Tyshan Willis

August 28, 2014 Halifax 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dope head/dealer/gas station wine drinker.  Time to grow up.

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Buck Tooth Train Wreck

August 27, 2014 Halifax 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies watch out for this buck toothed nappy headed home wrecking std filled whore Sacha Court. Any piece she can get she will be all over in a second!! . She loves destroying any relationship she can and getting with any girl she can. Old, underaged, in a relationship doesn’t matter! Big time std spreading player right here so watch yourself! Her pussy is full Of disease. everyone knows she has has drd and the ***p. Everyone on the island knows how’s she’s fcked half the population. She gets off on breaking up relationships or getting in between spreading rumours and lies to make herself look like the good girl When really she’s a dirty bitch who’s full of shit. Rumour has it she’s hiding in Charlottetown right now cause she beat her ex so badly she can’t show her ugly bucked toothed bitch ass face in Halifax anymore. Dirty lair who fills girls heads with lies just for the thrill of stealing someone else’s piece. Girls don’t believe a word that comes out her mouth she will say ANYTHING to make herself look good. Truth is she a broke ass player. Call her on her shit and she will play sweet and innocent and blame someone else for her drama. I don’t even know how the thing gets girls for real look at her nasty ass snaggle teeth and nappy head. Any girl that gets with her deserves the drds she’s gonna pass on to them. Yuck! You’ve been warned

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Pregnancy is Only a Number

August 27, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have Sondra Bernard shes originally from the cape but she moved to Halifax for school. In the past year shes had several pregnancy scares and shes slept with half of the foreign community of Halifax this girl literally will take whatever she can find , she doesnt care if your man or woman she wants you. Shes so desperate she even tried flirting with her best friends boy friend while they were together . Did i mention she has a 3 year old in cape Breton that she keeps with her mom while she goes to school and then goes and drinks and party’s every single day. she spent half her college semester drunk. she eats so fucking much that she ends up vomiting everything she ate by the end of the day and she will vomit anywhere she doesn’t care who watches. She also faked her own death and impersonated a police officer just to make A “joke” but her joke back fired when her called the cops on her . This bitch is so ratchet id stay very clear of this one

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Sarah Corra

August 25, 2014 Halifax 245

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi, i would like you to know this person. Her name is sarah corra, she is the worlds biggest slut and knows it, been pregnant twice already, has a new boyfriend ever two weeks and no drd’S might wanna stay away from this little whore, also she is a cyber bully.

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Do you clean your Scotian Potion

August 25, 2014 Halifax 66


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here is Courtney strow bridge she is the nastiest of the nasty as you can tell in these pictures someone posted on a fake account although it is her . Pathetic huh . She has plenty of stds she strips and escorts because she’s to lazy to get a job her and her family are a bunch of uneducated bums . She loves taking any black or white co*k she can get her drd around she is a attention seeker and thinks she’s hardest out before I slump her again . Look out for her she’s dirty and grimmey oh and let’s her pimp beat her and take all her money lolol

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Sackville Sharpie

August 21, 2014 Halifax 56




THE DIRTY ARMY: k soo nik this bitch is such a lil grungey slut that sleeps around she lives in middle sackvillie by []herpussy stank’s some bad and it was cycling around for along time soo if u slept with maya sutton p[lease do get checked out because my friend slept with her and got the clap soooo her facebook acount is sooo watch out guys she got allot of nasty ass shit going on for her soo watch out cause this bitch is now on the DRITY!! AHAH no wait she is the fcking drity she should be on the front page and someone needs to teech her what agood shower is cause i hanged with her she gotin that shower put came out still stanky ewww like even her hair smell’s like fish sky potty’s ahahahhaha fish for days

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Kevin Gallant

August 21, 2014 Halifax 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well what we have here is a Mutt from Lower Sackville. Mister Kevin Gallant. He is the lowest of the low. He is a woman beater, has a child he doesn’t even bother with. All he’s worried about is getting ass. He is currently with a slut from Spryfield named Amber who lives on welfare with another kid. These people are seriously FUKED and he will do anything to get in your pants. He’s the one on the left in eveery picture.

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Needle Junkie

August 20, 2014 Halifax 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy right here is a dead neat dad pull pushing needle jabbing peice of shit he uses woman who have kids for their welfare check and baby bonus he cheated on every girl and has God knows how many kids out there I know hee has two daughters only sees one and a baby just born 2 weeks ago he hasn’t got a.clue cause he left the baby momma wit nothing and went fcked the first young thing he found he lost hi wifey and baby yo the needle but yet still loving it when he’s not living with his gf if the month h’s with mommy as she takes care if him and hates on the woman he swith cause she knows her son is a dick he will.steal.from.anyone young n old and family he’s got hit it out on him.for ripping off wrong people he thinks he’s had cause he stabbed a fucker up lol nothing hard about him he’s a pssy who got bet up in jail he’s ahit her pic bitch like.Chris harvey

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