Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Lazy horrible Mother

November 27, 2014 Halifax 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: There right here is Cheryl Vacheresse, Possibly the worst mother I know. Not only does she do nothing but yell at her poor children ( one of which she almost never sees) She spends their child tax money to get her hair done or plan a trip to go f**k one of the many guys she has met on POF. She is lazy and has probably never worked, Cant even do so much as get up off her couch to clean her house so her children play in a mess. CPS has been called many times but nothing changes.

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Creepy Cameron From Cornerbrook

November 26, 2014 Halifax 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik: Say hello to Cameron Dopler. his creepy douche has been run out of every military base he was ever on. Is a total stalker and molestor with his hands. Has had multiple arrests for assault, sexual assault, and stalking women that rejected him (which is pretty much all of them). He needs to take a hint nd get out of Halifax.

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Amy Mombourquette

November 26, 2014 Halifax 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: in this article we have amy momarat? yep she is a high school dropout living off welfare living at James street palace with stacey volimer having her poppers eat her shrums fucking boys and girl yup that right she even date cuntney Cameron yep c.u.n.t.n.e.y haha she is a racist and make slurs against people with disabilitys like autism but in these pics show u the true winner she really is she admit she cant find work cause her brain is a job itself she also spreading hep c from a needle she shared at James street with her ex gf this girl is twisted and need some to shoot her up with so rat poison

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Slores in Saint John

November 25, 2014 Halifax 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well it’s nasty up in Saint John and the girls pass around their “MEN” (boys) to their friends, it’s purely gross these 2 mother and daughter pass have screwed and fought over one two many men! (boys). Both are known for prostitution and escorting, snorting cocaine and boycotting court dates. BRITT the daughter has a few children to take her reign over and Ella well just peek.. Last pic looks a little odd???? It’s her daughters boyfriend!

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Dirty Sluth

November 25, 2014 Halifax 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: Cayla Marie, dirty bitch that loves hopping off her boyfriends friends. Spends her days down town sucking dick for money. Sleeping with anything that walks. I have actually walked in on her letting her dog lick that dirty loose c*nt. Cayla will do anything too sleep with someone or something. That girl has been with more guys then I can even count on my fingers and toes. She videos herself master bating and sends it around. Sends nasty dirty nudes to girls boyfriends!!! Ladies you better lock up your men because the town bicycle is back!

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Bobby the Bully

November 24, 2014 Halifax 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik pictou county has bred more filth in this post is big bully bob clyburne this old man well knowen as a bouncer at the westville whitetail is scum he has faked heartattcaks to get him out of jail for charges of possion of cock and selling it to young girls and raping them and than takes the pics and show to everyone in pictu county with his well knowen parnter in crime abby gratto well knowen snitch for the pictou county finest and being a paid in former to get house arrest and he abby gratto and bob clyburne still sells pills to young girls bobby also has hit and beaten up his ex wife and then puts a restraining order aganist her you will only hit me once dukkea

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Sewer Breath

November 24, 2014 Halifax 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this foul-smelling,ugly,rat-toothed retard makes all women look bad.She is a 41 year old and still blames other people for her stupidity.She actually ‘admitted’ to being in love with only 3 men….none of which were her son’s father,which was the only stable relationship she has EVER had. Reading her statuses on Facebook(bother her Tara Bosch and Nykki Sheppard profiles because shes ‘supposedly’ got dual-personality disorder) is like peeking into the mind of an absolute psychotic sociopath.She sleeps around more than anyone mentioned on the past 10 pages(if you were to literally make notches in her bedpost for every guy hes banged,her bedpost would look like Swiss cheese),but makes it sound like it was the man’s fault when you cant make a long term relationship out of a booty call. Hey Tara,while you’re complaining about men and bytching about them being users and liars and crazy because you’re such a catch…Charles Manson is getting married and you’re still single,and noone is more finicky than a nut like Manson.Bahahahaha. If you’re one of the ass-kissing nutbags blowing smoke up her butt,you’re just as fake and immature as her. She will continue to be put on blast as long as she continues to be irresponsible,childish and just plain sloot-bag. Also,it’s pretty sad when the only person making birthday signs for you…IS YOU.

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Nic’hole’ Whitehead

November 21, 2014 Halifax 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Probably one of the most disgusting females in Windsor NS. This girl had a baby with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Jason Sheppard, and whenever they break up she sluts herself around like a cock-craving sloor. Just last spring she got a babysitter so she could go to Kentville to a guys apartment and while she was there she fucked him, his bestfriend, AND another guy who was there ALL IN THE SAME NIGHT. She actually fucked 3 guys within a couple hours, on the same bed, one after the other. What kind of mother makes that kind of example? I find this girl absolutely disgusting and I would not be surprised if she has drds. Sorry Shep, lol. Not to mention the fact this girl is a psychotic bitch who once broke into her boyfriend’s house, stole his car keys and phone, then stole his car so she could go read his text messages. And then proceeded to message every girl on his phone and go off at them calling them sluts and whores, what hypocrisy.

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