Neighbourhood Sloot

August 26, 2014 Hamilton 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman is married with 1 son (which some think she is messing with) and has a husband (apparently is ok with it) She sleeps with all the men in the neighbourhood and I am sure others as well.. Watch out because people think that she has some drdS and could be very contagious! What woman sleeps with her own SON let alone the neighbourhood! LADIES make sure you keep you husbands on a short leash this one is lethal!!!!

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Naveed Jabbar

August 26, 2014 Hamilton 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Naveed Jabbar is as crazy as they come. He cannot get the idea through his thick skull that his ex does not want anything to do with him. Naveed has began following her around the city, as well as threatening her. Even after a warning from the police and then being arrested he still thinks its normal behaviour, laughing on twitter and acting like a gangster. Naveed, if you got a job and stopped living off of Mommy and Daddy like a child, maybe you would act normal and accept that she doesn’t love you or want anything to do with you.

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Malari King

August 26, 2014 Hamilton 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Don’t even get me started With this girl Her name is Malari Baker But She goes by Malari king She’s nasty and likes to sleep with everyone she meets * Guys* She Steals peoples stuff Outta there house and Lies To much Don’t believe a word that comes Outta that Girls mouth, She thinks shes all that when She ain’t She’s nothing she’ll hangout with people and talk shit behind there back. That ain’t no Friend right ? She’s dirty , she sleeps with peoples boyfriends. she doesn’t care if that Person is in a Relationship she’ll sleep with anyone she meets. She steals Off her Family that’s sad isn’t it? She does creak , takes peoples pills Who does that But then again she has something wrong with her if shes doing that Takes her Grandmas pills like sleeping Pills.. She’s messed She Stays Out on the streets all night hangouts with a bunch of Guys, She’ll go into a Relationship and she’ll Fck them and tell them that she loves them more then anything and then dips on them shes a player Big one actually . She sleeps with peoples baby dads She’ll chill with peoples boyfriends when her man is Locked Up everyone knows this girl How? The things she does, she went too parkview school. She steal’s peoples Underwear after the person is done wearing them What else can i say shes Gross. shes a lying two face bitch. She chills everywhere. She should of been on here already, But Guess not. She has stuff from opening her legs all the time. The nasty dirty bitch I have ever meet .

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John Cyfko

August 25, 2014 Hamilton 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, so this crackhead here is John Cyfko. He will do anything to get his fix even if it involves sucking someone off. He’s disgusting frauding everyone and anyone asking anybody for money. Maybe if you kept your McDonalds job you’d have money you sleezy ass bum. Go do something useful with your life for real; bet your parents are real proud of their mooch of a child. So tired of this fag running his mouth well now it’s time you’re exposed and you actually have something to talk about now. You’re gay accept it everyone else has, you’re on crck I mean it’s obvious look at you and I swear you’ve got some DRDS or drd’s or some shit like really!! Go ahead and talk about this post now and believe me it’s the LAST person on earth you’d imagine doing this. I’m done with it.

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Tiffany Hayes

August 25, 2014 Hamilton 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tiffany is her name and home wrecker is her game. Someone needs to seriously stop this chick from being a home wrecker. Married men is not the answer . On 5-2012 she was caught with an older guy in his bed by his wife. She was sleeping with h for money. She usually chases men who ride Harley’s . Then again on 7-13 Amy caught her with her husband chris in a parking lot in western hillsalimg out. The 3rd time Jenny caught her with Greg first by text sending naked pictures then once again in her trailer in cleves ohio. Not to leave the men out on this but damn leave your wife if your not happy ! She is a alcoholic 44 year old who does not take care of her kids. They live with family members. Her own sister has told me she snorts cocaine. If cheating on your wife for this nasty whore is worth it then these men need to be put on blast too

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Wife Beating Junkie

August 25, 2014 Hamilton 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dynamic Duo of Destruction!! he beat his live in girlfriend on front of their 4 kids, choked her and is addicted to percs! She fcked him ending the relationship with his live in girlfriend! They love to use together, work together and destroy the lives of innocent children!!! Dirty dirty dirty!!!

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Paulo Amaral

August 22, 2014 Hamilton 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Paulo Amaral. He is known for beating his ex girlfriend and using woman for sex. When not following his rules he will beat you. He is a scum bag loser who asks woman for money and asks woman to pay for items for him because he\’s a broke woman beater woman stay away from this psycho

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R Weber & Nuts

August 22, 2014 Hamilton 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I meet this chick and I can tell you she is nuts thinks she all that with her big mouth. She should swallow that microphone on stage cause I found her so boring and just ridiculous, no one cares get a life.

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