TV Gangster

July 3, 2014 Hamilton 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is kevin parson or kevin gowers what ever last name hes going by now… Hes 28 fcking 17 year olds by getting them drunk and lying about his age he made a 17 year old innocent girl have sex with him FORCEFULLY! and yes i mean raped her. Then got her pregnant and made her have an abortion… Tell me how he isnt a goof.. He brags about how “hard” he is by telling people hes killed people and was apart of a kilking in hamilton (dont remember the poor souls name.. ) not only dose he rape little girls he also smokes meth and crack and got a 14 year old to smoke it with him and his crack head girlfriend laura.. Hes got a beautiful daughter but hes to busy going in and out of jail to kewp up his reputation of being “hard” whatta joke real talk this man makes me sick hes definitely a Hamilton hood rat bitch whom im surprised hes not already on the dirty… I cant even begin to explain how much I truly do believe this low life scum fck nugget deserves to be 12 feet under not 6 feet because youd still be able to smell that mans dirttttyyyy body oder… Smh i could go on and on about this little bitch but even just talking about this goof makes me chring.

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Devlin D. Carter

July 2, 2014 Hamilton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want everyone to know that this man is a Class A Sociopath Narcissist. Devlin Carter of Tyler TX, will use any woman that fits his agenda. He does not care who he hurts just as long he gets what he wants. He will morph into any character as long as it suits his needs. He is now a full blown Muslim. He left an amazing woman cheated on her with Maysoon Abdullah. He now believes that the Mosque is going to help him to stay in Canada. He used a single mother of 4 until she found out all his lies, so he jumped on to the next victim aka opportunity. We all got in touch with his last wife in Austria and he did the exact same thing to her. She lost 60,000.00. Ladies beware he is nothing less of a fraud. Keep your wallets closed. He plays the pity roll to the ace.

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Brittany Mathews

July 2, 2014 Hamilton 158

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is brittany the whore of Hamilton. Shes not even 20 with a kill count higher than Hitler. She once fucked a co worker at mcdonalds in a freezer, and a guy on a park bench. She cheats on her bfs and sleeps with taken men as well. Shes been pregnant but got rid of it because it didnt fit into her trashy food bank, fuck anyone with a pulse and drama life style. She was working at mcdonalds but quit so she could live off tax payers money for no good reason. Over all shes a complete bitch and doesnt care about anyone but herself. Watch out for this one guys!

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Nikki Johnson

July 2, 2014 Hamilton 31




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Night Ryder Seanna

July 2, 2014 Hamilton 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello city of Hamilton. Meet Seanna, miss night ryder of barton and lottridge street. Seanna here lives with Chastin Harley the aunt of her child, chastens two children, girlfriend and a new dog everyday. although the chasten lives with seanna chasten brother Chad Harrison does not see his child because he is also a dead beat faggot who wont come out of the closet. Chastin has called childrens aid on seanna PLENTY of times but yet they still live together, hmm I wonder if seanna knows that chasten called childrens aid on her over serious rashes on her poor innocent child. Seanna not only loves to night ride she also loves to be with any of her sons fathers friends. Ben, Norman, Cordell, Tyler. Who knows who else, she lives with a house full of people but at the end of they day the cannot afford foor. Food donations are their only hope. She enjoys being with other girls boyfriends and could care less wht the out come is, She also enjoys having a room to herself because she has a new boy in it every day. I may never understand these Hamilton girls but I forsure know one thing, keep your man away from seanna or else. beware of her friendship because she is only in it for one thing and that is to steal your man. enjoy your DRDS seanna because everyone knows your deserve them. Nick please let this girl be shown for who she truly is. Enjoy seanna.

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Anthony, Deadbeat Hamilton Roofer

July 1, 2014 Hamilton 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s also a big crack smoker, well hell do just about any. He fucks anything that will let his dirty dick in, and anywhere, even in a park. Hes the epitome of a sleazy deadbeat, he pretends to be the sweetest guy until he’s had his fun and the next one comes around. He thinks he’s super smart, a great person and gods gift to women. He’s the biggest liar, cheater and scammer ull ever meet. He lies about everything just so he can get in our legs, and I’m pretty sure he digs dudes too. Please don’t go down his path, he does not use condoms and u will get something, or pregnant, and if that happens u better believe hell run as fast as he can. So be careful ladies, dont get sucked into his web of lies and sleasebagery, u have been warned.

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Tizzy, Lovin Up Dem G’s

June 30, 2014 Hamilton 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, This girl’s name is Alyssa Towes.. Also known as Tizzy, I’m sure that anyone who has had the opportunity to meet her already knows what they are about to read.. She is the biggest slut I have ever met, yet she has the balls to call others out for their flaws. She was with her boyfriend tyler then literally got caught slippin in jackson square with his BESTFRIEND stevo she left the man she supposivily loves to death for his bestfriend? Then out of the blue left the next man to be with the first again then she gets caught slipping with wiot she literally has punched people in the face in front of their kids. She lives in hamilton now, because the last city she was in got fed up with her hoe ways and forced her outta town cause she fucked them all she dresses like the biggest whore out there while walking around calling others whores and dirty. We all know the true tizzy, we all know you love the g\’s the ones who wreck others lives rade houses get caught stealing cars and now have warrants out for theirs arrest we know you love to fuck bestfriends we all know you tried to get with all of tylers friends in brantford while he was in jail FOR SIX DAYS and that\’s why you needed to come to hamilton so please stop spreading lies about others, and speak the truth of yourself you disgusting disgrace for a human being. ENOUGH SAID.

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Candice Klus

June 30, 2014 Hamilton 154

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow Nik. She is back again. It just keeps getting better and better. She needs no introduction. Here is a summary- Born Candice Klus- grew up a spoiled brat- daddy issues/no loving relationship with her parents- became a slut at a young age- bj\’s at 13-went to high school-became bigger slut-bullied people-worked as a lap dancer at a strip joint- pathological liar/sociopath/narcocisst- like a leech-goes from a guy to guy- moves on when they figure out her deal- moves to LA for a short stint as a fluffer- gets kicked out because she is a drunk- changes her name to Blake Holiday because she is still obsessed with her ex who is also name Blake- her pussy is pure mangled and stinky! Shitty tattoos including a tattoo on her head that says trillest, wtf?- loses her licence for a year for some care and control charge BS- was wasted when she was driving and pulled over in a parking lot to sleep it off with keys still in ignition. Drove for year with a breathalyzer and got her friends to blow in it for her because she was still driving drunk! So in the last 2 months she has been with the following guys- some dude Brad who she claims is psycho. She went off on him when she found out he knocked some other chick up. Put pictures on her facebook of bruises she that he beat her. Attention Whore or what?!! Went right to some Alex dude who she stole from another girl. That lasted a couple a weeks and she moved on to some other guy named Travis who lived out of town. He is a tattoo artist so she mooched off him for a couple of weeks, got bored, and then let him get lost in Hamilton when he came into town to meet her. She was already fucking some other dude on the same night! She also hates children with a passion. She is an evil witch. She currently goes from bartender job to bartender job. She lives with her parents and gloats how she doesn\t have to pay rent at 27 years old. Says she is well educated when she didnt even graduate high school! She is such a bitch that she claimed that her mom stole some $ from her so she put a pad lock on the door of their house! Anyone else got any good stories about this bitch?

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