Christina Kennard

July 24, 2014 Hamilton 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Christina is a lying cheating snake who needs to be exposed for what she is this woman pretends to be your friend uses you for all she can get from you then throws you under the bus. she has boyfriend with no teeth that she uses to support herself then while he is at work she meets up with her baby’s dad Jason blows him in his car money and drugs Spreading her DRD round and round she has stolen from a single Mom of 5 just3 weeks after this woman gave birth she asked Christina to get her milk with her bank card, christina maxed out her account leaving her with no food for a month for her children. Then her bf is at work she sleeps with her friends brother kisses her BF right when he gets home from work.She neglects her kids to the point I was in an elevator with her and her kids had lice falling out of their hair. She hows porn to her 12 year old claiming it is educational for her daughter and provides her with sex toys to perform the actions it disturbs me and i want to warn others so they dont friend this woman or allow their children to associate with hers shes a loser and a user thats why her mother and father favor her sister shes the family dirtbag and uses even her own family she wants more kids for the babybonus cheque but her boyfriend has no sperm so she cheats on him… expose this dirt monger

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Stay away from April Bullock

July 24, 2014 Hamilton 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: I really hope this gets posted..! This girl is dangerous..! She is going around the city of Hamilton haveing sex with everyone and not disclosing her medical condition which is a very dangerous drd that can result in death.. Stay away from her .. If you have had sexual contact with her since 1997 go see a doctor.. Shes a dirty slut who’s hurting innocent people..! She was in the newspaper last year being changed for what she has done now she’s back in the newspaper again being charged for the same thing.. This girl needs to learn..!

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Josh Williams and Pebbles

July 24, 2014 Hamilton 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: I caught my boyfriend in action with another girl right in the basement of a bar. his name is joshua williams and the slut go by baybay purple on fb. i call her pebbles cause he threw a diamond for a rock and shes such trash and now they sleep in the basement together. Keeping it classy lmfao. How do your faces feel???

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Big Face Jessica

July 23, 2014 Hamilton 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik its about time this girls posted on here . This girl right here is Jessica ferreira.. You can find her all over the downtown hamilton jumping from guy to guy. as long as they have a bottle of alcohol shes there ! If theyve got it , then shes giving it !! this slut and fuck machine has been going around for years shes been passed between 2 friends for the past few years they use her and abuse her like the gutter slut that she is. Hooking up with guys is her specialty so get in line boys ! Its about time someone put this ditch pig on blast .

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Too rachet for Hamilton

July 23, 2014 Hamilton 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Marissa Burnett thinks she can prance around hamilton thinking shes her boyfriends one and only meanwhile hes out fucking every escort in the gta. Caught red handed and she is still pregnant with his baby…Dealing with her huge drug problem how is she going to manage to take care of a baby. Her boyfriend also has his own drug problem . Perfect couple eh nick ? Too overweight and old for backpage sucks dick in strangers cars for 30 dollars off of craigslist . walking around town with a damn mop on her head. Get it together Marissa . We’re Praying for you .

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Nicky Lynn Chambers The “Model”

July 22, 2014 Hamilton, The Dirty, Toronto 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl from Hamilton is a real loser, with no life and lots of mental issues. She once accused a family man of raping her when he refused to get her boozed while she was underaged when he refused to do so. She the started “modeling” for free, simply to get noticed. Working with mostly amateur photographers.  She was fired from her job, due to some explicit images leaked on her Instagram.  She also tries to bring her ugly cousin into modeling, but no photographer wants to photograph ugly “model”. Nicky Lynn has a lot of mental issues that god back to when she was a teen. Alcohol abuse and substance abuse is evident in her behavior and this is just a friendly warning to stay away from this broad.

Some people just need to live sideways because straight on ruins everything.- nik

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Sandy/Ian Pacheco

July 22, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is dirty Sandy Pacheco and her dirty husband Ian. These two are the nastiest married couple around. The two of them sleep with anyone who will let them touch them. They both claim they are DJ’s but never get work. Sandy has no friends because she fcks all their men. If you see either one of these two proceed with caution they are fully loaded with DRD’s.

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Nasty Purple Lover

July 21, 2014 Hamilton 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: where do I start this girl is the nastiest person Ive ever met she doesn’t know how to clean her house she sleeps with everyone she thinks everyone wants her but clearly no one wants her she can’t hold a man down because of her nasty ways she stinks like fish and is full of drd she never showers she doesn’t even take care about her kid her oldest daughter Tony is babysitting all the time she’s with an old ass man that’s in his fiftiesand he doesn’t like her kids she chooses a man over her own kids her own family doesn’t even like her because of her nasty ways she didn’t finish school she’s never had a job in her life she doesn’t keep the house clean she had bed bugs in her house she would never wash her laundry her daughter would always have head lice including her she slept with her own cousin phil and stuff with her brother Ben and Norman don’t let me forget him her body is nasty looking she was sending pictures of her pussy it looks like cottage cheese that’s how nasty it isshe doesn’t care what people think about her she’s always saying she’s going to change and never diedyou might fall in so beware of the stinky fish woman you may need a rope because you may fall in and you won’t be able to get yourself out she looks like she got hit by a Mack truck she’s in her thirties and still can’t take care of her kids and acts like she’s a teenager she gossips about everybody she loves the drama this girl really needs to get a life and needs to take care of her kids and stop going out to club you’ll always see her two brothers there and they cant do nothin they’re nasty your whole family is gross none of them can keep a clean house poor excuse as a woman I feel sorry who ends up with her next she don’t care who sleeps with her man she’ll still be with them she don’t care who she lays down you need to put her on blast someone needs to call Cas on this bitch and she says she’s addicted to weed and can’t get off of it and sleeps all day well her daughter takes care of the kids and her daughter is 10 years old taking care of her siblings and not as pretty sad and her daughter has a learning disability I feel so sorry for her

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