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Who Is This Girl

October 17, 2012 Honolulu 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is on a dating site…well, her images are…I am quite certain this is a poser…I so want to bust her…she claims to be studying nursing in Ghana…yes, I am aware of the scams…that is not why I am posting here…I want to know who this girl is…I seem to think I saw her on a soft porn site…delightful number…so, if the dirty team can find her as YOU guys have more resources than I do…lol…the poser has casual photos as well as what seem to be HQ shots…please help me bust her…would love to find more images doctor them up so they can not use and send to the poser next time we chat…yes, it is juvenile O, yeah Nik would ya ?

Who cares, she’s got a bakers body.  That Shamrock is a thing of the past.- nik

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Warning: Gogo Alert

October 16, 2012 Honolulu 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out this creature is the HO-iest of them all. Please expose this skank who goes by Jenni! She cakes her face with makeup and actually thinks she looks good… but we all know it’s because she has to hide that hideous face. She’s had sex with so many dudes (AND many of them one-night stands!) that every time you go out you see someone she’s hooked up with before. She works as a go-go dancer wearing skimpy clothes and furry boots and dancing like a stripper. She also does hostessing at a buy-me-drinky bar where she flirts with and rubs up on old Japanese men to try and get them to buy her drinks so she can make her money. The one she works at is called Michelle’s which is known as the gnarliest one cuz a lot of the girls go home with customers at the end of the night and sleep with them for hundreds of dollars. What do you think about this krusty troll?

Heavy eyeliners reserved for tranny’s.  You don’t want anyone to make that mistake do you…- nik

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While Husbands Away Away She Will Play

October 5, 2012 Honolulu 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, say hello to Iesha B. she has two kids. She leaves her husband and kids at home so she can go out clubbing and to slut around with other soldiers. She enjoys wearing slutty clothes and posing naked. Buy her a drink and she’ll gladly put it all out. Slutty army wives should be ***.

Married women should never do unpaid photoshoots.- nik

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Jill Anjuli Hansen Keeps Threatening Suicide On Facebook

July 11, 2012 Honolulu, The Dirty 797

Jill Anjuli Hansen keeps threatening suicide on Facebook unless someone gives her $$$$

Jill Anjuli Hansen keeps threatening suicide on Facebook unless someone gives her $$$$

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jill Anjuli Hansen was ranting on Facebook that she was going to kill herself. This happened a couple months ago also. Shes a hot surfer chick that needs constant attention and drama while blasting everyone for ruining her life and not giving her money. Hates her dad for not ever giving her a car or money. She posted a picture on FB of a bottle of pills and said goodbye. A lot of people messaged and tried to consult her and she just argued with them that she needs $$$$, not friends and a car and if she cant be a celebrity surfer or model she wants to die. Bla Bla Bla. She even said Kelly Slater is Satan and a p*ssy because he doesn’t love god. I’m sure that’s going to go over well in Hawaii. I’m sick of hot chicks expecting everything handed to them and complaining when there isn’t a sugar daddy available. She deleted all the pics and messages the next day and didn’t even have the integrity to apologize for the crazy suicide threats that people were concerned about. F this pathetic crazy B*tch.

People like Jill are pathetic, they live their whole lives based on how many “likes” they get from people they don’t even know. Attention wh*res never pull the trigger.- nik

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I’m Pretty Sure That Was A Man Before

June 25, 2012 Cougars, Hawaii, Honolulu, The Dirty 16

Are you sure IT was a he?

Are you sure IT was a he?

Are you sure IT was a he?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, look what I found! Remember Ashli from Honolulu, Hawaii?  She was a Myspace Wh*re named Exotic Ashli a few years ago.  So everybody was saying she was a Dude, but now my Friend from Ohua send me this Pictures! Now I am convinced!  Click here to +2′s.

Stop saying “She”.- nik

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The British Marine

June 18, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Honolulu 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, alright so this guys name is Gavin. I started talking to him, thought he was sweet and charming. I come to find out he has a pregnant fiance in California and an underage fiance in Louisiana. Said he was Welch. Someone else told me he was English. He walks around talking with a British accent. He’s from the South. Tells this BS story of how he was an orphan and grew up in the UK. Said his underage fiance was murdered. She’s very much alive. He’s so insecure he has to show off his man stick. He likes the attention his “large” penis gets him. Hes not even old enough to drink. Hawaii Ladies watch out for this one. He knows exactly what to say and that accent will get you. He’s nothing but a liar and can’t stick to just one girl.

Dude crop out your face like a chick, your slay twice as many chicks.- nik

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Delusional Darcie Luikart Thinks She’s A Celebrity

May 24, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Honolulu 255

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this skank is Darcie Lynn Luikart. She is delusional and thinks that she is a celebrity. In reality, she is just a stupid broad who couldn’t even finish her freshman year of college! Now she sleeps with anything that walks and is working as a stripper (not that I can imagine anyone wanting to pay to see her naked when she’s so easy!). She is real classy! She is from Saegertown and everyone in the small town knows how sl*tty she is. She thinks that the attention she gets is positive though, but in reality, everyone hates this snobby b*tch. Her adoptive parents cannot even stand her. That’s why when they took her on a family trip to Hawaii, they let her stay with some guy that she mooches off of. She knew him for a few days, messed around with him, spun her web around him and is now using him for a place to stay. Her parents are so relieved to get her off of their hands. What this guy doesn’t know is that she texts her exs all the time and wh*res herself out online. Someone needs to expose her and let her poor boyfriend in on all of her dirty little secrets. She has even been on isanyoneup.com before it got shut down. Darcie also goes to rehab almost every year and is actually proud of it! She writes all about it on her facebook and twitter and texts people to tell them she’s going. She actually thinks it is “the cool thing to do.” Weird! I hope that people come out and tell their stories about this skank so the entire world can see how ugly she is, inside and out. All she does is use people, cheat on guys, sleep around, and do drugs. She is a confirmed STD carrier, so watch out. A friend of mine caught something from her. Please Nik- put this dumb, sk*nky broad on blast. What do you think of this “celebrity?” I mean really! Absolutely anyone can bleach the absolute shit out of their hair, cake on a ton of makeup and call themself a barbie! What changes do you suggest for this gross wannabe, Nik? Please put her in her place.

She has real boobs… next.- nik

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Waikiki’s Biggest Douchebag

May 10, 2012 Honolulu, The Dirty 47

Waikiki's biggest douchebag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, and Everyone! This is Shaun and he is a complete sleezeball. He’ll say whatever he needs to get into a girls pants whether she be 16 or 40. He goes around saying he’s 25, but he’s really 31. He’s a complete loser with no real job. Sorry honey but playing in a little band won’t get you too far. So fathers lock up your daughters because this jackass is on the loose in Waikiki.

How can he not have a job with a toothbrush like that?- nik

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