches.

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