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Ivan Stojakovic Is A Douche

November 17, 2014 Hamilton 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: OMG Nik, you need to put this guy on blast.. Ivan is a typical Serbian from Hamilton who thinks he’s some big shot. This guy is actually so unintelligent to the point where he can’t even hold a conversation…. God knows how he got through university. This asshole thinks he’s SO hot and acts like he’s all that but really he has nothing even material wise. What’s funny is he has a HUGE ego but I guess that’s to make up for other small things. You’re a pathetic loser Ivan and always will be!!

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Meghan Hall

November 17, 2014 Hamilton 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this post has been a long time in the making !!! This mess right here is Meghan Hall. The biggest trash bag ive ever met in my life. Her whole life has been about nothing but getting attention from people and last year she even went so far as to fake a pregnancy! She lied to everyone for 9 months that she was pregnant yet nobody ever saw any proof , no ultrasounds no pregnancy bumps no nothing. Her own mother told her to drop the act and stop faking ! Then the baby mysteriously “died during birth” so he was never actually seen. She had the nerve to get pregnant for real this time and just gave birth to a baby. Shes on welfare, never worked a day in her miserable life and is all of a sudden mom of the year judging other moms for their choices and how they raise their kids. This chick is nothing but a gutter slut. Her and her disgusting boyfriend are walking talking, breathing posters for disease. All this pig does is sit on the internet all day while she ignores her kid. Get up , get a job and stop stealing from the government Meghan . You’re not cute. And the day your baby becomes the new gerber baby is the day hell freezes over. Lay off the damn drugs and get it together. Only a matter of time before cas takes custody of this pigs kid.I hope they do. Give the poor thing a shot at a normal life with normal people. Otherwise he’ll just grow up to be like his loser parents.

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Maggie Cleland

November 17, 2014 Hamilton 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik This girls be on here before and deserves to be on here again. Her name is maggie cleland but she goes by maggie amara. She is well known around hamilton Ontario for being a slut. Now she is pregnant has no idea who the father is and continues to open her legs for any guy who wants a ride. Be careful guys this chick is dangerous. She will beg u to cum inside her and threaten to poke holes in your condoms if u dont. She definitely aint worth the lay. Her face and pussy are beat up from all the years of abuse and drugs. She smokes over a pack of cigarettes a day even when she knows shes 4 months prego. Maggie cleland is a deadbeat mother and i feel sorry for that poor baby inside of her. She guna be a hood rat living on barton street with mommy milking the system for the rest of her life. Stay away from this one guyz!

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November 17, 2014 Hamilton 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look at this downtown sloon always out drinking doing drugs the girls always calling me all hours of the night for cocaine n pot I don’t understand what her problem is she dated my boy Eric who had no interest in her just used her for a place to stay glad to see he got away from this physco wow anyways nick hope yea post this Hamilton whore up!

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Grease Bucket

November 17, 2014 Hamilton 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason Cullen is a greasy man whore. He will sleep with anything that has a warm hole. He’s filthy dirty and a broke ass low life who can’t afford to feed himself or pay child support for his 3 children. He doesn’t use condoms and stinks like dick cheese. He cheats on every girlfriend he’s ever had. He plays guitar in a shit band called Monarchy sky and they suck and only play in run down empty bars. He will never amount to anything in life and I’m pretty sure he’s secretly gay because he loves having things shoved up his ass during Sex. He starves his pets and beats his dog too. He’s the nastiest person I’ve ever met. If you see him just stay away cause you might catch an drd just looking at him.

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Pyscho Girl from Tillsonburg

November 14, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 394

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the biggest attention seeking slut ive ever met. She inserts herself into peoples relationships, and then makes up lies about them to break them up. She constantly craves attention and will do ANYTHING to get it. she calls herself “princess” but is the biggest trash bag EVER. guys dont give her the attention she feels she needs? she will turn their girlfriends against them, or make up lies upon lies to get attention. one week her mom is completely abusive and broken her bones before, and the week shes posting how much she loves her mom and everything shes ever done for her in her life. she cries she cant have kids to get sympathy from guys and then later posts she cant wait to have them. shes simply pathetic. GUYS BEWARE OF THIS CRAZY BITCH!

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Crazy Hamilton Head

November 12, 2014 Hamilton 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda r off Hamilton ont admits she’s a mth head.this girl is stocking my phone I think she’s been high for 3 days straight txting me I feel sorry for this girl if anyone knows her she needs help ASAP she told me she bought a gun and is coming to shoot me lol because she jealous of me …she says she’s standing out front of my house but I don’t see her lol meth really fcks people up ..so sad

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Brianna Timmins

November 12, 2014 Hamilton 156

THE DIRTY ARMY: Miss Brianna Timmins known as the homewreaking a*ds infested whore. girls keep your man locked away we all no this drug addict whore sucks dick for a line or a toke. but wait theres more as she lives off her welfare checks she debates on showering once a week for she can fit it in her lazy daily schedule of laying on her back all day and night to suck men off for food including the five boyfriends she has at a time ‘ miss victim seaker makes people beleive she is pregnant when on her rag she opps has a miscarriages and tells 5 or more guys she is carrying there baby trust me im one of them she is the most drama queen fckin addict i have ever fuckin met this fuckin junkie belongs in the fuckin nut house look at her face in the picture look at me im all fcked up selling my body for drugs and food fuck man since ive known the whore shes never ever had a fuckin home or feed her fckin animals pretty fuckin sad but guess just suck a dick bitch keep your groceries up for the week\’ learn how to pay your fuckin debts up your price in the dick sucking industry do us all a favour kill yourself already stop faking your sliced wrists and actually be real for once the world would love that hamiltons dirty B homewreaker

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