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Excited To See Where This New Power Couple Will End Up

November 11, 2013 Honolulu, Newport 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Fitness model Brieanna Denman, known for her natural beauty, as well as that sexy mystery girl in Dappy’s music video ‘Yin Yang’.  Seen in Hawaii Five-0 and has dated multiple actors in the past and NFL player Brandon Hardin, and lets not forget friends with social medias favorite Sandra Khorram. Brieanna has been seen with a new hot fella Jesse Labatte, who seems to be a fitness model and singer. BD’s Facebook leaked new photos of the two’s intimate shoot. New hot favorite couple of Facebook? They seem to be the total package. Seeing Brieanna’s background from Instagram, she’s a taekwondo instructor, gymnast, pianist, artist, model, clothing designer, has her own company ‘Le’brie’, makeup artist, NPC fitness competitor, and a sponsored athlete.  Brieanna Denman still living in Oahu Hawaii, when will she return to Southern California and be attending the Playboy Mansion parties like the good o’l days?  Excited to see where this new power couple will end up.

Good self post… way to promote yourself Brieanna.- nik

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Please Expose this Sociopath

October 25, 2013 Honolulu 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi there nik, This sociopathic whore is Camille Mishe Barfield.. she lives in HNL Hawaii, works on the star of HNL, and attends Leeward community college… HER HUNTING GROUND IS KANEOHE OR SCHOLFIELD BASES. She looks cute and innocent but most sociopaths are usually the case with so much of the following traits: PITY PLAY, BLAMER, CHARISMA AND CHARM, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, ETC. I was deployed twice to two combat tours in Afghanistan lost friends gave this women everything believing she really love me from: money, tickets, EVERYTHING. She uses pity and false emotions to get what she wants.. she’s 23 with NO AA and 60000 dollars in debt for student loans you’d think shed try to better herself..!!!  i always knew in my gut she’s been cheating on me but I loved her too much to realize it… until a few days ago I found out she has been cheating on me with a marine in a different unit and would switch from me to him when one of us is deployed …WTF!!! she had a complete double life!! and the SICK PART IS WHENEVER I FINALLY MUSTER UP THE STRENGTH TO LEAVE BECAUSE SHE WAS TRIGGERING MY PTSD WHERE I WOULD LOSE MY MIND AND CONTEMPLATE []! WTF WTF!!!! SHE HAD ANOTHER MAN SO WHY GO THROUGH ALL OF THIS BULL SHIT??? BECAUSE SHES A CRAZY SOCIOPATHIC WHORE THAT’S WHY!!! Plain and simple the reason why I’m doing this is because me and the other guy both serve our country sacrificed so much and put our life on the line and we do not deserve this… no one does!!! This women needs to be taught a lesson that you cannot just play with people’s hearts especially ones who have already lost so much.

Woman don’t like to sleep alone.- nik

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Karisa Harrison Worked Hard For Her ITG

October 21, 2013 Hollywood, Honolulu, Huntington Beach, Malibu, Newport, Riverside, The Dirty 101




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of people saying ITG’s are genetic. Let me guess.. a fat lady said that. Case in point.. here is Karisa Harrison of So Cal.. I went to high school with Karisa and her inner thighs use to touch until the end of her senior year. She is proof that handwork and lack of diet can achieve ITG. It’s not genetic people.

Karisa you really need to do something about your hair. The cheap 909 clip ins or ghetto extensions are not sexy. It takes away from your ITG, which is your money maker.- nik

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US Women’s Soccer Team Players Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux

October 9, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Hawaii, Honolulu, Maui 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alex Morgan (-2′s) and Sydney Leroux (+2′s) of the US Women’s National Soccer Team were recently walking on the beaches of Hawaii as fellow Soccer player Abby Wambach and her fiancee, Sarah Huffman were getting married there.  Nik, how many beers and shots would it take you to consider letting these girls handle the balls in your life?

I can’t talk about my true feelings here. I’m invited to a wedding Alex Morgan is in. So I have to be nice.

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Schofield Sloot

August 9, 2013 Honolulu 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok Nik so this whore has been on oahu now for a while. I see her with different guys ALL the time. She moved to schofield with her husband and cheated on him and left her butter face. She was found in her “sexy” lingerie on a FB page called “Vixens for Veterans” and well Nik…. ANYTHING BUT sexy. I avoid going to the PX because she works there and shes a leech doing everything she can to stay here on the island

Lets keep exposing these vixens, save some lives.- nik

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I Need SERIOUS Advice From You Nik

