Danielle Lyle

August 18, 2014 Hamilton 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Danielle Lyle. Con artist at its best. She lives a complete lie to her family, “friends”, church and community. She is ripping off the government, scamming OW, living in Hamilton Housing and all the while pretending to have made a “turn around” and become a “church going, wholesome girl” Ha!! Watch out Hamilton wives and gfs. She will befriend you then turn around and ask you to babysit her kids while in the end….bang your husband. While youre watching her kids! shes infested with drd, continuously spreading her legs and getting pregnant (3 baby daddies but would have been 4). just nasty, dirty, lying little slutbag. you heard the saying…one baby daddy; two baby daddy, three baby daddy, four. how many baby daddies does it take for you to be a who’re? if the shoe fits..

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Steel City Slore

August 15, 2014 Hamilton 1014

THE DIRTY ARMY: Better known as MERCY NONE. This girl is a fckin snitch who goes around acting like she is bad. Likes to call herself a drug dealer but everyone knows what she does for her supply. Fckin cokehead. This slut has been ran through by more men then the typical hoe. Only difference is hoes charge while this wagon burnin hoe just lets all of them come in for free. She fcked all her ex’s friends …. yes the same man she called the police on and had locked up fckin snitch bitch she is a fckin dirty pig who lets men run train on her. Hope you guys were wrapping it up because she gave my girls brother herpes dirty cnt. This bitch is a joke . that is why she stuck in dirty ass hamilton with her dirty ass crew of all oh one person that she fcks on the low but act like they are girlfriends hahaha dirty birds. ASHLEY FENTON you dirtbag bitch stop fcking other peoples men and acting like your pussy clean you need a fckin checkup bitch.

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Racheal Kaneva’s Parents

August 15, 2014 Hamilton 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here are her parents that are always on vacation without her. Infact you’d think they’re on a perm vacation away from her. The step father TODD Owns/runs a law firm unsure how that works can’t control his 20 year old step daughter LAURA; does nothing. But suck dick and Lay on her back. SO thats all racheal knows how to do. ALSO She’ must be a huge cnt. Because the apple doesnt fall from the tree. Give your kid some damn attention.

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Hot Mess

August 15, 2014 Cincinnati, Dayton, Dirty Mugshots, Hamilton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: she is a junky is Priscilla Crawford a terrible friend, poor mother and will use you for all you got. I made the mistake of thinking she was worth helping nope. She will steal from you lie to you, have drama in your home and drugs in your home, Stay clear of this thing. Dont fall for her fake friendship she will show her true color. and Her*in is her love

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Kristan Daniels Niagara Falls Pedo

August 15, 2014 Hamilton 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is kristan Daniels, he thinks he’s Internet famous because he makes YouTube videos when reality is, he’s nothing but a attention seeking emo pedophile. He is constantly asking girls to come sleep over, TEENAGED girls as young as 13. This guy is 19 !!! He shows off his stomach like he’s had an 8 pack for years. Hes disgusting. His entire life is Facebook, he’ll post any and everything on there just to get a few likes. He needs to be taken down.

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Katie McKay Brock Sloot

August 14, 2014 Hamilton 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, dirty army strong here! I want to post a warning to anyone living in st. Catherines or oakville. This nasty little gremlin here is on the loose. Katie McKay goes to Brock university (how she got in is a surprise to me) and almost got kicked out of dorm for having too many guys stay the night. Dirt bag, I know. This horse face here will date young guys and old guys alike. This bitch slept with me like 6 months ago while she had a bf!!! What a used up skank. She loves anal so much that I could barley feel anything in that sloppy sh@t shoot. Katie hunny, stop selling yourself for money. Wise up before u catch something! GUYS, never bang her without a rubber!!!! Who knows what this high bag has. She thinks she’s pretty meanwhile she’s as big as a whale and has a nose comparable to shrek;) close them legs girl and stick with one man!!

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Michelle Fortier

August 13, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman is an manipulative, lying, stealing prostitute and deadbeat mother! can’t keep her legs closed long enough to go a year without having some mixed breed spawn fall out of her loose canyon vag… none of which she ends up keeping, most are crown ward or adopted by her own mother who is equally fcked up. she’s suckered some dummy into paying her rent but still collects from welfare office and gives $50 bbbj specials in her free time. she visits hamilton to do duos with her own daughter! she spreads DRD like wildfire throughout the area. worst of all she has taught all her tricks to her own daughter who is already posted on here! someone needs to teach this family some common decency and tell them to stop living off the system, close their damn legs and get a real job! it’s embarrassing and sad really.

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Jackson Storm

August 13, 2014 Hamilton 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nuff said, am I right?

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