Sarah Coffill & Ryan Whalen

October 6, 2014 Halifax 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two speak for themselves. Two of the most scandalous people you’ll ever meet. From Theft to Bumming to the dirty threesom’s. These are two of the most ungrateful, lazy, lying pieces of trash this city shells out welfare to.

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Shreks out if the Swamp

October 6, 2014 Halifax 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Tanner (Wilson) is a dirty disgusting bitch. Not only has her kill count has risen from 0 to now 10+ since july.. She finds guys on facebook and fcks them, and aprarently she’s an escort, so you know she’s got some nasty drds. Emily also loves to talk about her “depresion” and how she’s “su***al” to EVERYONE she meets like they care about her fake problems. She talks about how she’s alergic to weed but this chick is high every damn day.. Her pictures on facebook are horrible, she tries to show off her body like she’s some skinny bitch but oh lord she is NOT. Just had to let everyone know how nasty this girl is, I’d stay away from her she probably got the clap since she fucked Pj Higgens. This bitch is nasty and looks like Shrek

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Abortions Galore

October 2, 2014 Halifax 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want you all to know this girl. her name is Kate Rhyno and she claims she had 14 abortions and is pregnant again. She has fish lips and is the biggest skank around. watch out she might make your boyfriend cheat on you by rape then tell him shes pregnant so he has to leave you. watch out for this one. she aint even worth it. also she bullies online and off line but cant fight. so if you know who she is have fun jumping her!

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Sonja Fear/Maryjean Olsen

September 30, 2014 Halifax, Truro 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: well where do i start….. this waste of space is nothing but a drama starting, fat ass with no teeth in her head, aka a redheaded cunt….she will talk shit about anyone weather u are friends with her or not…. she thinks her family is perfect but in reality her family is fucked just like herself they will NEVER add up to anything or anyone and its her fault for that. she has never had to work a day in her life so all she knows how to do with her time is sit on her fat ass and live off her husband and create drama for others, and before that she lived off her ex husband. she will rat you out for anything.loves to make up lies about everyone including her own children so that she gets ahead in life. her and her drug dealing husband are low lifes. she ruins the apts on Anita cres in Truro heights for the landlord while selling drugs out of that apt, while he thinks shes the queen she is really ripping him off….she cant keep her nose out of anyones lives even if u try to stay away from her.

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Pictou County Player

September 30, 2014 Halifax 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this ratchet piece of shit is Tyler Read from Pictou County, Nova Scotia. This piece of shit, wanna be gangster us the grossest thing ive ever seen. Summer 2k14 was a wild one for him, he bounced from girl to girl, July he was with some coke head ******* but he fcked her friend behind her back and got with ***** and they were all cutesie for a little bit, little did she know he was doing drugs behind her back, fuking other girls, karma right? he lives with his best friend in his basement while his friend and girlfriend raise their two kids, seriously who would want this in their house, him and I were alright but he went back to his ratchet ass ex for a “night to talk” “for an apology” yeah fcking right. he fcked with the wrong girl. Everyday I hear something new while we were together he was out having threesomes, fcking random girls, who knows. put his shit on blast! WARNING PICTOU COUNTY WOMEN.

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Otter Lake Landfill Cult

September 26, 2014 Halifax 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: The Otter Lake Landfill is the worst Job to work at Ever. If you ever want to apply there don’t. All the Employees there have no one on there Side to stick up for them. Management are all friends and stick together like a cult. They Hire employees that will be there ginny Pigs. Management will use there power to scare you, By Harassing you. By following you around, changing the rules up to get you in trouble and make your life a living hell. So you either quit or they catch you doing something so they can fire you. The leader of the Pack is Dave Ernest who will say he’s on your side,then will get someone to look out and watch you to get you fired or set you up. Shelly White is the person you go to if you have an issue. But she’s not there to help you at all. She’s the worst because sh’ll lie to your face. Have no regrets or remorse doing it. Don’t know how she sleeps at night doing the stuff she does to people and the employees that work there. She warns you when you go up there with a problem that she has street smarts and that she will out smart you with any problems you have with other employees or management staff. Then there’s Mike Morrissey The lead hand who will put you down, follow you around and Get in your face and Scream at you. 80 Percent of the Management there needs to be fired. This Place needs to be investigated for the illegal underground stuff going on there with harassment to employees and narcotics there

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Alysha Walsh

September 25, 2014 Halifax, Toronto 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Alysha Walsh , the first pic is of her n her best friends babie daddy that she fcked more then once , she let two guys fuck her at the same time in the back seet of budys car , she gets guys to come drink her n she tells them she will fck them if they do , she even told me that , n she did give it up lol , shes home less n she n when she dose getto shower she puts the same dirty close on lol she went to the Howerd Johnson motel to fck budy then left n went n seein her boyfriend n probly fcked him just after she had budy blow a nut in her lol shes a dirty smelly trout that n her own sister will tell u she a dirty hoe even her own friends will just go look at herwall on face book lol her wall tells all !!!!

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Meliane Larade

September 24, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik. big fan here and i just love your site. well boys and girls i present Meliane (RAT FACE) Larade Or maybe i should say Sargent Meliane (RAT FACE) Larade that’s right can u believe she is in the military. My now ex is a corporal that worked for her but i guess when ur the boss u can do that what u want. Sure mel whats the big deal right. Wrong u home wrecking slut. Karma is real and i hope it takes a bite out of your flat ass. You are a home wrecking whore who only cares for yourself. Sence this happened and i kicked him out i am hearing more times she fucked other married men. Close your legs u rat faced WHORE. I wish i could say she is filled with DRDs but she is not, well as far as i know she isnt. A quick trip to the base hospital will fix that. Thanks Nik in helping to warn all the happly married couples on Oromocto. One last question Nik? Would you lol

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