Vanessa Carrillo Pariseau The Theif

February 18, 2013 Indiana, Indianapolis 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Vanessa Carrillo Pariseau. She is OVERWEIGHT, BOSSY, and she THINKS SHE CAN SING. Sorry for dumping on you like that. It’s just i hate her so much. she’s trying to steal all my friends away from my BFF and I by telling them lies about us because she’s mad that we turned her down on being her friend after a fight. i just can’t take it! What should we do?

I’d tell you if you mentioned something I could comment on.- nik

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Craiglist Girls Of Bloomington

February 1, 2013 Columbus, Indiana, Indianapolis 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I never thought I would post something like this about another person, or feel it needed to be done, but this Craigslist call girl/sug[removed]/seeking arrangement posing as a good girl and having morals needs to be exposed for what she Is and has done. Meet Margo Husky, a 23 year old trailer trash predator that I met under strictly platonic. Within two weeks of knowing her, talks of getting serious and her moving in came into play, with her bringing up if we get serious, she needed to sell her nasty ass trailer and move into the custom home I have built on five acres of land that is paid for in full, no loans. This girl has serious daddy/male trust issues, and acts as if everything should just be handed to her. If you don’t bend or break to her will, you are disrespecting her, and the guilt trip and claims your not a man follow from her mouth. Complete princess complex! She is a sloppy drunk, that does crazy shit when she drinks with her skanky ass friend that is 27. She Is employed as a care provider with a company that is funded through the state for people that need assisted living. She is always late for work, sleeps on the job, because she is to concerned with the party life and her fake ass loser friends, and yet she professes how important her job is to her. I call Bullshit! Margo has two big dogs that stay in her flea infested trailer, pissing and shitting on the carpets or anywhere they need to go because she works 13 hours shifts every other week, off one, on one, well sleeps around a hour of it after showing up late daily by a hour or so….leaves early, claims hours she didn’t work on her time sheet…. There is a 2′layer of dog hair on floors, counters, in glasses, on dishes, EVERYTHING from months on end of her not cleaning! I wasn’t even able to get to cleaning out the fridge while I was there for two days, milk dated back to Oct. 2nd, growing shit in it, (it was Jan.14th when I was there helping her) OJ that was brown from being in there so long! The stove was covered in mouse shit under when lift up the cover to clean underneath it, like three pounds of shit, candy wrappers….etc. etc! In the oven there was this pan i sent a pic in of, it had been in there for like 6 months! Its to bad for me that I didn’t go to her place before we had sex, while cleaning everything on the Island hood vat, she had her herpes meds right in plan view for everyone to see!!! She is gonna make a great mother one day! 4 months into our so called serious relationship, she informs me she is pregnant. At this point she had already moved out 3 times of my home… and while we was split up for a over three weeks, no sex between us from Oct. 20th-Nov. 17th , she had texted me on Nov. 11th, claiming she was on a date with a guy, and planned on fucking him that night, later telling me she said it just to hurt me, and she lied about it. We get back together on Nov. 18th and come Dec. 11th she has missed her period. This girl claims she wants a life with me, but as she starts telling me things about herself, I start to see what she is really after, a daddy figure to take care of her every need and is a selfish ass ho that is after one thing! [removed-get to the point..]

Looks like a fire hazard.- nik

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Courtney Green

January 9, 2013 Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik She is the biggest skank of them all, she was asking for me to piss in her mouth and all over her, she is a m*th user and done b**h salt, she also told me her pssy was infected with drd and she was legit being for real it’s gross and warning you guy about her this is the most disgusting girl I have ever met. If you guys don’t know her don’t try to, i promise you don’t want to get anything from her. She is a cheating whore who’s slept with over 132 guys and is just disgusting

