Rotisserie Candice Pike

April 9, 2014 Hamilton 46 6,265 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This bitch right here is soooo OILY like crisco… scratch crisco bring on the ROTISSERIE cause this PIG needs to be put over the fire!!!! Then maybe all the dirty stds will be cooked away from her lardish skin. Has her mother ever taught her what a bra is??? Man those puppies can be seen from a mile away!!! Let alone that trashy ass butterfly tattoo… come on gal have some class!!! 1) This girl does have the herps!! she just hides it well.. she told me in grade 8 that she got the DRD and to not tell anyone!!! burn bitch burn!! thats what happens when u stole all my boyfriends… and sleep with my baby dad over ten times!!!!!.. She has punched my own mother out in the face! she has no class or respect.. this is one dirty post!! thats FOR SURE. I can smell her from here and Im almost an hour away. Candice Pike goes to work high on crack cocaine and beats all the children at her work and pulls their ears!! poor little children at day care have to deal with a crack head day car teacher!! watch ur kids parents!!!! 2) She probably has lots of semen cookin up in that box, SHES BASICALLY A PORTO-POTTY aka c*m dumpster!.. She has burned ALL her friends, exs everyone!!! this is why she has no friends anymore. She gives her family name PIKE a bad gruesome and cntscab name. STOP SLEEPING WITH EVEYRONE’S MEN and their cousins and dads and sisters and exs and babydads!!!! I have seen her having sex in the back of club 77 multiple times with about 6 different black men!!!!!

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Amanda Gagne

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 113 10,159 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we hav Amanda Gagne. she’s a Marta. leite wanna be. this pathetic nasty dirty bitch has a dream. her dream is to be half the woman her mans ex wife is. her husband Joe. Barreira is child molester. and a woman beater and a cheater. what a great catch. !!! Their both on welfare using different addtesses. Amanda is a welfare dead beat. she obsesses over her mans ex wife and goes out of her way to TRY to be her mans ex wife. nice try Amanda but Marta is a godess compaired to you. she also has a job momey and owns her own home. AMANDA is so jealous of Marta. tells ppl that Martas grandson and Martas kids are hers. she try’s to do her hair like Marta and try’s to dress like Marta and try’s to be best of friends with Martas family and friends. why cant this dirt bag find her own friends. ? And be proud of her own family. ? Oh i know why. bc her family is a bunch of white trash and her mom stood around and watched her get molested by her bf. What a disfunctional family. i guess thats why history is repeating it self now and now Amandas daughter is being molested by Amandas man and Amanda does nothing about it. this is concidered normal in this retarded family and her daughter is now a dyke wow. ! Didn’t see that coming…can you blame her daughter for hating men. ? I can understand why Amanda trys to livd her life through Marta. Marta has it all. everything Amanda wishes for and thats why Amanda hates on Marta so much. Marta is the ex and is at least 12 years older than Amanda but looks 12 years younger and Amanda cant deal with it…it eats her alive. Amanda thinks she has friends but they all laugh at her pathetic broke unemployed giant gorilla ass.

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Lorrie Mccullough

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 23 9,703 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet lorrie. mccullough the ranting raving fool who is obsessed with Marta. Leite. this bitch lorrie is a ratt. She likes to commit all sorts of crimes but calls cops on innocent ppl who have done nothing wrong. this pathetic loon harresses any female her baby daddy gets involved with bc she wants him back more than anything but he wants nothing to do with her bc he knows first hand what a piece of shit she is…she’s a fraud and lijes to point fingers at ppl accusing them of doing what she does. this goof bucket loves to sniff the rails and does infront of her daughters. she also shop lifts infront of her daughyers and also gets arressted in front of her daughters. Lorrie spent 2 years in womens penn for fraud and also was found guilty of robbing an elderly lady at a bank machine. She pretends to live a happy life but thr truth is,is that she’s lonely and bored and has way to much time on her hands. she likes to post ppl on here that she’s jealous of and that she know are doing better than her. she should have known what goes around comes around and this ugly degenerate uneducated obseesed delusional free fcking whore will get every bit of what she dish’s out back tenfold. Plus i heard theres some real big o’g's looking for her sorry ass bc she ratted out on one of the most solid chicks in hamilton

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Carrie-Lynn Barton

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 1 8,410 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: White trash currently banging my friends husband who finally had the courage to leave her abusive husband and get some counseling. Instead of letting my friend move on with her life, Carrie-Lynn is a hopeless drama queen who spends all her time on Facebook posting messages and photos to rub her face in it, even how she has sex in the beds of my friends children a. She is baby-crazy and jealous of anyone who has kids and is currently turning my friends son against their mother by buying them presents and telling them that “mommy is crazy.” If you complain or ask her to go away she will accuse you of assault and call the police. She is a dangerous druggie and psycho.

