Trash Bag Daysha

August 20, 2014 Hamilton 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet trash bag daysha Murray certified HOE. Thinks shes the hottest thing but shes a mutt who tries to hard! Karma is a real bitch isnt it “hunny” expose this used up cougar mutt

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Amanda Rivero

August 18, 2014 Hamilton 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda Rivero is the biggest cack head whore escort, old man fucker in Hamilton.. and she deserves to be posted a 100 times. She is the one who posted Ashley Ryan and Mary, nice friend eh? bitch you pay your bills by sucking old men’s dinggly wrinkled balls. Who would even want to touch Amanda her vagina reaks and she is filled with every disease known to man.

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Who is This Chick

August 18, 2014 Hamilton 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Unknown female escort from Hamilton Ontario area, a pissed of wife

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Poor Decisions

August 18, 2014 Hamilton 106


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Jodi Vouture who works Barton street strip sucking Greg’s for chump change to support her crack habit, yet she talks shit about other girls who are within the same struggle… Except this time the girl passed away! Jodi is nothing but a worthless Bitchh who could careless about her own children nevermind the death of someone passing & her grieving family! But anyways besides all that, Jodi is a wannabe home-wrecking crack whore (I say wanna be because she tries but she’s too stank to succeed) who literally gave up on her kids to work the block & keep sucking on that pipe! It’s about time this shit talking Barton street whore gets what she deserves because she posts other girls & it’s about time she feels the same way. Jodi just because you hate your own life don’t take it out on other people to try & make yourself feel better, in your sick demented head! Also, did you really think we wouldn’t put two-&-two together & find out it was you who posted pauline AFTER she passed away?! Especially the day of her VIEWING!! How cold & indictive are you?? If u had problems with her you should have just went to her & sorted it out while she was ALIVE. Nahhh your too much much of a coward!!! Ooooh & stop makin fake profiles on facebook and writing bullshit on The memorial page ok….. We all know it’s you, just give it up ! Ps. I’m not one to post people on here, I actually never even came on this site before all this, but Jodi the crack fiend who sold all her couture needs to know how it feels to be posted!!

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Kristopher “Kristan” Daniels

August 18, 2014 Hamilton, Ottawa 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kristopher Daniels A.K.A Kristan A.K.A Kristen A.K.A Attention Seeking Pedophile. He think’s hes the bomb dot com because he has over 4000 friends on Facebook, he’s accused of having sex with little girls as young as 13, he’s been accused more than once, by multiple people. He sends anyone and everyone naked photos of himself because he’s clearly insecure. He doesn’t know what he is, gay, straight, bi-sexual.. it’s changed more than once. He can’t spell or speak for the life of him. He sounds like Daffy Duck. He’s a pedophile, he’s almost 19 who can’t get any better than little teenaged girls so tha’s who he preys on. He thinks he has haters when reality is, NO ONE LIKES HIM. He has NO friends, all he does is post on Facebook because he’s so desperate to become internet famous. Well here ya go Kristan, YAA made it. Bet it’s not the attention you want though . You deserve it.

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Evil Troll

August 18, 2014 Hamilton 112


THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik meet Jodi voutour this cnt posted my friend Pauline bearfoot recently and Pauline died sadly its sickening how could anyone be so evil and twisted ? anyways Jodi hear was butthurt because Pauline bullied Jodi in jail so what boo hoo Jodi is a fat worthless whore who had her kids taken by cas because she is a pill junkie also Jodi always runs her fat mouth the bit catches up to her and she gets beat up i sure hope friends and family of Pauline bearfoot find this fat hoe and kick the shit out of her it wont be hard to find her at all she hangs out at Jackson square in Hamilton Ontario so Nik post Jodi voutour in the hamilton section and to her friends and family that were hurt because of the post on Pauline here is your revenge of justice so fire away those comments !!!

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Danielle Lyle

August 18, 2014 Hamilton 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Danielle Lyle. Con artist at its best. She lives a complete lie to her family, “friends”, church and community. She is ripping off the government, scamming OW, living in Hamilton Housing and all the while pretending to have made a “turn around” and become a “church going, wholesome girl” Ha!! Watch out Hamilton wives and gfs. She will befriend you then turn around and ask you to babysit her kids while in the end….bang your husband. While youre watching her kids! shes infested with drd, continuously spreading her legs and getting pregnant (3 baby daddies but would have been 4). just nasty, dirty, lying little slutbag. you heard the saying…one baby daddy; two baby daddy, three baby daddy, four. how many baby daddies does it take for you to be a who’re? if the shoe fits..

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Steel City Slore

August 15, 2014 Hamilton 986

THE DIRTY ARMY: Better known as MERCY NONE. This girl is a fckin snitch who goes around acting like she is bad. Likes to call herself a drug dealer but everyone knows what she does for her supply. Fckin cokehead. This slut has been ran through by more men then the typical hoe. Only difference is hoes charge while this wagon burnin hoe just lets all of them come in for free. She fcked all her ex’s friends …. yes the same man she called the police on and had locked up fckin snitch bitch she is a fckin dirty pig who lets men run train on her. Hope you guys were wrapping it up because she gave my girls brother herpes dirty cnt. This bitch is a joke . that is why she stuck in dirty ass hamilton with her dirty ass crew of all oh one person that she fcks on the low but act like they are girlfriends hahaha dirty birds. ASHLEY FENTON you dirtbag bitch stop fcking other peoples men and acting like your pussy clean you need a fckin checkup bitch.

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