Gord Carr

March 19, 2014 Hamilton 69 5,977 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this goofy joker lookin bag chaser GORD GOOFY CARR messed around with too many girls I know! Thinks he’s a tough guy beating on them ties them up chokes them throws them on there faces! I’ve seen photos of what he’s done to two lady’s I know! He’s PATHETIC. And now bragging to people that he’s laying up in bed with a 22 year old! He is a pathological liar. Claimed he has some job that he runs crews hahaha Gord your nothin but a scummy Hamilton guppie. You can’t fight worth s#@t and run like a pssy!!! So u beat on chicks!? Tanya and chantel are the ones I’m talkin bout boy and when I find you I HOPE your ready to be treated the same way u did them!!! This guy’s a HUGE oxy head always begging people to find him some “40s” and cokes it out with all the bag chasin Hamiltonians!!! Hits up shenanigans with his goofy grin on his face. Steroids don’t make you tough Gordo. We all know your scronny a$$ runs cuz u got banged out before. Lives with his mommy aparently sleeping on a floor. Yeah u can only tell so many lies dude. Times are catching up with you. Dudes got so many DRDs HE can’t have kids!! That’s a first! Hahahaha so let’s hear all the other stories ppl. He needs to be called out n let him come at someone his own size!!! And this is scrivins. Not one of your “jealous ex’s” so don’t even run ur mouth sayin its them you deserve to be six feet under.the last photo is his most recent victim. Sorry excuse for a man.

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Jacqueline Rachet Bouchard

March 19, 2014 Hamilton 112 8,633 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jacqueline Bouchard is a welfare, housing , system sucking hoe. She has two kids that she cant raise on her own so she has her mother doing all the motherly duties for her while she sits on the dirty all day long obsessing and posting her ex mans new babymom. She has never had a job to support her own children and still thinks working at McDonalds when she was 15 counts towards anything. She dropped out of college because thedirty.com consumes her entire life and she cant focus on anything else. She will probably be the first to comment on this. Jacqueline this is Rob and since you want to keep posting my sexy ass woman I will now expose your dirty laundry. You have these 2 kids that you claim are mine and neither one of them look like me. I think you are just jealous that me and Michelle have what you and I will never have and that is a family. I tell you this everyday and you continue to harass me and keep me locked in your disgusting house. The only reason im ever there is because of your welfare cheque and even that goes to Michelle and our new baby. Get a life and try raising your kids and leave my girlfriend out of this. She is a better mother than you will ever be.

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Rob Wells

March 18, 2014 Hamilton 109 5,909 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet rob wells hamiltons biggest deadbeat dad he has two boy whom he never sees anymore. Hes to busy parting and smoking weed when he should be at home with his kids. He steals right from under neath you will lie to your face to get his way he thinks hes cool shit cause he’s hurting his kid. If I were you and I seen him id beat his ass he likes to hit women. He beat up his ex. And hits his kids as well. He could careless about his kids thats why he walked out on them and left them with their whore of a mother whore who brings random guys around them every night lol. If you where a real dad you’d be at home with them not out at some whores house with her kid but with your own! From what I hear his kids are tumor retards that are still in diapers. And he could careless about them. What kind of a father are you ? Stay home with your retarded kids and look after them Instead of taken off on them for days upon days .. Watch your back girls he likes to cheat just ask his baby mama. This guy needs a awake up call and I think it’s about time someone does it ! Oh now he has blue hair lol

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Ian Smith

March 18, 2014 Hamilton 43 6,126 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this walking disease is none as ian smith, he fcks anyone that gives him food and somewhere too sleep, he proposes to every girl to keep them longer, he has 2 babies and 2 more on the way with three different baby moms, he asked me to marry him a couple of weeks ago then after i told him i mite be pregnant he bailed then to find out that he alreadi had two on the way it was disgusting. watch out he likes to look for someone new every week but his gf so ive been told is no different she has three babies from three different guys ewww… and her kids where taken away from her for beating them for for the real dad so she says poor kids i feel bad for them they deserve a better mom than that.

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The Pedo & The Back Stabber

March 18, 2014 Hamilton 355 12,031 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to the Jouvence Brothers…Ryan & Rene Jouvence. First off Ryan the little fcken Pedo loves to grab young girls straight off the deans list. Even if they haven’t graduated yet they still have things in common with him…cuz neither did he. When he was sleeping or staying at my buddy’s place, he told my friend that he was getting boners over his daughter. & as for Rene he is a little snake who marry’s his friends baby’s mommas & then beat the shit outta them what & who do they think they are?? Never one have they spent a nite let a lone even serving time but they act like they are straight outta Compton when they are only from the Hamilton Mountain & they both think their bloods

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Steve Fekete

March 17, 2014 Hamilton 33 10,391 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is drd Steve (aka Stephen Fekete). He has gotten the c*p and drd and passed it on so many times its disgusting. He lies and has multiple girls going at 1 time..big time cheater!! He’s a deadbeat too busy with his broken nose in coke to care about his life. He bounces from chick to chick, but loves getting sucked off by guys too..so there’s plenty to go around!!! One of the nasties in dirty hamilton!

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Hamiltons #1 Ratchet

March 17, 2014 Hamilton 190 9,479 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Check this dirty broad out!! Her name is Stacey Sapsford aka Stay Malay on facebook/instagram. She was cheating on her boyfriend of over 2 years with a nasty drd infested pervert Justin Laforme whos a grease ball. They are perfect for eachother. I used to be friends with her but now cant stand the way shes living her life. Shes a complete mess and needs to be put on BLAST. She doesnt know how to handle her alcohol at all and thinks she is hot shit. Her friend Kylie is the only person that puts up with her shit and even then Kylie goes and talks pure shit about her behind her back. This girl is so lazy and has no life. This girl has been screwing people over her whole life and will continue to do so. She has 2 little boys that she doesnt deserve because she cant even do anything for herself. Pretty sure shes on drugs, how can you look at this pic and think otherwise? What do you think Nik?

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Paige looks like a man Weylie

March 17, 2014 Hamilton 38 6,503 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi my names Paige! Im 5’6, have brown shitty eyes and have a 5 inch forhead i try to conceal with a real bad contouring make up job! I cant get a real boyfriend to save my life so I have to sleep with a guy thats too embarrassed to date me but will cheat on me with every girlfriend he has ( over the past 5 years, my self esteem is super high) . Arnt i THE CUTEST. I can only come over passed midnight when no ones home just to make sure no one can see my hideous sad excuse for a face. My picture is at the gay bar but i swear im a real girl! I know itd hard to tell by my bone structure, but i swear ill put out if you let me! Ill teach you about being a desperate whore in my class desperate hamilton skanks 101 AND I’ll even show you how i can hide my cock between my cellulite covered legs. And they say Covergirl don’t Cover Boy.. PAIGE WEYLIE EVERYONE. FROM HAMILTON PLEASE LOOK ME UP ON FB IM SUPER DESPERATE FOR A BOYFRIEND!!!!!

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