Shanise Holst

June 26, 2014 Hamilton 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is whore bag shanise holst were do I begin with this low life.she doesn’t know if she wants pssy or cock.depends on what you have to offer her.this pig likes any guy she sniff blow off there dicks she use to escort for Lou. She is a walkin Drd feel so sorry for beanz not that he is much better but I’m sure he just wanted to hit it and leave it until she says she is prego if he is the dad good luck beanz. LMAO shanise thinks she is hard core tuff girl only when she has someone else with her then those cock suckers of hers start flapping away like she’s gonna do some thing haha she tries too much to act like her buddy trixtine BIXBY another one of Hamiltons finest. You havin another kid so your check goes up.nik this wanna be gangster pass around whore should of been up here long time ago shanise get a life and do something productive instead of dating guys or girls who you expect to SUPORRT your drug habit. And thanks beanz glad you stopped by but lose your so called house can’t make a whore a house wife beanz. WAKE UP LOSE THE DIRT BAG!

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Home Recker

June 25, 2014 Hamilton 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aerlaena Smith, the nastiest bitch of downtown Hamilton, she has two children with two different guys and is 17 and loves dating everyone else’s baby dads like Michael Willock, Tyler Pruder, Brandon Skinner, she smells like dirty fish an never showers. She drinks and smokes weed with her children in the room. She have multiple drd’s and doesn’t tell the guys she goes and fucks, she spends her whole baby bonus cheque on drugs and alcohol. Lmfao when she doesn’t get the D and guys reject her she cries! TBH if your going to fck her your going to feel like a hot dog in a hall way and the bitch don’t give back so you doing all the work and you wo’t even get anything out of it.. So boys have fun!!!

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Womanbeater Lewis

June 25, 2014 Hamilton 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo This guy Len Lewis chased his girl down the street with a bat he was going to hit her with the baseball bat. Because he can\’t handle guys hitting on his girl when he’s all liquored up. He got jumped because of it. & then he called the cops on her when she didn\’t do shit. He ratted out the guy, got someone arrested who had nothing to do with anything. wasn’t even at his place. Hes twistin the story, and trying to get people in shit with the law, because he can’t handle the consequences of his actions. but what goes around comes around. Once a woman beating rat always a woman beating rat. STRAIGHT UP GOOF.

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Jahnelle Geddes

June 25, 2014 Hamilton 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: This loser is the most disgusting piece of shit I have EVER met.I had three classes with her and you can honestly smell her before you see her. She claims to play varsity rugby and pretends like she’s hard and rocks the varsity sweater but somehow nobody has ever seen this bitch play and there’s no pictures of her ever playin, shit she can’t even do the goddamn stairs without breakin a sweat. Shes a fckin rude ass bitch to everybody unless they can make her look popular and then she kisses their asses so shes not alone. Can’t wait to see when this rank, ugly ass piece of shit realizes that she has no real friends.

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Trishelle the Bombshell

June 24, 2014 Hamilton 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: Trishelle the Bombshell. I do not know who gave you this nickname but hunny they must have been drunk! A bombshell is a beautiful woman with an AMAZING body, which you do not have. You’re kinda chunky. And not to mention dirty. See this chick at the bar on the reg, and shes always got a different guy buying her drinks. Getting guys to buy you drinks is great, but going home with a different man everytime you’re out at the bar, not so great. drd test should be in order for this one, or anyone who has been with this one. Yuck

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Chris Dolton Rips Off Friends

June 24, 2014 Hamilton 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Here is the biggest poser loser Chris Dolton. He is a huge drug fiend, especially for designer drugs such as MDMA/Ecstasy, Ketamine, GHB etc. What he doesn’t want people to know is when he gets all f*cked up and high from these drugs it turns him into this flaming gay boy, hitting on men at different clubs and even going to gay bath houses. There is nothing wrong with being gay, however his girlfriend has herpes and he has contracted the disease too, so be weary of him! Him and his girlfriend Leighann Mcgratten are perfect for each other because they are both the biggest posers you will ever meet in your life, jumping on whatever is the cool thing to do. When it was cool to listen to “emo” or “screamo/rock” music Chris was right there loving life listening to that bullshit. He even listened to Nickelback at one point ! He has no identity or mind of his own, he is just another sheep in the herd, like his pathetic girlfriend. He also rips his friends off for money and then stops talking to them, so Chris, you really shouldnt have done that, now your secrets are exposed you freak.

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Ashlie Read

June 20, 2014 Hamilton 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is disgusting and will fck your man knowing ur together and have a family..then she will go and kiss up and fuck her bby dad jamal and u know whats even more disgustingshe fucks niggas right beside her kid. Like who does that her daughter is probably gunna turn out just like her. Btw i forgot to mention her name is ashlie read. Like this bitch looks like shes on drugs look at her weight difference frombthe first pic to the second pic nd the second pic is after she had her kid can u say skeletor? This bitch is so scared of me shes just lucky everytime i see her shes wit her kid but when i catch her aloneit will be over for her im not done yet!!!! All she does is make subs for a living drink boose even when her kids home and fck niggas infront of her kid ur waste she cant even afford to have a second bedroom for her kid lmfaoo maybe cuz all she does is pay for dick ruin familys drink booze and do drugs ur a disgusting cnt!!! I will get u hoe one day

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Blond Horse

June 20, 2014 Hamilton 179

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this drug addicted whore thinks she is the shit. Sniffing c*ke, popping pills, wine binges all while her 5 young children fend for themselves. I fell for her innocent look only to be played like a fool. I babysat her kids while she run the streets sucking dick for blow. She needs to be put on blast and those poor kids taken away for their own safety. Beware this drd infested cke whore, dont let her looks fool you shes as trash as they come.

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