Fairveiw F-buddy

July 20, 2014 Halifax 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this girl right here never try’s to clean anything in her nasty ass apartment. She also doesn’t mind telling anybody about her daily life as a prostitute. In fact she loves sharing story’s with everyone like how she might just have a sponge in her pssy that was used to Osborb old men’s cum. This Nasty ass whore sells her ass but also shares it all over Instagram for everyone to see! COLBY is one of the biggest SLOORS in all of Halifax. Her Instagram deffinitly isn’t somthig anyone wants to see or anything she should be proud of. Everyone should know how dirty Colby is for their own safety, fck her. I fcked her with a condom, thank god for protection or I could’ve caught c***dia. Fairveiw fck buddy.

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Jillian Gray

July 18, 2014 Halifax 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this right here is Jillian slut gray she’s really from halifax but moved to chester after she convinced her boyfriend at the time that he was the father of her child witch wasn’t true poor fella fell for her lies once again pretty sure it’s half black and my buddy’s kid lol… Sh’s a stright up crack head of the streets hooker for real I use to bang her 50 times a week for 20 bucks she loved my big black dick the chick is down right disgusting she smells disgusting like shes had too much rotten cum all over her .. No one knows how she still has one of her kids children’s aid has been called on her more times then I have fingers thank god that poor other little child of hers is with her father give the girl some chance of life , she’s best friends with Jennifer corkum ask coke head her boyfriend is up on drug charges now and trying too give kids pilla for sex how god damn sick can these people get , news flash lady’s wide set viginas arnt attractive so tighten up and stop jumping on every poor young dick that comes near , they live in dumps hood rats who lives in a mill you work at gross

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Mary Getaround

July 18, 2014 Halifax 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is MaryJane Purdy. She sleeps with every single guy she dates and guys she doesnt. Last week She slept with 2 different guys and told them both that they were her second. Oh did I forget to mention she was dating someone as well. She flirts with her friends boyfriends and she probably has an drd by now. She goes from one guy to another. She is not to be trusted what so ever near anything with a penis or a vagina. She is a home wreaker and she will wreak your relationship. She is a fake blonde that does molly, drinks and every other drug you can think of. She thinks shes god’s gift to men when shes just trashy

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Stefan Hein

July 18, 2014 Halifax 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this guy Stefan Hein quite awhile ago, we were just friends but I think he wanted more. He told all his friends they he slepted with me quite a few times(I wouldn’t f***k him with someone else c***t) because he sleeps with anything that breathes. One night I was really really drunk and slepted with him..well 2 weeks later I went to the DR and the dr told me I have warts down there. This is the lowest scum bag in Halifax. He is so wasted on drugs (crack) he doesnt know what he’s doing most of the time. Just want to warn all those females out there that are desperate to sleep with someone..DONT LET IT BE STEFAN HEIN

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Stephanie Lynch

July 17, 2014 Halifax 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl has been fired from every job she has ever had. Sniffing coke in the bathroom, leaving when she pleases. Makes a scene when it happens, harasses the company. She lies all the time about even the smallest things. She’s a bum, Bums rides, money, cigarettes… and if you don’t give her what she’s asking don’t worry she will steal it. She has stolen money right out of my purse, and I was supposed to be her friend. She’s a fiend for any drug she can get her hands on and will do WHATEVER it takes to get them. She will sleep with anything that looks her way, but be careful… who knows what this girl has??? Jumping from guy to guy like there’s no tomorrow. She’s a clepto, steals everything she can touch. Always downtown looking for something to take her home at night, and won’t leave the poor guy alone until she gets everything she wants out of him. But can’t wait to jump in the next guys bed. Her breath stinks, she’s not clean, at all, thinks perfume will compensate for a shower. Her lips are always peeling, she don’t wear clothes that fit and they’re all staind eall the time, or have burns in them, she has all these trashy jail tattoos all over her body, she bleaches her hair to the point all it does is break. she’s gross, dirty, and full of DRDs

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Shaw Newman

July 16, 2014 Halifax 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: He use to work hard and look good nice built now he’s luck to be 130 he looks sick

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Kevin Langford

July 16, 2014 Halifax 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: oh my gosh, Nik richie, Kevin langford is EVERYTHING thats wrong with our black youth in Nova scotia. its a damn shame. I wont lie when i was about 13, i used to be borderline inlove with this guy. but im so glad it never worked out. i have never seen a more disrespectful, repulsive, arrogant, ignorant , revolting, foul , nauseating human being. all this guy wants to do is fight fight fight. We all know you lost your mother when you were young. which clearly leads you to have 0 respect for women in general. this guy has made enemies out of all of his family that he grew up with. its a damn shame. him and his brother have no issue putting hands on women, so i have to ask. would your mother be proud ? or fuck that. look at your daughter. i bet you cant wait for a man to grow up and do that to her right ? what about the daughter you lost ? can you really look at yourself and think ”this is the man i wanna be ”when the curtains close ? … kevin smartin up. im putting you on the dirty because you have complete disregard for life. and you have been liven dirty for a while. get your shit together, the only one holding you back is yourself. and i wish you the best . you made a status about who should of been helping the black youth. but your a BLACK MAN NOW or should i say, a black adult . because men dont act like you . take responsibility for your actions. you are acting nasty. and your starting to look it. everyone can see your true colors. and they are all dark. WWJD ?

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Pictou County Pedo

July 16, 2014 Halifax, Truro 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: I give you a guy who goes by RICHARD PICTOU on dating sites and gay person sites and he is a dirty child luring scumbag. He offers money and or drugs to underage boys to have sex with them. Parents beware he will go to any length to have sex with you young son. He drove to truro in Dec 2012 and offered my younger brother (14 YO) money and drugs to perform oral sex on him. We only discovered this after the fact. We went to the police and they said their was not enough evidence to investigate. Since the occurrence we have posted several ads on CL and POF etc.. posing as an 18 yo boy then after he makes contact we admit to a lower age. he is very pleased and drives to Truro to meet. each time it is the guy in this picture. He puts the money/drugs offer out at the front of the conversation. PARENTS BEWARE!!!

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