Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Alicia Layes

November 10, 2014 Halifax 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is the most gnarly ratchet white trash POF loving mattress hopper alive. Her vagina smells so bad, it\’s been know to clear any living species within 15 metres. Since this hoe was 14 years old shes been fucking old men for pills. Shes been known to meet up with at least eight guys in a day online for a quick drd distribution. Alicia spent most of her high school years being used for free liquor she stole and gave away for friends. She also goes by “Coweyes” because her eyes glaze over sometimes like a cow looking at hay. (Usually when shes obsessing over the D). She’s been known to fck dirty guys in the kitchen at house parties. And I heard you could fit a whole fist up her lobster muff. If you can get past that and dont mind fooling with her fat ass stanky dimply ass, beware shes nuts. She likes to go into her weekly obsession’s house while they’re sleeping and take selfies with them. Pipe the fck down Alicia and stop taking selfies. P.S. Get a one piece that covers that tire around your waist

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Harvey Hardly

November 7, 2014 Halifax 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Harvey he is Amy Luna’s boyfriend except he’s actually gay he asked to see my penis multiple times and when I showed him he wouldnt stop talking about how big it was. I had to turn him down and even block him so that he would stop. When i turned the kid down he started spreading rumours that i have lumps on my cock. I do not and I can show you that I don’t as long as you are above the age of 18. He is another one of nikki wells’s friends who also doesn’t work and just sucks the tite of welfare. He thinks that he can rap and fight so I flew down from hamilton to fight him and he didnt even show up cause hes a little gay boy. This kid needs to stop. warning ladies and gents !!!! warning !!!! warning !!!! dont send harvey pictures he will get mad when you dont want him and in turn spread lies about you and slander your name

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McInnis Legacy

November 7, 2014 Halifax 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet another one of Nikki Wells’s lying friends. This is Tessa, she claims fame over lies of being a lawyer, banging a bruins player and being a member of the angels. She has a kid she doesn’t take care of because her mental illness will not allow her too. She has psychological issues alongside with being overweight. No one in their right mind would let her keep her kid, but for some reason she has it. Tessa also has made 6 fake facebook accounts and pretended that they were her boyfriends at the time. I mean that’s so fcking pathetic but it’s because shes fat and mental so no one actually wants her all she does is lie and eat mcdonalds. She doesn’t even work she sits at home collecting welfare and going to therapy sessions to get over her dad leaving her. all these girls have daddy and commitment issues.

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Smelly Hippy

November 7, 2014 Halifax 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Amy Luna. The skanky hippy friend of Nikki Wells. She doesn’t shave her arm pits, legs, or vagina. She doesn’t work or contribute to society all she does is sit at home on welfare smoking dope that she buys with our tax dollars. she post naked pictures of herself online and is anorexic she needs so psychological assessments done as she suffers from a mental illness due to her father not being around she had major daddy issues and calls her boyfriend daddy. This girl really needs some help and to close her legs cut her dreads out, shave her body and get a job you are a parasite to society amy

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Nikki Wells and April-Lee Wells

November 5, 2014 Halifax 193

THE DIRTY ARMY:Hi Nik, this is Nikki Wells and her mom. They both are complete skanks and have duos with black guys for cr*ck. Its pretty sad that her mom messed her life up that bad. Nikki grew up without a father and her mom was always on drugs. Its sad that Nikki has been in the psych ward and has to attend therapy because of how her mom I raised her. I can’t believe they get fucked in the same bed together. She was raised like that by her mother. I wouldn’t have said anything, but she’s a compulsive liar and spreads false gossip about me. I wonder what her moms legacy is like lol…

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Mother of the Year

November 3, 2014 Halifax 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yuck. Where do I beggin with this nasty chink eyed bitch? Well how about how her now Boyfriend Shawn Miller (the guy she cheated on her baby daddy with) has been noted to have the c**p and he hasn’t gotten rid of it yet… Says something about Kaitlyn there.. She pops yetts every day of the week more than 5 times a day and is dependant on weed. Gors and chills with her friends when she should be home watching her daughter. Instead Kaitlyn dumps her on her dad. She makes her ex take their daughter every weekend so she can go out and party. And god damn does she ever have a drinking problem. Anyone notice how much weight she’s lost? She also drinks on school nights sometimes even when she has her daughter that night. Not only to mention shes fake as fck. Tells you she’ll pay you back or something but she wont even thought she has a job.. All that money will go towards weed and alcohol. She only cares about herself so if you ain’t doing nothing for her benefit then she’ll drop your ass and make it seem like you wronged her. Kaitlyn Symes is s dirty, c**p infested, alcoholic, fake, whore. And if you disagree then you only know her fake “Mother of the Year I\’m Superior To Everyone” side. I have first hand knowledge of all this shit, and you wanna say i’m making it up? Go ahead because i know the true facts about her.

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Jarrah Noel

November 3, 2014 Halifax, Moncton 331

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is jarrah noel. she is a suicide girl and a stripper. we have been talking and flirting for a while now and just started hooking up. i was starting to have feelings for her. and then i was told that she has a husband. she never told me or showed any signs of having one. i had to hear it from someone else. and they told me its not the first time. she does this all the time. so if anyone else has been pulled in by this lying cheating slut now you know she has a husband. and if anyone knows who her husband is they should let him know what his slut of a wife does. jarrah noel is a cheating skank

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Cheating Schnare

October 31, 2014 Halifax 262

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Meet Steven Schnare ….this guy is a cheater and literally has nothing to do with his kids!! He has two different baby mamas and he sees one kid every two weeks but doesn’t even pay attention to him, his mom does all the work. The other kid he doesn’t even see because he’s a dead beat! He’s also a cheating sleaze bag, he cheated on one of his baby mamas with nasty Kim Doubleday!! He also has a girlfriend now who is way to good for him, I feel bad for her cause she’s just a sweet girl. He cheated on her with Kim Doubleday and others and she doesn’t even realize what he’s like….he cheats on her all the time and the poor girl doesn’t have a clue. Wanted to put this asshole on blast he’s a cheating good for nothing dead beat!!!

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