Clowncar Aimee Morin

April 2, 2014 Hamilton 207 8,346 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Amiee Morin. This arrogant inbred creature is pregnant with her tenth child yet she has NONE of them. They all go straight to CAS, starting life in the foster system. Close your legs Amiee if you think your jailbird boyfriends are more important then your kids!! Someone throw this nasty b*tch a condom!!

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Women Beater Dan Long

April 1, 2014 Hamilton 32 7,056 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dan Long he is a women beater. He like to get drunk and hit women. Then he tries to blame it on them. How he manages to get out of jail on every charge is amazing. He’s a good talker and liar. And the funny thing is he has a daughter you would think he would treat women better because of her but instead he does it in front of her. He’s a lying abusive a$$hole.

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Downtown Pass-Around is a Cover

April 1, 2014 Hamilton 67 8,377 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have a odd couple if you can even call them that. Ricky is a FAG who lives with his boyfriend AL. and Jenn Is the town SLUT. why they even try to play that they are in a relationship. the both of them are drd infested nasty ass people. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

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Backstabbing Brittney

March 31, 2014 Hamilton 46 10,295 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this is brittney Burkett she likes to be a lying back stabbing pssy bitch who lies and cheats her way threw life and sleeps with her friends/ best friends family even when she has a boyfriend she also likes to chase after her friends boyfriends or ex boyfriends and try’s to get with them and lie about it to there face she’s done it me she’s nothing but a lying whore who needs to learn to keep her legs closed

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Not Sure How I Feel About Her Eyebrows

March 29, 2014 Hamilton, The Dirty 402 134,235 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, going to keep this very short.  What do you think about this girls eye brows?  For some reason, she believes this is cute.  Thoughts?

I like them. She looks beautiful.- nik

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Hamilton Nude Model

March 28, 2014 Hamilton 118 8,923 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this filthy slore was posted in Toronto, now I’m putting her on blast in her local town. Alexandra Gray/ Alley Gray dropped out of Everest college, an online program she was taking to become a massage therapist, because she kept failing. I guess her modelling “career” i.e., her paying people either with money or sex to take photos of her, didn’t really pay the bills. Eventually she started to become a cam girl, and rumoured escort so that she could pay for people to take pictures of her in hopes that she won’t have to degrade herself all her life. Reality check, stop posing naked and letting it come across as “implied nudity” on facebook and model mayhem. We know your stripping down all the way. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR SAGGY FAT A*S. She even had a “fundme” account so she could go to New York to pose down there. She got one sponsor! HA! Any real model would have expenses paid. Why don’t you finish your schooling for a massage therapist and make some money to fix your face and flab. At least then you’ll maybe make it somewhere. You know, on the yacht of a 60 year old, continuously being used and loosening up. But hey, at least you’ll be more successful then you are now. Love your trail btw.

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Lisa Broke-Ass Herve

March 27, 2014 Hamilton 152 8,766 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this dumb broad should be posted in Hamilton Ontario. Let me first start by saying never trust this troll. She will do everything in her power to bring you down, whether it’s brainwashing her followers or telling petty lies about you. Lisa is such a hypocrite, she hates when people make fun of her scrapyard car yet she disses everyone’s vehicle even if it’s worth 10x more than her jap scrap. She is always flapping her lips about her “friends” not being a good parent yet she is always going to the bar or hanging out in random parking lots without her kids. Her brainwashed followers reminds me of Jonestown all over again. Why can’t anybody see this bitch’s true colours?! She always tries to manipulate everyone to turn on a specific person and tries to seek revenge despite what you’ve done. Lisa always posts that people who know you are above them will try to bring you down.. Umm, Lisa- you try to bring everyone down. Is your life that pathetic?! I’m only airing out your dirty laundry, that’s all.. She’s always stating that shes educated meanwhile has no job. Bowen therapy was a co-op, not a job! Let’s sum this up.. Lisa has 3 kids and is married to a guy that can’t keep a job. She drives a piece of shit that she thinks is better than any car and will go to great extremes to bring your car down. She leaves her kids who knows where while she goes out all the time. She states that she’s not on welfare yet admits that she is. And yes, since I’m a taxpayer, what you do with my taxes is my concern. Anyways.. She’s always posts things on Facebook for reassurance. Just remember, actions speaks louder than words. Also, she is a bottom feeder, a worthless scunt that amounts to nothing and can’t attend a real school because she didn’t finish high school! Lastly, Lisa Chantelle Herve, take a look in the mirror..

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Snitch Sean White

March 26, 2014 Hamilton 51 7,015 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: 27 year old slum lord Let me tell you about this guy hes a rat good that snitches on everyone and anyone he thinks hes all that with his brand new gear that his MOMMY buys hm every weekend he makes posts about his kid when he don’t even have her and signed his rights off like a true DEADBEAT he thinks hes hard cause of his tattoos he thinks he does crime when he snitches behind your back, STATMENTZ TO PROVE hes a women beater he beat his baby mom and would never fight his own battles cause hes a coward and can only hit women no wonder why he downgraded!! he think hes so hot and fly and is a pathological liar pretending he has cars and shit when HES GOT NOTHING hes nothing but a useless homeless bum that has never worked a day in his life his Girlfriend looks like a bald headed dyke this guy is in desperate needs of being on here for his goofy acts of life SNITCH WOMEN BEATER and everyone in Hamilton knows hes a rat goof and a nasty coward

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