So Into Fit Girls

March 7, 2014 Houston, The Dirty 187 102,086 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t wait until “curvy” girls are no longer considered hot.  And girls like this are the main stream, look at that body and look at that ass moving.  You can tell its real and that she worked for that thing.  I would die a happy man if my lazy wife got into the gym and had the same body as this beauty.

She even talks like a man.- nik

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Easy One Nighter

March 7, 2014 Houston 14 8,789 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick try to the play a innocent however under that innocent look she’s actually a how talk to her a week just to make her feel good than meet her a a club on Washington ave at fox hollow than slide her a shot trust me she cant handle her liquor smh than take her out to eat and after yall eat trust me she’ll put easily at her place plus her pssy is loose like a wizard sleeve or loose like a wet towel and she will tell all the innocent bullshit shit just to cover up her whoreness

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Nasty Ass Cleavage

March 7, 2014 Houston 11 5,627 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vanessa Canchola iz a slut who is supposedly married yet da hoe be cheating like crazy goin to clubs n shit wen she got dem kidz in da houz she be dressin like a hoe, like she think she a dam 10. She think she look good she ain’t shit out or in. She got a rack wit a huge belly an got no ass. Bitch is crazy. Lookn lik a upside down apple wit legz steer clear of diz nasty bitch she probz a stdz nasty ass bitch! She lovez to sleep round wit married men especially any one in da military!!! Carful wit her she a two face hoe

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Anonymous Bar Star

March 7, 2014 Houston 3 7,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Asal Tietze a single mother of two. You can find this trash talking whore at The Hanger on any given day or night! She’s usually the one on the mic saying absurd things. That’s if she’s not on top of the bar flashing her tits or doing something ratchet. Sad part is she worked at the bar during her whole pregnancy. Way to win mother of the year! This DRD will sleep with you for drugs! So guys make sure you wrap it up!!! Poor kids to have a mother like her!

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This Is For All Of Erin Ford’s Victims

March 6, 2014 Dirty Business, Houston, The Dirty 144 98,715 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I hit a wall with Erin Ford. She bullied me for most of my middle school yearrs bout my weight even tho she wasn’t small at that point. I let her bully me and physically attack me. Her stuff is public so I checked it n saw she is still bullying people. I won’t sit back n watch her do it to another person. Just wish I had stood up to her years ago… Her ex hates her cause she stalks him..  And brags about it, openly admits to escorting on her FB/Insta, and still has the nerve to continue to put people down… Her insta is filled with nudies layin in beds of pot, smokin in nearly every photo, and at 24, she thinks this is “cool”… I hope everyone she bullied sees this. Erin is mean person with no respect for anyone including herself. This is for all her victims…

Erin Ford’s elbow just doesn’t look right to me.- nik

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Sara Rehem

March 6, 2014 Houston 30 10,368 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Sara Rehem. Apparently she was submitted on here before for having drd and ** and purposely giving her ex boyfriend drd. Well come to find out I can unfortunately say its true. This chick needs to be put on blast. When I was talking to her before I found out about the special gift she gave me she tried to get an order of protection against her ex boyfriend by accusing him of some pretty horrible things. Well when he showed up to court to fight it it was proven everything she said was a lie and they had to dismiss the case. I was shocked because I believed her. I didn’t know what to believe anymore so I went and got tested. Surprise surprise I tested positive for drd! This chick needs to be put in some kind of institution. The other post said she was a teacher. I don’t know about all that but I do know she now works at Concert Pub on Richmond in the galleria area. So if you frequent there I’d request a different waitress unless you want a person with drd and h** c and god only knows what else touching your food and drinks. I will be checking this site more often especially before I decide to sleep with another chick. I can’t believe somebody would think it’s ok to do this to people! When I confronted her she acted like I was crazy for making a big deal about it! Who does that! I feel like my life is ruined.

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Fish from Plenty of

March 6, 2014 Houston 15 7,437 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met her on POF, took her out to eat. Took her home and smashed. Boy she smelt fishy. My boy did the same but got 7 day drip. She looks like shit in person….fyi

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Katelynn Apaez

March 5, 2014 Houston 22 10,428 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katelynn apeaz, all she wants to do is fck around,jumps from dick to dick. She dresses in slutty clothes, sends nude pictures and videos to any guy she meets. Her two favorite hobbies are to smoke weed and suck dick. So watch out this attention whore will chill with your dude smoke him out and fck him. Shes every guys sure thing.

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