Rachael Kaneva

September 2, 2014 Hamilton 353



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I have to start off by saying I’ve never personally “run” into Rachael Kaneva- mostly because I’m not from Hamilton, and I don’t make a point of hanging out with post 2006 bitty sleeze- but I was super intrigued when reading through the past few posts in regards to her, and some pretty hefty allegations about her fcking a dog- so I did what one can only do in these kinds of situations, and I hunted the footage down to see for myself. I wasn’t expecting her to have really let the dogs “eat her out”, but she did it with not one- but TWO dogs live for an audience. This bitch needed help then, and she clearly needs help now. Not to mention, ‘m 100% sure this is animal abuse/illegal regardless. Perhaps bestiality porno is a little exaggerated, but I’m sure you can understand my shock to see this shit.

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White Trash

September 2, 2014 Hamilton 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet John and Candice Klus. Dirtiest couple in all of Hamilton. They cheat on each other constantly and have absolutely no morals. Candice sells herself for drugs but goes by her street name Blake Holiday. They both have type 2 herpes and openly enforce anti natalism and bash people for having kids when they are kids themselves. Candice steals from her parents and treats them like crap even though they let her live with her and give her a vehicle to use. Which she recently used to collect a dui. Please put these white trash hillbillies up here. They deserve to be dirty celebs.

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Desiree Noganosh

September 2, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This crazy bitch is Desiree Noganosh, she is a stupid whore that sells her body for money and drugs, her pimp aka her ex boyfriend, whom she is still obsessed with, claims she once tried to herself by jumping in the niagrah river. Her current bf beats her if she can’t get drugs for him and so she gets even by sluuing it up behind his back. Desiree was once a member of the lesbian club in elementary school and lured other underage girls into public washrooms to have them strip so she could molest them. This chick thinks she’s soooo hot and flaunts her disgusting body and face to anyone willing to give her attention. Desiree also makes fake Facebook profiles to harass her boyfriends ex girl friend because she knows she can never compare to Bradley’s ex and she thinks she’s smart about it too which is hilarious because any face profile she’s made also has her pimp ex boyfriend as a Facebook friend. Idiot!

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Homie Hopper Constance

September 1, 2014 Hamilton 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whore will fuk and suck for a couple lines, Constance Ann can be found wasted at hess and augusta lookin for a fix, shes sneaky and lies about being on birth control… Wrap It Twice!!!

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Legs Wide Open

August 28, 2014 Hamilton 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tracey Steward will easily spread her legs for ANYONE. This cheating hoe takes the gold medal for being Hamilton dirtiest skank around. She was ingaged and married within two months of knowing Scott. All of a sudden she was texting and calling random guys for sex. Not only is she a slut but her personality matches her horrible looks as well. If you ever see her around feel free …

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Hailey Gummy Bear Fennel

August 28, 2014 Hamilton 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okaii so nik this girl is in her mid twenties has 2 children but yet she cannot take care of herself. Her first child was taken away and at this point I hope the same happens with her second, this girl has no teeth from the amount of drugs she’s done, I heard gummies are the best but that’s just sick! Hailey will lie and steal and sell herself down Barton street just to get her fix. The girl is so incompetent she actually SHIT HERSELF and just stood there. she wasn’t even at her own house. But cuz the TV was on and someone had just asked do u need the bathroom before I go in, she showed no signs of embarrassment as if shitting herself, standing in it and having someone else clean it up because ur such a junkie is disgusting please lord help her 6 month old get away from her she already lost her first child. Thank god. Guys I wouldn’t touch this with a 80 ft pole unless u want every disease out there plus probably ones we don’t even no about yet!

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Dawn Good

August 27, 2014 Hamilton 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Barton Streets finest Dawn Good. She thinks because she doesn’t walk Barton Street anymore that doesn’t still make her a whore. She slept with her sisters boyfriends and husband numerous times. She has a kid with her cousins ex husband. There is no limit to this coke sniffing husband stealing whore! She is more concerned about what dick she will suck next than she is about looking after her children. Hey Dawn, stop masturbating and sucking dick in the tub and start looking after your brats!!

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Iris Crackslore

August 26, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 184

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Iris buckingham this disgusting girl begs people for money to get her next fix. She has a son and her boyfriend doesn’t seem to care. Stay away from this walking cottage cheese pssy. This girls psy smells like fish and has been for years. She really needs to stop partying and face reality.

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