Brent Hanna Jr

April 9, 2014 Halifax 3 8,606 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Brent(junior) hes from Caldwell. Hes nothing but a drug dealing dead beat loser. He has a beautiful daughter who he pays no mind too…he never has to be exact. He loves belittling women and beating them. When in reality he should not be judging anyone, hes almost 33, still lives at home with his daddy, has NO education, has NEVER had a job other then selling dope, he has about 5 teeth in his mouth thw rest have fallen out or half decayed in gis natsy meth mouth, his eyes are cocked eyed, he is a cratter face, annnnnnd he STILL pisses the bed!!! He hardly showers and when he does he dosent use soap. He acts all tuff and shit when hes really not. He is also a registered sex offender!!! Honestly ladies dont be fooled by all the gold hes got…its fake just like him… he dosent pay child support. He free loads off his dad…and sells dope for his brother…winners!!!

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Gold Diggin Jenn Lamarche

April 9, 2014 Halifax 61 6,362 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Take a good look at Jenn Lamarche. This gold digging whore tells men that her “husband” has affairs and beats her(NOT TRUE)so men will feel sorry for her. Watch you pocket books guys she is only out for one thing and that is your MONEY! She loves to get into girls wallets too. It doesn’t matter what you look like she will screw anyone that flashes her a bill. This money hungry bitch will call the cops on you and make all sorts of allegations if she doesn’t get her way!

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Nova Scotia Import Megan Etter

April 8, 2014 Halifax, Nova Scotia 13 7,587 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I’m pleased to show you another nasty Scotian stripper, Megan Etter, that made her way into the GTA. This girl does a bunch Pepsi on the regular and and has sex with her clients to further feed her habits. She has the DRD and will gladly share it with anyone for the right price which is usually very low. She cant strip so she pleases her clients with oral favors. Megan likes to tell people that she needs money for rent or food but every time she gets a bit of cash it goes straight up her nose.

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Truro Trashbag

April 8, 2014 Halifax, Truro 3 5,265 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat-ass beastly bytch is a real piece of work. She has screwed her best friends man,while she and her 4 kids were living with said friend,because she couldn’t get one of her own.She has been ‘engaged’ to several men n the past 9 months. But what really makes me have to post her on here again is this. 2 weeks ago,she was all set to be engaged to a man from the States shes never met face to face.She was so in love with him and then someone (ME) told this man about her ratchet ways and that she only wanted him because his military cheque would give her a reason to sit on her ass while he did all the work. The day after he dumped her for that fact,she was suddenly engaged to one of her half-dozen baby-daddys…..then she married him 3 days later and didn’t tell anyone who would not agree with the hoodrat way she does things…you know,like,the truth about herself. This fat,fugly tard with the sofa growing out of her ass is such a childish twit,she will make excuses as to why and she only wants to hear from people who are happy for her.She doesnt do things for her kids sake,she is still the most important person to herself. Anyone who knows her or hr new hubby,Randy Jollimore……don’t waste your time with these two because it is beyond pathetically sad.

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Bart Deadbeat Father

April 7, 2014 Fort Mcmurray, Halifax, Kelowna 33 6,460 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy named Bart is a compulsive lier, cheat and theif. All ladies and guys beware of this douch bag. If given the opportunity he will rob you blind. He stole so many tools from me, borrowed thousands and will not pay back. He is also the worlds biggest dead beat father, he has two sons he abandoned in the philippines and has not paid a cent towards child support for the last 15yrs. And ladies so you know he will try sweet talk you, devote all his attention to you, sing songs to you, and act like he is jelous, but beware he is only trying to get in with you, so he can get any monetary gain from you. He is currently working on a pig by the name of tanya, she is extremely unpleasant to look upon, that is why she is so gullable, as it is obvious looking at her she does not get much male attention. But ladies so you are aware, he is the deadest fck in the world, Ive seen 4 year old boys that are hung bigger than him, and you will be lucky if he lasts 3 minitues, so don’t waste your time on this douch bag, or you will be laying looking at the celing while he is on top of ya, singing mick jagger’s song ” I cant Get no Satisfaction.” He thinks he is the ladies man, beware ladies, all he will do is lie, and try to get what ever monetary item he can from you.

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Mongrel Danielle

April 4, 2014 Halifax, Truro 21 8,290 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch here, puts girls on blast who actually have a job, and a life. This girl here is pure dirt Nik, all she dose all day is find people to put on blast. She smokes so much weed and probably around her little girl. She’s the biggest thief in Truro, she’ll steal anything she can get away with. She steals from Grocery stores cause she spends her welfare money on weed a booze. Weed is nothing I smoke a fck tone, but thats all she spends her money on. Danielle acts like a tough bitch when she just looks like a beaten up lesbian.THIS GIRL NEEDS TO GET THE FUCK OFF FACEBOOK, THEDIRTY, TWITTER ALL THAT SHIT AND GO TAKE CARE OF HER KID INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE A IMMATURE 15 year old. Her own boyfriend has cheated several times and the last time he tried with someone who is a decent enough person to say no. No wonder Richard cheated on this bitch so many times, she looks like a hobo on m(th. No wonder her boyfriend cheated so many times. She’s dirty as fuck.

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Murderous Snakes

April 4, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 177 12,920 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these fake phoney snake pieces of SHIT murdered their “brother” Mathew Penney, burned his body, and tried to frame their other friend who happened to be Mathew’s gf (and keisha’s best friend), only five days short of their sons first birthday. For a period of three months before they were caught, they were posting pictures and status’ for Mathew, and hugging and holding his gf and their son at Mathew’s GRAVE. When they were finally caught, none of the four ppl arrested (who were ALL close friends of Mathew’s) even pretended to be sorry for what they had done. Keisha vassel slawter even continues to upload pics and status’ for her murderer bf (she’s currently out on bail) who was Mathew’s “brother”, and the one that actually pulled the trigger and burned him, while Keisha and the other girl caitlyn mopped up his blood, took his stuff out of his pockets and disposed of the evidence. Way to rep your man you stupid ugly crispy bitch. Mathew meant more to Tyler than you ever could and look what he did to him .. He wouldn’t think twice about tossing you or ANYONE ELSE in a ditch before lighting them up and whoever thinks differently is straight up stupid and naive, and can burn in hell just like they will. Tell it to how Tyler been cheating on your ass you dummy. and when your children find out that you and Tyler murdered their uncle Mat they’ll hate you for the rest of your pathetic lives and you’ll deserve every agonizing second of it.

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Truros Melissa Dawn

April 3, 2014 Halifax, Truro 127 11,139 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melissa Dawson!…This girl is seriously truros ultimate slut. She would fck anything that walks, begs for gang bangs and gives group lap dances just for shits and giggles. she has a little girl that is god know where all the time, clearly not with her(probably for the best)always getting high and going to work at vimy court NURSING HOME…who gets high and goes to take care of the elderly?! she claims to “friend zone” pretty much every male alive but in reality, they all take turns fcking her. grossssss. a wise man named classified once said “when it comes to condoms, put two on” this was in reference to melissa dawson!!

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