Scary Mary

July 11, 2014 Hamilton 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.. I just thought i would add some garbage to the site. This here is scary Mary. Biggest crck whore stripping,escort piece of shit mother there is. She is one of the biggest skanks in Hamilton. You can find her downtown with her junky friends thinking they’re hot shit. What the fuck!! is with that mop on her head, does she think that is cute?? She has scabs all over her face. Poor thing, she use to be someone cute in high school. See what drugs do kids.

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Scottish girl in Hess washrooms

July 11, 2014 Hamilton 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want to tell you about this girl who lives in Dundas, her name is Brooke. Brooke basically f*cked every guy in Scotland and then moved over to Canada so she could give birth to a kid, who she neglects and leaves at home she can go out clubbing and having sex with random guys. Brooke fucks guys and gives blowjobs in Hess club washrooms. She sends out naked pix of herself to guys she doesn’t even know. If you see this girl around Hess, BEWARE, as she is crawling with drds from all the random bathroom hookups in Sizzle. Her middle name is Gloryhole. This gross trashbag should focus more on her kid, eh Nik? Also, two things that are very unsettling: 1) why does she send out pictures that have those artistic borders? Does she have that much of a fan following? 2) What\’s with the kid in the bottom left corner? She’s definitely aiming for Mother of the Year.

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Tamara Brady, Hooked

July 10, 2014 Hamilton 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, could you please post this fall down junky mother one last time and maybe this time she will get it and grow up! Where do I even start? First off she’s pregnant with her second child except this time she’s hooked on methadone because of her previous herion/pill addiction. What good mother would even consider having a child while being on that. It’s no different than a drug, right? I just don’t get it, who would actually want their baby to suffer and deal with withdrawal from that garbage…. Tamara Bardy doesn’t mind…. Oh that’s right she’s only having this baby to try and keep her baby\s father around longer because she’s constantly cheating on him every chance she gets, If that’s not the case wouldn\’t she of just had another abortion like the 5 other ones. Maybe she’s just ashamed to make another appt at the abortion clinic? Who knows…. But I do know this, she’s now lost her other child to CAS and now needs to visit him at the agency (picture shown). I also know that se was out partying a couple weeks ago, keep in mind she’s pregnant (picture also shown)…. I really hope you get your shit together Tamara and stop trying to act so perfect you are not a good mother one bit and you don’t even deserve to get any of your kids back. I mean what mother doesn’t even know who their daughters father is? Why don’t we all vote….. Who’s Tamara daughters father ? DONNY MCARA OR STEVE STRILESKI(the man responsible for the multiple sexual assaults around Hamilton) ? Your not fooling anyone bitch!! I almost forgot look t this other picture I posted this is one of MANY, Tamara\’s constantly taking pictures of herself while she leaves her poor child unattended.. She’s so self entered she’s rather dress up and talk sexy pictures of herself while she leaves her kid there by himself. Your not sexy bitch, you look like a fckin tranny. Tranny no ass leather face Tamara posted yet AGAIN Haha

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Adding on to Sarah Shamoon : The Gahba

July 9, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: I feel bad for this girl! She will do anything for anyones attention! You will see this bar star everywhere every single night but the sad part is she doesn’t even have any true friends. Of course anyone will go out and party with u, ur a party friend that doesn’t sleep for days sniffing blow. Suddenly working at Atlantis Nutrition is all of a sudden a fitness queen. How do you go from doing drugs everyday to giving anyone advice to being healthy. 100 percent he girl doesn’t even no the difference between whey protein and isolate . I’ve added pictures of this ‘fake wanna be bikini girl” and a regular picture last week at the beach. Ur fat n descusting ur not fooling anyone , u don’t look like u have even gone to the gym ever, then the picture you take at the gym is charging ur cellphonelmao come on did u even sweat. Wanna be fo sho

Also See: Sarah Shamoon

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Going Nowhere

July 9, 2014 Hamilton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start with this one. The level of pathetic housed in the life of this one DUMB, low life junkie is almost unbelievable. This “girl” is the poster child and absolute definition of human waste and exactly what is wrong with society. She can be found milling around downtown Kitchener and the bus terminal, spouting off stupid shit, whining about her failed relationship or how she’s going to be a marine biologist one day (despite being unable to even pass St Louis, adult learning centre classes). Collecting cheques and shooting up are her only skills and it’s only a matter of time before she goes right back to being the filthy, incoherent, cracked out mess we all know her to be. I mean.. you’re called “Poke” for a reason..right? Greaseball.. Maybe next time you actually manage to land a guy that wants to spend any time around you, you won’t treat him like garbage and scare him off. You really should take what you can get.

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J Bennett

July 8, 2014 Hamilton, Kingston 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: This goof motherfucker shot a guy in the head for half a pound of weed in Hamilton and has the nerve to Braig that he only got 8 1/2 years for manslaughter. All the while he was doing his time in jail is most likely he was taking it in the ass. Due to his unpaid debts. He says he\’s from the hood and thinks he\’s a real gangster. But when he went to Millhaven Which is in Kingston. The Galloway Men dem try to get on him, and the so-called gangster checks his bitch ass in protective custody which makes him a PC Goof, he owed so much people money that he got kicked out of Ontario penitentiaries, he head in Montreal for the remainder time of the sentence. Now he\’s free he was released in May, he’s now married trying to be I want to be pimp, trying to put him self out there, he likes Steal from people, he likes to live off of females. He’s it set up nig*er, he will smile up in your face and turn right around Rob u, he’s one of the biggest bobble popping excasty pill head out he\’s a coke head, he’s in the areas knowing Montreal Toronto Hamilton Windsor London and Kitchener, he’s looking for young girls to take advantage of So all you pretty young girls be aware of Mr.Benntte with his 3 inch shrivel up pickle dick, this nigger pretends to be black but the only thing black on him this is fucking tattoos. There’s a lot of people that want his head. I hear he\’s wanted in jail In wanted on the streets . I even hear that this nigga is going around stealing bitches welfare checks and baby bonuses just to make it day by day smh so sad j you labeled as a murderer your labeled coke head your labeled as a fagg your labeled as a thief your labeled as a RAT pussy ass white boy

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Brian Colbert

July 7, 2014 Hamilton 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where should I start with this piece of work. He is St Catharines worst nightmare. He is a deadbeat father. He has five kids and he has only seen his oldest child a few times and he has never met his second child. This idiot promised his 5 year old child he would see her on her birthday and then bailed. Who does that? He has put the mother through hell and back. She left him because he was abusing her all the time and he got mad and told a bunch of people that she was a liar and trying to keep is child away from him and got her beat up by 6 people while she was pregnant. He is one manipulative son of a bitch. He rips people off and talks shit all the time. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself except maybe the slut Tiana who is also on blast. She also has kids with Brian (or so she says) from what I have heard she has slept with more people then she can count. GROSS! They are both dirty. Drd infested. Neither of then can keep it in their pants and they both enjoy cheating and lying. They need to be put on blast. Honestly I’m shocked I’m the only one that thought about this.

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Nickie Scott

July 7, 2014 Hamilton 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Nickie Scott. This nasty thing calls herself a ‘Webcam model’, but news flash Nickie giving webcam shows to a bunch of creeps online for tips isn’t modelling. She has a bf who she’s been with for 2 years and wtf? Is this guy crazy? Dude your girlfriend gets naked for cash!! how can you date someone willing to whore themselves out? Hamiton trash at its finest

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