Royal Douche: Get The Word Out

November 7, 2012 Indiana, Indianapolis 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guys name is Kyle Smith. You can meet him on Plentyoffish, etc. He’s a major douche that lies about everything and plays chicks. He plays multiple chicks at a time, has 2 felonies but doesn’t tell girls he got out of prison in April, and he has drd and doesn’t tell anyone. His parents confirmed he’s had it for years after one of his girls ended up with it. He sends naked pictures of himself to multiple girls and talks them into sending him some then uses them as blackmail and sells them on the internet for money. He also loves to use the words “I love you” and talk about marriage. Uses his kids to try to help him pray on single mothers. He’s also one for sending girls videos of the same songs to help them fall for his games faster. He’s truly not a good guy and if confronted on his games/lying he denies everything (except that he knows the other girls)..

Next time you take a picture of yourself you should do it in a non-moldy area of the house.- nik

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Indianapolis Mother Of Two

October 10, 2012 Dirty Craigslist, Indianapolis 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Noel Deering. She is the pathetic mother of two children, of course fathered by two different men. She may be the biggest, most worthless slut this city has ever seen. She will be 24 in a couple months, and doesn’t even have a GED let alone any secondary education. She’s been an on again off again stripper in a few local clubs, and instead of working for money, she dances for drinks. She left every night completely hammered and with thirty dollars in her purse. Of course she goes home to her mother’s house because she hasn’t been able to keep an apartment for longer than three months, and sleeps all morning while her two children, both under the age of four roam the house alone to get into whatever they desire. On top of this while she was “hurting for money” She decided that she was going to whore herself out on craigslist! She swears that she never met with any of these guys, but I saw emails that lead me to believe the contrary. You can view these postings if you log into her account under [email protected] The password is “PrearlJam10″ This nasty broad needs to be exposed for the whore that she is. Someone also needs to take those children away so that maybe they’ll actually have a shot in life. As of right now, they’re going to end up dumb white trash just like her! Get the word out Nik! This bitch is passing around diseases and needs to be stopped. Maybe public humiliation will do the trick.

Make sure your flaps aren’t jacked when you take pictures of yourself (ya dig).- nik

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Dirty Old Photographer

October 10, 2012 Dirty Business, Indiana, Indianapolis 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik love your site but this guy miles fork is a rap*st hed lure young girls teenage girls in to do over provocative photo shoots telling them he was gonna make then famous and drugging and rapping them and then come to find out he did it to his own daughter what a scum bag put him on blast nik so he cant hurt no one else .

I’m sure he’ll argue it was a daughter in law…- nik

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No Wonder My Taco Sucks

August 21, 2012 Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik have you heard about this guy??? Cameron Jankowski took a picture of himself peeing on a nacho supreme while working… Then tweeted it and posted on facebook saying he couldn’t wait to be famous for it and he pretty much is, been in the news and the daily show.  The things kids do for some fame these days.  First it was krispy kreme, now this taco bell peeboy, what do ya thinks gunna be the next whiteboy ploy at fame?

This is why white people should never work at Taco Bell.- nik

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Indiana’s Biggest Compulsive Liar

August 7, 2012 Dirty Predator, Indianapolis 424

Indiana's biggest compulsive liar!!!

Indiana's biggest compulsive liar!!!


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong awhile but first time writer. This scam artist and compulsive liar is Chad Gaines. He has been married 5 times and each time taken the wife on a wild ride of lies. He is a self-proclaimed motivational speaker and actually gets paying gigs because no one realizes that his so called life happenings are really all made up lies!!!! He claims that he has been in prison 15 times, been shot in the face, stabbed, had a stroke and a multitude of other things and that God has helped him over come but none of it is true!!! The daughter he had with his first wife was in a car accident and had a brain injury so he took cans around asking for donations then pocketed the money. He also did the same thing with he and his second wife’s son telling people he had fetal alcohol syndrome. Another lie!!! He claims he was abused by his mother as a child when in reality she is the sweetest woman and he is the actual abuser… He wrote a (self-publicated) book all about these so called bad happenings titled “Voices from a locked room” and every single word of that book is a complete lie. No one is safe from this guy… he has an online, international site up to pull in his next victims to feed them his lies. Corporations, schools, colleges… Do not pay this man for his bull crap!!! Ladies beware… he will pull you in with his tales of woe and then beat you and take your money!!!! Nik put this guy on blast and warn the world!!

