Mom Bops for Bars

May 22, 2014 Houston 5 8,037 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this girls name is megan hendren , she is a gold digger fcks any nigga who has drugs and runs around robbing people instead of worrying about her son. She is a homie hopper and sucks niggas up for bars , will do anything for money. While her babydaddy is in jail she leaves her son with his grandparents and never spends time with him . She is the definition of a dead beat mother. What she needs to do is get a job and stop using all these dumbass guys for money, a place to stay , car , and drugs.

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Kimberly aka Isabella

May 22, 2014 Houston 6 6,301 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is Kimberly aka isabella on bp she a liein stealing drd giving nasty bitch she tells guys that she needs it for her daughter but she got her daughter n her son that came out addicted to heroin everywhere on her body is needle bumps from wear she puts her h*roin in on her body don’t let her give u a sad story that how she try n get me but she a nasty golddiggin hoe soo lets put a stop to her n just to let u know who pimps her out is her bbydad that is retarded n everything she has she stole she never brought nothing she has if she didn\’t steal it shegot it at wWal-Mart lol nasty std spendin bitch can’t afford nothing but walmar!!! Soo lets put it out there for her to stop stealin from innocent people n stop her from spreandin stds it\’s bad enough she smells like fish n dirty ass n she only gets money for her drugs n at that sometimes she can’t even afford that lol soo let’s stop her n please put her on blast bc I got fool by her don’t let no-one get fool by her!!

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Brass Knuckle Knockouts

May 21, 2014 Houston 13 8,213 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This group of ratchet old women refer to themselves as the \”Brass Knuckle Knockouts\”. Which is an oh so classy name for women in their late 30\’s tormenting younger hotter girls all over Houston. Primarily in the Montrose. On the weekends, they leave their husbands and children at home, strap on some vests and get completely obliterated. Which is the norm for such a \”distinguished\” group of women. They genuinely think they have what some would say “pull” around the neighborhood. But in all reality people are sick and tired of seeing their wrinkled ugly faced and let\’s face it.. Every desperate man has had their run in with one or all of them at least once. They\’re ran through and already have one foot in the grave and desperately trying to hang on to why they once were. Especially Emme. She\’s the old disgusting blonde. She\’s having the hardest time coping with her old age. I like to call her the Courtney Love of the group. Her cellulite is always hanging out of every hole in her torn tights. Not to mention the single spur she wears so proudly. It’s pathetic. So let’s send these broads to their grave.

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Kung Fu Saloon Hates Black People

May 19, 2014 Austin, Dallas, Houston, The Dirty 312 112,463 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to bring attention to this. Kung Fu Saloon in Houston and Dallas both discriminate against all Blacks, Mexican and Asians who try to enter their establishment. Let’s hope the liquor board actually does their job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Sterling should invest in Kung Fu.- nik

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Trashley Coronado

May 19, 2014 Houston 26 8,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ashley coronado is a psycho sigma chi sweetheart at SFA. I cannot believe they even let her join and the rest of the sweethearts just try to be nice but we fuking hate her. She’s from Katy, TX so obviously she’s going to be disgusting! She’s so fuking gross and annoying. She’s already been on The Dirty. She’ll fck any guy that looks her way & NONE of them ever come back for seconds because she’s a stage 5 clinger! She got kicked out of Texas State because she was such a drunk slut there and was banned from TWO fraternity houses & kicked out of DZ according to the other Dirty post. She’s such a joke and needs to just move back to Mexico! Going to start a petition to get her kicked out of SFA too.

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Barred Up Briody

May 16, 2014 Houston 2 6,525 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This hoe is taylor briody. She\’s one of the biggest sluts on the westbank. Thinks she\’s hard because she did time for selling c*ke. Funny fact, now she\’s hooked on drugs & has sex for money. The last guy she sold her body too, didn\’t even pay her!! What do you think about this guys???

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Bianca Medina

May 15, 2014 Houston 10 8,548 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: If y’all ever come to the south don’t Fck with this chick BIANCA MEDINA LIVES OFF OF SOUTHEAST & ROOSEVELT she’s one nasty ass bitch. She\’s like 22yrs old an Unfit Mother’ of 4??? Damn bitch stop having kids u can’t support all from different niggas. This bitch always on FB talking about Julian on of her babies dad but she\’s over there Dickinson other niggas in the same bed Lol hope they used condoms that bitch is a drd walking! A government assistant slut don’t get that mixed up with being independent your far from that Every Every weekend this bitch be drinking leaving her kids with her Mom or grandma That’s why I stop fcking with her shes a two face slut guys she will do anything for money and beer but use a condom bitch is as Dirty as they come she’s mainly a hit and quit it type don’t go back shell probably try to tie y’all down if y’all got money have u support her and her 4kids Tahaaa and she be still chasing all her babydaddies Manuel got away jaja

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Connies Rios

May 15, 2014 Houston 11 9,529 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Connie Rios shes a fucking slut who has sucked dick for coke on multiple occasions and has left her kids or would kick them out of her house just to get fucked bye different guys. 12 videos were found of her getting fck and sucking dick and all videos were different guys. She constanly sends naked pictures of her self to random guys and her boyfriend/soon to be husband has no idea whats going on his name is victor anyways shes one of the biggest hoes i know and desevers to be put on the dirty!

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