Cheating Smut

July 1, 2014 Houston 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Houston’s biggest cheating slut. First off, she isn’t even that good looking but we all thought she had a good heart. She cheats on every single guy she ever dates. She hooks up with so many guys because she likes the attention. I thought she was going to be a changed woman, but myself and everyone else thought wrong. She’s 30 and has no future ahead. Doesn’t make money so she wants to use other guys to fulfill her desires. I can’t even count how many times she has cheated, what a filthy nasty whore! The people that do treat her well, she just takes for granted. She constantly talks to her ex boyfriends and other guys that she likes to date because one guy in her life is not enough! She does the trashiest things a girl can do. She just broke up from a 2 year relationship and already hopped onto the next guy(victim) right away. Who does that?! How many guys is she going to go around with before actually settling down? She had a good guy on her hands and let him go because being honest and faithful is apparently a hard task. Word on the streets anybody that sleeps with her better strap up because she has drd’s! If anyone wants free easy pussy there you go! God bless her heart please and shine some light into her life so she can be a better person. The people around her that loved and care for her are now in disgust with her!

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Paul Clark

June 27, 2014 Houston 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I knew this guy for over seven years. I hit a rough spot in my life, we started dating. I lost my job and he told me to move in with him. I did He promised to bring my car down and help me get my license back and a GED to further my career path ( I am a florist ) I trusted him and he knew this because when we talked he presented himself as a nice guy. Unfortunately it hides a man with alcoholic tendencies and a need to cheat even in an open poly relationship. I had a rough life and when my C-PTSD came out he lied about what happened during my blackouts. Even though I was struggling for the entire relationship to get my shit together. both our friends offered help and he always forgot or had an excuse. He wants a broken girl he can control and when my meds and support network started helping he started lying to me and everyone. When I decided to leave He called the cops on me because I dared to pour his alcohol down the drain then had four friends come to try and intimidate me to move out before the time when my secondary was supposed to pick me up. He said that they would pack my things and bring them to me after I moved. In the 3 weeks since I have obtained my driver\’s license and am taking my HiSET test next week and the Louisiana floral exam in July. I know now how he was controlling me and I am ashamed. Even his best friend of 14 years has told me this is his pattern to keep girls helpless. STAY AWAY! VERY TOXIC!

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Betsabe Casarubbias

June 24, 2014 Houston 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Betsabe Casarubbias is a freeloading,lying,manipulating whore that will trap the nearest guy with her nasty stinky twat, she is also married and currently fcking other dudes for personal gain. She is the definition of skank illegal alien hobag bitch. She has given guys the cl*p and will trap mostly young dumb juvenile guys in order to have a place to stay and for financial gain. She roams around round lake beach or the chicago area. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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Blair on the Loose

June 20, 2014 Houston, Pasadena-CA 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well its Summer and this nasty skank Cheryl Bl@ir has definitely not been working on her New Years resolution. However, I have thought of the best resolution ever to help the people of Pasadena, La Porte and Deer Park be aware this nasty sloot. Better Late then never at all! Grandma’s in Texas need to lock their doors she doesn’t care if they’re married. I always wondered why she liked them sooo old and then she posted these pics must be because she has so much in common with them hence the sagging. Reeks of dog shit, cigarettes with a mixture of hemorrhoid cream and as you can tell sadly she doesn’t know what a tooth brush or bodywash is for. Yes, indeed this girl has every std listed in the medical dictionary. Take a glance at her face you can play connect the dots with her herpes. Oh and she will indeed take it up the @$$ if you’re willing to share a little of the white stuff. Somebody needs to put this inbreed on blast. You\’ve been warned

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Trash Day

June 19, 2014 Houston 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of work is the trashiest dirt bag of North Houston. She finds great guys that she knows have money and sinks her disgusting fangs into him. She still lives and mooches off of her mother at 30 something. She has 2 kids that she is constantly dumping on her mom while she runs off and prowls on unexpecting guys. When she’s not opening her legs to the first guy that comes along, she’s riding around in her car doing hard drugs, knowing she has kids to take care of. The only thing dirtier than the hole between her legs is her mouth. She speaks as if she is from the trashiest part of Houston and sounds completely uneducated every time she opens that nasty hole in her face. She usually hangs out in The Woodlands and Montgomery area bars, so guys, avoid her at all costs!! You have been warned.

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Creepy Crawlers

June 18, 2014 Houston 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: These bunch of free drinks chasing loaders hang out at The Box 903 looking for guys to buy them drinks. They are seen there quite often praying on new patrons who sadly don’t know any better. But this bitch in particular went the extra mile in spreading her legs wide open on the first idiot who fell for her game. And I am the idiot who thought she really cared for a great conversation. This hoe was just wanting someone to provide drinks for her and everyone in her group. Well to make matters worse and more stupidly … we went to her apartment..the rest is obvious. .I just got tested and came out positive with more than one drd. This easy bar whore was not worth my health. The bitch is spreading her shit like butter on bread ! Hoe has got to stop otherwise whole San Antonio is going to catch something.

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Trashy Ashley

June 16, 2014 Houston 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s about time this girl gets put on blast. Nik, this is Ashley Nicole. Otherwise known as trashy ashley. She has two kids, a two year old son that is either the son of methhead tim bacon or another druggie named josh. Her mom takes care of Brayden all day while she’s getting “turnt up” She sneaks in various men into her grandmas house to sleep with them while everyone is sleeping and spends her money on tattoos and hair dye (unless she fucks the tattoo artist to get a free tat like she did with daniel hembree) and a 5/6? year old daughter she never sees. Shes 21 and dates any guy that will give her attention and when she gets bored with them she cheatson them and fcks her friends ex boyfriends or her boyfriends friends. This is the definition of white trash. She hacked her ex boyfriends FB after she broke his heart and he moved away to illinois, sent his friends and family dick pics and stirred up a whole mess of drama before he could change his password. Shes known to be BFF with morghan “kitty” crownover that has been posted on here before. Watch out for these two,

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It Is Easy To Get A Big Butt

June 13, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this butt getting bigger by the minute.  It is so disgusting what girls are doing to themselves these days.  I blame social media.

I blame TheDirty.c0m.- nik

**Warning: Video is graphic**

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