Namon “cj” Jones

April 17, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 6 6,386 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cj is completely incapable of being in a committed relationship. After continuosly cheating on his childs mother, he cant comprehend why she hates him and doesnt want her son to grow up with him. I “dated” cj shortly in 2010, while he was still with his childs mother. He even had sex in her house while she was upstairs pregnant sleep. He put his hands on her and his other ex casey, who for some reason cant let him go. He will cheat with your friends and not even care how it makes you feel. He uses his looks to get by in life. Doesnt have a real job because he thinks he is above them. Hes a “rapper/producer” from illinois even tho he pretends to be U. City. Hes been living off of women and pretendin to care about them so they will take care of him. Cj is scum.

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Paula Warda Thinks Every Girl Wants To Be Her

April 5, 2014 Chicago, Illinois, The Dirty 75 90,868 Views

bababb 10.35.06 AM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Paula Warda was Miss Assyria 2013 in Chicago. She is 23 yrs old and thinks she’s the best thing in Chicago. This girl got caught for possession of marijuana and still brags about her pothead ways, while she was holding her title. She is also known for being a complete psycho. She thinks every girl wants to be her. What do you think Nik?

I like her eyebrows.- nik

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Mr. Backstabber Update

April 1, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 37 10,054 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this cat can go fck himself! Me and my boy minion we may have girls trying to get in our pants but we turn them down and focus on our goals. Im all about attention VIA. Web not hoes trying to hump my leg so you can sit down with your ignorance. Ladies love us because we are true genleman and you people cant get a decent broad that has more 3 teeth because they smoke mth. Druggies and guys that masturbate in a corner every night in their parents basement posts illiterate text and misspells everything. Lmao get a life then maybe you can be on our level with girls. ) minion we are proud of you and your accomplishments. Make that money, as for me i have auditions like #therealworld and #mtv so back off unless you know things are real. Thats right you guys rather sit back amd play with your barbie dolls and live in fantasy world. Well repunzel bitch! Wash your hair before you let anyone climb up. That means for your non creative ass who wrote this “think before you talk shit and get your facts straight bitch”!!

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Miss Assyria 2013 loves Mary

March 31, 2014 Chicago, Illinois, Would You? 410 12,005 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paula Warda thinks she is the hottest thing that happened to the Windy City. She was Miss Assyria 2013. What a joke, considering she makes a pretty horrible role model! She is a complete pothead that likes to sleep with any guy who will advance her. She even used to cheat all the time on her last boyfriend, Ray, poor guy. She thinks everyone wants to copy her. But she changes who she is based on who she is around and goes through friends like every other week. What do you think? Would you?

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Thunder Chunk Lindsay Palumb

March 16, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 19 7,503 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lindsay Palumbo. She is from lemont. This girl is the most repulsive thing in joliet. Lemont. And lockport. She gave up her kid to shoot up heroin with her boyfriend. This girl has a bunch of pictures that make her look better then she is in person. Her and her friends are prostitutes all over the internet. Stay far far away unless you want to deal with the dirtiest most psychotic girl in the will and cook area.

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Once a cheater, always a cheater

March 7, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 0 6,257 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Should have divorced the son of a bitch 20 years ago when he cheated the first time. I forgave him, but he just got better at hiding his cheating ways. I put up with this bastard for 30 years. His parents called him a waste of good sperm! He hooked up with this gap toothed bitch. His penis probably fits perfectly between her teeth! She says she’s a “regular churchgoer”. What a joke. I hope they both cheat on each other. He’s a cheap son of a bitch that will burn in hell.

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Fat Curtain

February 27, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 34 6,881 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, explain to me why an 18 year old Jenna Matze’s cl*t is all over Facebook? That is disgusting! Definitely blocking this child. Her parents must be proud.

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Scrawny Mouse

February 26, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 14 8,156 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey little girl, showing your whole body to the world and sleeping with a new guy every night isn’t cute. Every time I see you out I want to gag even looking at your disgusting ‘GOGO’ outfits. Maybe if you weren’t such a trashy slut your sexy successful boyfriend would have stayed with you. Thank god he left when he did because no wants to see you bringing him down. Without make up and your fake hair you’re just another ugly skank dressed in nothing. Oh and your tattoos look like you got them done out of the back of a van. SLOOOOOT

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