The Trio

March 31, 2014 Halifax 33 6,087 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Nik, These three are touble. The first one is Clarrissa, A self proclaimed proud slut, happy to suck the… life.. out of your boy-friend. (*Cough* Kentville’s Main Squeeze, *cough*) The second one is a “transvestite” Transgender, Missy, who actually had balls to come out in a small town, but don’t let the high heels fool you, she is an asshole, no matter what clothing she puts on or what sex she desides to reassign herself. And last, but certainly not least is Lynn. Shes a disgusting fat cow… Actually, I should say a hippo. Hippo you ask? Because they are the most violent animal known to man and when she snaps she can charge like one too. RAWRR

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Sackvilles Finest

March 31, 2014 Halifax 22 6,671 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So let me tell you about this man whore in a half not to mention the fact he gave my (ex) girlfriend drd if anything I didn’t hold it against him cause she I wasn’t sure at the time she could’ve fcked anyone so I let him an some 14 year old girl named Julie or Julia whatever her name was I would have them chilling at my house they would sit here an do lines of blow not to mention how fcked they are dom would talk to me in confidence an straight up told me he had fcked a girl he found on backpage for coke not to mention the fact it wasn’t the first girl he fcked off of it while his lil jr high thig Julia or whatever was in the same room as us he was messaging my girl without me even thinking about it an was FUCKIng her in my own roof idk what else there is to say . I think the best way of me finding out HE GAVE MY GIRL drd he still didn’t know I found out about fckin my (ex) who I was still good with she needed a place to stay so she was welcomed till she got on her feet he told me he found out he caught drd from some girl he fcked well I lost my shit I couldn’t be believe this guy legit fucked my (ex) girlfriend gave me herpes? He’s a drug addict prays on lil girls an I smashed him in the mouth an he acted like I was in the wrong? Gives girls coke to sleep with him? Gave my (ex) girlfriend an I drd ? FCK THIS MUTT ATTENTION TO ALL THESE GIRLS HES DIRTY WILL FCK YOU AND STEAL FROM YOU AND BETRAY YOU

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Judy Cerny

March 31, 2014 Halifax 7 7,606 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Judy Cerny. She is a student at Dalhousie University. She moved to Halifax from Vancouver, British Columbia She sleeps with other peoples Boyfriends. She is also on a pay for sex site in which she sleeps with 50+ year old men for money. She is a dirty slut that will do anything for a buck. She had her phone disconnected because she didn’t pay the bill and sucked some old d*ck for money instead of getting a job and working like other productive members of society. If you date this one I’d be careful – make sure to wrap it before you put it in this dirty whore.

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Ryan Dodge, Sackville Attention Slore

March 31, 2014 Halifax 75 6,506 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ryan Dodge or as ppl in Sackville like to call him, Pizza face (cuz of all his acne/acne scars) hes been a shit head since the day he popped out. he has zero social skills and blames it on his mom abandoning him and being raised by his grandparents. somehow i dont really think its fair to blame his mom for the fact that hes a thief (stole his gparents tv, an old ladys car and a iphone), an “accused” rapist (never convicted), a sexist pig (hates women blames them on why he cant ever keep a gf), cant hold a job (has been fired from every one hes had since high school), and a general, all around pos. he keeps trying to become famous, first trying out for big brother canada and failing, then by trying to get on CTV for some made up bullshit about how he was bullied at work for claiming to be “bigender” and how he retaliated by slashing his coworkers tires. he makes shit up all the damn time just for attention. like how he was gonna have a kid with some unnamed girl and then coicidentally lost the baby when ppl started askin who the mom was. he acts like a trashy attention slore in a mans body, forreal. this guy needs to chill.

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Beware of Trevor Ives

March 28, 2014 Halifax, Winnipeg 470 10,515 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this would Trevor Ives’ 3rd appearance on the dirty. Still doing the same old things. Lying, living off the system and preying on little girls. He recently moved back into a recovery house for the fourth time. He’s apparently in recovery for “smoking wee*” when in all reality he’s just too lazy to work and pay bills like the rest of society. It’s saddening considering there’s people in Winnipeg who could actually NEED and would utilize the addictions program he’s taking advantage of. He’s knocked up who knows how many women and doesn’t even acknowledge it. He uses people in anyway he can, that includes lying, scamming and panhandling. He’s even been known to tell people that he has had cancer. And any ladies in recovery or that attend meetings…fair warning. He’ll get in your head, “counsel” you on your recovery and addiction, f*ck you, try squeeze money or cigarettes out of you and leave you like the useless piece he sees you as. Ask almost any committed girl in the program. You can see for yourself in the pictures just how seriously he takes his 12 step program. This kid is a fake and it’s about time people quit turning a blind eye to it!

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Rat Brianna Harris

March 28, 2014 Halifax, Truro 149 9,352 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: snitchin bitch, brianna harris!!

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Scums Of Fairview

March 28, 2014 Halifax 124 8,188 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nikk.. Since Ms. Kayla Beaman has been posted i thought i might as well post the other 2 of this 3 man disgusting clique. Rawkeen Brown & Rachel LeBlanc… first off all Kayla is the ring leader, she pretty much tells rachel or rawkeen ta jump n they say how high, theyve all been friends for years running around fairview robbing people fighting people acting like their tha cartel mafia… rachel is nasty she’s been with over 50 guys she used to be an escort and WORKED for rawkeen as you see in the picture, and other people to like how much money is this girl even making shes a spoiled brat who controls her parents into giving her anything she wants she does pills infront of her mother treats her mother like shit she acts the way she des cuz her dads to busy smoking crack, she obviously has daddy issues …, and let’s not forget soon as that happend kayla hopped in there. i heard they stink like fish and no one even really likes them everyones just scared .. kayla is an acholoic always drinking every damn day while rachel is a cke head pill head give that girl any kind of drugs and shell take it, i heard she even sucked some guy for a 20 stone. and let’s not forget about the black one rawkeen who sells drugs around fairview to pregnant women and acts like hes so hard from his family when really hes a bitch n everyone knows and letz not forget how many times hez had tha clap or any type of drd hez dirty !!! … all 3 of them think there untouchable and tha best thing to ever step on the earth well guess what its time for all of yall to be blasted … you all deserved this stay away from them !!!!!

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Junkie of the Year; Lindsay Audas

March 27, 2014 Halifax 3 10,088 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, check out this junkie of the year! This is Lindsay Paquin Audas originally from Sackville. She is about 350 lbs of pure nasty. She has 4 kids by all different dad’s and dosent have rights to any of them.. she gave them up just for drugs. She even tried to kill some of her own children. All she knows how to do is eat and never clean or bathe and wash her gross black feet. She thinks more of a Crack pipe or needle then her own children. She will rob or steal anything to get her fix. She will con and lie to anyone who gets in her way even her own parents. She never pays her rent and sleeps wherever she can spread her legs. She thinks she is super hot when clearly she just looks like an over weight pig.. who would k**l someone if her hug fat hep c ass sat on them. Watch out she has hep c and vd don’t get with this nasty junkie!

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