Nickie Scott

July 7, 2014 Hamilton 34


THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Nickie Scott. This nasty thing calls herself a ‘Webcam model’, but news flash Nickie giving webcam shows to a bunch of creeps online for tips isn’t modelling. She has a bf who she’s been with for 2 years and wtf? Is this guy crazy? Dude your girlfriend gets naked for cash!! how can you date someone willing to whore themselves out? Hamiton trash at its finest

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Armand Advilens

July 7, 2014 Hamilton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Armand Advilens one of the dirtiest pieces of trash to walk the streets of Hamilton. You meet him and think hes a decent man mayb eve a great dad because he is very good at acting. I am posting him to let all of Hamilton know who he really is. I have the displeasure of knowing this man intimately. he tells multiple women he loves and cares for them wants to have babies with them all at the same time. he looks for pathetic woman that will let him live with them for free so he can sell his drugs out of there homes. He is not a man at all hes a waste of skin and a dead beat father. He only pays attention to his daughter when he is trying to impress a girl he is a pathological liar. This little boy has an addiction to crack, alcohol and to any pill he can get his hands on. If he isnt using then he is selling out of his girlfriend home. He goes to meetings just to flop again leaving his daughter and flavor of the week to wonder where he went while he is out having sex with all different woman. if he stays he goes crazy and beats his woman, children and animals. he shouldnt ever be around kids he is to dangerous. He steals constantly from his work Hamilton builders supply and from his friends and family.his current on and off girlfriend Natasha bardy is a joke herself she thinks she is better than everyone else and ignores that she brings a addict around her son but will judge everyone else for there faults Armand is a total mess and needs to be exposed for who he really is!

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Kevin Lamarr Jr

July 7, 2014 Hamilton 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kevin Lamarr is a dead beat drunk. He got two sets of twinnies and constantly chooses alcohol over his family. He is a fall down loser who needs a reality check! he would rather spend his money on bottles of booze instead of bottles of formula for his sons. I hope you find whatever you are chasing at the bottom of the bottles Kevin!

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The Christian Katelyn Janssen

July 7, 2014 Hamilton 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this girl is originally from Smithville but Hamilton was the closest option, this girl is a complete loser she claims she’s sooo christian but lies to the Niagara region about how she works a part time job to get free daycare, when really she works a fulltime and part time job, She is also completely delusional and thinks she’s so much better then everyone around her when really she would have no clue how to live in the “real world” she has to have mommy and daddy pay her rent and bills and still claims to have no money because she was stupid enough to loan some guy she barely knew a $13,000 with no proof and he ran off on her LOL. Then goes a blames baby daddy for all her debt and expects him to pay it off for her with next to no time with his own son. For anyone who thinks this girl is saint you are soooo wrong, Frumpy gapped tooth hick, thin greasy balding hair with a baboons ass as lips, huge thighs and ass with no boobs and fat flabby arms, a huge forehead to go with her tiny non existent black ice cold heart and horrible parenting skills to match and a stuck up snob attitude, lazy eyes and extreme back fat, that is the definition of katelyn janssen enjoy the cellullitis bitch .

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TV Gangster

July 3, 2014 Hamilton 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is kevin parson or kevin gowers what ever last name hes going by now… Hes 28 fcking 17 year olds by getting them drunk and lying about his age he made a 17 year old innocent girl have sex with him FORCEFULLY! and yes i mean raped her. Then got her pregnant and made her have an abortion… Tell me how he isnt a goof.. He brags about how “hard” he is by telling people hes killed people and was apart of a kilking in hamilton (dont remember the poor souls name.. ) not only dose he rape little girls he also smokes meth and crack and got a 14 year old to smoke it with him and his crack head girlfriend laura.. Hes got a beautiful daughter but hes to busy going in and out of jail to kewp up his reputation of being “hard” whatta joke real talk this man makes me sick hes definitely a Hamilton hood rat bitch whom im surprised hes not already on the dirty… I cant even begin to explain how much I truly do believe this low life scum fck nugget deserves to be 12 feet under not 6 feet because youd still be able to smell that mans dirttttyyyy body oder… Smh i could go on and on about this little bitch but even just talking about this goof makes me chring.

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Devlin D. Carter

July 2, 2014 Hamilton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want everyone to know that this man is a Class A Sociopath Narcissist. Devlin Carter of Tyler TX, will use any woman that fits his agenda. He does not care who he hurts just as long he gets what he wants. He will morph into any character as long as it suits his needs. He is now a full blown Muslim. He left an amazing woman cheated on her with Maysoon Abdullah. He now believes that the Mosque is going to help him to stay in Canada. He used a single mother of 4 until she found out all his lies, so he jumped on to the next victim aka opportunity. We all got in touch with his last wife in Austria and he did the exact same thing to her. She lost 60,000.00. Ladies beware he is nothing less of a fraud. Keep your wallets closed. He plays the pity roll to the ace.

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Brittany Mathews

July 2, 2014 Hamilton 158

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is brittany the whore of Hamilton. Shes not even 20 with a kill count higher than Hitler. She once fucked a co worker at mcdonalds in a freezer, and a guy on a park bench. She cheats on her bfs and sleeps with taken men as well. Shes been pregnant but got rid of it because it didnt fit into her trashy food bank, fuck anyone with a pulse and drama life style. She was working at mcdonalds but quit so she could live off tax payers money for no good reason. Over all shes a complete bitch and doesnt care about anyone but herself. Watch out for this one guys!

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Nikki Johnson

July 2, 2014 Hamilton 31




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