Hamilton Bottom

September 23, 2014 Hamilton 462


THE DIRTY ARMY: Pretty sure the flapjacks speak for themselves.  Ps: not her bed!

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Pepsi Head Quarters

September 22, 2014 Hamilton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girls name is Valerie she’s a huge coke/pill head who has a child that she relys on her parents to take care of she rather be out at bars with her dope head boyfriend doing drugs and not at home worrying about her child. She takes random dick just for a line of cocai*e has turned all of her BOYfriends into huge druggies, she works at a bar under the table and collects unemployment so she has extra cash for drugs talk about fcking the government.. trash!! she brags about how she only weighs 92 pounds so gross!! Her and her boyfriend cheat on each other she stays at her drug dealers house and fucks him for free drugs and says how she hates her boyfriend but only stays with him because he helps pay for larger amounts of cocaine. She got fired from a good job from partying too much and sleeping in the break room. She constantly confesses her love for all of her ex boyfriends. She walks around with white dust all over her face and looks like a fcking cracked out rat. She’s 28 and hasn’t done anything with life but date guys who are much younger then her so she can take advantage of them. She also has a mixed kid who she put up for adoption because she was so ashamed people would judge her for being with a man of color. She likes when guys shit on her after sex, I’m sorry but you deserve to be on the dirty you crack head dirt ball.

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Gay Scum

September 22, 2014 Hamilton 540

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shit has been put on blast here before and I now want to throw this scumbag on here. Jackson Gates is hamilton’s downtown sloppy seconds, he thinks that the world owes him because he claims his life was awful…he sits there and trash talks everyone even his dying mother he thinks that everyone is his friend and wants to fck him. Hes a walking infestation of DrD’s and needs a doctor. He can’t hold a job because he’s to fcking lazy and cant seem to put priorities first instead he’s on every dating sight seeking out grandpas to get fcked by….watch out guys this blonde beauty sucks in bed can’t keep his dick up and can’t give a blow job if his life depended on it! Watch out Susie Q now dresses like a lady!

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Bill Ross Is A Scum Bag Piece Of Sh*t

September 22, 2014 Dirty Business, Hamilton 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,Cassandra Ross from (((REDACTED)))Oakville Canada with telephone number (905) xxx xxxx applied through my website to be an au pair, we liked her profile and invited her to be our au pair, she presented false docuemnts about her medical checks, from the first day of her arrival she was unable to do basic things.  She needed help to open a nestquick can of chocolate, ( already opened days ago) she needed help to fold kids clothes, (she said in her country people do not fold clothes and even if i showed her how to do it she could not do it again, she mentioned; I have do see it visually at least 3 times! at first i thought she was jocking at me, then day after day she continued to show not to act normal, she was unable to remember where she put things, she was unable to cook sinple rice and remember the recipe after i showed her visually how to do it, she was unable to do!!1

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Jessica Needs New Teeth

September 22, 2014 Hamilton 185

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica muise is a nasty 95lb girl. Three kids all under the ageof three. Her teeth are nearly about to fall out or just rot. Sucks too much dick guess it’s rotting her mouth. She smokes pot while her kids are in the same room or she”ll lock them in the bedroom so they can’t get out. Her boyfriends thrown the youngest down the stairs. They rushed her to hospital and Lied about what happened She lives off the government’s money. Never worker a day in her life. Oh wait sorry she tried working p.s.w without knowing nothing Big fail. She’s a retard hasn’t graduated highschool alrdy had 4 pregnacies at the age of 21 and wants 4 more. How the fuck they paying for there schooling? Bitch really needs a reality check the fat bitch that pretty much is raising there kids call them little bitches and lil bastards. Drags them down the stairs..How doesn’t the c.a.s do something. Some people really don’t deserve to have children When her boyfriends in jail or work she’s fcking his friends or the neighbors. This bitch needs to get punched out. Always thinking she’s better then everyone sorry u sloppy hoe u ain’t shit but a lil girl popping out kids for money like yo Momma did always had you in the crib with Shitty pissy diapers while she was fcking guys on the couch getting drunk

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Sara Smith

September 22, 2014 Hamilton 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bet you thought you weren’t getting your karma eh droopy hoe? No words in the world fowl enough to describe this trash. Two faced lying leech that will fck anything and fck over all those she claims as friends after shes done using them. She thinks its cool to leech off individuals until they cant stand her then she does everything thinkable to try and destroy their lives and even their innocent children(whom she also likes to hit btw) She fucks anything and likes to live with pigs surrounded by shit(yes literally) and no were not just talking her ***C drdinfested ex moe either. You see this wanna be with her new nose ring and fedora throw food at her and run bitch was better off fat now shes droopy everywhere lmfao btw cupcake we all know trying to be. FAIL

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Anna Mason Is Not A Blonde Bombshell

September 20, 2014 Hamilton, The Dirty 89


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Anna Mason, or shall I say fakest cake face to ever walk the Niagara Region. She’s pregnant and “still working”, and sleeping with a taken man. Girl uses soo much make up to hide that hideous face of hers. She claims to be a “blonde bombshell” when she’s actually fat, and edits her pictures to make her look pretty. All her escort ads have been exposed and now its time for the fake cake face’s secrets to be exposed as well.

Anna, you know there are wigs that can make your cone-head disappear.- nik

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Shovel Face

September 19, 2014 Hamilton 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce for the first time on the Dirty… Shovel face. Well known from hagerdville Ontario… It\’s a work of art really. Escort in Hamilton . Loves crack and children’s aid.

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