Hoodrat Hoe

August 22, 2014 Houston 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch sleeps with husbands while she is in a relationship! She a dirt y heri*ne addicted hoe and I’m sure where Eva she at she’s still cheating on her man!! I can’t wait til her family and her vatos fam finds out!she a dirty stripper that fuks for heroine and she even fukd my husband in my own home! Be carefl hoe I’m com in after you!

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Charlene Nassif Kafrouni

August 21, 2014 Houston 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,Charlene Nassif Kafrouni is disgusting , cheating whore. Is married and cheating with my husband. She knows he is married with kids and still continued their relationship. She needs to be exposed for the disgusting person she is. These are pics she sent my husband.

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Stacey Rauls Regino

August 20, 2014 Houston, San Antonio 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch Stacy Raula Regino fukd her own best friend Matildas husband paul Soria how can she do that to her own best friend, she also fcked his brother manuel and their cousin franky. Look bitch stop crying what dont YOU understand Ram DONT LOVE YOU!!! his just tired of playing ur little games, u want him to support ur stupid daughter after what they did to him years back. Stacy u want people to think ur so innocent but ur not ur just a fcken bitch money hungry gives her ass for money.she’s not even divorce yet n have an old man living with her poor grandpa she’s just taking ur money away.and bitch y dont you say your story about Janies cousins frank Alaquinez n manuel soria n paul Soria they all fuked your ass..yes bitch their her cousins and paul Soria is your best friends husband.wht the fck what kind of best friend is that n keep it up bitch i have proof.ill put them up here in this web.if you keep it up!

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Natasha Harrison Is Dirty

August 20, 2014 Houston 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his little gem bounces between Houston and Dallas working the local strip clubs looking for rich fat old men. So if that is you here is your keeper just make sure to where that rubber I heard she has the herp!!

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Make It Rain On Him And You Might Get Lucky

August 15, 2014 Houston, Newport, The Dirty 73


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gay deserves to be called out who goes by the name of Rain Perez. You can find him on Instagram @RainPerez. His name alone gives off what I’m about to tell you. He is Houston’s most popular gay gold digger. He thinks everyone is jealous of him. You’re 19 years old, why do you have fake ass lips and botox like a Real Housewife? He doesn’t work or go to school but insists he’s a “trophy husband” and is constantly traveling back and forth between Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami. Hmmm, we all know what that means. Starting young… He’s linked with Nicolette Shea and Khloe “Scars” Terae. He would be nothing without his French sugar daddies. He dates all these foreign men because they’re the only ones dumb enough to fall for his bullsh*t. He’ll f*ck anything with money. Someone had to say this. No one is jealous of you.

His life is exactly what I want JV to do, but without the Gay parts. If there are any rich older women in the Newport Beach area looking for a late 20′s boy toy… Junior Varsity is ready.  Email me [email protected] so I can approve.- nik

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Robert Kans Esquivel

August 15, 2014 Houston 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: This charming guy is kans esquivel.real name robert esquivel he infected me with drd and sy***iss.i should habe known better when he kept insisting on not usuing rubbers.he also sells and does ice and brown .he does tattoos so beware.hes a huge hoe and flirt.watch out ladies

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Kiss of Death

August 15, 2014 Houston 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: 6 years ago I met Arpad Kiss on this LDSPlanet dating site, he said he was single but he was not. he was married. His wife found out and divorced him, now they are neighbors they still have sex but he continues to date multiple women in search of free sex, he portrays o be a good Mormon man and he is not, lies tons, the only gift I got from him is sexual transmitted diseases

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Nasty Sarah Batson

August 13, 2014 Houston, Pearland 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: I wanted to tell you about this piece of trash Sarah Batson. She tells everyone she’s a model AND made her own “model page”. But if you look at her unedited photos (the ones she makes sure not to post, that the photographers post before edits) you can tell that she is far from any kind of “model”. She still lives at home with mommy, but her mom lets her have different guys over every night of the week. I went to school with her and she was one of the fat chicks who banged black guys. Now she’s saying she’s a “personal trainer” and has “clients” just because she goes to the gym once a week. She’s currently working at Hooters in Webster. She waited on my friend and his 67 year old dad and told them all about her one night stands and how she has her vagina pierced and she’s getting a boob job and showed them pictures of her tits, then tried to get his number even though he made it clear he was married with a baby on the way. She always complains about “where are the good guys at” and how she’s classy, but she’s always posting naked pictures and bangs any guy the first time they hang out then says they’re “leading her on”. She was sleeping with one of my friends who talked her into doing an Eiffel tower with a guy she never met at a party while people were walking in an out of the bedroom and denies it saying that she was drunk. She dated my tattoo artist and he had to end things because she got super obsessive and would wait outside his shop for him after he cut her off.

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