Couch Surfing Bum

October 13, 2014 Hamilton 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bum is tyler saresky….nasty ass deadbeat with two kids who will never know who there real dad is and one on the way with some nasty pill poppin whore ! He thinks bragging about how he used to sell drugs and have a penthouse and blah blah blah he will attrack girls…..wrong bitch get a job move out of your mommy’s house and take care of ur own !

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Nikki Grecth

October 10, 2014 Hamilton 126

THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK this is nikki grecth, m*th head theif.   pic speaks for itself

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Constance Needs to Get Over Herself

October 10, 2014 Hamilton 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I am a landlord and know other landlords who have rented to this dirty troll in St. Catharines and for the past 25 years this woman has lived like a pig. She is constantly evicted for having a filthy home, abusive men around minors, drugs, you could smell the stench of smoke and weed coming down the hall, FACS Niagara was involved I don’t know how many times, drunken fights, blackened eyes, different men hence her kids with different fathers, unspayed cats, filthy litter boxes, hamster cages, destroyed carpets, holes in walls, toilets stained beyond being able to ever be cleaned. On top of this she made a career of making false complaints against every neighbor she encountered, she harassed people and has multiple run ins with the law, she was caught listening outside of people’s doors, she stole mail, and she is blacklisted from renting in many apartments/townhomes in the city. Last i seen her was on a stretcher naked with her nasty stretch marks, she had a drug overdose. She is on Niagara housing because her son will not stop procreating with multiple girls and started doing this at 14 while in her care. She either collects welfare or works as a telemarketer cold calling and harasses people for a living. Worst thing is that she believes she is the most beautiful woman alive. She brags she had 4 abortions before the birth of her miracle child Krystal rose who also feels that she is the sexiest girl on earth. Please tell these women they are not god’s gift!!!!

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Chris Vanyo

October 10, 2014 Hamilton 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I met this guy at Honest Lawyer and we ended up hooking up and I ended up catching cr**s and I’m pretty sure he smokes crack. I wish this was a joke but its not. Serious warning girls.

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Ralph Good

October 9, 2014 Hamilton 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Ralph Good.. The most nastiest man alive! Never showers, lays on the couch all day watching t.v and talking to his birds cause no one else wants to talk to him Lmao… This Guy is so low that he didn’t even go see his Wife at the hospital dying of stage four cancer, instead he would stay at home and watch gay porn… While his Wife was in the hospital he met another woman and started seeing her.. He would go and meet her for coffee and make out in the car.. Gross! After he Wife died he didn’t go to the funeral and right away he started getting rid of everything in the house even her grand babies toys and such, just so he could move in his new girlfriend that you see in the picture with him… Now this is problem why Dawn and Cheryl Good and the rest of them are the way they are!!! I could write a novel about everyone in that family. Such scum does walk among us o_O

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Nasty Escort

October 9, 2014 Hamilton 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty rachet hoe talks so much shit, threatens to ki*l you, then blocks you from contacting her once you’ve agreed to fight. She escorts with hamiltons dirtiest! Her man, Kyle is the biggest idiot ever. Guys a total joke, no muscle, yet he thinks he’s a gangster. The girl thinks she deserves the world, she can go weeks without showering nasty! Your not a model, your a hooker. Huge difference!

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Flipping Burgs

October 8, 2014 Hamilton 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: real talk nik, this cat is straight up grimy. my ex ho cheated on me with this dirtbag, caught DRD from him and gave it to me. He talk all big saying he works out west in saskatwan making mad grills, funny cuz he uses ppl and mooches off everyone for anything he can! He gets young girls drunk and drug them so he can take advantage of them. All this cats homies are bunch of low life scums like himself! all them cheat on there women with anything that walks. they pass girls around and share with eachother just to turn them into hoes and ditchpigs then they go bak to there women. they do every kind of drugs they can find, and get mad tipsy so they can fight anyone in site just to look tough. grow up. bunch of Hamilton dirty piles, and this is the finest of them all!!!! blast this piece of scum fo real.

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Dating Site Loser

October 8, 2014 Hamilton 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies of Hamilton need to be aware of this charming piece of shit. You can find him trolling POF, leading girls on to believe he’s single, when he In reality hes in a relationship. He’ll fed you lies, tell you he’ll take care of you, and that you will get a place together. and then ditch as soon as he gets pussy or call him out on his bullshit. For some fcked up reason or another his girlfriend decides to stay with him so he’ll keep doing it to the next broad and the next and so on. I can’t even count the number of times a girl has told me he got her fcked up, and took advantage of her, or lied about being single. Either way if he tells you he’s single hes full of shit. god way to catch an drd and pass it along to your gf bud.

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