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Classic H-town

November 10, 2014 Hamilton 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hamilton Ontario Canada this girl is a fat cr*ck slut that so need her fat ass up here. where do I start she pretends to have a great life but not really.she with different men all the time she claims that she is married who the fuck would merry this thing eww fat nasty bitch Stephanie I really hope that all you girl get what she deserve she thinks its OK to rob a little kids for there money stay away from the cr*ck pipe bitch. cas has been call on you fat ass as well hope you enjoy being a bitch because I hope you rott in hell you c.u.n.t I would like this girl up here on this site because she likes to fuck every tom dick and harry she has destroyed families what a slut please post this cunt

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Swanky Hairstylist

November 10, 2014 Hamilton 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch has 2 kids with her husband, yet loves to fck other married men and ruin their relationships. She will fck anything that moves, then rob you for every thing you are worth, and move on to the next one. She considers herself to be a hairstylist, but in actuality, a dog could do a better job. She is a lazy pig that lives in her own filth, and loves to take it in the ass by literally anyone. She lies, she cheats, and hey, karmas a bitch.

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Rob “The Knob”

November 10, 2014 Hamilton 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like to introduce Rob “the knob” Wintonyk. The guy is a total joke who lives in the basement of his gf’s parents house, he can’t hold down a steady job, always getting things cut off for unpaid bills, even his truck was pulled off the road for lack of payment cuz his daddy stopped making payments and rob can’t keep up with them because he’s a bum collecting welfare. All while living with a woman who is also scamming welfare and they sit in the basement doing drugs while her kids go to school. Rob has cheated on every girl he ever had and is currently cheating on his new wench. Rob Wintonyk is the true definition of what all girls parents warn them about….a lying, abusing, sneaking, cheating, no good for nothing that will rip you off the min your back is turned. It’s even been rumoured that Rob touches those kids, and in knowing him I wouldn’t put it past him.LADIES BE WARNED AND STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HIS CHARMING WAYS…he will real you in then hook your on his bullsh*t PUT THIS SICKO ON BLAST!!!

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Verbally abusive Narcicyst

November 10, 2014 Hamilton, Winnipeg 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a selfish abusive jerk. He’s disgusting with massive anger issues. He will sleep with anything that walks. He’s 37, and tries to pick up young girls on plenty of fish. He picked up a 19 year old and got and drd, and passed it to his gf. Also sleeps with prostitues. There’s no end to his rage and anger and nothing but a lair and manipulator. Slept with me and his ex in the same month and lied to both of us. Nothing but a dirty scum bag, that’s charming and sweet at first until you get to know him. He has never had a job longer than a year, and can’t hold a relationship but thinks he’s amazing. He will ruin your life! He’s also a clepto and steals random things from everywhere for fun. He even got busted at Canadian tire and had to pay a $300 fine. H’s now living with his parents because he has no money and nothing in his life, just probably an std.

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Canadian HIllbilly

November 5, 2014 Hamilton 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik I. Here’s someone you gotta meet the biggest,nasty, smelliest girl you could meet in Hamilton her name is Naomi ride out she has 3 kids. Who are just as bad as she is. She allows her dog to shit all over her house and allows her kids to sleep in it. And she also is on Ontario works and rips off the government by. Accepting welfare cheques and renting out. her smrllubsmelling apartment to her kids friends who are also on Ontario works to support her pill habit. She dirty and nasty and people deserve to know I know this because I was one of the people who stayed with her and didn’t realize what she was till now fcken disgusting witch

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Jeff Hill

November 5, 2014 Hamilton 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeff hill is a CHEAT drug user who prays on woman even tho hes shacked up with a woman now that wont stop him. hes on POF as noclue29 that he has right NO CLUE!! You cant miss this joke he is MISSING all of his teeth from drug use the ones he does have are black and falling out!! He owes EVERYONE $$$$$ Hes had over 8 girlfriends in 4 years all who had children that he played head games with claiming to be some awesome roll model.. My son who was 6 at the time we seen each other complained of a burning plastic smell that jeff whould smoke around him, you guessed it CR*CK!!!! He drinks daily and has a HUGE coke and crack and oxy problem.. He is the BIGGEST LOSER WELLAND HAS TO OFFER!! If hes not shacked up with a girl hes living with mommy so he can afford his fix! SMOOOOTH talker 101 Dont fall into the trap and PLEASE if you know his new hunny she might want to talk to some of his x ladies before her life goes to hell!! For a welder fiter you would think he could mange his way thru life with out fcking ppl over but he cant!! And for the ppl driving in welland look out for his smashed up silver magnum HES USUALLY wasted driving bar to bar. He doesn’t care who he hurts or what he does as long as he has his FIX Most of his ex girlfriends had to phone the police because he would stalk them. Iam a mom who was taken by this LOSER for all ladies out there who run across this CRAZY RUN!!!!

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Christine the Pepsi Slore

November 5, 2014 Cambridge, Hamilton 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this sorry excuse of a mother is Christine and she can be seen almost every Friday or Saturday night at Rivers End bar in downtown Galt… She is a huge coke head, spends her entire child tax & disability checks on the shit and will rely on various men that she fcks for money to get groceries to feed her children & to pay her bills… Between checks she’s known to bounce from dealer to dealer asking for it on cuff, and if she can’t she will fck, suck dick, or even munch pussy for either blow, or money for blow…

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Goofy Trailer Trash

November 5, 2014 Hamilton 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Dan Badder….the nastiest trash of this universe…all he does is sit on his ass and collect welfare.. He also has been charged for child molestation serious charges huh Dan? Its only right him and his girlfriend get posted at the same time. Birds of a feather flock together!

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