Katheryn Weathers

March 10, 2014 Hawaii, Honolulu 0 5,514 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kat. She will act like your best friend and then fck your man. Kind of like what she did to her best friend, Maxine Phillips, who doesn’t even know that her best friend has been sleeping with her husband Sean. She will do whatever she has to do to make herself look good, even lie about her husband beating her-which he doesn’t. He’s a great guy who only made the mistake of trying to make a ho a housewife. She’s a teacher at Thornydale Elementary, so ladies, better watch all the dads-she will destroy them all. She’s the dirtiest slut, keep your men away!

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Is This A Man

December 4, 2013 Hawaii, The Dirty, Vancouver 104 95,926 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is so hilar all these guys are posting on this girls pictures commenting on how sexy and hot she (or he) is. Now tell me isn’t this a man.

Those are DUDE elbows for sure.- nik

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US Women’s Soccer Team Players Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux

October 9, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Hawaii, Honolulu, Maui 17 13,840 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alex Morgan (-2′s) and Sydney Leroux (+2′s) of the US Women’s National Soccer Team were recently walking on the beaches of Hawaii as fellow Soccer player Abby Wambach and her fiancee, Sarah Huffman were getting married there.  Nik, how many beers and shots would it take you to consider letting these girls handle the balls in your life?

I can’t talk about my true feelings here. I’m invited to a wedding Alex Morgan is in. So I have to be nice.

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MySpace Tom Is Not Dead

September 23, 2013 Hawaii, Maui, The Dirty 21 89,373 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you even remember who this guy is? Tom from a website called MySpace. Just wanted to let the world know he spends his days roaming around Hawaii taking gay pictures for Instagram (owned by Facebook).

So Tom became a professional photographer like everyone else on Instagram. Typical.- nik

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Birds Of A Feather

August 5, 2013 Hawaii, Miami, The Dirty 46 87,981 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! You have GOT to post about Jamie Saffran, bff of Chelsea “The Doorknob” Steinberg, who was also featured on here:[ Also See ] Not only is Jamie one of the TOP bottle rats in Miami (sucking d*ck at LIV EVERY night of the week), but she shares the SAME NAME with her father, who is currently in prison for murdering his best friend, CHOPPING HIS BODY UP INTO LITTLE PIECES, and using the victim’s credit card to pay for her FAU tuition. It made national news:[ read here ] Chelsea “The Doorknob” and “The Killer’s Daughter” were once friends with Montana Tucker, (featured in the past), but only because she’s a singer/ dancer/ actress/ model/ wannabe/ nobody who got them into clubs for free: [ Also See ] Jamie even f*cked around with the equally pathetic Sam Bernstein aka “KingBeatz” Also pictured with Jamie is wannabe (and previous featured male bottle rat), Mike Troy: [ Also See ] You know what they say, birds of a feather…

I’m very impressed by your Wikipedia link referencing skills.- nik

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I Need SERIOUS Advice From You Nik

June 26, 2013 Hawaii, Hollywood, Honolulu, The Dirty 40 85,843 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, trying to submit this again. Btw Dirty Army I REALLY want to know your thoughts in the comments section. So Nik you are always real with your words and I need them more than ever. A close gf of mine recently went through a divorce. Married for 17 years. 4 kids. 11 years ago her ex husband got pissed at her for having phone conversations with her acting scene partner. (Even though he is in Hollywood and a douche bag first AD). He gets pissed so she says well there goes my dream (mind you nothing happened between them) But he says it was an emotional affair….ummmmmm it’s her acting partner relax. SO TWO YEARS LATER he says it was his “revenge” (you don’t take revenge two years later you do it immediately) he meets this man looking chick on set and while his wife and two kids are at home he flies her to Hawaii to have a 6 week long relationship with her. She finds out cause he “accidentally” left pictures of them in Hawaii and his then wife found out. So she took one of the pictures of them both, framed it, and left it on the night stand for when he got home with a big bow on it. EPIC. Sadly she stayed with him cause she found out she was pregnant with thier 3rd kid. Anyway after her 4th kid things really went down hill. He was an asshole, never around, she always questioned his phone calls, trips etc. Now they are divorced. Who does he call? The B*TCH HE TOOK TO HAWAII!!!! Nik seriously who does that. He says he randomly hit her up. I call bullsh*t. Sounds very odd when he “randomly” hits her up and she is so quick to say I love you to him? Come on. He is spending money left and right and she is the final word. Buys a new mercedes and a new Porsche and she is the one dictating it. If she was brought back and there was nothing before that he wouldn’t let her in this deep. We don’t buy that they ever stopped contact or seeing each other. Now he is taking a trip with his kids and this home-wrecker to the SAME place in Hawaii for a vacation while their mother is about to be on the streets and is barely scraping by. What do you think Nik? Did he ever get rid of her? Does he even deserve his kids? (btw she looks like a man.) The wife he left is a friggin beauty and an excellent mom. Real Talk. She needs some expert advice.

Why is the ex-wife still hung up on this loser. This is all her fault to begin with. She couldn’t let go which made him dig the hole even deeper. The man wants a person around that actually likes him and it’s obviously not the mother of his children. MOVE ON. Find the next idiot to beat down.- nik

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Melfort Slore

June 4, 2013 Hawaii, Saskatoon 44 9,026 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Theres this slut bag in melfort that thinks shes top shit and owns the streets… well she does with her legs behind her head that is… She has 2 kids likes to talk trash but the second shes confronted or sees you she shuts the fuck up an backs down. She doesnt take her kids anywere and is like the first slice of bread in the bag the slice that everyone touches but nobody really wants. She has lock jaw from hell and looks like she fell outta a donkeys asshole. 99% of her so called beauty could be whiped away with a wetnap she honestly looks like she should be in the circus. she looooooves to open her legs to anyone thats willing to buy her a drink and is dateing a 16 year old guy this bitch is 23 years old!!!!! what the fck is wrong with her!!! Oh and on top of that she is living with her e bf who she tells will ever see his kid if h moves ot or sees anyone else and still sleeps with him WHILE SHES DATEING SOMEONE!!! straight hootchie. and needs her kids taken away from her are shes a terribe mother and has them in a horrid living environment!!

How can you not manage to keep your eyes open when you take a picture of yourself?- nik

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Ruth Melinda and the Bandwagon of Sloota

February 21, 2013 Hawaii, Newport, Santa Monica 10 6,464 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Ruth Melinda Lopez…a hall of famer here on the dirty… Seems like she just keeps getting publicity after blowing old men for money. She is a stripper, prostitute, escort, whore who poses like a real estate professional. That girl hasn’t seem real estate paperwork since she lived in West Covina. Her full time profession of 13 years has been and still is stripper. This girl has an appetite for rich men, or just dick in general. She will go into any bar and walk out with a one night stand, claim she never met the guy the next day. She is a compulsive liar, and her double life needs to end. She is currently dating a poor soul who is 22 and has no idea she has ! Her gang skanks is no better, birds of a feather… this girl Bre is a whore who sleeps with old men for their money.,.. is a desperate pathetic loser desperate for attention. From going topless in public to posting pictures of lesbian escapades with Melinda… the spawn of a crackhead parent…No Mormon girl there!

Sloots??? I see one girl and a lotta guys.- nik

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