Houston | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Fakest Ever

December 10, 2014 Houston, San Antonio 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: The Whole State of Texas needs to stay away from the fakest bitch ever lies thinks shes a princess what a joke jumps from man to man wherever she can portray herself as a down as bitch lies lies and deception she hates herself on the inside and quick to judge everyone else she lost her daughter due to jail and drugs and is a whore to the fullest goodluck cunt u gonna need it

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Daddy Who aka Eddie

December 9, 2014 Houston 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Disrespectful, liar, and broke. Why would you send nude photos to someone you don’t know? Why would you try to hook up with someone you found unattractive to turn around and name call when she says not interested. Nothing wrong with riding the bus, so why is your car always in the shop, why lie? How could you invite a woman on a date and not be able to cover dinner? You forgot your wallet? Really? You just pulled it out to get your id when the waiter carded you for a drink. Trifflin’ men need to be called out. This one’s for you Eddie. Do better with your life and good things will come your way.

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Gabby Kerr

December 3, 2014 Houston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw that this girl has been on here and I would just like to confirm everything. I have gotten to know Gabby Kerr over the past couple of months and she is the most self centered person you will ever meet. The only person she cares or talks about is herself. She is always on drugs and she is the biggest slut I have met. All she talked about is the guy she is fcking. Every guy she is with just uses her because she is that easy…..and only at 19. So be sure to hit her up for a good time. She is studying at Toni and Guy but by the looks of her and her hair, It looks like a clown styled her. This girls is the biggest liar out there and will screw anyone over to get what she wants.

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Bad Mom

December 3, 2014 Corpus Christi, Houston 2



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat ugly bitch Misty was arrested aftrr she lost custody of her oldest daughter now she lives in houston but goes back and forth to corpus christi to have sex for money she is sleeping with four different guys right now and they are all friends with her pos baby daddy michael salas some broke down wanna be local rapper plz put this pig on blast with her cheap ass dresses

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Amanda Coleman

December 2, 2014 Houston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi Nik, ok so this chick is a retarded bitch inbred fcker who is a nasty hoe, she has been threatening her neighbors and she lies all the time about crazy stuff. CPS has taken all 4 of her kids away and she has H** C as well from her bf Kory who is the biggest douche bag ever…shes from sw houston but is living out in beaumont with her dad in this scary ass trailer smoking m*th all the time. Her grandparents are brother n sister and their all inbred over there where shes at….look at her ugly ass pictures! Dont fck with this hoe, shes one fugly nasty cntbag

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December 2, 2014 Houston 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Monica Interiano. Known to Houston as Moan-A-Whore or Moan-A-Cock. Why? BC she loves the D. Cheated on her boyfriend, Matias, who was the reason she passed any class PAY for PLAY kind of slore. She cheated on him on the late night to go suck Mike Stew’s D even though he had a GF & he wouldn’t even kiss the girl. Ruined a relationship just to suck a little D before sleep.CLASSY. Had to leave paying for her own cab. She pays guys so she can get it in.. HER MOUTH. She’s a 1st night 1st fck kind of girl, and every guy knows she’s ready to leave after the job’s all done & swallowed. That was when she realized slutting it up is what she does best. Ironic, considering her brother is a PRIEST. Most recently putting a guy in the hospital. Thats when her gold-digging trait came to play. Carlo has money, she knew it, took it with his D, while dating another guy, Bennett, just the regular tar dealer. Getting the gist nick? pay for play. Utilizing her skills in the only way she can, w/her mouth. She works for daddy,part time “secretary”, full time dick sucking whore. Another victim,Sean,showed up to see her at daddy’s office,&she had to leave bc it was priority to make sure she got his dick wet.Best part about this, she studies ROCKS. Not surprising. loves to get things hard & evidently learning every aspect about it.Finally being put on blast,she’s going to love the advertisement though,didn’t even have to pay for this play. you’re welcome girl. Nic, thoughts?

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Kimberly Fake ass Hannon

December 2, 2014 Denver, Houston 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, This bitch name is Kimberly Hannon.. She is a back stabbing slut!! She likes to Fck around with other notches dudes and other dudes Chicks!! She has no boundaries. She even sleeps around with married men.. uhm GROSS!!!She is always talking Bad about others (even her “Friends”). She has a huge ass forehead and she has bad teeth. I guess drugs would do that haha. Also, She is always posting pictures of her with her tits hanging out so she can try to get attention.. (attention whore).. Anyways.. Kim, lose weight, fix your teeth, stay out of peoples lives AND give the aliens their forehead back!!! Lmao

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Bri Ni’cole

December 1, 2014 Dallas, Houston, San Antonio 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this pos stay worried about dick then her own kids she barely works spends almost all her money on herself and just wants all of her bds to take care of her talking about you dont need to be half naked to show off your body but thats all she does all she wants is attention from random dudes she added on facebook cause she got her ass out all over the place show some respect for yourself and your kids for real you want confidence then love yourself and your kids first sleeping with every guy who pretends to care isnt loving yourself all them kids and she still hasnt learned nothing shes the only person who thinks shes changed everybody who knows her knows shes still the same self absorbed immature jealous trashy ratchet hoe shes always been

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