Would You Do Cerina George

March 25, 2014 Houston, Would You? 40 11,352 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I knew this girl from California and she moved to Houston last year. She’s absolutely GORGEOUS with her exotic looks and beautiful golden skin. Would you do her? Most guys would die to be with her, shes absolutely hotter than any Paris Hilton.

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Houston Area Middle School Teacher Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Student

March 25, 2014 Dirty Predator, Houston, The Dirty 37 92,817 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a Cypress Fairbanks ISD middle school teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students, according to Harris County court documents.  Corrie Anne Long, 43, was in Harris County court Monday morning to face charges of sexual assault of a child under the age of 17 and having an improper relationship with a student at Hopper Middle School in northwest Harris County.

The investigation started when a fellow student told Hopper Middle School staff that he saw Long and a male eighth grader, aged 15, engaging in horseplay he thought was odd, namely the student spanking Long’s backside. The student also saw the teacher sitting in the male student’s lap.  The student that had allegedly been interacting with Long was later interviewed by investigators, documents state, and he told them that he and Long had known each other since he was in sixth grade and that she was his current math teacher.  He told investigators that she performed oral sex on him in November 2013 while the pair was alone in her classroom before Thanksgiving break.

Sounds about right.- nik 

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Derril “In A Flash Photography” Vallery

March 21, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 13 97,667 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Derril “Inaflash Photography” Vallery, is a Houston based photographer who preys and berates women daily as a man/child who will insult and degrade any women who refuse to shoot with him or even those who does shoot him. From the models I know they are terrified of him. How is he still in business? His work speaks for its self. Go see his page… Here is a few samples and pics of this deranged idiot.

Poor elephants.- nik

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Patti Smith Gold Digger

March 19, 2014 Houston 22 9,046 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik she has cheated on all her bf’s with there friends. She is still married and has been for 10 years. When you think you have a good girl you dont. She will eat you up spit you out and throw you away if you don’t help her out financially. Her poor kids see a different man every 6 months. Beware guys she thinks she’s the best thing that has had a vag*na…

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Jennifer Marron

March 18, 2014 Houston 93 9,897 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This diseased fish head hoe is Jennifer Marron from the Eastside. If you’re from the Eastside you already know she has been dicked down from every guy here. She is so needy for attention she does not care who she screws and when she gets called out on it she pretends like she has class and lies out the lose ass of hers.You can catch her popping pills or snorting cain any day of the week and running around talking like the ghetto hoe that she is.

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Erica & Sarah Gonzales

March 17, 2014 Houston 6 8,014 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: These nasty ass sisters are the garbage of Richmond/Rosenberg. They are popping out kids left and right, living in motels and doing drugs in front of their kids. They’re both constantly in and out of jail. They’re just plain disgusting whores. They are wannabe “gangstas” who need to stop worrying about getting high and take care of their kids. Oh and Sarah you don’t have a big ass, you\’re just FAT

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Mercedes Marie Flamont

March 15, 2014 Houston 2 5,621 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why hello there nik I’d like to show the world this dirty grimmy ass excuse of a mother named Mercedes Flamont. True definition of every mans pass around. She goes out partying all the time and ditches her child at home with her mother just so she can go suck some dick and snort some meth, she is a pathetic despret Sloot. She has f*cked 2 of her baby’s dads brothers, and has been passed around in Htown to all his cousins, nasty. Hence the nick name keep it in the family! Lol she acts like she is such a tough topnot bitch but in reality she doesn’t just have a used and abused attached out pussy but she is one to! Talks mad shit behind your back or over the internet yet can’t say it to anyone’s face lol besides sucking dick and opening her legs, doing meth and coke, ditching her child for liquor and what, she is a terrible person. Trusted this cunt with my life once upon a time but she’s just a backstabber, dumb hoe f*cked my manman, ew thank god he is my ex now! If you slept with this unstabbled daddy issues whore should go get tested, she has STDs hahaha do not touch with a 10 foot pole, just a classic example and the perfect example of an hood rat, and tweeked out Sloot!!

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Little Miss Piggy

March 14, 2014 Houston 0 6,161 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This snaggle toothed druggie is Cara Kilgore. She gives cannabis users a bad name. Always posting pics of herself doing exos, acid and smoking weed with the dumbest cry for attention hash tags like #acidfreak #girlswithpiercings #girlswhosmokeweed… Nobody gives a fck, Cara. You’re an ugly, pig nosed little girl who tries so hard to portray yourself as a druggie cause you think it looks cool. In reality you look like a complete loser to the rest of society. What a joke. Also, I heard that she is a complete slut who cheats on her boyfriend. You need to find an orthodontist and some damn eyebrows, girl. You’re definitely on drugs if you think you look pretty.

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