Mulgrave Park Slore

July 30, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this whore right here is Jenna Dugie! She is the nastiest girl that ever walked the earth, she broke up with her current boyfriend so that she could go hop on my dirty Dartmouth boys dick, & then day after started dating him again, her & Nikki tailaferro had sex right next to each other well they were holding hands … Gross much lol she lie to anyone to make her self look better, she’s a two faced b*tch. Who is crazy and never went to school because she was pregnant with this guys kid but it turns out she wasnt, she’s ugly, fat little witch who can’t keep a boyfriend, no one likes her, every one texted her saying they don’t like her, and her boyfriend got mad and thought he was tough and posted a status on Facebook, her pu**y stinks and she’s gross everybody who reads this talk shit about her and to her

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Dartmouth Hood

July 30, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is from Churchill in Dartmouth and many people may already know of him. Tremayne Beals. I cannot believe he is still getting woman pregnant!! He has at least 8-10 kids already and that list is climbing. He cheats on almost everyone he dates and at any given time has multiple girls on the go. He beats woman and doesn\’t pay child support to any of the woman that have his children. He doesn\’t have a job and lives with his mother. His temper is bad. He gets these naïve woman to give him money whenever he wants, and even resorts to stealing from many of them. He has even had 2 women pregnant at the same time. And these foolish woman start fights with each other over this loser when they know he is sleeping with all of them and playing them against each other. Its ridiculous!!!! He needs to be snipped and ALL woman need to know, he will use you and leave you and he never wears a condom. Did I forget to mention he has drd and doesn’t tell anyone? Yeah, disgusting.

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Drenched Salunewhtie

July 29, 2014 Halifax 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl right here is Ashley Salunewhtie. She is nothing but a low self conscious girl. All she does is sit behind her computer talking shit about other girls, just to make herself feel better about herself. She’s nothing but a two-faced bitch & oh yah she loves stealing other people’s men. She’s nothing but a gold digger, she takes her so called man’s money and spends it on stupid shit. She don’t deserve him, he was living a good life until he met her. He does everything for her, but all she does is treat him like shit. She honestly one of the trashiest girls and funny thing is she honestly thinks she is something when really girl you are fuck all you do not even have friend they get sick of you so fast or are as bad as you and talk shit behind your back. Its funny your all talk and you do not want people talking about you well maybe you should stop talking shit about people and face them you dirty hoe, fckin anything that walks aha. YOU NASTY DRD LOOKING WORT HOG PIG!!!

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Kim Pyke

July 29, 2014 Halifax 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat waste of life is kim pyke. she has been in jail numerous times, as has her just us fat and ugly daughter stephanie. she has robbed stores blind of product, will walk in and fill a cart with over a thousand in goods and walk right out, she has also walked out of people’s homes with their belongings and I suggest if you see her ugly face headed in your direction (and come on, she isn’t hard to miss P) run the other way, trust me, she won’t catch up

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Dartmouth’s Dirtiest

July 29, 2014 Halifax 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut is Munchiie Beals from Dartmouth NS and unless you want to catch a disease and get robbed I strongly suggest you steer clear of this whore! She will sleep with anyone for any amount of money and then rob you blind or get her friends to do so, usually Des Sparkes but she has others. I seen her in a store one day with 4 other girls putting clothes and food in her purse and practically ordering the others to do so as well. She thinks she is top shit and is untouchable but fact is she is nothing more then a piece of shit low life cum guzzgling trashbag ho

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Kenny the Thief

July 29, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This low life is Kenny Parnell. He can usually be found hiding from the cops at his skank girlfriends on gottigen street or at the local correctional facility. He will rob a store blind of items, get charged and come back the next day and sadly that isn’t the only places he will rob from. He has robbed from his best friends and his own families homes. No one cares about this low life white trash ghetto want to be fck, if you come across him steer clear, unless he is trying to rob you then punch him in the face or just tell him you will and he will run like the pussy ass coward that he is!

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Navy Drunk Dopler

July 28, 2014 Halifax 148


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik: Putting the blast on Seaman Cameron Dopler of the Royal Canadian Navy. So I was in charge of reviewing Mr. Dopler’s file for transfer and assignment to CFB Halifax. After reading about this guy, I strongly opposed the component transfer but was overruled by my superiors within our illustrious navy. Mr. Dopler was arrested 3 times by the Military Police while stationed at CFB Esquimalt for sexual assault. Two of the victims were Native women who lived on reservation near the base. The other was a Native woman that is a member of the Navy. He was shipped off to Halifax in the hopes that a change of scenery would help to curb his inappropriate appetite for forced sexual relations with native women. The base has already received 2 complaints of him attempting to get women drunk and take them back to his quarters. Native women of Halifax be careful.

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Smell-Lane Shalene Glasgow

July 28, 2014 Halifax 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik smellane is the youngest tramp in halifax !!! you can find her in church sunday mornings after being a SLOOT all week! Bahaha this wanna be claims every hood and every black person as her cousin just to fit in but if your related to everyone why the fuq are you riding all habds snellane? oh i forhot you only suck dick tryning to pretend your still a virgin LMAO bitch get real and you think your something every time you got a problem callin on josh name aint no one scared of that old washed up bubble gum parkin lot pimp et head mutha fuqa!!! nik please expose this phony for the flaky bitch she is!

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