Racist Clarke

October 8, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: hmm where to start on this piece of shit Josh Clarke, he’s one of the bad guys acting like he’ s God’s gift to women when in reality hes the worst fcking thing a woman could ever get involved with.. he will charm the ladies with his lies and all the things u want to hear.. he makes u think hes in it for the long haul comes into your life with stories that really make u feel sorry for the prick but god only knows how much truth there is to the stories .. he told me he wanted the mother if his kids dead and acts like she’s the biggest cunt out there.. if I spent 11 years with his fcked up ass I’d be a cnt too! he runs his mouth about everyone making himself out to be Mr amazing .. he’ll take you out spend money on you and your kids making u feel like you feel like your the only one for him.. and one day he leaves and never comes back.. no phone call no explanation and onto the next one.. acts like he knows everything and he’s the king of all trades.. hes racist.. the German writing on his chest says (white power) and if that wasn’t enough he’s got the swastika on his back.. he has no respect for women .. I’m sure his mommy would be so proud of her little clarkey .. from what I’ve heard she’s in a better place.. I’m sure he would have driven her to the grave on his own in time.. I’ve never felt such hate for another human in my life.. his own buddies even talk about what a mess he is .. 32 years old living with a friend because he can’t stand on his own .. has not a damn thing but a rotting reputation and a growing list if enemies .. Josh the more I think about you tgesr more I wonder what I even seen in your pathetic ass.. a man who can’t be there for his own kids doesn’t know how to be there for anyone.. they are better off without u in their lives.. nobody fcking likes you and if they do its because they’re just as fuked as you are..

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Garbage Couple

October 7, 2014 Fredericton, Halifax 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here ya go Nik…this couple is the most manipulative,disgusting,dirty couple in the Fredericton/Oromocto area. Chad Ford and Yvonne Hammond. Chad has burnt so many women with his lies and mind and dirty sex games. He leads these women to believe that Yvonne doesn’t even exist yet he lives with her. He tells Yvonne he’s on call or going for coffee or even starts a fight with her just so he can storm out and go be with his treat of the day. When Yvonne finds out about the other woman she plans secret meetings with her, emails her,texts her and then defends Chad. They have both spent a lot of evergy posting these other women of Chads on here just to make themselves feel better. Yvonne needs to grow some self esteem and become some kind of positive role model for her girls. Maybe get a make over while she’s at it. YUCK!! I mean seriously…you might want to think of doing your hair and cutting back on the food. Holy rolls!! And it amazes me that Chad gets any women with his hairy back,smelly breath and his yellow teeth. Oh wait…what ya gonna do Chad? Jam my teeth down my throat? This couple wreaks havoc on everyone they come in contact with. 40 year olds living in a teenager mind. Time to grow up and wreak the consequences of your past wrongs! Disgusting pieces of garbage!!!

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Joanne Dempsey

October 7, 2014 Halifax 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Joanne Dempsey from Clayton park. Has got to be the easiest girl I’ve come across in all my life. Just out there hopping from stranger to strange. she met my friend on tinder, spoke to him for a few days and om the first date took him back to her mothers and did the nasty in her mothers bed. quite the behavior for a 29 year old single mother of a 6 year old eh nik? Poor little guy wakes up to seeing a new guy in bed with mom at least once a month. She is a liar a manipulator and honestly just a pig,half decent face but once you peel off the make up shes not the same person, i’ve watched her literally attempt to destroy my buddy mentally, she barely makes ends meet not paying one bill to pay the other being late on rent every month so she will lay down with whatever sucker thins shes pretty and she wil take advantage of him as much as possible. If you’re at costco stop off and say hello, If you do get lucky keep the lights off, a stomach that looks like brain, cellulite all over and the back door looks like it was jumped on kicked and ran over by and entire foot ball team. She’s desperate looking for a baby Daddy and is very convincing none the less claiming to be a “good girl” but shes just a washed up sloot living her miserable life struggling to pay bills and screwing whoever will screw her. Want to give fair warning to everyone, my poor buddy got benital w**ts from her, what is the world coming to nik?

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Deanna Keddy

October 6, 2014 Halifax 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who in the fck would pay for you Deanna, you fat 45 year old stretched marked burnt out junkie piece of shit!! do you see all these beautiful young girls on this Back page site!! these young girls are beautiful, YOU R FAT AND GROSS,  EWWWWWWW you suck, look after you’re 3 children you UNFIT PIECE OF ALCOHOLIC DILAUDID USING LEG INJECTING WHORE!! WE know where u get your dope from, u have been followed, every friday u score your DILAUDIDS from BRUCE GRAVES in Fairview… and we called the police,,,,we know everything, thanks 2 our investigation, and a loud mouth drunk friend of yours, HA HA …WE hate u and u r going down GO GET YOUR KID BACK FATSO…Childrens Aid have been called.

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Sarah Coffill & Ryan Whalen

October 6, 2014 Halifax 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two speak for themselves. Two of the most scandalous people you’ll ever meet. From Theft to Bumming to the dirty threesom’s. These are two of the most ungrateful, lazy, lying pieces of trash this city shells out welfare to.

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Shreks out if the Swamp

October 6, 2014 Halifax 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Tanner (Wilson) is a dirty disgusting bitch. Not only has her kill count has risen from 0 to now 10+ since july.. She finds guys on facebook and fcks them, and aprarently she’s an escort, so you know she’s got some nasty drds. Emily also loves to talk about her “depresion” and how she’s “su***al” to EVERYONE she meets like they care about her fake problems. She talks about how she’s alergic to weed but this chick is high every damn day.. Her pictures on facebook are horrible, she tries to show off her body like she’s some skinny bitch but oh lord she is NOT. Just had to let everyone know how nasty this girl is, I’d stay away from her she probably got the clap since she fucked Pj Higgens. This bitch is nasty and looks like Shrek

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Abortions Galore

October 2, 2014 Halifax 117

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want you all to know this girl. her name is Kate Rhyno and she claims she had 14 abortions and is pregnant again. She has fish lips and is the biggest skank around. watch out she might make your boyfriend cheat on you by rape then tell him shes pregnant so he has to leave you. watch out for this one. she aint even worth it. also she bullies online and off line but cant fight. so if you know who she is have fun jumping her!

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Sonja Fear/Maryjean Olsen

September 30, 2014 Halifax, Truro 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: well where do i start….. this waste of space is nothing but a drama starting, fat ass with no teeth in her head, aka a redheaded cunt….she will talk shit about anyone weather u are friends with her or not…. she thinks her family is perfect but in reality her family is fucked just like herself they will NEVER add up to anything or anyone and its her fault for that. she has never had to work a day in her life so all she knows how to do with her time is sit on her fat ass and live off her husband and create drama for others, and before that she lived off her ex husband. she will rat you out for anything.loves to make up lies about everyone including her own children so that she gets ahead in life. her and her drug dealing husband are low lifes. she ruins the apts on Anita cres in Truro heights for the landlord while selling drugs out of that apt, while he thinks shes the queen she is really ripping him off….she cant keep her nose out of anyones lives even if u try to stay away from her.

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