Sarah Murphy

October 16, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 140


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nit, this girl has been on here before and deserves to be on here again… This nasty little whore will screw anything that’s drunk enough to stick it in… Her man left her and her doors been open ever since… Ive heard stories about how nasty her fishy vag is and her stomach looks like cottage cheese… She will Never find a man to stick with her so she takes pride in screwing other girls men the second they break up… She’s the type of girl that guys Use for a quick and easy f**k. This nasty little scum bag looks like some sort of a mouse aka “big tooth Sarah” and “fishie”… Her eyes are too close together and she has hereplies. She acts soooo innocent but deep down she knows what a filthy dirty whore she is and sadly she accepts it… Sarah murphy everyone! Happily tryna fck yourman and then havino a fit when she realizes they just used her..

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Pathway Cries Wolf

October 15, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet Andrea and her partner Ben budda, Here it goes she fcks everyone and claims date rape poor excuse for just wanting to get fcked. she is madly in love with any guy who is not her baby dad. when she gets buated for sleeping around on him she is on the phone with the cops claiming rape but yet doesn’t remember. Ben budda poor excuse of a father a women beating drug dealing scumbag. He talks a lot of shit and can’t back up his mouth hides behind his telephone. Looks like a creeper smells like rotten pssy and grows beard to change his appearence while he try to go for the same peoplw under a different name. match made in heaven Nik expect I think he is the rapest and there both under cover. I have personally seen them talking to under covers not sure if there being investigated or there working for them butsomething strange is happening in pathway. seems like no one really leaves that house and they ppl come back with issues.

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Jeff Yaremko

October 15, 2014 Hamilton 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this tool is the biggest cke head youll ever meet. He puts the charm on real well but in the end his true colours shine. Hes hamiltons/edmontons biggest walking drd!! Likes to think hes one big tough guy but in reality, hes nothing but another bitch on roids. He also as a child that he doesnt see or suport because his drugs fall number one on the list. This tool doesnt know how to be a faithful human being, hell stick his infested dick into anything that spreads. Nik blast this deadbead, cheating cokehead to warn the bitches of this city to stay clear!! gross pig!!!

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Troy Calverley

October 14, 2014 Hamilton 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: i dont know were to start! This guys is a Pathological liar.He can not be trust and you cant beileve a word he says.He says he is a college graduate but he only made it half way threw high school,he says he played professional baseball,he never was,he says he used to be a boxer,he never was.And he says he loves his children and is a good father but he hasnt seen them in a few years(Thank god they are better off with out him anyways)He beats the fck out of his girlfriends and her young children(i know first hand he does this).He is a huge coke head and would rather get drunk and do drugs then grow up.Your what 35 years old,its time to grow up and stop acting like your 20 years old.I cant wait untill the day you feel the pain you put your ex girlfriend and her children threw.You deserve nothing but getting your face kicked in.Karma will come and bit you in the ass twice as hard,it may not be today or a year down the road but it will come to you.

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Closet Case Jessie Hanif

October 13, 2014 Hamilton 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy acts like a player and talks big and says he has banged all this chicks but i think the truth needs to be told,this guy doesnt know how to tell the truth and has been keeping a big secret which is kinda funny because we had been dating for over 8 months and he was worried about his muslim dad finding out he is gay jessie as i told you its ok you dont need to be ashamed.i know our relationship is over but you need to be honest with yourself

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Couch Surfing Bum

October 13, 2014 Hamilton 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bum is tyler saresky….nasty ass deadbeat with two kids who will never know who there real dad is and one on the way with some nasty pill poppin whore ! He thinks bragging about how he used to sell drugs and have a penthouse and blah blah blah he will attrack girls…..wrong bitch get a job move out of your mommy’s house and take care of ur own !

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Nikki Grecth

October 10, 2014 Hamilton 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK this is nikki grecth, m*th head theif.   pic speaks for itself

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Constance Needs to Get Over Herself

October 10, 2014 Hamilton 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I am a landlord and know other landlords who have rented to this dirty troll in St. Catharines and for the past 25 years this woman has lived like a pig. She is constantly evicted for having a filthy home, abusive men around minors, drugs, you could smell the stench of smoke and weed coming down the hall, FACS Niagara was involved I don’t know how many times, drunken fights, blackened eyes, different men hence her kids with different fathers, unspayed cats, filthy litter boxes, hamster cages, destroyed carpets, holes in walls, toilets stained beyond being able to ever be cleaned. On top of this she made a career of making false complaints against every neighbor she encountered, she harassed people and has multiple run ins with the law, she was caught listening outside of people’s doors, she stole mail, and she is blacklisted from renting in many apartments/townhomes in the city. Last i seen her was on a stretcher naked with her nasty stretch marks, she had a drug overdose. She is on Niagara housing because her son will not stop procreating with multiple girls and started doing this at 14 while in her care. She either collects welfare or works as a telemarketer cold calling and harasses people for a living. Worst thing is that she believes she is the most beautiful woman alive. She brags she had 4 abortions before the birth of her miracle child Krystal rose who also feels that she is the sexiest girl on earth. Please tell these women they are not god’s gift!!!!

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