Ghostly Amber

October 7, 2014 Hamilton 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Amber, she likes to lie, and cheat. She goes out for days at a time expecting her now ex to not suspect anything even though when he would call her, random men would answer. This dirtball is from Hamilton Ontario. She would rather get drunk instead of trying to her kids back. Anna claire on facebook fella, message her for a good time

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Dope Donkey Shendy Gardner

October 7, 2014 Hamilton, Herbert2z 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is well known at the trashy downtown bars but met this girl on facebook and she came over and partied a bit and my buddy fcked her that night. The next week was pretty much straight fucking with one catch she loves her meth and was doing it daily. So they started to date but slowly he noticed her stories didnt add up and she was at the point of smoking $100 a day on meth. She doesnt work and when she didnt have meth she got violently il and crazy so he started helping pay for it so she would not get sick and she liked to fuck alot so he kept her kept her around. He started hearing things from exes that she uses guys to support her m*th habit and once they run out of money she is on to the next one he also heard that she is known to fuck dealers for dope. He stopped helping her out and no longer wanted to fuck her after what he heard so she would leave at 2 or 3 in the morning once her meth ran out and go get more by any means possible. One night she left at 3 am to head to The Knights Inn hotel know as the dirtiest and worst hotel in town and frequented by Johns, hookers and home to dealers. Well last he heard she pretty much lives there at the hotel tweaked out of her mind and cking dealers and anybody else that can get her high. Se has lost 80 lbs in three months and is high 24-7. He was smart enough to get out before she spent all his money and I m warning others if you meet this girl run she has fcked way more than the 15 she claims and is a train wreck.

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Hamiltons Finest Hood Rat

October 6, 2014 Hamilton 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! So we got some new info on this chick. She is now known as Hamiltons FINEST Hood Rat! If there is such thing. She walks around downtown Hamilton all “Hood” and shit… She loves actin Hood and getting mens attention. Apparently she posts on escort sites now and is selling her body for meth. That explains the cake makeup caked on her face like plaster. Shes hiding all the pimples and mens semen she swallows for 60 bucks. If I find her website I will post it. Its called “Hood Rat Sex By Chastinn”. She speaks like a hoodrat from the Bronks’ of New York, shes from the dirty dirty ghetto and still lives with bed bugs and roaches. Those kids sleep in bed bugs every night. And the comment someone posted about her arm pits being hairy is true. She caters to Men with Hairy Armpit Fetishes. Also has very Hairy Toes! She needs to wax her toes and armpits! Learn already chastinn… didnt your mother ever teach you waxing is key???? But i guess thats how you make your money to pay your 1000$ rent, or is it from our TAX MONEY WELFARE PAYS YOU???? Nasty!!!!! Those tats add to your oh so trendy Hood Rat Motif. Shave dem pits! And in that pic shes super high on m*th shrooms and acid!!!! CANT YA TELL? Keepin it hood rat chastinn! YOU A TRUE GANGSTAAAA

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Tip Jumper

October 6, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, I’m sure the whole city knows who this is. Lovely miss amber Monique marsden. This chick jumps from tip to tip like she changes clothes. She likes to post up in grubby hotel rooms with guys thinking she’s hot shit but then gets the boot when he’s done busting in her. She has a baby but doesn’t know who the dad is AND the baby is in child family services. Both her and her mom smoke hard, and sometimes her mom trades amber for a piece, sick eh? Poor amber you’ve ruined your life. The whole city knows your a whore. I think you should move provinces ! I hear she’s in the north end at parties banging whoever sticks it in her. Nasty chick stop being a wh*re amber

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Best of Her

October 3, 2014 Hamilton 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this grl is just plain dumb she thinks shes hot shit an gods gift to all but in reality ur nthing but a dumb ugly bitch u pick fights with every1 tryna act like ur tough shit but ur a fuckin pussy when it comes down to it stop tryin to break people up an actin like u know everythin ur 18 yrs old an don’t even know how to count to ten ur fcking retarded. one minute ur lezzin it up “datin” a girl then two days later your in love with some random u met online should go down to barton street its the only place guys with actually give you attention in real life instead of online mayb u can make 10 bucks this yr LMFAOOO!!! dumb bitch

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Pisses The Bed

October 2, 2014 Hamilton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this angry lil vixen is upset i dumped her and now is spreading lies shes a pof prostitute pretty much and she pissed my bed in her sleep so i kicked her out sent her gome and didnt want to have any further contact . Now shes butt hurt

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Bar Star Duo

October 2, 2014 Hamilton 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: HEY NIK! MEET Ugly and Uglier!! Both look like Hamiltons Hairiest Barbarians who just crawled from under a CAVE! They are both covered in dirty hood rat tats, especially Chastin.. She doesnt even shave her armpits. I heard she had lice living in her arm pit hair once. I know shes smoked a shit ton of crack in her life, thats why shes a schizo now. She sees ghosts and has visions. This is why you will see her eyes rolling behind her head frequantly and puking behind barton street buildings, where she lives. She has 4 kids, and cant take care of them so her drug mom who snorts meth watches them. Chastin and Nicole Rose smoke alot of meth together, they love it, they have told me mutiple times to join them. I think thats why Nicoles baby came out with Down Syndrome. They both have a TEAM of kids together. Lay off DA DICk if you’s a “lesbian” ahaaaahaha. You guys are hamiltons scum buckets joke! You will find these nasty trash bags hanging out at Barton streets clubs and Bars snorting coke on bathroom toilets. They are as dirty as a homeless mans dirty dick who hasnt washed it in 2 weeks filled with magots and bugs. Chastin has had bed bugs about 4 times now. GET CLEAN CHASTIN GET CLEAN! Ps is NICOLE A HORSE? she looks like one…. and chastin get those tats laser removed they are narleeeeeeey as F

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Jodi Goodale

September 30, 2014 Hamilton 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jodi Goodale is creep who trolls dating sites for single women. He thinks he’s a real playa and lover. Don’t be fooled he comes across as a very nice, polite man. He hooked up with me and had another woman on the side he was sending pictures of his prick to, all while his wife was thinking nothing was going on. He’s a jerk, a cheat and a pathological liar. She found his secret phone and started contacting me to let me know what was going on. Now that he’s been caught she said he’s threatening to take her for everything – she’s a really nice womn who fcking apologized to me …..for gods sake ! for the hurt HE caused. I hope she kicks the fucker to sidewalk. Oh and by the way he needs to something about his fuking teeth..they are disgusting.

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