Welfare Cindy

July 7, 2014 Halifax 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK guys beware of this low down despicable person named Cindy who offers So call Tantra on here,Who runs a whore house out low income housing in Uniacke square,It not a safe place to go guys I had A Bad Experience there its not safe at all ,her house is a dump she bipolar takes 20 pills a day she on crack head and runs this whore house around little kids, i,m sure housing would like to know that she doing this in her own community and she on welfare wow ,this is a dirty bitc– say away guys…….

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Torbrook Con Artist

July 7, 2014 Halifax 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl “Tanya Connell/Clayton” is a con artist and a complete lunatic she will lie, steal, cheat & make herself look like the victim, She is nice to you one minute and she will steal the shirt off your back the next, She has 4 kids that live with their father(s). She claims to have been bitten by a pitbull and had to have surgery… She had to have surgery from having a cyst removed from banging needles. She will lie to any man and tell them she is pregnant, come to your home and tell your family she is pregnant then turn around and say that she has 4 kids that are her blood and she doesnt need anymore, She has been run out of Kentville & New Minas, and she currently lives in Berwick. We need to get this lying cheating, stealing con artist out of the valley! Fair warning to any guy, She will take you for all you are worth and turn your friends against you with her lies.

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Jacob aka Tits

July 7, 2014 Halifax 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy pisses me off. you wanna hate him so much but when ever he’s around he makes fun of him self more then anybody else can.he always fucks girls in relationships with his huge dick and ruins them.hide your kids hide your wife hide your dog

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Lola, Terrilynn

July 6, 2014 Halifax 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Let me Introduce you to the queen of DRD. This is Terrilynn, Rosemary, Lola.. You pick… These are other names she goes by! I know that there may be some people that will come to her defence, But once they read the dirty little secrets she has been keeping, They may think twice. First of all this Horse is from Nova Scotia/ New Brunswick.. From a small town in the middle of nowhere.. She thinks Just because she is now living in Montreal she’s this big time city girl thats a high roller. She also thinks that shes the best thing that has happened since Marilyn Munroe, I think not Terri! Nik, she should be held accountable for the pain and grief she has caused others, this is a warning to anyone that may know her or that will stay clear of this trash! How do I describe her- she’s manipulative, Conceded, pathetical liar, and just plain pathetic! She will use people for Money so that she can support her alcohol and drug habits. She will steal and lie to get whatever she wants! This girl also cheats on anyman she is involved with, So Men make sure you wrap it up… She does not like her men to wear condoms.. Becareful cause she is either trying to get pregnant, and she does have an drd! Which, is well known to people. That know’s this white trash well

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Exiver James

July 3, 2014 Halifax 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Halifax, nova Scotia This guy is 19, his gf is 15 and they started dating in 2010. He was like 16 and banging an 11-12 year old.

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Denise Blackburn: Clayton Park

July 3, 2014 Halifax 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: Denise Blackburn claims to be a respectable women with a pure heart who is beautiful on the inside and out. But no respectable women I know has spent time working the streets of Alberta to support a drug habit, loses custody of her child for being unfit or chases after another women’s boyfriend. Seems to me that those are the actions of a dirty whore. But don’t take my word for it, check out Denise on Google+. While this mother of 1 claims that her priority is to regain custody of her precious son, her time is spent popping Dexedrine and getting drunk. Just last month she was so high that she was hiding in her cupboards. Doesn’t it make sense that if she truly wanted to get her child back she would work on being sober? Denise, when having a good time is the priority instead of raising your child, it DOES make you a bad mother. In fact, I think it’s the definition! Denise is always up for a good time. Welfare doesn’t support drug habits so if you have an extra $20 bucks kicking around, you could always head to one of Denise’s haunts and see if she is up for a blowie. Here are some places you may find Denise frequenting: Mickey’s Beverage Room,  Halifax, Freemans,  up the road from here, who knows what she will do for a $50!!) I hope Kyle isn’t missing his mommy too much while you’re out having your good times!

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Autumn Victoria Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

July 3, 2014 Halifax, The Dirty 211

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Autumn is underage and associates with pimps and escorts. Her friend Tashlynn Shaw just got busted for trafficking underage girls. Autumn doesn’t work but always has money and she even hints at what she does on her fb. These girls need to stop promoting thid lifestyle snd making it look glamorous. Its how they get the younger girls involved. They get 16 year olds to glamorize it to the rest of them. I guess girls without jobs that live in spryfield but have money to go shopping for new clothes everyday have rich spryfield parents lol. Its sad because young girls her age look think highly of her because she wears nice clothes but in reality she’s borderline retarded and can barely read and write.

The arms say everything… money buys good food.- nik

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Robert Purdy Huston and Tia st Peter

July 2, 2014 Halifax, Truro 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: robert huston is the biggest scumbag of all time, his only friends are the people he uses untill they get sick and tired of this needle banging waste of life mooching off of them, his own family doesnt want him for the same reasons, his pill head girlfriend is no better gangbanging guys left right and center they both cheat on each other reguarly if they dont have their drugs then tia throws a bitch fit cries all day makeing sure to ruin the day of everyone around her cus the crack head princess has gotta have her weed and pills when they arnt liveing with a hydromorph addict they are racking up debts with coke heads, he literaly owes everyone he knows money unless they were too smart to fall for his bullshit be warned they are both dirty drug addicts and should be run out of truro as soon as possible!!!

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