Dundas Diddler Pleads Guilty

April 23, 2014 Hamilton 9 6,714 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: On March 28th GARY BENNETT resident of Dundas ON, Plead Guilty for molesting a 7 yr old little girl!!! They found his DNA on her vagina! He only got 6 months! NO JUSTICE! He lives on or close to Airport road…His wife and children heard the painful things GARY BENNETT did to this 7 yr old child and stick by him…how sick…Keep a close eye on your kids, he will be free….

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Jessica had her Day

April 23, 2014 Hamilton 8 7,747 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: JESSICA DAY, watch out boys she’ll be the first one the blow you and the first one to give you drd she pops pills faster then she pops off a bottle of breast milk for her newborn baby, if you actually give her a chance she will clean you the fuk out she cares about nothing other then drugs and money and herself hopefully her two kids can grow up normal and decent unlike her pill head mother and drunk father like mother like daughter in this case this bitch even had sex with someone in a car to pay her rent I guess that’s just another piece of shit Hamilton trash for you but to top it off she loves her some dog in her veins like a true Hamilton trash tisk tisk

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Needle Bangers

April 23, 2014 Hamilton 23 6,146 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK so where do I start with these two well first of this is shaelynn Ritchie & Igor Petrovic both fcked up junkies who had a baby together they live in Hamilton Ontario. Igor is just as fucked up as it comes like I mean this man beats woman threatens if they leave him ”He will k**l you” of course with his guns BC that’s the only thing protect ing him from being hurt well you can’t hide behind a gun forever Mr pertovic he always talks about Putin people in body bags he’s in and out a jail . Hes a dead beat dad that shoots up needles in front of his daughter faith you would think since him and shaelynn had a kid they would get off the drugs and take care of their kid.. Like I mean how do u do that to ur poor child . do u went ur child growing up knowing that her mom and dad are junkies. Just take a look at the pictures of Igor he looks like he’s on m(th all beat up . shaelynn was 16 when she had faith and Igor was 28 umm can u say gross Igor ur a fukin diddler . go lie to some more people about ur life. Shaelynns a whore will suck &F**K any d**k that passes her face she’s been passed around Hamilton nuff times and got her fair share off ass kickings from a lot of people . oh ya guys watch if u have these trolls living or staying or even visiting ur house they will steal from u in a heart beat to get their next fix and then ask shaelynns crack head mother to hold the baby while they inject them self’s. Igor had a good life before I don’t know what he was thinking about get in with this skeeze bag considering every time he’s in jail shaelynns going around saying in these words to people”I don’t wanna be with this goof he beats the shit outta me all the time but then he gets out of jail and she can’t get enough of that junkie d**k.. Heyshaelynn how dose it feel to get banged by a junkie he prob can’t even get it up haha nik please help me put these two Ratchet buckets on blast

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Lies and Cheats

April 22, 2014 Hamilton 22 7,275 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met him online just before march he seemed niced we ended up dating at the end of March… everything seemed fine… till this easter when he went back the guelph Ontario to see his “”fam”" aka another chick he has known end of last year me and her talked and found out he has been playing us both and cant believe how low he really is he shouldnt be trusted he is on POF as “”tibGT”" and goes by richie a he is a egotistical asshole who lies cheats and will sweet talk you till the cows come home

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Tindale’s Trampin Trio

April 22, 2014 Hamilton 23 7,365 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , let’s introduce the first and leader of the pack. Tori Haines-Salmon ( farmer’s mattress .) This woman is the biggest 2 faced whore going, slooing it down from farm to farm , trying to present to the world a happily married image to public. Her own mother passes away, plays a pity party for donation for her mother’s urne… Takes the money and blows it on anything but her deceased mother , leaves her to rott in a bag and plastic …. Should of maybe taken the money and invested it into Jenny Craig. 2nd runner up Jennifer DUTTY Ferron , again married to a farmer , who sleeps with her friends vice versa … Well known to travel from farm to farm taking hood…. Save the best for last Dorothy Napier ..aka dee-dee dee … Where to begin with this one , pretends to play wifey to some crusty man in Tindale , meanwhile d$&@ing it down with her lover in Jamaica .. Hamilton , I believe these 3 should get a 5 star rating with a Grammy nominee for the biggest trash bag hoes going in the east end of the city…. 3 of you should be ashamed and disgusted with your selves.. All nasty and disgusting pigs !!! Hamilton head gaffin hoe’s , disgusting and easier to access than the 407 … They locally travel between Hamilton, st. Catherine’s , Brantford and Jamaica !! Watch out for the Trampin Trio!!!!

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She’ll Piss on You

April 21, 2014 Hamilton 20 6,806 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay listen up. This dirty ass ho needs to be put in her place. She’ll screw a guy for a beer and if she doesn’t get what she wants she’ll threaten to call the cops. She talks shit about everyone behind their back, and has a sweet spot for talking shit about people kids. This dumb broad actually pissed on my friends extensions. LET ME REPEAT THAT. she’s so RATCHET that she literally took this chicks extensions and PEED ON THEM. Who does that?? She’s so disgusting. Fish doesn’t begin to describe the smell coming from her nasty snatch, it’s worse than the hamilton beach on a hot day (can you say rotting fish anyone?) She looks like a hick and sure as hell acts like one too. This welfare slut needs to close her legs and grow up. Get your ugly face out of Hamilton we’re beyond done with your diseases. Also, stop taking selfies, your Facebook friends don’t need to have nightmares.

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Ryan Grant Can’t Smile

April 18, 2014 Hamilton 56 6,788 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Ryan Grant for you. The big mouth internet tough guy that hides behind the computer and talks pure shit. When he feels threatened he then runs to his girlfriend and crys to her for help. The guy never smiles because he smoked so much cr*ck he has no teeth left, THE POOR bastard isnt even allowed to see his son because rumour has it he played with his pee pee. The old man in his pics was his grandfather who they both use to smoke cr*ck together. CAN YOU TELL ?? lol.. Go call the cops you junkie or better yet deal with it!!!

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Why Oh Why Can Horse Fly

April 17, 2014 Hamilton, Hollywood 4 9,995 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please explain it to me Nik; There are gorgeous women out there. Blonde, hot bodies, gorgeous faces. At least one of them in the world can sing like a damn angel i’m sure of it. But instead, we make HORSES famous?? Piano playing, saggy tittied horse faces who looks like they have been ridden around the damn ranch one too many times. How and why did America make this person famous? What is wrong with us? We glorify ugly. It’s like “clap for her, wow she’s talented, give her praise for being disadvantaged by her ugliness” Other people sing and are hot, why do we give her attention?? And who told her she was a model?? UGH oh and by the way, you can not convince me that she is the age she says she is. She looks older than my grandma. I know untouched photos can be tough but photoshop is for liars, as you say. You cannot make a horse fly.

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