Patrick G-Roid Jae

August 12, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: How do we even start with this hot pathetic sad mess. This guy is a fucking parasite that will latch onto anyone just to get a head in life. He will steal from his own friends and will fcking and suck anything that has a dick. It can homeless crackhead walking down the street this dirty disease bag will invite him over and suck him off just for a bump(this isn’t even a gross exaggeration). He has exhausted all avenues in toronto and burned so many bridges in the city. No one actually likes him outside of a bar and club situation because he has no aspirations or interest in life. He lives off his looks 90% of the time. He is basically the lowest type of prositute there is. Him and his ex will go around on Grindr (gay social media) and bathhouses and rob people. They will goto steamworks together and give people meth and take their key bands off and steal from their lockers. Whats even more golden is when they go on grindr and get unsuspecting victims to invite their sorry asses over and steal from them too. Like I said the worst kind of prositute. He will bitch and complain about how rough his life has been but we all know how much those lies are stained with bullshit. This kid has stories for days and will tell you the saddest sob story about his miserable life. Like how he has no money for rent or for the vet and ask you money and you will see him later that night partying with the money that he just got. Nicki help me expose this walking pile of disease.

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Racheal Dumpawad Kaneva

August 12, 2014 Hamilton 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met me at che’s fcked me in my car for some booze and c*ke. next weekend when she called me and asked me for some more booze and c*ke. I told her my team had to run train on her. and she was so down. six of my bro’s banged this broad. For a 5 ball of cke and some benzos and half a 26′r of vodka. the worst part the pussy stank and was just loose and her asshole has bumps all over. white bumps. i think they oozed shit. i was just like where’d my dick go??? she also told me her dad something kaneva was a pot dealer. who grew weed plants in her grandmas backyard feel bad for this girl she has money but can’t buy herself some titties. proactive or an ass. she has the worst body acne. my dick hurts still from this broad also learn to use photoshop i dont want to be tricked by her anymore.

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Player Or Pedophile

August 12, 2014 Hamilton, Winnipeg 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is 39 years old this September and still dates girls under 20 years old. The younger the better is what he likes. He manipulates and cheats and sleep with the while city! He is a woman beater and then will tell you if you tell anyone that he will ruin your life with his “respected reputation” ! He is a laugh! He thinks the city and community respects him when he is really laughed at behind his back and talked about! Must I stress that he is a woman beater as he has punched hit and kicked women younger and 10 times smaller than him! He is physically and mentally abusive! He will call you names and make you feel like your stupid! He also will sleep with girls behind you back and when you find out will manipulate and truck and brainwash you into sleeping with them as well(3some) he is a pig and a dirtbag! Beware ladies! This guy is dirt and don’t be surprised by his small penis , just cuz he has a big frame(that’s all from the steroids and any possible pill he can put into his body) The guy is a liar cheater and a sleeze! Wouldn’t even consider him as a friend! He has slept with his business partner years ago and cheater on her with a steipper and then left her for the stripper. And they now have a baby together which he denies as his. He also proclaims that he is a Christian and a better person since his past criminal experiences in 2006 but continues to do the above things!

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Oshawa/Newmarket Trash

August 11, 2014 Hamilton 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittani williams is a straight up dead beat she is absolutely disgusting her buck teeth just make her look like a joke she sleeps with her baby father’s dad for money iv seen the fb messages bahaha she runs back and forth to new market guess how she gets the ride ask her ( disgusting ) she hasn’t had her kids for over a year and hasn’t done shit to even see them or speak to them … can u say dead beat she is pregnant now and doesn’t kno who the father is and won’t even go to the doctors can u say neglect stupid bitch everyone watch out for her she will try anything to steal ur man…. whore!!! And don’t forget all the clamazapam she sniffs and o ya the time she over dosed in a bathroom on h*oshawa


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Eric Vasci

August 11, 2014 Hamilton 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Eric Vacsi frequent pof/Facebook/Skype/zoosk/and any dating site user. Hes on them all, Eric has sexs with chicks daily, constantly looking for reassurance and someone else who will believe his lies. (for a short time). He cant even remember his own lies, he lives at home with his dad, cant support him self. Eric drives a company vehicle cause he cant afford his own car/insurance. he has multiple assault charges on multiple women. He has two children now from two different women.Eric will knock u up and expect you to have an abortion. He stole money from one of his baby’s mother and will steal from anybody to suit his selfish needs.He steals from his work place jobs as he works restoration. don’t let him in your home unattended. on a daily basis he looks for single mothers who can support and take care of him. he likes the mothering kind.Eric wont give you anything in return except diseases and unpaid bills. once he has sex with you, his chase is over. He’s had cy**tia multiple times and when confronted didn’t do anything about it. He’s probably had c**atia so much he doesn’t even get symptoms anymore. His pharmacy has that shit on repeats for him. he’s a huge drug addict using blow/pills anything he can get his hands on. even using Viagra. he cant handle his liquor either. Eric vasci is a master manipulator, pathological liar (A.K.A Shakes),dead beat father,disease riddled,drug addict, thief, and a slut, home wrecker. who doesn’t brush his teeth. look out

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Katie Angel Eyes Daoust

August 11, 2014 Hamilton 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: well to start off this girl is a slut opens her legs to any one is with a different guy all the time says she is having there kid and in a week she is getting marryed to them so far has 3 kids but doesn’t have then and uses every guy she is a walking std so guys watch out even watch your girlsfriends she will steal and sleep with them she hangs out downtown

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Deadbeat Owen

August 11, 2014 Hamilton 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: DEAD BEAT LOSER in and out of jail f**got lives off people and smells like pure shit doesnt shower doesnt know how to take care of himself he hasnt seen his first child in almost 5 years treat other kids like shit and now has another beautiful girl knocked up ratchet lose is what the goof is, like little girls his facebook is full of girls 18 and younger TYLER OWEN IS A FUCKING LOSER IN EVERYONES EYES chiLls with nasty cunts like chastin harley seanna sheehan Chad hassrion ALLL FUCKING LOSER! WHERES YOUR BABY MOM AT TYLER! oh right SHE LEFT YOUR SORRY ASS TO START A NEW LIFE WITH HER KIDS! fucking nasty ass loser!

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Amanda Tetrault

August 8, 2014 Hamilton 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda Tetrault, this slut is a frequent flyer on POF along with her skank friend Erin. They frequent Windsor/London bars or anywhere any man would invite them to spend random weekends getting high, drunk, and fcking random people. The worst is when Amanda at the age of 31 screwed a 17 year old and gave him drd. I showed up at her house to surprise her with flowers when she cancelled a date for being sick and there was another man there. BEWARE POF BEWARE OF THIS DRUGGED OUT SKANK.

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