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Way To Go Lamarr Houston

October 30, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Houston, The Dirty 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did you see Lamarr Houston’s injury caused by celebrating a sack of a backup quarterback when his own team is getting crushed on Sunday? Only Lamarr Houston would be that type of idiot. Hey Bears fans, it is time you all open your eyes and realize your team will never win another title again. On a good note, Green Bay is right next to you. You can always switch sides. What a joke. Now you are out for the season big timer.

Is this supposed to be a Mafia picture?- nik

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Rhonda Gail Gandy – Burglar

October 30, 2014 Houston 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rhonda Gail Gandy is a drug addict and thief who attempted to burglarize her next door neighbor’s home. She may be seen in the company of her ex-husband, 15x convicted Felon Michael Leroy Hardy. The apple doesn’t fall far from this criminal family enterprise. See her 4x convicted felon son, Michael Travis Hardy. Beware of this drug addicts, clinically diagnosed, volatile bi-polar and schizophrenic personality disorder. You will never encounter a bigger nut-job, EVER!

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Turbo Better Not Be A Mother

October 28, 2014 Houston, The Dirty, Turbo 124


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I read the other week that Turbo is a mom [click here]. I hope this isn’t true. That child is going to be a demon.

Please don’t judge Turbo’s child. You can judge her +2′s all you want, but a child cannot defend his or herself. Maybe Turbo needed this change in her life…who knows.- nik

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Dead Fish

October 27, 2014 Houston 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce y’all to springs most unloyal, ratchet, dope whore.. katie Jacobs is her name she use to be in a rehab behavioral modification program Cuz she got jammed up doing some.petty bullshit 1 of her really good friends who was in the program with her introduced her to her boyfriend of 4 yrs… as soon as her friend and her dude started having issues and the chance was given she bounced on him and moved herself and her 4 yr old son in to a hotel with him and started doing alot of dumb shit for this guy (her friends boyfriend) who goes by BOSTON that landed her incarcerated again it has been said that she has an odor of a dead fish. and has bad oral hygiene..she’s going around telling people she’s with her old best friends ex boyfriend… Wow Cuz that’s something to brag about but funny thing is he’s currently living in a apartment with another dope whore lmao keep on thinking ur #1 KATIE J CUZ U WILL ALWAYS BE 3RD CHOICE REMEMBER UR EX BEST FRIEND DIDN’T WANT HIM ANYMORE.. SHE LEFT HIM AND WAS WITH A GUY THAT U WANTED BUT DIDN’T WANT U…HAHAHAHAHAHA… ENJOY IT BITCH CUZ KARMAS JUST GETTING STARTED ON U

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Eileen Katherine Trejo

October 27, 2014 Houston, San Antonio 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty piece of work right here is Eileen Katherine trejo. She’s 28 and still lives with mommy and daddy as well as her kid who is in middle school now. She’s another slut who doesn’t care if your husband is married or engaged or in a committed relationship, she just wants cock in her mouth. She super proud to be fcking your man because if you call her all she does is laugh and says she’s going to keep doing it. She can’t fight so she gets her hood rat sister Brenda trejo to fight her battles. ladies if your mam was with this bitch get him checked and drop him cause she has hepatitis. She has no job even though she went to career point for accounting, and has no car of her own. Mommy and daddy pay for everything. She has no idea who the baby daddy is, but she claims it was a guy named fidencio. Who apparently k***ed himself, if you ask him he k**led himself to get the fck away from her

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Vincent John Marinelli

October 27, 2014 Houston 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vincent John Marinelli is someone that everyone should be wary of. Conman, Lowlife, Degenerate, Drama Queen. Yes, he’s gay which is no secret but the backstabbing nature of this lowlife is beyond incredible. Nik, this guy needs to be on blast. He will con money from you and lies so easily that no detector could pick out this sociopath with narcissistic tendencies.

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Margaret Kathryn Lee – Convicted Felon

October 27, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Houston 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Margaret Kathryn Lee, Sometimes going as Margaret Lee or Kathryn Lee is a Convicted Felon operating as a real estate agent in Houston, Texas. Beware of this person and their volatile behavior. Who wants or needs a Texas Realestate agent with a Felony Conviction!!!

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Exposing Rain Perez

October 25, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you’ve covered a few stories on a young gay by the nickname of Rain Perez. After some research it has been found that he has submitted every single one of those stories to this site. What’s sadder is often times he will enter Houston gay nightclubs and speak of them – as if he is being chased by the press. I’ve met him at a few clubs and felt compelled to set this whole mess straight and call it what it is. This kid uses photos, not of him, on the gay app Grindr to lure in people with the headline: “Looking for a Sugar Daddy.” Once he gets them interested – they quickly realize he isn’t the kid from the photo. Rain Perez is not in shape, has the hairline of an “extra” from the hit sitcom The Golden Girls, he has an awful nose and in gay standards just plain ugly. So here’s the deal on this kid. He poses with fancy cars that are parked in random valet garages. Often pissing off people by sitting in their cars to take a photo – then he walks off to get in his 1992 Honda. A joke! Second off – he purposely stages selfies with D-List celebs during their “public” meet and greets. They often refuse him – but he insists as he stunts these images on Instagram to appear celeb like. So listen – if you look like Phil Spector, have erectile problems and near death – give this kid a call. If not – just know he comes from a lower-income family and lacks good looks or style – just move on already. At the end of the day – if you got to drop cash on someone make sure they’re a 10.

Noway… that can’t be a real nose.- nik

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