Drunken Xanax Mom

October 27, 2014 Hollywood 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is nothing but a drunken xanax pill popper with two kids. Always going to jail, getting into fights in jail. She pops Xanax like its candy. She cams on Myfreecams and who knows where else. Somebody take her OUT OF MFREECAMS!!!! She is stealing all of the good tippers. Ridiculous. Plus her boyfriend who dhe claims to have had over 6 years is ugly as f*ck. Nik, what is your view?

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You Are Going Soft Nik

October 26, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think you are going soft! You used to call out everyone with no holds barred. You were relentless in your criticism of celebrity photoshopping etc… What happened? Put your hands in your pockets and see if you still have a set. The DA deserves better than what you have been delivering lately. Here is a pic of thunder thighs Beyonce. without the normal photoshop. Nik, get back on your game we are depending on you to rid us of this nasty sh*t!

You obviously don’t read TabRag.com. My lawyer has muted me over the years, has nothing to do with softness. Only reason I started that new site.- nik

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This Woman Is Perfect

October 25, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 38

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I really want your opinion on this blonde.  Everyone says she is perfect, like seriously nothing wrong with her but I don’t see it.  I know you see the Matrix and can see past all the bullsh*t.  So, what might be causing people to drool over this average girl?

Her age in this picture concerns me, but her cheekbones are on point and she has decent eyebrows. Maybe go easy on the extensions too. You have great hair, no need to force.- nik

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Found Your Nanny… Look No Further

October 24, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 164


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out what I came across.  If this girl can’t be your nanny, then I officially give up.  As a girl, I have never crushed on another female like this one.

The belly button is perfect, I like penny slots. What’s 411, what country are we talking about?- nik

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Jessa Hinton Is Now Single

October 24, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 112


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Jessa’s boyfriend Mike got royally f*cked over by Jessa.  He is a Vegas promoter and moved to Hollywood to be with her… just to find out she just started hooking.  Poor guy wasted his time and effort on your typical Hollywood whore.  Best part of this story, her first “client” was the one and only… Dan Bilzerian.

Ladies always clean your bathroom mirror pre-selfie. It’s classier than just be in your underwear for the money shot.- nik

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Why Aren’t You Into Black Girls

October 24, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 270


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, big fan of your site. I know what type of girl you like. Just wondering why you don’t like black girls. I know its the opposite of what you like but you don’t find not one attractive? I never dated a black guy either not my cup a tea but I do every once in a while see one that I find attractive. What exactly is it that you don’t like. Is it their hair or lips or shape what is it exactly. And please give an actual answer and not say something negative about the pic I post or ask me if I’m black I know how you avoid questions sometimes.

I tried it once. Her pubic hair was too coarse for my nose and my Greg. Never again.- nik

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These Are Pretty Bad

October 23, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 63


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what the hell is this? Since you are the +2′s expert explain what the hell is going on. Sadly this old busted chick thinks she is the sh*t. All because the thirsty black knights that pump her head up on Instagram.

I always wondered how the old Hilton logo sweats.- nik

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My Now Ex Took Tyffanee C. Smith To The Playboy Mansion Instead Of Me

October 23, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she calls herself Tyffanee C. Smith. My ex(a sleazy British exotic car salesman) took her and hooker Renee Davis to the Playboy Mansion Halloween party instead of me – guess I wasn’t trashy enough(that’s why he’s my ex!.  Here she is at his house (I recognize the terrible art work!) taking selfies! I guess it didn’t work out as she claims she’s not going this year. I hope he at least got laid (and maybe a drd) out of it!

I’m not digging the Where’s Waldo costume. Black chicks don’t convert when it comes to white chick costumes. I decided.- nik


Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

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