Mario Gotze’s Girlfriend Is A Damn Dime

July 23, 2014 Berlin, Hollywood, The Dirty 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Can we please get some info on this soccer player’s girlfriend. She is quite a looker. Mario Gotze was that guy who scored that world cup final goal but who cares about that anyways because thats boring old soccer. What is really important is if we can get more pics of this woman on your website. The dude has a boner right next to her. Can’t blame him though. Its her fault for being hot.

Mario can do better. At least spend some of that Nike money to fix her chest.- nik

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Guess Who Is Back On Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

July 23, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 17


Click Here to see who is joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills again in a desperate attempt to save the show!!

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Arian Foster Is An Idiot For Not Using Protection

July 23, 2014 Hollywood, Houston, The Dirty 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany Norwood. She was knocked up by Arian Foster. Kid doesn’t even look black, but regardless, she looks like a black guys dream. She has no waist and the body of a short version whale wars. Her body is gross. I don’t understand how a grown woman can’t have a waist. She’s a pretty girl. I like her face. Do you like it Nik?

I don’t think I’m drafting Arian Foster next season. I feel like his fantasy ship has sailed.- nik

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Rid Yourselves Of Your Red Bottoms

July 23, 2014 Hollywood, Seattle, The Dirty 180

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please tell the ladies, whether you are married with or without children, single, or widowed, heed Nik Richie’s warnings of the image you give off when wearing a pair of red bottom Louboutins. These shoes have become the signature for hookers and porn stars, Christian Louboutin never meant for this to happen please don’t take it personally. Rid yourself of your red soles on eBay and move on, there are classier heels out there.

Red Bottoms are for Hookers!- nik

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Dan Bilzerian’s Howard Stern Interview

July 23, 2014 Fake Equis, Hollywood, The Dirty 107

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dan has confirmed in this recent interview on Howard Stern that he is indeed SINGLE again (R.I.P Andreea Bolbea…CALLING ALL PORTA POTTIES!!!). I guess she couldn’t take the heat after embarrassing articles about her were submitted on here. In this interview he also confirmed that the rumors of Andreea participating in orgies were true. He also stated that he is still financially maintaining Andreea until she gets her sh*t together. She was warned on here that she would end up regretting the porta potty lifestyle in the future, guess that settles that. Hopefully she won’t end up suffering too many consequences from the terrible decisions she made this past year.

That interview sucked. Howard was soft and kissed his ass. Almost sounded staged. Who cares about poker… that’s Dan’s cover — even though he doesn’t play anymore. Fake Equis refuses to let me interview him, I don’t know why? I don’t dislike the guy, I just want to know who he really is.- nik

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Ashley Johnson Will Do Whatever It Takes

July 23, 2014 Hollywood 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about the scummiest, dirtiest, cheapest wannabe model, actor, dancer, singer cunt Ashley.

First of all let’s let the world know that she’s a snake and is proud of it because she thinks she never gets caught. She told me she cried rape to one guy she was sucking Greg when he didn”t give her a part in a movie he promised her. Poor guy is locked up and has been waiting for his day in court. Ashley even told me that she had a girlfriend of her’s locked up for domestic violence (even though they weren’t dating and she said she’s not a lesbian, she only likes Greg, black Greg) because her girl got the lead role from an audition they both went to.

She’s so desperately trying to get her big break in the entertainment world. She will go to ANY lengths to get what she wants: she’s done orgy’s with video producers thinking that she’s gonna be the next Melissa Ford, let dudes who look like they invented Facebook finger her, sleeps with co-workers for lunch (that would be me because I buy her skinny tranny looking ass burger’s from McDonald’s dollar every damn day).

She’s definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing who will screw (I mean this literally and figuratively) anyone over. The bitch has no morals, clearly her mama didn’t raise her right, has daddy issues because she loves sleeping with married men. Put this bitch on blast Nik. The world needs to be aware of this terrible Greg sucking (but it’s free), Greg riding cunt.

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Celebrity Gossip: Blogroll

July 23, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 0


Click Here to see Paris Hilton gaining some weight in the face!!

Click Here to see how Kris Jenner spends the day when she doesn’t want to take Kim’s call!!

Click Here to read about Naya Rivera’s wedding in Mexico just three months after she called off her engagement to rapper Big Sean!!

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Lead Singer of Hedley, Jacob Hoggard Is A Dirty Douche

July 23, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the “celebrity” or at least to some 13 year girls and 40 year old hags that sings for Hedley. He is dirty AF I found this rat behind my hotel one day with his band and some other one there was a bunch of sloots on the guest list on everyone of his concerts NONE were pretty, gremlins. He was drenched in sweat from his concert and raw-dogged a girl, of course you’d think he’d be done for the night NO had another bitch at the ice machine (No ice for me that night) and had a tour bus leaving at 6AM brought another bitch along for the ride. This bands a joke and performs in hick towns I googled his wealth sad considering it’s almost been 10 years and WTF is with his new music video seems like a Miley Cyrus wannabe, avoid this f*ckboy boys and girls he’ll stick that stink Greg in anything.

No homo, but he has Owl eye nipples… very flat and stare at you.- nik

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