Cheryl Blair, on the Loose

April 10, 2014 Houston 22 10,053 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the Trashiest, Troll in Pasadena TX Cheryl Blair. She has slept with a married man while his wife was pregnant and continued the affair off and on for over 3 years. Will spread her legs to any man that will have her gaping, black hole of a vagg. If you’re ever around this slut make sure you have a gas mask because if the smell from her mouth doesn’t kill you the smell from between her legs will!Remember her preference though is married men, but every now and then the occasional four legged canine. She is the laziest bitch I know constantly popping pain pills in her drd ridden mouth. Nik will you please put this nasty skank in her place ???

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Bossy April Ramirez

April 10, 2014 Houston 7 9,500 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is april Ramirez a big time outgoing hoe. i used to date her but ended up cheating on me! she thinks shes prefect. everyguy is all up on here for her tits. shell send nudes to anyone as long you hot lol good luck.

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Tragic FAIL

April 9, 2014 Houston 4 6,367 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have no idea who this chick is but really!? Look at her warped hand and warped tiles and mirror frame. Her knee looks like a shark took a chunk out of it in one picture! Her ass is blurry in every photo due to the stretch effect. Bitch are you serious? And the best part is her bio says she’s into fitness. YOU HAVE A GUT FLAP …. honey you look like a drag queen playing dress up with garage sale stage props. If you’re going to photoshop, at least don’t use a free iPhone app lol FAIL FAIL FAIL.

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Brittney Ortiz AF Barbie

April 8, 2014 Houston 51 9,022 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this stupid fcking hoe ass tricks name is brittney ortiz! She comes off all innocent and shit but she sleeps around like u wouldn’t believe!!!! Please help me put this ho on blast ! I’m trying to do mankind a favor! She posts all kinda stuff on Instagram like she hot shit basically half naked in more than HALF her pictures! And she’s not even cute wit her nose taking up half her face, haaaa! The best part is that fckin thing slept with MY man & thought I wasn’t gonna try to beat that ass! She’s so scary and fake, what a joke! She’s worked at hooters, twin peaks, bone daddy’s, bombshell, & now this trashy bar Ojos locos. She is going no where with her life. Just sleeping with people’s boyfriends and any older man she can find. My ex can have her class less ass! Oh & btw, she’s still “legally married”! Haaaa!!! A complete mess! Hoes like this deserve to be put on blast.

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Lola Who

April 8, 2014 Houston, Wichita 6 8,985 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lola she is Instagram “famous” what do you think of her ?

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Underage Pasadena Slore

April 7, 2014 Houston, Pasadena 12 8,485 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out ladies this little 17 year old girl will try to take ur man away by lieing bout her age & throughing herself to dick! She’s known in the south east & Pasadena. Always with a different nigga every week. U can find her at Emiliano’s bein a hoe or workin at chulas east tryin to suck dick for tips. Dis cheap rat will do anything for money dope n to get fcked So watch out for ur mans she’s a walkin drd! Always pretend to be pregnant when a nigga leaves her ass lol. She lets old men get her drunk to fuxk whatever in site.. Dont wash her twang cause she like smellin like dick!! She claims to be holdin it down for her no good ratchet boyfriend but is hoing around with anything that is willin to poke her twat with!!

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Bernard loves LG’s

April 4, 2014 Houston 7 5,951 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bernard is broke never worked 43 lives off sugar mamma amy osburn who is a xanax addict lets her daughter sleep with her x they are in cypress

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Turning Over A New Leaf

April 3, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 147 101,454 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, FINALLY a success story! Meet Jody Palmer, a successful real estate agent in the greater Houston area. Jody once dreamed of life in the “fast lane” so she moved out to Los Angeles – Hollywood (at a very young age) to pursue a legitimate modeling career. Things didn’t turn out the way she planned and unfortunately, she fell on tough financial times. Not wanting to go back home to Texas, she turned to the “adult industry” as Alexa Kai and then Ginger Jolie. She graced the pages of Penthouse, multiple adult websites, traveled with countless men, and her life spiraled out of control. After multiple failed relationships, drug abuse, she’s now home and in a much better place. Jody went back to school (U of Houston) and is now selling real estate and getting her life back together. Porn, adult magazine, adult websites, drug abuse, they’re ALL behind her! Best of luck Jody and I hope you continue a life of sobriety!

See ladies, it is possible to have a soul after being pooped on for money.- nik

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