Old Pervert

July 23, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this guys is a complete dirt bag. He cons everyone into thinking that he is an angel. He is a personal trainer in Fredericton, and has many clients which he trains. He also is in a serious relationship with a girlfriend that he lives with, who also sadly believes all his lies. So to the point, i am a member of the gym where he trains people..and i know positively that he sleeps/tries to sleep with his clients..(even underaged). He thinka he can get away with it without anyone knowing. He has been doing this for many years, and i think it is about time karma came back and bit his a**. Derek Wilson should not be a trainer anywhere, nor should he be trusted with anyone. He is also a major drama queen who loves to talk about people behimd theoir back and act like they are his best friend face to face. He is the most selfish person I have ever met in my life!!!

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Known Diddler

July 23, 2014 Halifax 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dude right here is nothing but scum he party’s it up with young girls gets them drunk and sleeps with them. he thinks he can rap so that’s why these little girls all like him when on some real shit he sucks at rapping nothing but trash coming from him everyone that he rapped or rap with are 1000x better then him like CUV FEEZIE even DUPPIE was WAY better then this trash ass dude. calls himself critty getslifted but it should really be Critty GetsLilGirls like who puts a hello kitty picture as there album cover ?? a STR8 Pussy thats who

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Scumbag Cornell Mitchell

July 23, 2014 Halifax 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy cornell is in engaged to Tracey. Yet sleeping with everyone sending pictures of his dick to all these girls. Sleeping with 16 year olds . Using her car to go fck other women including his latest baby momma Katrina ! Brought home drd’s god now show many times. I don’t know how she can stay with a man that uses her for a place to stay cuz he has no where to go. Got a new cell just text women. Man up and take care of your 7+ kids you a low life creep. Stay faithful for once !

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Mommys Little Sadist

July 22, 2014 Halifax 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well she was on here before and couldn’t help telling more about this one here! Brittany Douglas is her real name. She is a coke whore living in sj New Brunswick canada. She says she is a sexual person in other words she\’s a hoe. Off the drugs? Yea right!!!!! She is a nut ball and a slut. She’s a cam girl so she makes a living getting naked and masterbating on her webcam. Lowlife. Poser. Wannabe. Her intstagram is mommyslittlesadist and that she definitely is!!!!

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Marie Rose

July 22, 2014 Halifax 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this girl right here goes by the name of coco Marie rose, she is one of the biggest f*cking slores around, she is willing to hop on any dick that wants to tough that nasty p*ssy of hers. She thinks she goes gift to men & that she can get anybody she wants to! But in all honesty nobody really wants her, she has DRDS & could have all shorts of things ( god only knows) ! She think she famous for singing, dancing & modeling but sounds like a drowning cat, & looks like a f*cking whale LOL go get a real job and stop thinking your the next big thing, beause hunny you’re not going anywhere but to the trash where you belong .

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Like Clockwork

July 22, 2014 Halifax 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well well…..together with her new beau 5 months and she’s already unfaithful and being a hypocrite. Plastered all over her so-called ‘crazy stalker’ ex’s FB page is a printscreen of the on-going transcript of HER asking him to forgive her and try to be civil with each other because he is the only one she enjoyed going to the Pride Parade with(not to mention that her ‘future hubby’ is a serious homophobe). Not only that,but she has been using her cousin and her cousin’s friend Teah to send messages to some of the bois at the club….. Matt,you relly think she went to a movie with Payge and Teah?You’re mistaken,dude,I got pictures of where she was.The tramp cousin doesnt fall far from the ho tree As for her July 14th post on her FB,um,check the ‘stalker’(Chris’s) Facebook on that date and the few days before it,Shay. Hmmm,me thinks he is a hard habit to break for you,especially when you have to lie about him.If you have to blame someone else for you and Matt’s fights,youre the pathetic one.Especially since he was probably the justified one between the two of you. A tiger never changes their stripes and a pathetic lying bed-wench never changes her predelictions(its a big person word for (slootty) habits.

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Wrinkled Yarmouth Coug

July 22, 2014 Halifax 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This anorexic cnt has has everyone from Yarmouth to cape breton. Men and women makes no difference to her. She sells her old ass for money. She will give a blow job for a cup of coffee. Has no morals or self respect. When she’s not online looking for a piece of ass she’s fuking someone’s bf or gf or doing the occasional drug here and there. She likes to make other peoples lives miserable to make herself feel better about her pathetic life. She’s had her house literally set on fire 3 times. Word of advice stay away from this snake in the grass.

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Marcella Gotell

July 21, 2014 Halifax 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is well known in p.e.i as the town slut she’s fcked all her friends boyfriends and spread diseases to everyone she moved to Halifax now and from what I’ve heard the only thing that has changed is the fact that she is now gettin paid to fck married men u can find her on backpage under the name Carly her prices are cheap and she will swallow your um for the low price of $40 her body looks worse than someone with 5 kids everyone needs to be warned to stay away from this nasty disease spreading whore

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