Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5


November 21, 2014 Halifax 13


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is such a complete ditch pig. She fcks anything that moves and is beyond being an attention whore, how many times have you tried to kill yourself??? Sad part is her baby, and the award for parenting while being incredibly high goes to…..

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Naomi aka Isabelle

November 21, 2014 Halifax 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nikki this is naomi forbes aka isabelle as she goes by on backpage where she sells her ass. she sold her ass for just about everybody from the squareboys who she let run trains on her ,to her off and on alcholic boyfriend for years ,joe rolfe aka joejoe as he calls himself. dont trust this hooker around your man she will get drunk and take them down just like she did to meagn weeks!! i heard she shit all over a guys dick once too!! stay away from this one unless u want something u cant get rid of. she smokes crack with joe and likes to pop pills and drink and blackout and beat him up. she has no education,no friends and all guys want from her is sex. i honestly feel bad for joe because she had all his friends while he was in jail. she even had his name tattooed while she did it! dont trust this girl she will snake you any chance she gets!

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Pictou County Dumpster

November 21, 2014 Halifax 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone take a good long look at danielle myers, she is the definition of LAZY popping kids out so she doesn’t have to work and can collect WELFARE, can’t get a job as of tyler i know PLENTY of people he’s slept with since theyve got together he’s just a dog himself. Everytime I seen danielle she looks like she hasn’t showered in a month and smells like she fails to put deodorant on in the morning which only takes a few seconds, just goes to show how lazy she REALLY is, perhaps she should get her life together rather than spending all of her time opening her legs to produce more babies so she can collect more of OUR hard working money, she should be ashamed of herself. Pig at her finest

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Lowlife Wigger

November 20, 2014 Halifax 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guys name is Jacob Brown , He tends to be well known as a lowlife junkie/drug dealer wanna bee . roles around the city with Rat Randy and other known snitches. He sleeps with prostitutes. Cheats and beats up his girlfriends to make himself feel tough because hes a thinks he is.. and can only use weapons or get someone else to fight guys for him. Hes a dead beat father to his 4 year old daughter, hasn’t seen her in months because of his “newest” girlfriend . (till he beats her too).. Hes a very loud and ignorant person and dont care about anyone but himself. he will rip you off and rob you blind,just last year he robbed a dying old man for pills and a tv bud., come on now! He is disgusting .. shits in grocery bags while hes in the shower and he lazy and a complete slob, no good for nothing other then being a pig, he maybe showers once a week, his girlfriends cant even go down on him because you can smell the BO of his ASS!!He has to sniff pills or coke to have sex because he cant last more then five minutes. There is not one of friend he hasnt talked stuff about so if your reading this he dont like you and only will use you then rob you blind. He rolls around Saint John trying to Intimidate girls because he cant do it with guys unless he has weapons. If you know jacob brown , watch your belongings and your girlfiends , and your garbage bags lol

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Stop Crying Wolf

November 20, 2014 Halifax 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Selena you pretend to be all tough and we all know your not, this proves it. your an attention seeking, drama seeking pathetic waste. if you don’t want to be a punching bag then move the fck on or hit him back. don’t post pictures and videos on facebook claiming you want to break free and be done. don’t want to., just do it!

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Justine Levy

November 19, 2014 Halifax 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik This is one of the dirtiest girls I know in HALIFAX NOVA SCOTIA I fcked her for a few short months and she gave me a drd and didn’t tell me about it she also gave it to my buddies she never told anyone an still slept with us all she even slept with me and my friend within the same day her nasty pussy was probably still wet from when I hit it when she went to my friend ! She is also the fakest girl I know I’m friends with her friend she tells me everything she does and says she has cheated on her new bf with at least 9 men’s and he is well aware and doesn’t care her bf also fucked her bestfriend which is A GUY Michael daurie in the ass and sucked him off there both well aware of each other’s crap and stay together she uses him for drives drugs and liquor and he uses her to cover the fact he is gay she miscarried because she had the clap and it killed her baby she didn’t even care or know who the father was she tried blaming me ! She disgusting and deserves for the world to know! Her old stupid hoe friend Melissa let her go out west and all she did was whore it up out there and live off her good thing Melissa told her to leave she probably had to scrub down her whole house that girl is infested and a bum

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Bern Campbell

November 18, 2014 Halifax 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Name is Bernard Campbell, Likes to pretend he is “straight” because he is actually in his late 30′s and still lives at home with his mom and dad. He lies and cheats, and is better known as the island cum dump. He has slept and documented encounters with more guys than playboy sold issues to. He is not to be trusted. If you know him you better be tested as he has been with more guys in cheap motels than any prostitute working the streets.

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Colan Andrew Denton Digby Trash

November 18, 2014 Halifax 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Another typical piece of shit from Digby Nova Scotia! Just another manchild who needs to grow the fuck up. He thinks he’s tough shit because he can jump people with Eric Lewis, Brad D Lewis, Sidney Denton. I think the frustration derives from their hidden homosexuality and desire to take their shirts off and pose together. Anyways he’s another steroid junkie that needs his kids taken away from him as no child deserves a piece of shit like this for a father! duckfaces and going down on men lol can they homosexuality be any more apparent maybe this is why they are so insecure and try to be tough jumping people hahaha real men dont need help you fcking pussies

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