Hamilton | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Amanda Dawson

October 30, 2014 Hamilton 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this low life whore neglects her kids, they are always locked in their rooms and has locks on her cupboards so her kids can’t eat while she makes them beans on toast and orders a pizza for herself. She will sleep with whoever will buy her crack and drinks, she blows guys in the bar bathroom, has Gang bangs with men and women and tries to start shit with people then goes Into hiding. She says her kids steal food from their own house, Tells young teenage boys that she has no gag reflex, gets piss drunk and pukes and pisses all over herself and is to hungover to take care of her kids so they have to stay in their rooms all day with no food. Is a constant cop calling welfare bitch that had to move back in with her mom because she started so much shit in her co-op she got kicked out, both her kids fathers are pedofiles while she has drd’s, her house smells like dog shit, she lied about having cancer causing her own sister not to talk to her or believe anything she says and is dating her brother from another mother.

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Oshawa Blob

October 29, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this gross pig katelynn is south end trash. She hangs off her fugly boyfriend baker so her and her daughter have a place to live. This girl thinks shes such a ‘boss lady’.. no your an over weight pile of shit with a really hidious dude. She likes to talk shit about every one of her friends. so WATCH OUT!! Shes a snake bitch. And for someone like katelynn to talk badly about another is hilarious considering shes not an angel herself. She did have her kid when she was what 15?? And the fact shes been with most the drug dealers in oshawa makes u wanna think… this girl is pure fat nastiness! Katelynn ur not hot/ sexy. Your just fat  i also heard from an ex that shes got nasty b.o and stank pussy. Wouldnt doubt it… also heard she had the clap a couple times. She actually told me her boyfriend cant even get hard for her… shitty katelynn cuz i cant see any other fugly idiot wanting u. Oh and remember when u cheated on ur boyfriend so u can go back to baby daddy and suck his dick?… i remember… im not gonna write more to this novel but u had this coming bitch. Waste fat skank

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Trisha Geroux

October 28, 2014 Hamilton 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK , you need to post this whore. Everyone should know this coke head for sure. This bitch is well known in Hamilton and banned from every bar. I got kicked out of a bar cause they said the bitch is BANNED for doing cocain in the bathroom. The bar owner told me this when i was with her in there. She aint got a job , she has been on welfare forever , smokes crack and snorts cocain all the time , sucks any men off for more cocain. Her best friend is April , another DRD infested whore. These bitches are dirty as hell. They have full blown herpies and aids. Becareful this bitch will rob you wjile you are asleep and when the bitch is high off the white stuff she gets paranoid and dangerous. If you are around her bring protection cause she is psycho. She also doesnt batj and her shit hole place smells like a sewer system. Her pussy also stanked up the apartment. I saw her welfare stubs on a table as well. She is chinese and wannabe native. Her voice is deep like a male and she has no tits. Its small like tangerines , lol.

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Stephanie Sullivan

October 27, 2014 Hamilton 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this will be my very first post on The Dirty. Many people will agree that this post is far overdue. Every word I have included in this writeup is 100% truthful. Stephanie Elaine Sullivan is being posted on here because of her unwillingness to make any effort at being a decent mother, or human being. Stay tuned to read all the comments people post! Even though I know she’s going to post lies in the comments, under all the fake names she makes up! Attempting to dispel all the true comments lol. Theres so much to inform the public of, that I highly doubt I will be able to fit it all in here. Mostly this is meant as a service to the public (The Guys) to make absolutely certain that they have protection on when sleeping with this dirty next. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Keep a good eye on your jewelery, if you have any gold on she will attempt to slip it off while you sleep. Not only has she been caught doing this, but also stealing from her employers. Which is a good indication as to why she has spent the past five years on government housing and welfare combined. Don’t let this buck tooth beaver gnaw you down! Stephanie Sullivan already has two fathers, and will soon be at three or more. Talk about BI-Polar? She will start screaming, and breaking things out of nowhere in an attempt to get you falsely arrested. She even got her grandma to steal $6000 of her grandpa for her fake boobs! Nik please put this dirty bird on blast before she spreads any more of her diseases and lays eggs!!!

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Trisha Geroux

October 26, 2014 Hamilton 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik post this please as everyone in Hamilton knows this nasty bitch. Watch out for this chinese chick she is nuts. She is a huge coke addict , banned from every bar in hamilton , sucked every man off in this dirty town , hangs out with losers as herself. She cant keep a man worth shit. No one will put up with this coke head for more than 5 minutes. She has bad crooked nasty yellow teeth , no tits , and sounds masculine. She has  DRDs. This bitch is psycho. She will do anything for coke and crack. Her pussy farts eveey time she walks , her breath stinks like the sewer systems in Hamilton and her apartment has roaches running in front of you. She is on welfare and does not have a job. Welfare pays for her while she tries to do under the rable jobs. I forgot to mention her best friend and coke partner April. They both are nasty. Stay far away.

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Hamilton Hag

October 26, 2014 Hamilton 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s some nasty fat whore that can be found all over Hamilton. Thinks she’s big and bag, really she’s just HUGE and gross. Intimidating all the young women who hang out downtown with her discusting self. This bitch needs a reality check! Your old and busted bitch, stay indoors. She thinks she’s a pin up! Haha she needs to put some more makeup on to conceal that face, pure nasty! Lynn your no fresh chicken! Keep your pie hole shut for once!

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Dfrain on the Government tit

October 26, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK this stunned, self absorbed, drug addicted to her prescription painkillers cunt, has been sucking the government tit on disability payroll for years! All the while, she is out at the bars, slamming shots, riding her little green mini-bike ninja, with her tits hanging out for the world to laugh at, I mean admire, and pretending she hasn’t already sucked off almost every man between 30 and 55 within 40 miles of her home address. It’s hard to imagine she still has a smile on her face with all the loads she has put back in the last 5 years. She will hate you forever, and try to have you killed if you call her the town bike! She is the village door knob dammit! Everyone getsa a turn! Dont get her confused with her competition! She already knows with a belly that looks like she was dragged down a gravel road after giving birth to her bastard children, she needed to step up and swallow all the goop she could to stand out in this town! Way to go you social tit sucking cunt! You are the biggest drain on society, as well as a serious waste of skin! You really know how to stand out in a crowd! We can smell you from 100 feet away honey! Hard to believe I thought we actually had a tuna fisherie around here before I met you in person. One of your ex’s told me you were like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Some other dude sttod up for you and corrected him that it was more like pissing into the ocean. no matter how hard you hit it, it didn’t make any difference at all.

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Laura Jane Mcnalty

October 26, 2014 Hamilton 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik! this is laura mcnalty on monday oct 20,2014 at 3:20 am has been charged with drug parafilina, weed, and meth (6.4) grams. she tryed to cross the border into the U.S with theses drugs in her purse, the giy she was with was 17, with no licance, no insurance and they stole someones plates and put them on a stolen car… who in there right mind would TRY and crosd with no licance and stolen car and stolen plates and to top it off they both did not have a pasport … i dont know if she was so high on meth she thought she would get away or what. i have the link from the news were she was arrested and crying in her mug shot, bitch you shot up meth and now your poor son has no mom, not like you had custody anyways. laura used to be fat now shes bones its so gross, oh and shes doing betwen 7-10 years in prison in tge states, she tryed to do her time here but the U.S wont allow it . what a dead beat low life. your son deserves more then what you could ever give him thts why im hapy he aint in your care, you wont ever see him again . mabee being in jail you will get clean and lay off the meth you been injecting and make a life for your self wen you get out! (click here for article)

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