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Chamane Kowalewski

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 12 6,502 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Charmane Kowalewski. She is 31. And a hair dresser working at ectasy hair salon here in hamilton. She also is a home wreaker. She takes men from women. She weasles her way into the mans life and steals him away. She had a thing for older men in their 50′s. Drug dealers and low lifes. Her most recent attack was when she pounced on a father of two. Convincing him that his one child means nothing and he should walk away, she allows her new boyfriend christopher marechal to violently stalk and attack his childs mother and supports his low life. I would watch when getting your hair done by this one. She is beyond the dirtiest. To stay with a man who cheated on you numberious times. To pull families apart. Is down right crule. She is the krusty of the krusties. Ive heard her boyfriend is only with her because he needs something to fu** and that he cant stand looking at that monstrosity of a mole on her face. If i was her i would have that removed i personally want to scream mole mole mole everytime she walks by me. She believes she is gods gift to men when really you cant even call her a butterface. Her uglyness both on the inside and out side cant be called anything but dirty!

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One Night Stand Scam

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 11 9,272 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, where do I begin…. Clearly this broad needs no introduction she left her ID at my place when I was done with her – so I pick this broad up Friday night, she comes back to my place after last call and we’re up til like 7 am foolin’ around. She tells me she’s in a bad relationship with a man that don’t love her, doesn’t provide and doesn’t cut it in bed, hits her, cheats on her, whole sad story I’ve heard before in this city – which made sense at the time why else would she be prowling? Well after all that she 8:30 am rolls around and she gets a call from her sister saying her boyfriend is looking for her, and books it like a bat out of hell, well.. Okay that’s fine, but what I didn’t realize is that slut took off with my $350 wireless beats… So if it wasnt enough that drinks and cabs were on me, she apparently wanted a souvenir. Stay away from this bitch, She’s trouble and full of lies! And apparently she is operating some kinda weird fck/theft operation with her sister and boyfriend. Nik, this is my first post for Hamilton but I’m sure it won’t be my last. Can you open up a dating site for broads like this to target people of their own likeness and call it “the bucket”?

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Ice Head Lila Macmorran

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 10 9,640 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who is Lila Macmorran … What omg here we go … She is an ice head always looking for her next fix.. She has 3 children that she can’t care for and leaves her husband to tend to then while she goes out and whores around for ice, weed, coke… Booze… You name it … She has a man at home and sends many old men dirty nasty pics of herself … God knows why when they can smell her a mile away and chances are they all have seen her nasty crusty self…. She runs away days at a time and doesn’t know who her baby daddy’s are but likes to pin them on whoever to get them to play babysitter… This has been going on for years… She thinks she is gods gift to men that home wrecking bitch has given more diseases than kisses to her children … I feel horrible for her children being kissed by that mouth that has been who knows where…. She goes after old men plays a pity speech and gets hotel rooms with them for a joint or line …. Watch out she’s poison be a matter of time before her kids get placed into a proper home out of her drug addicted wrath

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Gold Digger Lorraine

April 8, 2014 Hamilton 9 9,371 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Lorraine aka gold digger this bitch finally met a nice man and took advantage of himshe went away and took his money and spent it all on other guys in other women and partied it up this bitch will never change she will always be nasty and dirty she used to be a crckhead back in the day we used to call her aka stinky pussy Lorraineshe doesn’t care who she sleeps with a man woman whatever she can get she will sleep with your husband anybody she doesn’t careshe’s always been on welfare she’s a bum claims that she knows everybody in Hamilton she knows everybody from being a crackheadI used to be her friend until I seen what she did to that poor man he was a really nice guy and treated her very good she only wanted him for his money when she was with him she was with a whole bunch of other guys and women at the same time that’s why she went away with two girlsshe didn’t give a fuk about this guy just his money she always says she has a job but is on welfareshe is a compulsive liar she even believe in her own life she wants told me she had her sister Pam working for her out Niagara Falls in that was a liesays her sister Pam was a prostitute which was a lie her sister Pam actually has something going for herself in life Lorraine is always going to be the nasty fat bitch that looks like she got hit by a Macktruck she’s all used up I will never be this girls friend ever again she stole my credit cards and stole my money from me watch out for her she’s coming around with her legs wide open she stinks like fish

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