Jessica Garza

August 8, 2014 Houston 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica answered the door one day when a friend of mines HUSBAND went over to collect money ..her husband wasn’t home or able to pay so she offered to “pay whatever for him” she proceeded to ask him in and as soon as he sat down she began kissing on him and then well we all know what happened next! This went on for 6YRS , she even wrote him and sent him PLENTY OF MONEY while in prison aside all the money she coughed up for HOtels..She denied all of this and simply went ok with life as if she wasn’t a whore home wrecker who deserves nothing but EXPOSURE!! She’s the definition of “the quiet one you gotta watch out for!” So with that being said NIK thanks for this opportunity to let all the wives out there know this is a face of a home wrecker with NO LIMITS!

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Patricia Plur Is A Rave Groupie

August 6, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 151

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty bitch has been sleeping around the Houston rave scene for months. She even had a boyfriend when she first started doing it, and he is such a nice guy who didn’t deserve that! People need to know about this trashy ho, and that she probably has a bunch of nasty DRDs. Shes not even pretty! She has gotten so fat and gross in the past year.

The women in Houston have really gone downhill over the years… actually all of Texas for that matter. A lot of ugly people had sex together in the late 80′s early 90′s I think.- nik

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Dirty Dancer

August 6, 2014 Houston 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This Dirty Dancer is DIRTY she dances at pink pony and sometimes at hush, guys she sucks and Fuc** for the right price but be careful she spreading that ch***dia! And she will try and make you her man and raise her 3 bastard children. She’s a snitch also and girls if you think she is your best friend she will fck your man! Good job joscolyn you should be proud! Her name is joscolyn smith aka joscolyn love

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Beware of this Womanizer

August 6, 2014 Houston 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Vincent Garcia. Vince for short or “vague” in the graffiti world. I wanted to warn all you ladies about this 34 year old man whore. He is the nastiest guy I have ever met. He has slept with god knows how many girls all the while he has a gf. He’s playing her dirty and she ain’t even know it. He met me in February of this year and we had sex quite a bit he told me he was single. He was so charming but come to find out my friend has actually slept with him also. I advise all you girls that have slept with Vince to get checked because I heard he likes to pay for play. Poor girl of his, she needs to realize her man is just a DOG!!

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Sorry Excuse of a Man

August 5, 2014 Houston 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so this piece of shit is my ex. His name is Paul Avila he’s 20 years old, 6 ft and 200 something lbs with a tiny man in the pants. Let me just start off with saying no, we weren’t together for very long , just a few months. But we had been together 4 years back for a brief time until he dumped me to get with a bitch who he only stayed with for less than a week. Yes my dumbass took him back just a few months ago accepting his fake ass apologies about how he made a mistake and wants another chance. I decided to give him a chance thinking oh we’ve both matured. A few weeks ago we decided that it’d be best if I moved in with him because of issues I was having with my mom. Now yes I.give credit to him in having a job and having an apartment whom he roomed with another couple. Well he ended up quitting his job right before I was supposed to move in and said just wait till he gets a job and his own vehicle cause at the time he was using his roommates. He got another job within a couple days but asked if on my next paycheck to help with the vehicle so I.can move in sooner. He finally had a truck and a well paid job do it was decided that I’d move in Saturday. Unfortunately I had to work late but I still let him know when I was out. He then said he was moving. When I asked where to and why he said Poteet with his aunt because he got into it with his roommate. Then says “So I.won’t be seeing you no more” and this was all in txt. I asked if that’s it that we’re not gonna try or anything. No reply. By the next morning when I checked fb, he blocked me like a little bitch. And now he has another gf. I just really want to put his lying ass on everyone knows not to trust him. And just saying I’m not the prettiest girl but if you’re gonna fck around with another chick (I’m guessing cause I hadn’t really seen him in the last few weeks) make sure she’s at least prettier or something. And so you have a little background on me I’m 18 yrs old and I enlisted into the military, so I’m no or princess bitch.

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Odalis Aranjin

August 1, 2014 Houston 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is a fatty tranny who thinks she is hot AF she goes hatting on people for no reason .. She dates old guys with drd for money apperantly this old man are her sugar daddies but she always ends up paying for them I’ve been her or his best friend for a while but I honestly she needs to stop sucking up her best friends guys .. She goes to fuerte and all the Mexican clubs showing her FAT boobs she says they are real but we all know is all fat BTW this bitch goes by ODALIS ARANJIN

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Funke Yhristina Is Sleeping With My Husband

July 30, 2014 Houston 69



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty whore is shameless flaunting trips she goes on with my husband! Stupid girl f*cking a married man for economy flights and hotel jumping place to place. Her family and friends should know the truth and now they will. If I ever see her in Nigeria again hiding like a little rat at my guesthouse, the rat trap I will put her in will give her a handicap parking space. I asked around about her. She lives in Houston where she chases old men and has a bad reputation for sleeping around looking for a sugar daddy! She has been through all the old men at Cafe Vanessa and Marquee in Nigeria and they all pretend like they don’t know her because of her bed hopping. Shame on you and shame on your mother. Hopefully now you will have some shame posting pics on Instagram of my husbands funded trips stupid f*cking she-man!

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Cadi Jackson

July 25, 2014 Houston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cadi Mills best known as Cadi Jackson my “wife” is a fcking dirty ass bitch sluty whore. Straight up be careful yall her shit is so nasty if you put your dick in that pussy make sure you go to the free clinic or your shit will fall off. Cadi fucked over 20 while I was locked up and guess what this bitch got pregnant and didn’t know who bd was again!!!! This bitch was trying to hide this little bastard from me so her plan was to give it up for adoption fore I got out lmao she don’t know who bd is it could be Matthew Martinez or Justin Gilmore that’s what she said but who knows. So this bitch done gave her baby for adoption thinking I was gona come out and be ok with her nasty ass. Since I came out and didn’t want her nasty as beat up pssy she decides to keep the little boy who still to this date don’t have a dad all I know is his name is Jaden Contreras so I wonder if she fucked her bro in law since that’s his last name. Poor kid I feel sorry for both her kids the little girl got raped and now this one don’t know who daddy is. She also did cocaine bars and weed while she was pregnant!!!! CPS took both of them away from her stupid ass crack headed ass bitch cuz she loves drugs and dicks. All this shit while i was in. Her drug addiction got so bad she got a case for aggravated assault robery with deadly weapon.Like they say can’t turn a bitch into a housewife ain’t gona happen. And bitch is still fcking all this niggas!!!!

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