Houston | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Amanda Coleman

November 27, 2014 Houston 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty inbred chick threatens young kids that shes going to run them over and kill them and shes 30! she has 4 kids all different races and thinks she latin when she is trashy asss white chick. she should be slapped, shes one nasty bitch.

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Nora Laguna

November 27, 2014 Houston 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nora Laguna is a fat old lady that that apparently thinks shes some hot shit but clearly doesnt own a mirror. Just look at those eye brows!! haha! Her cow face gives children nightmares. Well something that no one knows about Nora is that, not only she cheat on her fiancé with her Johns (shes a hooker), but she also has H**!!! Yep you read that right ladies, GENITAL WARTS!! So maybe next time she tries to flirt with my boyfriend in FRONT OF ME (as if any sane human being would flirt back with the heifer) remember that your little, bumpy, infected secret is out ) good luck with cheating on your man from now on! Im sure your pimp with be a little pissed too .

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Venezuelan Vilma Gonzalez

November 26, 2014 Houston 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch need to be put in blast Vilma Gonzalez some Rumba Bitch from Sugarland, Tx! She acts like she some nice girl when she ain’t. Found out she’s a home wrecker getting into married men relationship. She will get all the Information on these men n use them. I know it isn’t all her fault but she already knows what she getting into and if she did she would put those men into place. If you confront her. She will get scared because she got caught! Just a big time hoe that doesn’t care to hurt anyone!

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Worst Manager in Houston

November 20, 2014 Houston 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: Shawna Dsouza (1st pic) is too busy spending her days just shopping and pampering herself to realize that her precious job at MKTG inc. is on the line. you see nik, shawna is a manager for promotional models that represent brands like crown royal, jose cuervo, etc. well her very own promotional model, kristin vago (2nd pic) is working as a manager for Aspen Marketing which is the competitor and stealing her girls having them call in or cancel to work for her. kristin works for brands like jp wiser, jameson, chivas etc. funny how shawna likes to believe she has her girls in check by making her models sign a contract where they can’t work for any other companies, yet they’re leaving with kristin one by one. open your eyes shawna and see how fake all your girls are. BTW attached is an email from kristin as proof that she is a market manager for aspen marketing in case she tries to deny it.

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Catfish Or Not

November 20, 2014 Houston, San Antonio, The Dirty 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl talks to EVERYONE in San Antonio and Houston.. Yet none of us have met her? She claims she just moved to Texas from New York. What do you think? Catfish?

Is there such a thing as Mexican Catfishes?- nik

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Would You

November 19, 2014 Houston, Would You? 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ugly hoe Naomi or to social media Nay bennett or Bella. She thinks shes all that and so pretty because she’s puerto rican always posting selfies. She trys 2 act nice but im sure shes a real bi***!! Everyone is always going crqzy for her huge ass which is probly fake. Prettty much everyone in houston knows her so im sure she gets around!! I’m just tired of seeing her selfies.anyone have details on her?! Nik, would you?

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Shady Homebuilder

November 17, 2014 Houston 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I know you normally tend to post major escorts/prostitutes on your site, but I decided to post the true monsters. This ugly beast of a woman is named Jennifer Hamlet. Jennifer Hamlet, is the owner of Mirador Builders, a home building company based out of River Oaks. This mega cunt DOES NOT PAY HER CONTRACTORS!!! She owes over $25k to different contractors. DO NOT PARTNER UP FOR ANY BUSINESS!! SHE IS THIEF WHO DOES COCAINE, FUCKS THE OLD MEN IN RIVER OAKS FOR BUSINESS DEALS. DO NOT LET HER ROB YOU!!! This old hag scallwag needs to be BLASTED!!

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Beware of this Manslore

November 14, 2014 Houston 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Mason wad dot on. He’s a creep, pyscho manwhore. He lies about everything. He still uses those old pics this is what he looks like now. FATTER, grosser snd uglier. He let’s his mother fight his drama filled life since he has no back bone. I think he fcks his mother Dee Dee and sister Haley. Oh and yes he still tells everyone his dad beats him and his sis and mom. So sick. What a freak. Let’s put a stop to his lies and trying to date and fck every girl of age and not. Pedophile Mason Allen Heinsohn.

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