June 26, 2013 Hawaii, Hollywood, Honolulu, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, trying to submit this again. Btw Dirty Army I REALLY want to know your thoughts in the comments section. So Nik you are always real with your words and I need them more than ever. A close gf of mine recently went through a divorce. Married for 17 years. 4 kids. 11 years ago her ex husband got pissed at her for having phone conversations with her acting scene partner. (Even though he is in Hollywood and a douche bag first AD). He gets pissed so she says well there goes my dream (mind you nothing happened between them) But he says it was an emotional affair….ummmmmm it’s her acting partner relax. SO TWO YEARS LATER he says it was his “revenge” (you don’t take revenge two years later you do it immediately) he meets this man looking chick on set and while his wife and two kids are at home he flies her to Hawaii to have a 6 week long relationship with her. She finds out cause he “accidentally” left pictures of them in Hawaii and his then wife found out. So she took one of the pictures of them both, framed it, and left it on the night stand for when he got home with a big bow on it. EPIC. Sadly she stayed with him cause she found out she was pregnant with thier 3rd kid. Anyway after her 4th kid things really went down hill. He was an asshole, never around, she always questioned his phone calls, trips etc. Now they are divorced. Who does he call? The B*TCH HE TOOK TO HAWAII!!!! Nik seriously who does that. He says he randomly hit her up. I call bullsh*t. Sounds very odd when he “randomly” hits her up and she is so quick to say I love you to him? Come on. He is spending money left and right and she is the final word. Buys a new mercedes and a new Porsche and she is the one dictating it. If she was brought back and there was nothing before that he wouldn’t let her in this deep. We don’t buy that they ever stopped contact or seeing each other. Now he is taking a trip with his kids and this home-wrecker to the SAME place in Hawaii for a vacation while their mother is about to be on the streets and is barely scraping by. What do you think Nik? Did he ever get rid of her? Does he even deserve his kids? (btw she looks like a man.) The wife he left is a friggin beauty and an excellent mom. Real Talk. She needs some expert advice.

Why is the ex-wife still hung up on this loser. This is all her fault to begin with. She couldn’t let go which made him dig the hole even deeper. The man wants a person around that actually likes him and it’s obviously not the mother of his children. MOVE ON. Find the next idiot to beat down.- nik

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Lindsay Mills is One Hot Piece

June 13, 2013 Honolulu, Would You? 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Lindsay Mills girl has me all choked up. First I find out that her BF is making $200k/yr with Booze allen, now it appears that she incredibly flexible and freaky. Just one question: Would you?

Answer: No, she looks like a jacked man child.

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Moving Doesn’t Cover Trash

May 20, 2013 Honolulu, Phoenix 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat whore, Ashley (a.k.a. “Trashley”) has been on theDirty.com in the past, but she’s worth another mention. She used to live in Arizona, but once she fcked every guy in the Phoenix metro area (and probably most of Tucson), she moved to Hawaii, where she is slowly spreading her herpes across the main island (you can clearly see the herpes on her face in the photos I have attached). She is an alcoholic and has had multiple DUIs (her red alcoholic flush is also visible in aforementioned pictures). When she lived in AZ, she claimed she was a “personal trainer”, but really she was (and still is) a cocktail waitress. I don’t know about you, Nik, but I wouldn’t trust a personal trainer that is as fat as she is. She is covered in freckles because she tans way too much, which also explains her Oompa-Loompa skin tone and wrinkles on her face. You would think she would use makeup to try and cover her fcked up face/alcoholic flush/up, but maybe she’s smarter than we all realize and already knows that no amount of makeup would make her look even somewhat decent. On top of being “blessed” with looks akin to Ke$ha, a lard ass, and being a whore, she is also batshit crazy. She’s bulimic (clearly that isn’t working out too well for her), has a cocaine problem, and has also stalked not only my boyfriend, but also ME. She lived in the same apartment complex as him and followed him around all the time. He felt sorry for her (before he realized how crazy she is) and hung out with her a few times, in which she repeatedly tried to fck him. He politely shut her down more than a few times, then one night he got drunk and fucked her (using a condom, thank God), and said her p*ssy was so loose he couldn’t even c*m. He blew her off and ignored her until she got the point that he wasn’t interested in her and then she moved to Hawaii. When she came back to visit AZ about a year later, she went into my boyfriend’s workplace (full well knowing he had been in a serious relationship with me for quite some time) and tried to kiss him on the lips. He pushed her away from him and later that night she started blowing up his phone. This I actually witnessed with my own eyes. She kept texting him, inviting herself over to our house and wanting to hang out. She offered to bring – in her words, verbatim – “a cheap bottle of wine”… some classy chick, huh? I had no interest in meeting her and he had no interest in seeing her, but she kept texting him, and he kept ignoring her. In the week that she was in AZ, she visited him at his work over five times, all of which he avoided her purposefully (except for the for occurrence, in which he was caught off guard). Now, for the really crazy shit – while she happened to be in AZ, I had magenta/pink streaks added to my hair, and just happened to be photographed that night. Someone took a picture of my boyfriend and me and tagged me in it. THE VERY NEXT DAY… Trashley posts pictures of her hair, which just so “happened” to be a bad replica of what I had just had done (professionally) to my hair. At that point, my boyfriend sent her a text message telling her she needed to fck off and that he clearly made a huge mistake with her. He told her he was only nice to her because he felt sorry for her, and that he never had any real interest in her. He also called her out on how she “copied” my hair, and told her that it was creepy. She didn’t even deny it! She also has tried adding me on Facebook so many times I lost count. On the same night she colored her hair to look like mine, she added me – no exaggeration – over 30 times on Facebook. As soon as I would hit “Decline” there would be another request from her, and it didn’t stop until I blocked her. Now she’s dating a short, old guy that looks like one of the Thai monks in The Hangover 2. She should stick with him, because she definitely won’t do any better in life.

I’m starting not to mind all this over exposure.  Soon it’ll be all eyes (only eyes w/+2 shadows) all the time, once it hits a cover.- nik

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