Halifax | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Arien Keeping from Lunenburg

October 27, 2014 Halifax 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl Arien Keeping from Lunenburg is willing to duck anyone at anytime. You can call her at 3 am and she would kindly invite you over. 521 0152. This dirty whore will even take on two if not three guys all at once and likes to go after other people men. She likes It in every Way possiHow but whatever u do don’t go down on her cause she’s rotten to the core. This slut don’t bath or has way to much mulitpls of Cum in her also be careful you don’t pull her hair during fucking her cause it’s normally greasy…. She will also give blow jobs for pills ciggeretts drinks or whatever is needed But hey for a pack of ciggeretts its a pretty good deal all around… She Fucks her landlord for free rent and her boss for her car she drives . She can normally be found with her sluty friends at the knot pub on weekends or just give the hoe a call you will be surprised on how fast she invites you over… She is the type of slut that during a party will hop on a pool table and spread her legs and ask ” who wants to fck me” the slut has no morals whatsoever…she lives in Lunenburg but has been known to do bridgewater as well

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Teakeo Morton

October 22, 2014 Halifax 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is teakeo daniel Morton! Another deadbeat fake phoney low life! He has no standards and will f#@$ with anyone fir a couple dollars. He will steal anything from anyone. He can suck and f $## but hes dirty and broke. He is very charming and makes these poor women believe his lies. Thus fool lies so much he doesn’t know what’s true anymore not to mention he’s a rat and a mutt he\’s riding everyone on Kennedy this week

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Terrilynn The Sloot

October 22, 2014 Halifax, Moncton 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Love your website! I have yo submit this post about a person named Terrilynn who is from Moncton New Brunswick the armpit of Canada. She is a manipulator, uneducated, just trashy! She slept with my boyfriend of 5 years and ended giving him drd. Nik, she will also use people until They are no good to her and will just than toss them Aside. Nik, this girl is a washed up 36 yr old.. Who thinks that shes god’s gift to Men. I wanted to give everyone a heads up in NB.

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Elsie Williams

October 21, 2014 Halifax 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: People of HALIFAX and beyond. Elsie Williams was posted on here before, but I feel as if you need to be warned AGAIN, She hangs out with younger females, who she recruits to being Drugged out Stripper Whores, that she bully’s and manipulates, because girls her own age wont put up with her disgusting ass. This bitch is a Gym Rat looking for the next dick to sit on, and give her drugs, and attention, than they up and leave because shes a head case. This girl, STRIPS, and SELLS her ass, People I know have seen her around Motel rooms, She strips at BLUSH, and her man of the week sells drugs out of the club she whores at. She thinks her body is amazing, but you cant hide them Linebacker shoulders and Fat Man head, and your basic bitch hair that you cant do nothing with. BOX DYE. This girl has slept her way to Halifax, Hants County right to Halifax, now making her gross ass to NB and TO, she’s has had drd’s that she passed around, she will fuk your man, she probably has. Shes a nasty ass hoe. I know numerous guys that have caught shit from her, she brings guys back to her shit hole, FREE HOUSING where her panties are literally CRUSTED to the moldy bathroom floor. It smells like body odor, stale piss, and ashtrays. Her house should have a Biohazard Warning sign on the door. COKE WHORE, ESCORT, STRIPPER, DIEASE SPREADING, BULLY. and them CROP TOPS, Giiiiiirl. PEW.

