William Terrell Weatherspoon

April 14, 2014 Cincinnati, Hamilton 67 7,508 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Anyone who leaves their kids with This man needs to have their kids taken from them for child endangerment. William Terrell Weatherspoon did 15 years in prison for raping a 12 yr child in 1994and is still molesting little girls taking showers with 5 yr olds and taking Q tips and cleaning the inside of their vaginas. Now I understand its been a long time ago but since it happen in 1994 he is allowed to live with a school in his back yard with small elementry kids cutting thru his back yard to and from school all because the newer “Megan Law” doesn’t apply to him. I’m tired of him and his new “wife” (a crackhead prostitute) lying to everyone about what he really did and minimizing the whole situation and to make it worse he keeps kiddy porn hidden I’m the basement behind some loose brick. An no one believes that he is a chomo so here are some pics of him and the crack head wife Sharon Ann Weatherspoon along the links to the websites to confirm.

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Flora Sadik

April 14, 2014 Hamilton 26 9,065 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik , This girl flora thinks she shit, meanwhile you can tell everything that comes out her mouth Is a lie,she talk like she Gucci this Gucci that, but in reality she’s just a hoochie working the corner so she can buy buy blow. I met her she sucked my dick, next night got smashed fcked her, a week later had to take a trip to the clinic test came positive for herpes, and when I approached her about it she said she was gonna put a hit out on me. She’s a piece of shit that ruined my life, post this whore and keep her from doing it to someone else.

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Pathological liar Kyle Valvasori

April 9, 2014 Hamilton 26 10,388 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kyle Valvasori he’s a pure dirt bag. He cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with multipe women giving them sme sob story about how his baby wasn’t his to get sympathy, but then looked like a complete idiot when his baby passed away. He lies about everything that comes out of his mouth, especially about going to school to become a fire fighter! it’s all a lie! you can find kyle frequenting POF as well as walking the streets of Dundas! He has no job, lives off wefare in his daddys house with no hydro! He has two other kids who he doesnt see or pay for because he is a deadbeat!!

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Linda Spread my legs Turkey

April 9, 2014 Hamilton 22 9,429 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whore bag will spread her legs for anything with a penis! She is willing to give up her stank ass for a sandwhich, a top up card for her cell phone, a place to stay or a ride to visit with her kids that she lost,on more the one ocassion. She even had sex with her friends boyfriend in the back of his car! Shes known druggie and claims to be an escort! Beware! I was her friend until a week ago until she decided to sleep with my boyfriend!

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Candace Dickson Chunky Escort

April 9, 2014 Hamilton 35 7,814 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! This is Candace. First off this girl as you can tell is a NASTY HOE. SHE takes everyones baby dads and sleeps with them for money!!! its awful.. my baby woke up looking for his father, and what do ya know!! my baby dad was there and paid this girl 80 bucks for some “fun” !!! Shes about 200 plus pounds and needs to learn to lay off the D! especially the D thats taken…. also needs to learn to put that toungue away in EVERY ONE OF HER PICTURES she posts. Sad. I believe she has a child on the way as well. She lies often tells people she is clean and acts so “kind” but really just wants ur dirty toilet left overs to eat and munch on. Wouldnt be surprised if she is re posted. HAmilton dirty hoe needs to learn!!!! back off away from taken men!!!

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Bathroom Worker

April 9, 2014 Hamilton 53 9,120 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This girl is hamiltons DIRTIEST. 2 kids and countin!!!! I heard she works at hamilton strip (bathroom) to suck off guys for extra cash to support those pooor poor children she has! Her tats must of been done by someone high off the meth.. wow poor girl, shes covered in meth addict tats. Thats one mom ya cant beat!!! haha. poor kids… I wouldnt ever want to be seen with this one! former crack head addict, with those eyebrows i wouldnt be surprised if she still does it! Also, Chastin seems to think the “GANGSTA” look & talk is still IN! HONEY, did anyone tell you that its currently year 2014?? Not SURE if you can even read this but Im sure someone will catch you up as to what year it is. Stop giving bjs in Hamilton strips bathroom! Youre making us strippers look bad girl!!! Too bad your stomach is too stretched from all dat BABY POPPIN’ you do. not sure how you call yourself a “LESBIAN”.. dont lesbian have children with woman? But your children are half black.. so i guess you went from the black d to a lesbian?? DECIDE already please!!! You should use that extra money your making to lazer remove all those meth crack tattoos you have covering your body!! GOODLUCK CHASTIN! HAMILTON DUMPSTER TRASH!!!! WATCH UR GIRLFRIENDS & BOYFRIENDS!!

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Rotisserie Candice Pike

April 9, 2014 Hamilton 52 6,357 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This bitch right here is soooo OILY like crisco… scratch crisco bring on the ROTISSERIE cause this PIG needs to be put over the fire!!!! Then maybe all the dirty stds will be cooked away from her lardish skin. Has her mother ever taught her what a bra is??? Man those puppies can be seen from a mile away!!! Let alone that trashy ass butterfly tattoo… come on gal have some class!!! 1) This girl does have the herps!! she just hides it well.. she told me in grade 8 that she got the DRD and to not tell anyone!!! burn bitch burn!! thats what happens when u stole all my boyfriends… and sleep with my baby dad over ten times!!!!!.. She has punched my own mother out in the face! she has no class or respect.. this is one dirty post!! thats FOR SURE. I can smell her from here and Im almost an hour away. Candice Pike goes to work high on crack cocaine and beats all the children at her work and pulls their ears!! poor little children at day care have to deal with a crack head day car teacher!! watch ur kids parents!!!! 2) She probably has lots of semen cookin up in that box, SHES BASICALLY A PORTO-POTTY aka c*m dumpster!.. She has burned ALL her friends, exs everyone!!! this is why she has no friends anymore. She gives her family name PIKE a bad gruesome and cntscab name. STOP SLEEPING WITH EVEYRONE’S MEN and their cousins and dads and sisters and exs and babydads!!!! I have seen her having sex in the back of club 77 multiple times with about 6 different black men!!!!!

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Amanda Gagne

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 142 10,323 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we hav Amanda Gagne. she’s a Marta. leite wanna be. this pathetic nasty dirty bitch has a dream. her dream is to be half the woman her mans ex wife is. her husband Joe. Barreira is child molester. and a woman beater and a cheater. what a great catch. !!! Their both on welfare using different addtesses. Amanda is a welfare dead beat. she obsesses over her mans ex wife and goes out of her way to TRY to be her mans ex wife. nice try Amanda but Marta is a godess compaired to you. she also has a job momey and owns her own home. AMANDA is so jealous of Marta. tells ppl that Martas grandson and Martas kids are hers. she try’s to do her hair like Marta and try’s to dress like Marta and try’s to be best of friends with Martas family and friends. why cant this dirt bag find her own friends. ? And be proud of her own family. ? Oh i know why. bc her family is a bunch of white trash and her mom stood around and watched her get molested by her bf. What a disfunctional family. i guess thats why history is repeating it self now and now Amandas daughter is being molested by Amandas man and Amanda does nothing about it. this is concidered normal in this retarded family and her daughter is now a dyke wow. ! Didn’t see that coming…can you blame her daughter for hating men. ? I can understand why Amanda trys to livd her life through Marta. Marta has it all. everything Amanda wishes for and thats why Amanda hates on Marta so much. Marta is the ex and is at least 12 years older than Amanda but looks 12 years younger and Amanda cant deal with it…it eats her alive. Amanda thinks she has friends but they all laugh at her pathetic broke unemployed giant gorilla ass.

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