You should never believe people with mangled noses, there’s a reason they’re like that.- nik

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Jessica Marie Pierson Thinks Its Cute To Cut Herself And Post On FB

July 25, 2012 Indiana, Indianapolis, The Dirty 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik- this is jessica marie pierson and her wanna be purple crayon “husband” – ya right. as if anyone would ACTUALLY wife that up. she basically has no life and sits on her fat ass posting about how she wants her “man”, quote “deep inside” her. she also makes a habit of rubbing peoples dead infants in their face, when it was actually her who overdosed her OWN child on nyquil. way to go mother of the year . she also likes to make little kitten like scratches on her wrists and post them for sympathy. she just randomly added me and it was entertaining at first but i cant take it anymore and the world needs a constant reminder of what she is. trash. a terrible mom. and a raging slore. youve gotta really wonder what drugs theyre on when you browse their fbs though thats for certain! oh and apparently shes somehow in the military which i seriously doubt because she couldnt pass 10 seconds into the psych eval!

It’s sad when a person’s whole life becomes a cry for help on Facebook.- nik

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Katey Robey Is A Nasty Homewrecker

July 20, 2012 Indianapolis 382

Katey Robey is a Nasty Homewrecker

Katey Robey is a Nasty Homewrecker

Katey Robey is a Nasty Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Katey Robey has been an unfortunate presence on the east side of Indy for some time now. She works at Italian Gardens, which is where she met a married guy 23 YEARS OLDER and started seeing him several months ago- while she was still dating another guy herself! The married guy has kids, even one that went to high school with her- before she dropped out, of course. When the married dude tried to end it awhile back, she tried to say she was pregnant! She’s delusional. Not only that, but she has a record and is notorious for being a huge sloot- literally. The bitch is about 5’3″ and 250 lbs. The oompa loompa tan doesn’t help, either. She also Photoshops the hell out of her Facebook photos! Enjoy & I hope you rip her to pieces. She deserves it.

Dating your friends parents is poor form.- nik

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Trashy Hood Rat Chelsea Marie

July 19, 2012 Indianapolis 6

Trashy hoodrat gremlin

Trashy hoodrat gremlin

Trashy hoodrat gremlin

Trashy hoodrat gremlin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this chick right here goes by the name Chelsea Marie and she is the nastiest b*tch in Indy. She surrounds herself with the ugliest girls to make herself look better. Seriously, one of her friends has a yellow tooth. Honestly, shes about a 5 or 6. She will f*ck anyone who will take a picture of her to upload on facebook. She thinks she is famous because on Facebook 20 people like her picture when in all honesty they are 20 different creeps. Shes also a purple crayon lover and her boyfriend is a piece of work. He thinks hes going to be a famous rapper and hes like 30 wow and on top of that he cheats on her all the time and talks sh*t about her!! Chelsea used to be small and slim now she’s huge!! She calls herself “thick” no hunni your just fat!!! I guess the purple crayons can appreciate a fat white girl. I have no idea where this girl gets her clothes from but she literally looks like she walked out of the shopping store called “DEB” she probably shops there cuz its the only store that makes clothes to cover her fat *ss. She is such a sloot that she goes by the nickname “Wildcherry” She hires photographers to take her picture and then she uploads all her slooty pics to facebook. Put this girl on blast and lets show her that shes not Indy’s finest she is Indy’s nastiest. Enjoy these pictures which she provided me with on her page.

I really thought that was a fake yellow tooth like the rappers wear.- nik

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