Tanya Pietrantuono

August 7, 2014 Hamilton 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this broad needs to be put on blast! This broad is known. Throughput Hamilton for being a drugged out drinking slut who cannot keep her legs closed if her life depended on it. This skank haa had her children removed and she isn’t doing a thing to get them back.. This cunt has broke up my marriage by sleeping with my husband Matteo I found out after he brought home the “cl**”…. Another fact she is sleeping with her kids’ very own grandpa, in what fkn world does hookers like that do such disgusting things. Her poor kids having their friends over for a sleepover and do they all not walk in on her sucking some guys cock in her livingroom , hence the kids gone….. I feel its a duty PSA to let all wives and girlfriends out in Hamilton to keep there men close cuz she will go behind anyone’s back to suck a dick! This broad is scooo dirty u can smell when she’s on her period as she don’t clean herself, lily ass hair s!pkes like a chimney and entwine that knows her knows she’s a !massive drunk!! Driving around with kids drunk! The dumb drunk bitch needs to already keep her legs closed and her ass washed ew! But u men if u like I’m sure she will spread em for a couple pills or some Pepsi.

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Not so Classy after all

August 7, 2014 Hamilton 24



THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty lil skank just moved to Hamilton from Brantford. She thinks she’s hot shit now that she decided to go to college, after living off her boyfriend and his mother for the past year…she has large daddy issues. Once she moved here she cheated on her sweet man and ignored him for days til he was smart and finally had enough. Her new crew is a group of black males (ROOM MATES) and some trashy white girls that she hangs out with every weekend at SIZZLE. Clara thinks she hot shit now and will be some sort of professional when she is done with her shitty diploma at mohawk. The funny part is she has already slept with her new bestie asadas boyfriend ebeneezer while adada has no clue. to bad. hopefully her new bf will realise what a fony skank she is with her fake high pitched voice. clara went from a freak in highschool to a blonde bimbo. men who want a easy lay you can find her at hess or the bar at mohawk college during the week or even at her work friscos on upper james.and clara you should really work on your eyebrows..even those bad boys out.

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Ashley Ryan

August 6, 2014 Hamilton 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Hamilton people. This slut here is Ashley Ryan she is a nasty crackhead escort. Her bf is Wes who is also a crackhead. She should not have her kid whatsoever as she leaves him to go fuck men for cash or drugs. She has hpv and is a total waste of space. I can not believe her and her sister have their babies when they both bang rails of coke like no tomorrow. Please Pleas Please Nik expose this fucking lying goof whore you better clean your act up bitch cause you never know when your sons gonna get taken right from you cunt

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Chastity May

August 6, 2014 Hamilton 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skank works at the local strip club and gives bjs in the back. She will sleep with your man even if you are her good friend. She is just a whore and loves attention from ANY guy. Shes used up and sends pictures of her flappy pussy around to anyone who gives her a tiny bit of attention. She thinks shes hot for some reason although she has a saggy bloated stomach, saggy tits and ass, dirty kitchen tats and basically looks like an old witch… Shes proud to live in sub. housing paying only 100 for rent. Reality Check chastity!! Your 35 with no real man and no real future. Glad im not you! mwaahhaha

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Sarah Low

August 6, 2014 Hamilton 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik meet hamiltons real easter bunny sarah low this fat buck tooth bitch is the dirtiest fat cow in hamilton and she cant keep her cottage cheese thighs closed long enough to wash her fish platter. shes now with jarrett robinson whom cheated on me with her hmm not much of a step up huh more like a step to gross anyways this cunt needs to keep her fat mouth shut before i come back to hamilton and knock her teeth out so watch your self sara fuckin bitch hamilton ontarios white stinky whale everyone

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Roberto Bocca

August 5, 2014 Hamilton 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this low life drug dealer is currently dating recently posted disgusting diamond! Too funny considering the girl is a well known prostitute in the area right? This guy must be on some next level denial, everyday he\’s off at school she has men come over to pay her for sex. The only reason she is with him anyway is for the free drugs. Before her and Nick broke up she would make fun of Roberto daily for spotting her hundreds and hundreds of dollars of weed, saying how she’s just using him because he likes her. Funny how she is now dating him because nobody else wants her! Nobody in this entire city is as stupid as he must be, dating the neighborhood bicycle. I have my suspicions he may be homosexual, as we all know how much diamond loves anal and being bald. He tries to be so tough on the internet too, I guess he learned that from her. Newsflash, kind of hard to be tough when you are fat enough to easily out-run. I feel really sorry for this guy, especially now that there is multiple police investigations regarding him dealing drugs just because his girlfriend is a skank that can’t keep her mouth shut! Watch your chubby little back!

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Loose Lorenzen Not even your dogs are safe

August 5, 2014 Hamilton 159

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the dirty of all dirty loose lorenzen! Young men are safe wit this ratchet she only likes to trap older men as she lookin for a daddy in a man. This ho b having kids since she could breed to trap men to b wit her. She has 4 kids and gave 3 away and the last one she got taken away 3 times before she left a lil baby in the cas until they made that baby a crown ward. She runs drugs from JA over to the states pretending shes a dog breeder wen we all know that she is a breeder just not a dog breeder. She loves her animals more then she loves her own kids. This girl likes to blame her baby daddys gf for all her misfortunes wen reality is that gf is taking care of her kids bc she is the most unfit parent around dropping her 4 yr old son off at the police station demanding the police to give the kid back to his father after 24 hrs couldnt evenmanage a weekend visit as she is so watless she wanted to go to bar to bar lookin for her ex. She is looking for next victim so lock ur man up if he is older them 35 as she looking for a daddy and a man not even your dogs are safe she makes her dog lick her i guess cuz she cant get no man bc most of the men in Hamilton know wat a crazy watless lil girl she is so no one wants her. She runs around town in a nice car acting rich wen she lives off the government collectin disability at the age of 24 for panic attacks but yet she can go to the club n pick up old men but she cant hold a job bout disability brite and out of order! Loose Lorenzen instead of ruining next womens life why dont u do us all a favor and get fixed nasty how many more kids u gonna pop out and have someone else take care of your responsibility??? Nasty watless ho! Abby Lorenzen cant wait to read your comments i know you will see this as soon as its posted cuz u live on this site #1 watless ghetto ho nuttin to do wit ur time but cause others drama…you have all been warned stay away from this crazy!

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Fake Ass Pepsi Head

August 5, 2014 Hamilton 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: PAIGE S There is literally nothing honest that goe in or out of this bitch. She would do anything even kill her boyfriend of three years for a good time. She is fake and bipolar and has fucked anyone and everyone who shows her love and believes that she is real. She tries to talk tough but she gets beat and looks beat as well. She will turn on anyone and everyone who doesnt do what she wants. if its not her way its the highway of hell. Shes fake, manipulative, skanky, easy, stupid, fake and fucked up. Watch out she’d even sell her own brother out.

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