Indianapolis | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Halie Needs To Go Shopping

July 18, 2014 Indianapolis, The Dirty 34


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Halie when will you stop wearing this top 2 times every week? Jeez girl I know you make money, is it that hard to find more cute clothes??? Haha we all laugh every time we see you post ANOTHER picture in that SAME outfit.

Yes, these are all pictures from different nights. And her friend has a shark eye.- nik

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Disgusting Snake in Warsaw Indiana

June 18, 2014 Indiana, Indianapolis 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lazy pig lies about everything and anything that he can. He talks shit about everyone! He slept with the babysitter who hadn’t even been 16 for a month in a home he shared with the mother of his youngest daughter while the kids were there! He hid it for months until the fat ugly slut thought she was pregnant and then the baby momma had to hear the truth from a sheriff because he was being accused of rape and she had to be a character witness for both the babysitter and that disgusting piece of shit. And he still wouldn’t tell her the truth. Don’t date this mother fcker, he does not love you, he is only using you for something!!

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Daniela Rajic Slaps Paul George With Paternity Suit

May 29, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Indianapolis, The Dirty 114


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you feel bad for Paul George about this?  Long story short, he knocked up this 24 year old ex-stripper Daniela Rajic and she slapped Indiana Pacers star Paul George with a paternity lawsuit. She had his baby on May 1st and you know she wants that money for the next 18 years.  Click here to real full article. 

Red Bottoms for 18 years.- nik

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Worst Middle Aged “Moms” In Indy

May 26, 2014 Indianapolis 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Set your eyes on the two worst “mothers” in Indianapolis! Not only do they have parties every weekend with MULTIPLE underage children in the house, Crystal (the one not the size of a cow) has track marks all over her, they smoke weed, and have random men over to have sex with while their children are home! It’s pretty bad when your own brother makes a fb post about how shitty of a mom you are! Get it together you ugly, piece of sh*t bitches! Your 20′s are over! Get a job, keep your legs closed, PUT DOWN THE DRUGS AND ALCOHOL, and raise your damn kids correctly! You should be so embarrassed and ashamed of the way you are bringing up your children! Oh and btw, the big huge fat one likes black guys! Have at it boys!

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What is wrong with her

May 16, 2014 Indiana, Indianapolis, St. Louis 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nuff said.

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Trashy Indianapolis Escort

May 7, 2014 Indianapolis 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jordan Earl is a psychotic prostitute sleeping with old men for money. She always brags about her Air Jordan collection and talks ghetto all over Twitter..she has no class at all!! She used to finger her butthole on webcams for $$$ but now just sticks to sugardaddies. She started going bald because of her drug addiction and now she has to wear cheap clip-in extensions which are so embarassing. Not to mention she has had several DUI’s now? AND SHES ONLY 20! This dirty hoe deserves to be put on blast she is gross!

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Old Porn Star living in Denial

April 16, 2014 Indianapolis, San Jose 1091

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this old, overweight porn slut just got blasted on her Fb page, & yet she is still living in denial…even though she’s tried (& failed miserably) breaking up Many marriages across Indy & Cali. This is the type of dirty bitch Kate McIntosh is. Why anyone would call herself “Dirty” on her own FB profile, is beyond me. (Let alone leaving up picture comments like this, for all to see.) It’s time this sad case hippo got on a diet, & left people alone who want nothing to do with her maniac jumbo-sized ass. Still posting 10 year old photos as her profile pics, (LoL) being she’s got nothing New to post, that doesn’t reveal how HUGE she has gotten, over the years… Still pic-texting topless flapjack fat titty photos, to all of her old booty calls, as IF any of these guys would resort to revisiting her fat ass, for 1 lousy lay. She compulsively lies, acting as IF any of these married guys would EVER have anything to do with her. Hell, I don’t even think any Single men would give this hippo loser the time of day. LoL Kate McIntosh has an obsession with taken/married/unattainable men. She thinks its “cool” to home wreck Marriages. Pure evil. Yet, funny, not one Divorce has come out of all of her efforts to sabotage. It is because guys don’t take amateur porn fatties too seriously. They look at you as a lay, sweetie. Nothing more. Nik, we already know you wouldn’t touch this mammoth if your life depended on it. So we don’t even have to ask.

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Jeff Kimble’s a Sociopath

April 16, 2014 Indianapolis, Westside-AZ 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeff Kimble 48yrs old, 6’2″, bald white male, 210lbs He is a violent, mentally ill, sexual preditor who thinks he’s untouchable. This psycho slipped me a date rap drug not just once but a few times. I would black out and be out of it for days. I couldn’t figure out why everytime I went to his apt I would just black out. He didn’t look like the sicko he really is. I found out later that his band made songs about drugging up girls who were unwilling. He is a sick sick person who deserves a visit from karma or justice. I would have gone to the police but was too ashamed at the time. Its taken me along time to heal or trust another guy.

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