Goth Girls Are Easy

March 13, 2014 Houston 4 7,120 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty slore goes by Juliette, or Loki. Used to be a fatty, now a proud stripper. Well, she acts like she doesn’t anymore, but will brag about it to her friends and even bring them with her to work. She’s a psycho, and a pathological liar. When she still lived in Houston, she would frequent cess pools like Fantasy and Rick’s Cabaret. She also worked at Phobia. She would tell people she was from England, and even made a fake birth certificate. She also lied about going to mortician school and owning a hearse. She lies about her age as well, she’ll say she’s 23 when really she looks 30. She has sex with dogs. She uses guys for money and a place to stay and will fck just about anything that feeds her narcissism. Also a known and proud snitch who threatens to call the cops on people who call her out on her ish. She now resides in St. Louis, boys and girls beware of her nasty roast beef sammich!

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Psycho is never a Pretty Color

March 13, 2014 Houston 6 7,993 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t let the blue eyes fool you. Meet Danielle Dewitt. This girl is level 20 insane. Where do you start? She hangs herself. By hooks. She cuts herself. With razors. This is her desperate attempt to keep her sources of income, or lovers, around. She tries to make them fall for her with her eyes, but then freaks out and has even gone as far as attempted suicide to keep someone around. Then, rather than saying she just loves this person so much she can’t stand to lose them, she will openly admit, she cannot AFFORD to lose them. Because they buy her drinks, cocaine, and when she does eat, expensive food. Her current girlfriend is a fool, and will be a poor fool at the end of it. You can find her bartending at a Saltgrass on the westside of Houston. Oh, and guys, don’t let the lesbian facade fool you. She is very much into men as well. Do not call this girl straight. or lesbian. or bisexual. She’s nothing. at all….and finds offense to all of those labels. YOU’RE BISEXUAL DUMB BROAD. you take it from anyone. with a job. She’s been all over the US. Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas. She dirties it up wherever she goes, playing the psycho girlfriend, and refusing to medicate for her psychological illnesses because she prefers the attention she gets being absolutely insane. She puts a whole new meaning to Sick B!t#h.

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Holly Nicole Ojeda

March 13, 2014 Houston 10 10,086 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik this girl is whole new level of crazy. This sloot is the reason why guys call women crazy!! well this girl was rooming with a friend of mine at sam Houston state and for NO reason holly went completely nuts and broke all my friends things, ripped all her clothes and just up and left with all her belongings. fukin nut. then she started talking to my friends boyfriend and decided that breaking her ipad and laptop weren’t enough but maybe sleeping with her boyfriend would be good! all while dating Cruz, he was such a sweet guy dealt with her crazy ass and spoiled her bought her everything she always asked for and she of course being a whore cheats on him! oh but heres the kicker Cruz finds out and dumps her so Holly beats herself up and tells everyone “he beat her” to make him look like a douche. after that she literally fcked every guy in katy she caught drd and didnt tell anyone she left her medication on a pool side table at a friends party. While she was working at ford off 290 she used to go out to the shop and “ask for money they borrowed” and then go screw them in her car, I dont know but that sounds like a prostitute. She slept with every guy in the shop under the age of 30 This girl is the dirtiest girl since Amanda bynes. Now shes dating some guy named ryan and honestly I feel so bad for him he has no idea what he got stuck with. from what I saw shes already planning to pretend shes pregnant to try and trick him into proposing I wonder how long that will last.

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Amanda Kimberly Temple-Morris

March 13, 2014 Houston 0 9,679 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty ass whore is Amanda Kimberly Temple-Morris She has seriously slept with every freakin guy in her neighborhood, tricked them by telling them shes pregnant and then “had a miscarriage” when shes either not pregnant at all or had an abortion. Shes a self proclaimed great mom but is too busy finding her kid a new daddy every week to even be a parent. Shes always seen out at Mos or MN  in katy or Snortin lines of pepsi downtown. She will suck any dick that’s thrown at her while walking around calling herself DSL She was texting my boyfriend after his brother died trying to “comfort” him. She was engaged to some old loser and cheating on him with some dirty guy that’s been posted on here before. She ended up pregnant and didn’t know who was the father for the whole pregnancy im sure she still doesn’t. Her so called best friend in Alabama tells me everything to try and bash this girl. She changes her last name like she changes her underwear, one week its temple the nnext is morris then whoe evershes dating that week. Honestly Nik, would you?

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Beware of this Manslore

March 13, 2014 Houston 40 7,682 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Mason Heinsohn is a terrible person!! He lies to everyone, Preys on young girls, has multiple facebooks, meetme accounts, and dating sites. He preys on girls on even instagram,twitter,and gifboom!! He is psycho ! Tells everyone his dad beats him and he does not. This kid needs HELP. At all times he has like 10 internet gfs no real ones apparently. Lies, Cheats, preys on young girls… Just EWW!

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Eugene the Russian Scum

March 12, 2014 Houston, Texas 1 7,049 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! So this “guy” is Eugene Shmakov. You can find this guy montrose midtown area always preying on drunk women. He always talks about his grandfather inheritance yet his grandfather is really an old gay rich man he takes care of.. yes he has had to do sexual favors for.. He has had sex with over all 200+ women he has no morals and when he usually has his eye on a girl he takes them to the same restaurant and buys them 5 dozen flowers and shoes perfumes etc until he gets what he wants and leaves you! oh and his married. Over all what a mistake he was just trying to warn others from this CREEP!!!

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Dirty Skin

March 11, 2014 Houston, San Antonio 11 9,796 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so this girl is the definition of waste of space lol. She has a new “fiancé” like every week haha literally she floats from city to city freeloading off whoever will allow it . Shes from San Antonio but is currently living in Houston and to no surprise she’s failed at yet another serious relationship! Why dont you just go home Meagan ? Oh wait, you don’t have a home cause your family doesn’t wanna help a slutty ass junkie. And not too mention her pathetic ass mother could care less about her either because Meagan was caught sleeping with her stepdad when she was younger. Thus ruining her mothers marriage she’s been out on her own hopping from dick to dick and what is hilarious is every brief relationship she gets caught up in is “the one”! Do you even know what real love is Meagan ? How does it feel not to matter? Every guy you think is gonna be your Prince Charming ends up leaving or being some physco but not before getting to fuck you for a few weeks. Ugh even your own cousin Sarah threw you out of her house ! And your own sister can’t really stand you. Everytime your mother looks at you she remembers the home you wrecked but fcking her man. What are you gonna do now noelle? Or do you already have the next dick picked out for you ? When will you get yourself of the street and grow up? Everyone knows you’ve been doing brown,coke,pills&ice you fukun junkie whore I’m so glad you’re in Houston. San Antonio doesn’t want you,obviously. Honestly Texas doesn’t want you lol! Sooner or later there won’t be guys around she hasn’t sucked off for something aw wanted! So everyone beware!! She will use you for a place to stay, food to eat, something to do then once you realize that that’s all there really is to her lol she’s not really going anywhere . I hope you start to realize soon how much everyone hates you and just leave and never come back you home wrecking hpv infested junkie. Yes, she has hpv which she got from fucking her moms husband when she was younger. How touching her mother&het share drds. Anyhow i hope she gets a reality check and quits polluting our streets with her filth.

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Mr. Ed

March 10, 2014 Houston 23 8,752 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is CRAZY!!..TJ your a 5x clinger you think your man LOVES you, really Marron 5 tickets in the 500 section @$21 classy he really spent money on you.

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