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Morgan Coulton

October 21, 2014 Halifax, St. John's 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Morgan Coulton has been hooked on opiates for over 2 years now. She can’t even be a good mother. She sounds her mothers allowance on pills. I gave her money to buy a TV cuz she didn’t have one and she spent the money on methadone. She buys methadone for the day time then binges on dilludid and pills all night. She’s always homeless because she doesn’t pay her rent ever and spends the cash on drugs. She’s lost a lot of weight recently and she looks like an addict now. She has track marks from shooting needles into her axillary vein in her left armpit. Look at the pics, that vein is hidden unless you inject stuff in it. She sleeps around with whoever can hook her up when she’s broke. She let’s junkies off the street move in with her and spent her whole 900$ check last month on drugs with him and then he left her lol..she always has at least 5 guys in rotation. She never even told me she has a bf and kept me under the impression that he was still in jail. Her man just got out of jail\rehab and I stood outside her door and listend to them before I knocked. She was trying to get him to stay there the night and binge out all night.. Morgan coulton is a lying slut. She’s addicted to pills and does molly and whatever is around.., she’s hooked on the pills though. The girl used money I gave her as a gift to buy methadone 3 days in a row…then she got a check Friday and spent it on molly and pills..her and James Brown are back together and doing drugs as of recent. She bangs, Colin, grant, and Katrina too..in the past year she’s been with Brandon, james, Katrina, Colin, grant, Jordan, Christine and thats only who I know of.., The girl is a typical addict. She lies, scams, plays guys, fucks and does whatever she has to to get her fix. She chose drugs over her own daughter. Grandma raises her and she lives with her, she has her kid once a week, maybe 2 days…and she just puts her to bed early and goes into the nod. She lied to me for 2 years and said she did’t do drugs but admitted it recently. Morgan coulton is hooked on pills and is a slut for them and a lying cheating scammer…. Anything to get her daily fix.. I just found out Jonah and Grant are the same person too.. Morgan, I was always good to you and would have taken care of ya forever but you’d rather a guy you can do drugs with that will in turn support your habit. A true addict like this doesn’t have anybody in their life that can’t support their habit..,even their own daughters. Look at these track marks though.

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Dartmouth Douche

October 21, 2014 Dartmouth, Halifax 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik!! This here slattern is Jennifer Corbett the biggest, dirtiest, looses, bold and impudent sleaze in HRM!! She portrays herself as the perfect girlfriend/mother. That is until you discover her dirty little secrets!! She’s a mother of 3. 3 different fathers. She a weekly bar pig. & drags the dirtiest men back to her cat infested apartment which in deadly intoxicated by the aroma of cat SHIT!! She acts and makes people believe she suffers with manic depression, which is her excuse for the many drugs she uses. Not to mention all the late parties and people she has in her home on a daily bases. She dirty dances in front of her children, and makes out with woman and men in her living room while her children are passing through. I had the unpleasant experience of spending a weekend with her. I ended up with an drd, the stench and filth of her house not to mantion her own personal hygiene, were more than I bargained for. PLease post this we need to alarm HRM. You disgusting slut

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Durty Fisherman

October 21, 2014 Halifax 107

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik. This piece of shit here is Mike Laybolt of Pictou NS. Let’s just say that he’s a fisherman and I caught a good dose of the cr**s!!! He prays on young girls. He is in his 30′s and dates 19 year olds. He has strange woman at his place all day every day while the so called love of his is in school. He lives on the scuzziest street in the town, and sells drugs. From the marijuana to coke. He thinks he’s a smooth talker, but maybe if he actually tried to date woman his own age. He’s a little simple so no smart woman would date his dirty ass!!. He doesnt care who he sleeps with, as long as he can say he has. He moved his young girlfriend and her 2 small children to pictou, to live in filth and its .. what the end of October near and he has yet to get heat! That poor girl (child) needs to wake the fuck up and make a life 4 her children. Hes scum always has been and always will be!! BEWARE Pictou he is a walking disease infested piece of shit.

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Child Abusing Delorey

October 21, 2014 Halifax 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets make a long story short. And try not to say names. This triflin thing, amanda delorey comes down to my place and gives me head 7 times back to back. So I am like nice one!, so I treat this thing like what she is, a dirty whore haha fuked her ten twenty times a day, ass to mouth, head all day while rollin joints counting money etc. I mean whynot all my friends already passed her around! Then this bitch tried to get me to move in saying her kids were going to have a bad Christmas because she spent all her welfare money coming down to see me blah blah blah. That didn’t work , so she come at me with them guys are “plottin on your demise” I love you move in we will get them blah blah wannabe gangster shit. so me being naïve and stupid n to be honest she fcks n sucks good moved in. everything was fine until these people that were plottin on me start trickling out of jail and back from away. she has a change of heart, saying o they made a mistake, don’t do nothing or say I told you because they will kill me. so I continue trying to raise a family, longer story short she played both sides and they tried to take bury me. I went anyways even knowing and her telling me, they failed. and then on top of all that treacherous behavior she trys to get me to take witness protection money and us go away n such , im like fck that bitch I don’t care if they already think im a rat I would never become one just because of that. I am not no hallet, other boo, or simon..

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