Married J

August 20, 2014 Halifax 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey NIk I can go on about this porch monkey but I be lady about it?Short story about this f**got goof name J.I put myself out here cause Iam getting pure jokes about these gal fighting over a man who is married.And at the end of this page yall will see he really is married,April 15 2014 JAnd I got married and still is today.But for the record it never work out .Iam not scare to admit it ,on the real I never lost giveing up on man who like to fuck butty nor do I give a fck about J weak ass behaviour.I was to much of a woman for him.Or I must say that’s what happen when you watie for a pussy to come out on road.He was broken when he want in there, and came out not fix mentally.So J like I been askin you to sign my papers and for some unknowing reason you won’t sign the dirovce papers.Rember anything happen to u Iam the next of kin dummy and trust me I don’t want to be.So do me a favour or I will even pay you to sign my papers pussy.NUFF SAID!!!

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Crybaby Pedophile

August 19, 2014 Halifax 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey guys, so this guy here is Josh Whynot, (Joshua Raymond Whynot)He lives in Halifax as of now. Josh here likes long walks on the beach, starbucks coffee, and girls that are between the ages of 14-17. Did I mention that our buddy Josh here is 28? If you know him as any younger hes probably lying about his age, because he likes to do that. If you checked his computer dont be surprised to find folders of child pornography. He has dated many of my friends which are 15 and 16 and has even cheated on many girls. He is also “su****al”. Suicidal for little girls attention that is. Josh, whynot go for someone thats your own age for once? Filthy fuck.

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Hoarder Contender

August 18, 2014 Halifax 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this one right here is Alicia Babib of dartmouth. She is dirty, and so fucked in the head. She has three kids liven in a gross dirty house that could seriously pass for hoarders. She got trash everywhere, her house smells like piss and shit cause she has dogs that she can’t even take care of and beats. Her kids are a mess and she is always hollering at them, like these kids are gonna have serious issues. She don’t work and she can’t even keep her house together, this girl needs CPS and SPCA at her door.

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Falcons Them All

August 18, 2014 Halifax 75


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik here we have Amanda fck them all Falconer she is well a known crack head whore who like’s to fck anyone and everyone including other people men she’s always on Facebook saying she pregnant every second week and says she wants to keep the baby but i saw her first hand smoking weed, crack,coke you name she has done it and she likes to beat on her pregnant stomach she is also a escort she works for “Big Bad Blake” who just got out of jail and is on house arrest he also has another escort that works with her, her name is Chasity Firth… Amanda, Chasity and Blake all have the Hep c and the reason why they all have the h** c for is because after Amanda and Chasity has a trick they go to Blake and fuck him at the same time without showering after their trick

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Poor Excuse of a Mother

August 18, 2014 Halifax 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heidi Fortune….Been on this site acouple of time’s and havent learned to stop stalking, lurking and giving men drd’S….This psycho does not get the word NO we tell her to lay off our fb account’s writing us over and over but she still do and add guy’s she see’s to hook up with..she had to move to halifax because word got out she stalk’s everyone she meet’s but now she is doing it here and we had to write a report to the Police because she just wont leave us alone! This bitch point in life is to stalk and ruin people’s life’s..Her new boyfriend is a fool and does not know she goes to the club and fck’s the first guy she see’s..She still does not have her two kids which she does not take care of her poor old mother do and her daughter hair is never done and the kid’s look dirty because Heidi spends her welfare money on the clubs and bar’s..She should use her welfare money on a bar of soap! Guys stay away of trouble when you see her but be ready when she stalk’s you and your FB.

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Marry J Bennet

August 15, 2014 Halifax 109

THE DIRTY ARMY: I Mrs BENNETT came on this site to set the record straight ladies.J is married to K.I been with this loser fr 2005 and broke up in 2007.Now to get to the good shit and not to make a book out of this wack ass drama site?J and I got back together in 2009 and I been with him seance I pick him up out of jail on May 30.J been takeing care of me as well and putting money in my account , just so you ladies know he did not break my pocket as well I did not break his pocket.I thought this goof would of change his wack ass would of change but I guess I was a fool,but to kn that this man can take money and a car and not come back is a dam shame.After all he pretend to be this big G and got a lot of ppl who believe in him.Well I can’t lie I gave a nigga a chance and he try to dis my digntey,but on the real I found out later that this man here J is as low as thy come.We r all ladies and I be dam if a nigga bring me down with him .So to all of u fighting and going on he can be your but pls tell him to sign my papers so I can get rid of this wack ass goof.Rember ladies he is not free in law the eyes until he get a dam Diorvce from me his Wifeyyyy.I move on with a new life cause he is as spur as thy come and he got nothing going on for himself .So what any nigger can put money in any gal account ,as far as that goes I can do that my self cause I don’t need a man to take care of me I do that just find.So here is a copy of the marriage papers with his signature on it,the date and place.And I hope someone can get to j and tell him Iam watering for him to sign those papers I really don’t want to be a widow or the next of kin for his body.J pls do what’s right ur wife Mrs K BENNETT

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Spazzy Jazzy

August 15, 2014 Halifax 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Spazzy Jazzy, which is her facebook name and apparently what she likes to go by, tough… hahah!! Nasty working girl, shes Jazzie Young/Brooks sister? cousin? and loves to post it all over facebook, and brag that shes related to another working girl. That has a mother in jail for working too.. like guess it just runs in the family, to be sluts and to have wide open pussies? and to brag about it? Disgusting… Dont know how your fat ass does it. Niki, shes gross dirty and just like Jasmine Brooks/Young and Florance, PUKE… Go back to the ditch you came out of. And yea comment on this saying Oh come say this to my face oh this isnt true, but who are you trying to fool? Look at yourself, all this is writen all over you, and im not going up to some HUGE FAT BITCH an saying this im only tiny : And speakin my mind !

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Anna Lynn

August 14, 2014 Halifax 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anna Lynn… Oh Anna Lynn.. Is a lying, cheating, smelly pssy! All she cares about is her, herself, and Irene. Yup! IRENE! She hates everyone around her. She talks mad shit about people! She thinks she is top shit, but she one fat ugly ho ho ho. She fuked like 20 guys in 7 months. Fck man thats a shit load! Dirty ass ho telling niggas she love them and shit. My ass!!! This guy she dated for a bit, fck hes a nice guy, idek why the fck he was with her. When all she be doing is cheating and looking greasy and shit. And always smelly. And wear the same damn clothes cuz she to fucking fat to fit in any!

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