Trashley Coronado

May 19, 2014 Houston 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: ashley coronado is a psycho sigma chi sweetheart at SFA. I cannot believe they even let her join and the rest of the sweethearts just try to be nice but we fuking hate her. She’s from Katy, TX so obviously she’s going to be disgusting! She’s so fuking gross and annoying. She’s already been on The Dirty. She’ll fck any guy that looks her way & NONE of them ever come back for seconds because she’s a stage 5 clinger! She got kicked out of Texas State because she was such a drunk slut there and was banned from TWO fraternity houses & kicked out of DZ according to the other Dirty post. She’s such a joke and needs to just move back to Mexico! Going to start a petition to get her kicked out of SFA too.

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Barred Up Briody

May 16, 2014 Houston 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This hoe is taylor briody. She\’s one of the biggest sluts on the westbank. Thinks she\’s hard because she did time for selling c*ke. Funny fact, now she\’s hooked on drugs & has sex for money. The last guy she sold her body too, didn\’t even pay her!! What do you think about this guys???

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Bianca Medina

May 15, 2014 Houston 10

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THE DIRTY ARMY: If y’all ever come to the south don’t Fck with this chick BIANCA MEDINA LIVES OFF OF SOUTHEAST & ROOSEVELT she’s one nasty ass bitch. She\’s like 22yrs old an Unfit Mother’ of 4??? Damn bitch stop having kids u can’t support all from different niggas. This bitch always on FB talking about Julian on of her babies dad but she\’s over there Dickinson other niggas in the same bed Lol hope they used condoms that bitch is a drd walking! A government assistant slut don’t get that mixed up with being independent your far from that Every Every weekend this bitch be drinking leaving her kids with her Mom or grandma That’s why I stop fcking with her shes a two face slut guys she will do anything for money and beer but use a condom bitch is as Dirty as they come she’s mainly a hit and quit it type don’t go back shell probably try to tie y’all down if y’all got money have u support her and her 4kids Tahaaa and she be still chasing all her babydaddies Manuel got away jaja

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Connies Rios

May 15, 2014 Houston 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Connie Rios shes a fucking slut who has sucked dick for coke on multiple occasions and has left her kids or would kick them out of her house just to get fucked bye different guys. 12 videos were found of her getting fck and sucking dick and all videos were different guys. She constanly sends naked pictures of her self to random guys and her boyfriend/soon to be husband has no idea whats going on his name is victor anyways shes one of the biggest hoes i know and desevers to be put on the dirty!

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Sandra Tapia

May 7, 2014 Houston 10

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ratchet ass hoe better known as Sandra Elizabeth tapia . First off she has a four year old son that she never takes Care of . She rather be shaking her ass on guys tryin to find the next daddy figure for her son. Her parents practically raised the little boy . I heard she finally put her baby dad on child support getting 500$ plus a month and instead of spending money on her son she has a new phone every month, New clothes , and blows it on partying. She’s the nastiest hoe on sa Nick name is Sandra tap that cuz trust me everyone has . She slept with one of my homeboys an gave him an drd so watch out . Also while she was with her baby dad she cheated on him while pregnant with their son. Also she Fucked his cuzin in the bed while he was passed out drunk next to them . Lets just say she keeps it in the family . Like I said watch out sa she’s a walking disease

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True Coward

May 7, 2014 Houston 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sara Rehem from Mo City. Just wanted to remind everybody that if you see her out be careful not to sleep with her because she has herpes and hep c and wont tell you before she sleeps with you. Don’t find out the hard way like I did.

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Pill Poppin Horse

May 6, 2014 Houston, Texas-AM 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch is the most manipulative person you will ever met. She fucks around on her baby daddy and flirts with every guy that gives her any amount of attention. She thinks the whole world revolves around her and expects everyone else to pay for her shit. She pretends to be a good mom when she really sleeps around and pops pills everyday. Her baby is always crying when she is with her because she doesn’t treat her right. She is the fakest bitch ever. She has fake hair, colored contacts, tans religiously, and wears a gallon of makeup everywhere she goes. Don’t trust anything she says or you will end up fuked.

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Cheater Mathew Rehberg

May 2, 2014 Houston 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: After being verbally abused and used as a scape goat of his anger now I find out he was just hooking Up with me but two other bitches one Corey one name I don’t know but Thankyou baby mama for Informing me. Maybe that was my signal number one turn away, she wont even have anything to do with him! Lord knows once a cheater always a cheater MATTHEW REHBERG he is a keeper. KEEPER of probably every humanly known drd

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