Douche Bag Matt Briggs

July 16, 2014 Halifax 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: let me tell you about this guy here!!!! this guy will sit there and try and get with other woman while he has a girlfriend. its been multiple times he has done this. matt will sit there and say anything to another woman just to get in their pants. he has been with a young girl for awhile now and he has been talking to many other women while with her. he will promise things to women and tell them sweet things just to get them to cave for him. he is useless and a cheater. who works out west and doesnt come back with money. who can sit there and have a girlfriend and try and cheat on them. who do you think you are. this boy is pure SCUM!!!!! women you have been warned!!!! oh and by the way matt…you are not “tuff”

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CFB Gagetown/Oromocto

July 15, 2014 Halifax 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: LORI ADAMS/BIXBY is a raging whore and slut running around the military base sleeping with married guys. She’s a well know bar star at Dooly’s and gives blo**obs for shots of tequilla (saw her doing it this weekend). She’s married to a nice (stupid) guy and has a kid (3 DNA tests and still doesn’t know who the Daddy is) but she loves to fck married military guys and go home with them. She picked up some dude at the bar and got caught stealing his wife’s jewellery. Thanks to her slutting around she picked up drd and passed it onto her husband and kid. Keep your husbands safe ladies of CFB GAGETOWN & OROMOCTO NB!!

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Jahda Lariah

July 15, 2014 Halifax 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nickkkki this sloot is soooo grossssss she thinks she is the hardest thing out there when she’s the FATEST thing out there. She looks like a fucking bull frog she loves to make fun of people and put pictures of other people on her Instagram because she is to ugly to put pictures of her self. She only has like 2 friends and she is sooo weird, she works at McDonald’s because she gets a discount on it when she byes it. This girl should go back to her country wherever that is I know its not here ! Shes just jelaous because no one wants her stankin drd infested ass! Shes the real defaniton of a NI**ER !! She’s just soooo grosss boys stay awaaaaayyyy from this girl inless you want some bumps on your birdys BLAAA make me puke…

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Alicia DeWolfe

July 15, 2014 Halifax 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alicia DeWolfe is a dirty cnt! She can’t afford milk and diapers for her child but is to worried about sending other peoples man naked pictures of herself, while sh’s suppose to be in a relationship with the father of her daughter. I didn’t want to be friends with this girl so she thought she’d try to get with my man but jokes on her cause now her and her nasty ass is put on blast!

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Sherry Buckley

July 14, 2014 Halifax 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one here sleeps with who ever offers her money, got a dollar she will blow ya, she lies, cheats and does what ever it takes, ask her ex, stay away from her, shes living in Saint John now, used to live in Halifax.

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Pictou County’s Nut Job

July 11, 2014 Halifax 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well guys I would like you to meet Brendalee Crawford, She is pictou county’s nut job here in Nova Scotia. I mean this woman is over 40 and acts like she is 18 or 19, She has given birth to 8 children and only has 2 of them, they have never gone to school and are very anti-social like her oldest just turned 14 and all the kids at his party were under 6 years old, She has posted pictures of herself on facebook half naked either in a towel or in her bra and underwear, she has a new man almost every month cause she is crazy and I mean crazy she was married once and engaged once and well still has the dress and everything well she thinks that every guy who she dates will be her next husband, Like she dated my ex who is 20 years younger then her and he said after one weekend with her she was already talking about planning a wedding and shit, she CAN NOT tell the truth for the life of her, someone we both knew got cancer and some people in town had a fundraiser for her well they raised alot of money so the next month she went around with pictures of someone’s kid in intensiv care in a hospital saying she was raising money and when she was confronted about it she moved away, she has moved over 8 times just this one year, she has been kicked out of housing buildings cause she is super dirty and steals all the time, last time she stole and got caught she blamed her boyfriend at the time and convinced him to take the total fall, he is still in jail for her. She is completely rotten!!!!

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Tony Roberts from Spryfield

July 10, 2014 Halifax 186

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tony Roberts is with no doubt the biggest piece of shit canada has given life to. has 2 kids who he doesn\’t give shit all to. His psycho path mom Kathy is a complete joke in her self. Aka the whore of gaston road. He makes girls like my dumb self fall in love with him only to find out about the other 6 women he’s doing the same thing wit. His baby mom Lindsay died a few years back and used it as a sympathy hook to slowly put me into his life to “help” wit his little one Lanazia. Have caught him sleeping around with MANY whores from woodside and up home. His latest kill is the girl that sells the rim cleaner down woodside in front the gas station. He has a baby mother who he convinced me to the point of death that she was his sister whenever I saw her name “Holley” show up on his phone and that she lived in New Brunswick! I have been on/off wit this wanna be thug for 5 fcking years. Has given me a ring , tried proposing at the water front. But glad as ever I said I wasn\’t ready. He offered to move us into the country aka lake echo. Anything to get away from his kids. U r a sore pathetic human being. I recently found out through a friend his baby mama works at the new mill as a bartender and she is in deed his woman as well. Holley I hope u c this one day hunny as he has been playing us like kids on a playground for years and years. He was at my place 3 weeks ago trying to force me into sex and tried telling me his sister \”Holley\” needed to talk at midnight so he left to talk to her on the phone and barged bak into my place at 8 in the damn morning after he fucked her!!!! Nik all of Dartmouth needs to be on watch for this wack job. He\’s taken my kids into his rusted out SUV to watch movies like they were his own. He convinced me he was buying me a blue chev traverse only to find out that it was his brothers!! He is always at Doolys and the dumb horny fuck thought he could get a kill from his favorite bartender! ;) right Tony. Little did he kno she was my sister in law and she told me what he said. I hope u rot in hell u scum bag. Take ur stupid rims, ring, ghetto shoes and shove them up ur 90!pound ass. His tattoo with Lindsay on it will be the first thing he shows u to make him self feel respectable. Poor Donnie his son. Adorable. I hope to god he rots

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Brittany Douglas

July 10, 2014 Halifax 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Douglas. Saint John NB. Where do i start. Attention hoe on FB. Lost her job at sears. Complete lazy low life. Drug Addict. She asks people for coke on FB all the time. The world needs to know about this treasure!!!

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