Marta Murders

April 16, 2014 Hamilton 2 6,540 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Brandon and Josh Barreira their mother Marta leite has raised a bunch of murdering drug dealing junkies. Brandon is a hard core ecstasy user and josh is dealing coke and crack to the locals Cathcart Street in the Hamilton hood . Marta is the first person to talk about others and their children but look at her children in jail lol for first degree murder . How proud Marta leite must be . Poor Tyler Johnson and his family must be going though hell. In the mean time josh and Brandon mother a star8 up orange skin and yellow teeth hooker has the nerve to attack people like a pitbill. With stupid fake ass stories and her CAS calling , rat bitch whore. Prime example of bad parenting . Josh and Brandon should have had a real mother in their life not a two dollar hooker .

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Tylor’s Mistake

April 16, 2014 Hamilton 6 6,557 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tylor made a mistake, I believe that owning up to your mistakes makes you a good person and i would like to thank him for trying to correct his error. When we learn from our mistakes we become wise and i believe Tylor is being a wise man and not a silly boy anymore. I hope that this posting is not a mistake of my own and that people can see i did not post him to be spiteful or spread lies i was hurt by a friend who committed not only a crime but betrayed my trust. He asked for a chance to gain my trust again and i will not be pressing charges on him for anything. I believe people can change and im happy he is trying. Thank you Tylor. i appreciate your kindness and accept your apology Im uploading a picture of tylor and one of myself because i posted him.

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Tammy the biggest Rat

April 16, 2014 Hamilton 2 6,960 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is the biggest rat in Hamilton Ontario Tammy Grant. She is Married to the biggest Crackhead in Hamilton Michael aka Mc whenever he goes to jail to either get him out or a lesser sentence she will tell on anyone. She is good friends with and works with the head of gang and gun unit Spikehead when she isnt rating someone out she is trying to act like a boss by selling dope with her daughter Brianne who she pimp’s out! She runs from city to city doing fucked up shit to people. She lies so much! I mean lies. This women will sit in your face act like she is your friend and rat you out or talk shit behind your back she is nothing but a piece of shit. She a set up girl too will have you robbed. She sleep’s around too and sells her ass her husband pimp’s her out to get high. She smokes Crack and is a drunk. The worst mother ever dont even know how she has her son poor guy. Has crackheads and random drug dealers taking care of him. Her house was busted in 2011 and she never went to jail and the children aid was never called oh wait she ratted… The little boy drinks coffee and pepsi and never eats health. She lies about him. She frauds anyone including the government and when she get’s caught she blames others. She has ratted out almost the whole Hamilton. This is a dirty evil bitch. Stay away from this family cause their dangerous person.. Oh she will tell people her husband is a huge gangsta when he is a piece of shit crackhead no good goof.

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Amber King Robertson

April 16, 2014 Hamilton 6 5,602 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, LOL. who else knows this needle junkie? She has a son with Mikey Ogden but she lost him to CAS because shes so unstable and doesn’t even know how to be a mother she misses his visits , when shes suppose to see him all she cares about is finding drugs to cure her next fix. Both, Amber and her sister Jessica Arthurs work Barton Street too get drugs.. How disgusting can you be! Theyre exactly the same. Hamilton’s nastiest junkies. Amber sleeps around from guy to guy and Jessica her OWN sister has even said they both have drd. Im an old bestfriend of both of them. junkies since they were little kids. They will never change!

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Michelle Michelle

April 15, 2014 Hamilton 29 7,894 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is one nasty bitch that’s doesn’t care about her son she’s goes out every weekend to party and fuck all kinds of black guys always posting pictures of going out and drinking and now shes back with the guy that beat the s*** out of her she had no place to go and was in the shelter and got on housing now she’s back with the a****** that beat the f*** out of her he doesn’t like her son he called her son and n**** beforenow she’s back with this piece of s*** people that I actually really need help can’t get in the houesing this bitch just uses the system I hope someone calls Children’s Aid on hershe does not deserve to have her son how could you be with someone that hit your son and calls your son names this guy smoke crack cheats on you all the time has another baby out there is a man just got out of jail for beating the s*** out of there out of Michelle Michelle you need to grow up you’re a douchebag take care of your son put your son first and it’s pretty funny how you had a boyfriend everyweek posting pictures up with all these black guys going out clubbing

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William Terrell Weatherspoon

April 14, 2014 Cincinnati, Hamilton 23 7,092 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Anyone who leaves their kids with This man needs to have their kids taken from them for child endangerment. William Terrell Weatherspoon did 15 years in prison for raping a 12 yr child in 1994and is still molesting little girls taking showers with 5 yr olds and taking Q tips and cleaning the inside of their vaginas. Now I understand its been a long time ago but since it happen in 1994 he is allowed to live with a school in his back yard with small elementry kids cutting thru his back yard to and from school all because the newer “Megan Law” doesn’t apply to him. I’m tired of him and his new “wife” (a crackhead prostitute) lying to everyone about what he really did and minimizing the whole situation and to make it worse he keeps kiddy porn hidden I’m the basement behind some loose brick. An no one believes that he is a chomo so here are some pics of him and the crack head wife Sharon Ann Weatherspoon along the links to the websites to confirm.

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Flora Sadik

April 14, 2014 Hamilton 18 8,920 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik , This girl flora thinks she shit, meanwhile you can tell everything that comes out her mouth Is a lie,she talk like she Gucci this Gucci that, but in reality she’s just a hoochie working the corner so she can buy buy blow. I met her she sucked my dick, next night got smashed fcked her, a week later had to take a trip to the clinic test came positive for herpes, and when I approached her about it she said she was gonna put a hit out on me. She’s a piece of shit that ruined my life, post this whore and keep her from doing it to someone else.

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Pathological liar Kyle Valvasori

April 9, 2014 Hamilton 14 10,270 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kyle Valvasori he’s a pure dirt bag. He cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with multipe women giving them sme sob story about how his baby wasn’t his to get sympathy, but then looked like a complete idiot when his baby passed away. He lies about everything that comes out of his mouth, especially about going to school to become a fire fighter! it’s all a lie! you can find kyle frequenting POF as well as walking the streets of Dundas! He has no job, lives off wefare in his daddys house with no hydro! He has two other kids who he doesnt see or pay for because he is a deadbeat!!

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