How to be a Rave Sloot 101

April 2, 2014 Houston, Texas 5 7,429 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: “Nik, this girl right here is Lauren Wilson. She’s a pathological lying rave sloot. She cheats on all her boyfriends, then covers it all up, even when there’s proof. She got fired from her job at Kryptonite after working there not even a week for walking out on her shift to go “turn up” with anyone who will give her free drugs. She’s an immature whore who can’t grow up. She preaches to the choir about equality and how everything should be about PLUR, but she misses the other R for responsibility, which she obviously has none of. She’ll talk shit about you behind your back, then when you’re around buy you a drink with the money that she got from asking random guys for. And how are you going to talk shit about someone getting an abortion when you’ve had at least two? Pro-choice is cool and all, just don’t be a hypocrite about it. She is just the most grotesque creature to walk the Houston streets. I feel bad for anyone having fucked this girl, get checked for your own good. OH and she also enjoys trying to anonymously break couples up so she can fck the guys. She think shes so cool because she goes to the shitty club and does drugs, but in all reality she is just a molly addicted slore. Lauren, “you cant sit with us.”

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Demi Willson

April 1, 2014 Houston, Texas 0 5,824 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Even though this girl comes from a very “important family” she’s nothing but a low life scum living off her family’s money while ruining the lives of the people around her. There are so many things that I could say that will make you know what a disgusting person she is.. Lets start with the lie she loves to tell people, being that she has only had 7 sexual partners… How could that even make sense when shes had more abortions than the amount of men shes clammed to have seduced? On 2 separate occasions she’s fakes pregnancy and asked the men to pay for her abortion.. and then took the money to go dress shopping at Nordstrom. Now Demi is married to some german guy who sadly thinks she’s been faithful in their marriage… i would be surprised if that child was even his, she’s a master at playing people against each other. The sad fact that she believes that she is actually the sexiest person in the world.. but lets be real she’s there plainest person i have ever met, the only people who are interested in her is National Geographic for the size of her loose p*ssy.

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Miss Bolivia Is All Mine… For An Hour

March 31, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 315 102,911 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cynthia Chavez, Miss Bolivia, is escorting in Houston next week (April 1st – 5th) for Lourdes Enterprise.  I’m going to book her and I’m beyond excited.  Times sure have changed, these days, any girl will have money for sex and fulfill any fantasy us men have.  I love it!!!

It’s crazy how open women are about selling their bodies these days. No shame in the game.- nik

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Infected Ptown Girls

March 28, 2014 Houston 5 6,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik so these girls are some of the the dirtiest girls around half of Houston and all pasadena slept with these girls. They go around online trying to guys to pay them big $$ to sleep with them then settle for $20 $30 are some pills they got done ghetto ass boyfriends that pimp them out to all there friends to keep all the money. My friend says Jelissa smells bad down there but and he got the drd from her and victoria is loose as hell. So if you seethem online say away you get what you pay for

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Starving Artist Jerk

March 28, 2014 Houston, Texas 9 5,867 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok-Nik! Where do I start ?! This guy Fernando Ramirez is one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever dated ! First off! He makes seriously retarded A$$ works of what he calls art! He thinks he’s the smartest person alive just because he has a stupid college degree from some idiotic art school !! Ohhhh! Real original idiot!!what !?you couldn’t find a decent web domain name because your hair is bigger than your Brain ! Starving artist? More like moronic idiot! He’ll take you on a date then make you pay for your own meal and drinks- then make you buy him drinks all night long!! No class!! Learn how to treat a woman! what a f-ing idiot. Just look at his pics- ughhhhhhhh / gross!!

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Slooty Kande Marie

March 27, 2014 Houston 0 7,525 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this bitch deserve to be on! Soon or later she was gonna be on here . Kandee Marie is , the most sluty / fakes bitch up in san antonio even though she trys to front over facebook ? Your life , your relationship w michael is reckless lol & he calls you a hoe here and there , your not even a good mother to juju to top it all. EVERYBODY knows you been w half the guys with guys in san antonio , your a stripper & nobody will ever respected you . Lmao your home wrecking hoe that mess w someone boyfriend but yet have the balls to says to says your waiting for speed ( her bbydaddy ) your a joke BITCH ! get your life together for daughter & lol watch who you tell your business to also . w your nasty willing to suck dick for your $$$ hoe .

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Narcissistic Narcoleptic

March 26, 2014 Houston 14 7,410 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. So this sorry excuse for a man name is Jose Navarro Aka Joe Joe. He is a Narcissistic Narcoleptic, meaning he is a self absorbed ass hole who will fall straight to sleep any where he sits, stands, and lays. He is definitely your typical womanizer, it’s like he has a vendetta against all women. He will elevate you just enough , only to let you down. He is known to have been with multiple woman. He views women as if they are trophies to show off. He is hungry for a woman’s flesh. He also has children that he just flat out neglects, and makes excuses for not seeing them. He’s 33 yrs old , with no moral compass for the right direction in life. Parties continuously just to find the next woman to be his prey, like the animal that he is.

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Would You Do Cerina George

March 25, 2014 Houston, Would You? 38 11,294 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I knew this girl from California and she moved to Houston last year. She’s absolutely GORGEOUS with her exotic looks and beautiful golden skin. Would you do her? Most guys would die to be with her, shes absolutely hotter than any Paris Hilton.

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