Scotion Slore

September 2, 2014 Halifax, Windsor 101




THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I’m shock that  “beautiful down G/Adrianna gray”hasn’t been posted yet .Inform everyone wat this disease infested ditch pig is all about .originally from Nova Scotia moved to windsor to start whoring career so that ppl/family back in hometown won’t know that she sells her ass for $.according to her Facebook image she tries to portray a mother that actually cares about her son (doesn’t see him on Mother’s Day and his birthdays who she only has Mon-Wed still can’t get him school on time so CAS was called) works as a “personal trainer” which is a front for the whore truth She started her sloring at 17 living on top of a rubNtug downtown oulette where she rubNtug for drugs and $20 bj’s .walking around downtown barefoot with her gut hanging out rancid bad breath raunchy body odour n scabies then moved on up the whore ladder to swinging around the pole at silvers,studio and leopards where she goes by “Lexi” stripping wasn’t enough she moved on to craigslist and backpage to start selling that DRD infested pussy behind her mans back . Now the super slut has moved to tricking on the side .she made sure to move to an apartment building close to strip club so she can bring men back to fuck for drugN $. This dyslexic bitch to retarded get a real job so she has spread her legs(read a book bitch) we used be grls until she fucked my man gave him the clap .i just feel sorry for her son. Nik pls let everyone know the who’re truth about this SCOTIAN SLORE

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Danielle Sabean

September 2, 2014 Halifax, Windsor 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is by far the worst person I have ever met. She slept with the vice principal’s son numerous times and was dumb enough to not use protection. Then when she found out she was pregnant she went completely bezerk and cried and blamed it all on him. She was gross enough to abort the foetus and got pleasure from doing so. The dude now hates her and called her out for being a psycho and now she’s fcked in the head. She sleeps around with people in Windsor and Halifax for alcohol and cocaine and god knows what else. She’s even gotten money from fucking strangers probably twice her age. She’s obviously okay not using condoms so she probably has every drd known to man by now. She whines about being depressed all the time and having no friends because no one wants to hang out with someone as fucked in the head as she is. She’s extremely skinny (from doing so many drugs) and is the biggest attention wh*re I’ve ever met. She sent nude pictures to almost everyone at AVHS and teased them but never pleased them. She LOVES showing off her slutty body in tiny clothes she probably got at the Children’s Place. I can’t want to find out that she’s knocked up again and has **DS. Which I know by now she would already. She posts nude pictures all over the internet that anyone can just ask for and she’ll send them a link. She obsesses over dudes and gets upset when they stop talking to her. All her “friends” are guys but she secretly fcks all of them. This crazy bitch needs to be stopped!

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Married Lover

September 2, 2014 Halifax 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Meet Stu Petrie . This married Greg licker is Married to Andrea Boutlier . Little does she know he’s out in the gay community of Halifax , and travelling to quebec city and montreal bathhouses smoking pole and taking up the a$$ like a champ . Talks alot of shit too , but he’s just a fat slob who can’t back his mouth up unless its about a Greg , then you can back it right to his lungs . Now I am not against or picking on gays or bi’s or whatever , what I’m against is a dude that lies to his wife and barebacks with dudes . He’s likely got DRD’s . Bringing them home to Andrea . He can be found lurking in Burnside in the back woods where the gays cruise looking for any greg that he can ride ! Go get checked man , You gave my buddy syph

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Saint John Clown

September 1, 2014 Halifax 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Torrie Dobson from Saint John N.B. She is nothing but a little tramp, she finds guys with big trucks or lots of money and while seeing someone she\’s also running around all hours of the night with other guys, meanwhile having a kid at home that she hardly has anything to do with, looks real good for a mom tonight be out doing this, every guy from Saint John should look out for this one!

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Little Rachet

September 1, 2014 Halifax 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: k this lil bitch is a ratchet lil bitch she has it all to a**s to drd to drd stis and drds ahaha she runs her mouth all the time saying come met up like shes big and bad heard she has the blue waffle ahaha nasty thats soo gross like this girl is a bully herself* and should shut her mouth cause she got put on the drity for doin what she does shes a jealous lil punk bitch trying to get hard with everone thats better then her and is doin good in there life please do stay away from fake ppl PS her erin boutilier your on here for a reason dident ya know ahaha funny hahaha btw she likew the dick every day all day in her mouth but…..she likes to bite soo wouldent wanna blowy from this hoey*erin

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Silas Brown

August 28, 2014 Halifax 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this over privlaged white male spends his time spreading genital w**ts, handing out Jr high reading material to underage girls in a attempt to finger fuck them. ( brave new world is not the earth shattering story you loser hippies make it out to be. grow up.) and just down right being the most pure and pathetic form of a hypocrite, the constant battle of consumerism, capitalism and saving the planet. (pardon me while I work at superstore, here let me go out and buy a case of beer..that doesn’t count right? there’s no waste here? as long as we’re having fun.) fools like this are whats wrong with this city, useless layabouts who are all talk, while constantly contributing to the waste and shit that is the human race, thinking better of themselves for doing absolutely nothing. this hidious clown should choke.

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Tyshan Willis

August 28, 2014 Halifax 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dope head/dealer/gas station wine drinker.  Time to grow up.

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Buck Tooth Train Wreck

August 27, 2014 Halifax 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies watch out for this buck toothed nappy headed home wrecking std filled whore Sacha Court. Any piece she can get she will be all over in a second!! . She loves destroying any relationship she can and getting with any girl she can. Old, underaged, in a relationship doesn’t matter! Big time std spreading player right here so watch yourself! Her pussy is full Of disease. everyone knows she has has drd and the ***p. Everyone on the island knows how’s she’s fcked half the population. She gets off on breaking up relationships or getting in between spreading rumours and lies to make herself look like the good girl When really she’s a dirty bitch who’s full of shit. Rumour has it she’s hiding in Charlottetown right now cause she beat her ex so badly she can’t show her ugly bucked toothed bitch ass face in Halifax anymore. Dirty lair who fills girls heads with lies just for the thrill of stealing someone else’s piece. Girls don’t believe a word that comes out her mouth she will say ANYTHING to make herself look good. Truth is she a broke ass player. Call her on her shit and she will play sweet and innocent and blame someone else for her drama. I don’t even know how the thing gets girls for real look at her nasty ass snaggle teeth and nappy head. Any girl that gets with her deserves the drds she’s gonna pass on to them. Yuck! You’ve been warned

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