Broke Cheater

October 15, 2014 Edmonton, Halifax 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: kevin jackson,from darmouth you cheated on me on christmas eve on your visit back home to your parents, wich i paid for your plane ticket because you were too broke to pay it. May you rott in hell  , he s got nothing else than a x box and his white subaru . I bought all furniture in the place . i found him later on tinder , anyways ladies stay away from this lyin piece of …. golddigger who cant even send his mom a mothers day card (That i bought for him) I could go on and on but at this point just warning other girls about him will do! Oh and those pictures down south, i paid for that trip too

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Preggo in Sackville

October 15, 2014 Halifax 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl here is Julia Zwicker, she is the biggest slut in lower sackville Nova Scotia! She just posted on Facebook she is pregnant! I’m do SCARED for this baby. She cannot take care of herself let alone an innocent baby. She sniffs coke, pops clazzies, smokes pot and drinks everyday. She has DRDs and now this baby will. Why a sin. Her or Alex should not reproduce. She cheats on Alex all the time so what’s to say its even his. She posted in Facebook, Alex cant have kids….. WTF is that suppose to mean. Julia, you’re fckin 17 you need to take care of yourself before you’ll eer be able to take care of a baby. CAS needs to be called now and take this baby from her.

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One Easy Gal

October 14, 2014 Halifax 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Rebecca Davidson, one easy easy girl. She has had 6 kids all by different fathers. She likes to play the off to the father of one kid as he is military. She is so messed up that she lost her oldest to her mother, when the kid was barely 2. The next one she doesn’t even think about. Her father raises her. So that leaves the other 4. She likes to hang out one the rez and truly has the definition of a rez rat. She will open her legs for anything willing to crawl in. She isn’t good in bed, and the only way u can get a bj is to get her drinking. And thats not hard she can slam em back pretty quick. But we warmed dudes, she will make you feel like you are a king until she moves in takes over the place with her things and all her kids, then things will get ‘physcial’ and she will blame it all on you. Don’t fall victim of her pretty looks, that’s all she has going for her. Easy tramp. Last count I believe she said something about having slept with over 50 guys (she’s 32) claims she is clean but I know that isn’t true. I know for a fact. And ladies watch her around your man she will stop at nothing.

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Full of Herself

October 14, 2014 Halifax 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Like how is this girl not up here yet, pew she is nasty. Never have I ever met someone so full of themselves, and so physco, she can’t keep a man for anything. Like please go sit down Samantha and get a job and stop judging people, your a waste of human, the girl sits on Facebook all day and takes pictures of her ugly self, looking like a clown with all that make up, you mutt, big ol teeth. Had to be said

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Mariah aka Skyy

October 13, 2014 Halifax 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here is an “escort” and has been since before she was even legal. Although, escorts are supposed to be arm candy and not full out prostitutes, Mariah is a definitely not arm candy, she’s just a prostitute. She does duos with her cousin, Brooke, who goes by the name jai-lynn. They’ve been doing this every day for years. Mariah is always going on on facebook about how she’s got all this money and how all these other girls are broke and can’t make something of themselves. News flash, darling. Selling your body doesn’t put you ahead of the game. She’s on her way out to Montreal right now because I guess there isn’t anyone left in nova scotia who wants to pay for her to give them drds. Good job, mariah. You should be proud that you’ll never amount to anything but a dirty whore. PS: any guys who are interested, look on the backpage. Her and Brooke (jai-lynn) post every single day

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Ghetto Troll

October 13, 2014 Halifax, Kingston 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Mya Borden is terrorizes our little town of Kingston, Nova Scotia by spreading her drd and hep * virus! She had no shame and is always taking “Selfies” with her tits hanging out, in hopes of infesting her next unsuspecting victim. WORD OF ADVICE USE A CONDOM YOU DIRTY PIG!

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Dom Meldrum

October 10, 2014 Halifax 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Dominique Meldrum and her BF Jonathan Meldrum doesn’t know that she escorts. She has kids and she goes out with her prostitute friends Taylor Esco, Meagan Greene , Brianna Banks, Mariah Jarvis ect and turns tricks with them. Tells her man she’s going for a girls night out lol but just turns tricks and buys drugs with the money. How do ya think she’s losing all that weight all of a sudden? Working out? Ahaha..nope, MDMA and coc**ne diet. The girl has a man and kids but she’s running around with hookers and sleeping with random guys for money. Another classy Meldrum. Seriously, she should stop running around being a hooker. She has kids. Her man is so dumb unless he knows but don’t care. I’m pretty sure I seen her on back pages too but I’m not sure because I couldn’t see the face but I sure as hell recognized the birth mark on her ass.. Get a grip Dom, get new friends. All of your friends are hookers and now they made you one too.

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Rodeo Slore

October 8, 2014 Calgary, Halifax 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashleigh Victor who is originally from Charlottetown, PEI.. moved to Calgary,AB because she ruined her name for herself on the island. This “lady” went to the rodeo in Alberta, slept with six men in the matter of two nights! The majority of the jobs that shes had, she slept with management to get. She sleeps her way to the top. She is a 30 year old woman that likes to put people down to make herself feel better. She couldnt hold a relationship if she tired. Her boyfriend she has been with for a month, she has already cheated on numerous times because she cant keep her legs closed. PEOPLE OF CALGARY WATCH OUT FOR THIS INFESTED WHORE.

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