Aelissa Bryant

September 12, 2014 Hamilton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is a recent photo of a call girl working out of delhi Simcoe woodstock brantford. Sometimes. London too. It’s sad really, can’t even get groceries in Simcoe. Someone might call her out on her lies. Do u ever wake up at night, angry because ur whole life is a lie? Do u ever hear noises in ur house at night and think it’s ghosts? It is, it’s all the people u have fuct over in ur life. Do u have a hard time looking people in the eyes? Do u become very mad when ur caught in a lie? These may be some of the reasons people throw marbles in ur drive way they’re not being mean, just giving u what u lost. It’s funny, the police show up at ur house. Aren’t u an officer? Oh iam, iam just undercover. A flouter. They send me undercover cus I look young she says. Washed up, spent, pathological liar, scheming, little pig. Got ur 45yr old man stocked up with viagra? He probably takes it cus ur such a bitch and he can’t see past it. Oh yea, how u get that scar on ur head. She says it’s from a car accident….. I think it’s cause somebody thumped her. but thats just a hunch. Remember , don’t lie, don’t steal. Life might be better for u and the 2 and a half men who live at the house that u own 25 percent of. Your not all that, but hoe bag.

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Patty Barreira

September 11, 2014 Hamilton 293

THE DIRTY ARMY: niik his is Patty horn aka barreira looks like a mentally challenged troll doesn’t she ? I don’t know where to start with this train wreck from hell ! First I’ll start off by saying she a cheater,cheats on everyone she knows, she talks pure shit behind ur back but when she see’s you in person she rides your dick of kisses your ass and that\’s only when she comes out of hiding cus she’s a fcking hide out . She cheated on the best person she ever had in her life “her ex husband and turned him into a crack head. She cheated on him with everyone including THE GUY NEXT DOOR. She let a boy friend of hers molest her daughter when her daughter was just a little girl and now her daughter hates men and is a full out DYKE !!!! Who is in and out of the pen for shooting ppl and is now in a leadbian relationship with a BABY KILLER and the her goof mother PATTY accepts and welcomes a baby killer into her and her daughters life Patty sr will turn an angel into a devil over night you either start smoking crack turn into a dyke ol your self after living with this manic psycho path. She’s on every kind of psycho path meds you can think of ! She’s been on welfare her entire life and has not worked a fucking day of her gross pathetic insane life ! Evil is puttin lightly when describing this waste of a human being. She turned her second baby father into a pill opponent junky and her x boyfriend killed him self after being with her. She’s desperate and fallows her ex husband around like a strey dog in heat. She’s short fat and ugly ! And is hamiltons # 1 LOSER ! Grub dirty scum. Let’s her baby father live in her grubby apartment and takes care of him cus he’s a sick junky and she begs her ex husband to allowe her to do his laundry and clean his apartment ! Talk about desperate or what ???!!! Tries in a horrible blow job to from what he says LMFAO used and abused PATTY HORN BARREIRA.

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Small Greg Big Mouth

September 10, 2014 Hamilton 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This here is Vince Smith. He is a fcking joke, anyone who really knows him or that has dated him , knows he is a fucking joke and a wannabe of many things. He goes around flashing cash acting like he earned it, mean while he takes it from his daddy and robs people for it and he is on welfare. Oh what a big spender! Ah ladies your dinner and movie night was bought with stolen money from someone he robbed or the check he gets at the end of the month. If he dates a girl and that girl doesnt want to see him anymore or has had just about enough of his loser, controlling , emotional verbal abuse and if you got kids , watch out he likes to call C.A.S as a form of revenge and say many lies to make your life a little difficult. This guy is a snitch , he rats out people for fun. His brother isnt much different then him. Vince has drds. He is a pussy , he opens his mouth starts fights gets scared when shit happens and says I’m gonna get my biker buddies on you blah blah blahh. He thinks his a baller cause he goes out in limos with his loser friends like rick the dick. Vince has been in and out of jail for domestic violence/abuse against women. Good guy I don’t think so. Watch the charm he throws at ya , you might just end up regreting it ,if you get with him. Have fun and stay safe ladies

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Jeff Tossell

September 9, 2014 Hamilton 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jeff Tossell, hes been tossed around Hamilton and Burlington where he lives off his parents because he cannot keep a job due to drinking and smoking weed everyday! Jeff Tossell gave me herpes, this is no ex girlfriend drama, this is a girl sticking up to tell other girls to watch out for him. He is very dirty! He will try and wine and dine you but really he just wants to get into your pants. He sucks in bed, he takes roids, hes just plain out gross! Please post this nik he deserves to be blasted so other girls in the area will stay away!

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They Love Each Other So Much

September 8, 2014 Hamilton, The Dirty 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet John and Candice Klus. Dirtiest couple in all of Hamilton. They cheat on each other constantly and have absolutely no morals. Candice sells herself for drugs but goes by her street name Blake Holiday. They both have type 2 DRD and openly enforce anti natalism and bash people for having kids when they are kids themselves. Candice steals from her parents and treats them like crap even though they let her live with her and give her a vehicle to use. Which she recently used to collect a DUI. Please put these white trash hillbillies up here. They deserve to be dirty celebs.

I’m guessing that is not the star of David?- nik

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Purple Chaser

September 4, 2014 Hamilton 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Amanda Peralta, she thinks she can photoshop away her age…

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Afghan Pig

September 4, 2014 Hamilton 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik meet Caspian here lives a low life dirt bag who robs innocent women for there cell phones . and steals money from charity events too . this piece of shit even hit a girl because she wouldn’t give him a cigarette I witnessed it anyways this little puke got into a mix with the wrong female one day and got his nose busted lol ha serves you right Caspian and his little friends are a bunch of low life pieces of garbage who go around robbing people all the time I hope one day thier all hit with some flesh eating disease and dissapear from existence

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Watch Out for this Mother Son

September 3, 2014 Hamilton 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for these! Fkn scammers! Son plays it all abused while living of whoever for free fcking whoever will let him touch them! The mother has no problem hiding her son and encouraging him to rip a mother and Lil girl off! She knows he’s a lying drug addict who rips people off but will help him screw women after women around cause she’s still bent out of shape about mitch daddy cheating 28 years ago!these ppl have no morals, these two will suck you in then run screaming victim so Mitch don’t have to pay to live!

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