Selena Gomez Is Making Career Moves

April 17, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 4 61,381 Views


Click Here to see who Selena Gomez fired!!! Drugs win!

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Brody Jenner Can’t Be Serious

April 17, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 20 79,910 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, is this a joke?  What the hell is Brody Jenner thinking?  The guy is joining the DJ scene about 5 years too late and I can only imagine what a joke his set will be.  I will be going tonight just to only see what crap this guy plays.  Is he going broke or something?

If Paris Hilton wasn’t embarrassing enough to the DJ world… this is hilarious!- nik

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Why Oh Why Can Horse Fly

April 17, 2014 Hamilton, Hollywood 0 9,648 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please explain it to me Nik; There are gorgeous women out there. Blonde, hot bodies, gorgeous faces. At least one of them in the world can sing like a damn angel i’m sure of it. But instead, we make HORSES famous?? Piano playing, saggy tittied horse faces who looks like they have been ridden around the damn ranch one too many times. How and why did America make this person famous? What is wrong with us? We glorify ugly. It’s like “clap for her, wow she’s talented, give her praise for being disadvantaged by her ugliness” Other people sing and are hot, why do we give her attention?? And who told her she was a model?? UGH oh and by the way, you can not convince me that she is the age she says she is. She looks older than my grandma. I know untouched photos can be tough but photoshop is for liars, as you say. You cannot make a horse fly.

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I Want To Be The Next Steve Aoki

April 17, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 45 92,835 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a huge Steve Aoki fan. I’m Asian-American like Steve and I hope to achieve the level of success that he’s has. I have a couple questions for you or the DA. 1) Does anyone know what type of shampoo Steve uses? I want to grow my hair out like him. 2) Is Steve Aoki gay? I’ve never seen him with a woman before and the whole cake obsession is suspect. I don’t care either way but if he is gay he should come out and be proud of it. His fans will respect him more. Thanks Nik.

Very strong questions…does anyone know the answers?- nik

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Heidi Klum Goes Topless For New Guy

April 16, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 3 99,965 Views


Click Here to see Heidi Klum naked at 40-years-old!!

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805 Senor Muerte

April 16, 2014 Hollywood, Santa Barbara 0 7,173 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is “Senor Muerte” he likes to call himself. His real name is Zimrri but he likes to tell people his name is Noe. He is a lowlife who loves graffiti and thinks he’s a professional photographer when all he does is take pictures of hoodrats half naked. I didn’t really know him much we dated 3 months he seemed to be sweet little did I know he was a physco path! He beat me and is now in jail im keepin the baby & he’ll never see it! So long dirtbag!

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Why Is My Girlfriend Acting Shady

April 16, 2014 Fake Equis, Hollywood, The Dirty 228 111,618 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my girlfriend of two years has a lot of mutual “friends” with Dan Fake Equis and the past 3 weeks, she has been hanging out with them.  She said guys are not allowed to party with them, so she never invites me and everytime she goes, she never returns my text or answers my calls because she says she has no service, but she has no problem posting IGs partying with them.  I don’t get it, I do trust her but when she quit her job a few days ago, has me really paranoid that she is sleeping with those guys for money.  I don’t want to lose her, especially to this mother f*cker.  What the hell should I do?

I wouldn’t worry about. Have Fake Equis pay her bills and just share her. He will take all the head ache out of the relationship with all the shoes and purses you had to buy anyway. It sounds like a win win to me.- nik

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Is That Really Mischa Barton

April 16, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 7 93,800 Views


Click Here to see what Misha Barton looks like!!! Why did she completely let herself go?

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