Fake Lying Poser

April 7, 2014 Hamilton 62 7,678 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fake fuking poser asshole is a huge piece of shit. A lying scum bucket SQUID. Tells girls he loves them and that he will give them the world but has another life. Why are people so evil? Especially when given the world and more. He lies to people about his name and lies about his whole identity. LEADS many girls on at once… He needs to get checked man. He lies about everything.. I mean everything right down to his very name.. Pretty sad nik!!! Guess all jamaicans are the same… OHHH AND LIES about being in the military hahahaha.. Maybe cineplex (his actual job) should do a background check. He hits girls apparently and lies about his age. SAD excuse for a MAN. Hamilton scum bucket squids never learn!!!!

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Lorrie McCulkough

April 7, 2014 Brampton, Brownstown, Hamilton, Hollywood 65 6,235 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lorrie.Mccullough the biggest cry baby. Her man left her for another woman back in 2003 & this goof,ratt just cant get iver it. She couldn’t fathin the thought of her baby daddy JEVON. THORBOURN being with this other woman so she did every thing possible to try and keep them apart. She had the new girl dragged thriugh court trying to have her thrown in jail so that she could try to keep her baby father. She soon found out that her baby father would never leave his new up dated so much better new woman his life. He chose to get in a long term relationship with the much better in every way esp looks and brain. So why would he want this cop calling ugly no life;no job jail bird Lorrie Mccullough when he could have his new girl who better,better oh dud i mention BETTER ! Than Lorrie in day or time. Lorrie has a 16 year old daughter who spent her every sunday attening sunday mass with her gramma thorbourn side. But you know what they say about them church girls ¿¿¿ their little skuts waiting to explode. Hahaha Lorrie has caught her daughter Deserea having sex with every man she’s tried to have a relationship with. Thats ten years later Lorrie is stilk harrassing and obsessing over the girl her baby daddy left her for. She bkames this girl for everything thats gone wrong in her sorry, sad, pathetic,boring,lonely life. Lorrie got caught in a big ring of credit card fraud snd also has several convictions of theft under and robbing an elderly woman at a bank machine. What a low life fucking loser this bitch Lorrie is. Lorrie is obsessed with Marta. Leite. And her long time dream and fantacy for the past ten years is ti one day become a quarter of the woman Marta. Leite is but that will never happen so poor Lorrie will have to continue living this the disgusting ignorant way of life that she has now passed on her disfunctional traits to her daughter. C.a.s better get on this poor excuse for a mother before she turns her younger daughter Dominique into what she and her teenage disgusting daufhter have become…karma is a bitch. People shouldn’t fck with other ppl and her kids knowing they can do the same RITE BACK ATCHA HOE !!!

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Caution Trolling Dumpster Amy Frost

April 4, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 18 8,392 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok So Attention KW,Guelph,Cambridge,London,Brampton,Hamilton This is Amy Frost The DRD infested Cum Dumpster,look out for this dirty whore, she known to hook up with any guy she can just to use them for money,cars a free place to live, sleds, anything she can, she is originally from Sudbury, then moved to Brampton where she was know to Fuck every guy at the Mazda Dealer she worked at, now she has moved on to another dealership in the Guelph Area, This girls Vagina smells like a Garbage Dumpster on a hot summer afternoon, this is your warning guys be aware,she will empty your pockets, take your car, then play victim so that her next guy feels bad for her and starts buying her things, DONT BE TRICKED By the Dirty Bitch, this site is the perfect place for her ugly face to be posted, Amy can also be found on POF Trolling looking for guys to fuck.

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Following Her Mothers Footsteps

April 3, 2014 Hamilton 14 8,037 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sarah Gilchrist on her way to big things… when she’s not being a pig…she’s trying to figure out who her baby daddy is…she can’t seem to find her way out of the closet either…. be careful ladies she will get down on her knees for anyone or anything…fellas no worries shes about to go into the family business… coming soon one of Hamiltons finest working girl…5 dolla holla

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Alex Roussel

April 3, 2014 Hamilton, Kingston 69 6,675 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here you have it ladies & gents. The fakest bitch you’ll ever meet or hear about. She claims she is the greatest mother & that her baby daddy is a dead beat loser. Yet she was the reason the child was taken away. She acts if she has her daughter but she’s out getting drunk 3 hours away. She’s lives in Hamilton but use to live in dirt town Napanee. She’s a slut, who as been with numberous guys. She’ll go on about how she doesn’t give a shit about her baby daddy but post stuff about him all the time on FB . She puts her head in everyones business. The girl is a dirtball, and tries to act ” act ” go clean yourself up, get sober and take care of your daughter alex.

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Ginger Gold Digger

April 3, 2014 Hamilton 13 10,350 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Alex birnie… The nastiest most fake excuse of a woman I’ve ever met…. She thinks she’s all that and she’s soo classy… She has the trashiest tattoos and the ugliest red hair.. She used to be the biggest cke whore in Hamilton.. She gets with guys she just meets.. She does anything and anyone for white. A while bck she used to escort at divas for Lou Malone. Having three somes and would Blow 60 year old dudes for drugs and smokes. The guy she’s with now she uses for money and pot. He’s so clueless I feel bad for him.. She thinks she’s so jacked to and thinks she’s a fitness physique model. You could never be a model darlin no with that face and your 90 pound skeleton body. The heaviest thing on you is bugged out eye balls for all the drugs you do…. or your meat curtains that you call pussy flaps. She used to try to get with everyone’s man so pathetic and such a backstabber. Uses very one for money cause she’s a broke bitch. Pretty sad wen yor kill count is over 150 to thats so nasty….she has no friends except for her gross bf that’s like 8 years younger then her.. If you’ve slept with her or gotten head from her comment this!! This mutt needs to be exposed for the pig that she is and always has been!!! Wut do you think nik?? Would you??

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Clowncar Aimee Morin

April 2, 2014 Hamilton 222 8,397 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Amiee Morin. This arrogant inbred creature is pregnant with her tenth child yet she has NONE of them. They all go straight to CAS, starting life in the foster system. Close your legs Amiee if you think your jailbird boyfriends are more important then your kids!! Someone throw this nasty b*tch a condom!!

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Women Beater Dan Long

April 1, 2014 Hamilton 33 7,068 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dan Long he is a women beater. He like to get drunk and hit women. Then he tries to blame it on them. How he manages to get out of jail on every charge is amazing. He’s a good talker and liar. And the funny thing is he has a daughter you would think he would treat women better because of her but instead he does it in front of her. He’s a lying abusive a$$hole.

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