Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Cute Kelsey MacDonald

November 17, 2014 Halifax 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I have seen a lot of great “would you posts” on your site. I hear you like blondes, how about this cute little blonde here, her name is Kelsey MacDonald. She is one of the hottest girls in the Maritimes and Canada for that matter. She is a socialite and loves to party and is just a great person to have around. She is a cute little flirt and has really nice blonde hair. Did I mention she can really drink a beer, probably put most guys to shame. She is just the kind of girl who cares a lot about her appearance and is always up for anything.Been friends for years. Really helpful, she is good at a lot of things and even when she is better then her buddies at some stuff she is always modest enough to help them out without bragging. She is just an amazing person inside and out and would easily make anyone’s would you list. Anyway interested in hearing yours and the Dirty Armies opinion.

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Greasy Creep

November 17, 2014 Halifax 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Ryan Langille he is one hell of a creepy dirty douche bag he is an adult that looks like he’s just starting to hit puberty and one might make the mistake of thinking that as well by the amount of dam pimples he has on his fcking face and doesn’t seem to get that cartoons are not real and are for entertaining kids he doesn’t get it so bad he pretends he is in them pretty much every day , he is currently going to collage over in the Dark Side aka Dartmouth pretty creepy considering he is just starting to realize he’s gay the greasy creep pretty much comes in class and sits beside you as long as you’re a male puts chin down letting the sweet and grease drip off him well as being stupid as class starts he just seems to forget it is a class room where learning occurs and starts looking around and staring at any guy he thinks will not notice him getting off by just staring at them.

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Undercover Snow

November 17, 2014 Halifax 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here is nikki snow the undercover slore who sleeps with young boys!30 something years old and sleeping with 16 year old guys!as you can see in the pics shes high all the time making under age kids pay for her weed this girl been sleeping with peoples man for years !chantelle should ask her .

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Sharing is Caring

November 14, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this thing here is Sarah Fakkeldy. On assistance and believes that being home drilling her kids every day is what she was put on this earth for. Meal ticket 1-3 are her kids. One on the way…. got to keep the money coming every month. Poor things. She gets on the phone the minute she wakes up to get anything… “the system” owes her. Her family dont visit her but are around because they feel bad for the kids. She is a horrible mother. Screams at her lil ones 24/7. She makes fun of them to get emotion out of them. She trashes each kids father to them. Even the youngest one by Marco. Told me personally he was pathetic at supporting her and the kids. Thats a mans job, Hes on some sort of EI / placement program but has not had steady income, Her assistance money is HERS!!!. Oh and him? What a fn joke…please… currently sleeping around with his other kids mothers friend. He tells the kids constantly that they are worth nothing. The other girls fathers need to step in and be fathers, get your kids.They use to live up on Gaston but moved because Marco felt it was time to go… or the fact that his “slore van” was being noticed too much. He has a lot to say but when its a man stepping to him, hes like a cricket. Go take ANOTHER student loan out. Remember as long as Sarah sees you bringing in something, then your worth fn.

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Pit Stick Ashlee Brown

November 14, 2014 Halifax 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: HELLO NIK the stink is worst then pulp mill in pictou it ashlee brown 21 this white trash abandoned her son to fck every guy out their she can be see at pictou tim hortons suck cock in the civic group she has no boundaries she has lied about being prego again to play with guys feeling yea thats right she also been see taking two guys at once beware her cunt stinks it her stink pictou as well as the mill stunk things up

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Tenesha Foster

November 14, 2014 Halifax 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! My name is Tenesha Tanner. Im an 18 year old mouth piece. I used to live in Liverpool but everyone hated me so much because I am a drama queen that I left. I LOVE to call people nigger and threaten them and their kids! I dont care who it is! I have a baby by a man who is old enough to be my father I started screwing him at 15 and I like to sit around and get drunk with him while our son is home! My brother Tyler is a nigger hater to and likes to smoke weed and do drugs around his kids and beat his babys mom in front of them. My mom was dating a nigger named Maynard and now I like to harass and text him all the time! Because hes a nigger. I also like to pick fights then call the cops after I pick fights because Im a scared little bitch. Im about 50 lbs overweight and resemble miss piggy, but my pedo man loves it! Hey you are old enough to bleed your old enough to breed right!? I usually sit around and get drunk with my mom who is also a nigger hater/lover… I mean Maynard is young enough to be her son so I guess it runs in the family. I now live in Bridgewater so if anyone wants to come call people n**ger with me add me on facebook! Im Tenesha Foster well Tanner on facebook because I am getting married to my father/babys father!

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Will Play you like a Violin

November 13, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 79


THE DIRTY ARMY: hi my name is leah bezanson, i just turned 19 in july and im a massive shank ill sleep with anyone, anywhere anytime, i dont care if your seeing someone or not and i certainly dont care if im with someone loyalty means nothing to me if i want it ill get it end of story, was rapped when i was 13 an a few years after that so because that happened to me i slept with a total of 65 guys before i turned 19 was with a few of them while seeing others but that didnt matter to me aha i was pregnant when i was sixteen and lost them due to one of my exs, and i was also ingaged at 17 but backed out on that.  i will use you for what i want and when i get it well your no longer good to me, im sneaky always talking to other guys about anything and everything, im very mulnipulitive and tend to sook when things arent going my way,and will cut you off from sex not that that really matters because i sleep around so much youll barely get it anyway aha.ill say whatever i meed to say to make you believe me though im lying through my teeth, most of my friends dont agree with how i live my life and tell me all the time but i dont care.i dont use condoms because i dont like the feel of course thats just what i tell guys because i have herpes also i get yeast infections like crazy so i usually smell but hats why i have a dove tattooed above my pussy and a tramp stamp on my back along with other slut tattoos because i am one and proud of it, i am looking to get pregnant again. ill lead you along and tell you what you want to hear but the time im running games behind your back ask anyone ive been with they’ll tell you the same.  i dream i have a black shadow following me around all the time but im not crazy i swear, ill go on your phone and say that i dont just cause theres no way your touching mine cant have you seeing the things i talk to other people about, four play forget it i only do three positions if your lucky, i gave this girl everything even put her before my family ans she played me like a fucking tool, bitch never deserved me and never will i truly feel bad for any guy that gets with her, the entire time she was with me she was running games and fcking around even in our bed, we liced together and i dod everything for her including giving her a place to live and buying her anything she wanted.hope you have fun with this whore guys i honestly truly feel bad for anyone who wants to get with her or dose, she was applying for porn jobs while being woth me for seven months,the rest says it all.

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Another Army Slore

November 12, 2014 Halifax 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chicks name is Carri Sheppard…there isn’t any man on base (or off for that matter) that she won’t sleep with. Met her at a bar this summer took her home gave her the goods than find out she has a bf and I know someone that works with him. So I told him and find out she also screwed a few of his other friends so he dumped her skanky ass. She will sleep with ANY man, married too, doesn’t give a shit about the wife or kids they have at home its almost a challenge to her. Fucks them than dumps them. Heard shes dating this new guy hes stupid as fck as he bought her shit that if he left his wife and kid that she would be with him…poor guy…he must be mentally challenged as guess what man…saw her at the bar just last weekend with a guy and it wasn’t him. Man whats with all the whores on base…keep your legs shut before you infect everyone with your nasty diseases.

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