You forgot to close the lid.- nik

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Indiana Brooke Presser

December 3, 2012 Indiana, Indianapolis 247

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl, Brooke Presser, aka “Madison Avenue” at the Bunny Ranch & Dancers, is a con artist. We have to warn the public so she doesn’t spread drds to more men. She sells her services on and then volunteers at Kingsway CHRISTIAN CHURCH! The same church that wouldn’t allow “Bad Ass Coffee” in Avon, Indiana because the name was immoral. She recently had her THIRD child by the THIRD guy, never been married. Where is the 2nd child? Given away like Thanksgiving leftovers. Luckily she gave him up for adoption though, because she has severely neglected the first child. Her first born has been the victim of abuse at the hands of her drug dealer ex boyfriend, Lindsey, & his drunk pedophile uncle. Lindsey allowed the abuse in exchange for pills. This happened over Christmas while Brooke was at the Bunny Ranch working. Left her kid to be abused on the holidays. The 2nd child is the luckiest kid alive to be spared the same fate by being given up for adoption. She brags about breast feeding the third child with her freakishly large nipples, but EEWW aren’t those the SAME nipples she uses in her prostitution career? YUCK! She has robbed people to fuel her vicodin addiction, worked as a stripper (got fired for sex in the back room), craigslist prostitute, Bunny Ranch hooker, & she regularly logs on to SeekingArrangement looking for new guys to steal from and infect with her herpes. I feel bad for her boyfriend, the father of her third baby, because he has no clue what a monster she is. Look at her last log in date on SeekingArrangement! YESTERDAY! RUN! RUN and take the baby with you! Nik, PLEASE warn the public & her third child’s father! Not sure why she didn’t just abort the baby or give it up for adoption like the others. SO SAD!

I think that’s a doll sucking her teet but I put a heart just incase.  I also think we’d all like to see you in more then a tie, please and thank you.- nik

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Not Good Enough

November 28, 2012 Indianapolis 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kayla Rutherford from Columbus, IN and I am soooo tired of tolerating the nasty, smelly, skanky, poor excuse for a mother!! Her husband and my boyfriend have been friends for a long time so I am forced to be in her smelly nasty ass house all the time. She lets her kids run around with dirty faces and dirty clothes while she takes pictures of fat ass. She talks about having haters that are jealous of her looks and lifestyle. Her looks are disgusting and her lifestyle is full of warm beer, fake labels, wanna-be gangsters and facebook fights. I am about to end my relationship over this SKANK COW!! DA please show her what haters really are! Tell the nasty beaotch about herself! You can find more beached whale photos on her facebook.

Take care of your kids Kayla.- nik

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This Dude Is Obviously On Meth

November 20, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Indianapolis, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw an article on CNN about this dude, Eric Hartsburg, who got a tattoo of Romney’s logo on his face. I can only laugh when I see these funny stories. In my opinion, there is only one reason for a dude to sell a permanent tattoo on his face for money: drug addiction. If you look at the video, the guy looks like he is obviously a meth-head. Look at his eyes. A quick google search and you realize the guy lives in Indiana.  I know a guy who a few years ago was doing the same thing, except not on his face, but selling tattoos to companies on his arms and legs. A year later he came out, said he was “cleaned” up, and he was basically selling the tattoos because it was the only way he could get $ to feed his addiction. What do you think?  Click here to read full article. 

I don’t think this looks good for the Republicans considering it say F*CK on his neck.- nik

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Can She Be A DC

November 7, 2012 Indianapolis 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl goes by Angel Viixen on facebook. She’s always posting trashy pictures of her duck face and extentions and her statuses are equal to that of something Bomba would write. So what do you think Nik? Is she dirty enough for you?

This girl should go by Donatella Versace.- nik

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Royal Douche: Get The Word Out

November 7, 2012 Indiana, Indianapolis 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guys name is Kyle Smith. You can meet him on Plentyoffish, etc. He’s a major douche that lies about everything and plays chicks. He plays multiple chicks at a time, has 2 felonies but doesn’t tell girls he got out of prison in April, and he has drd and doesn’t tell anyone. His parents confirmed he’s had it for years after one of his girls ended up with it. He sends naked pictures of himself to multiple girls and talks them into sending him some then uses them as blackmail and sells them on the internet for money. He also loves to use the words “I love you” and talk about marriage. Uses his kids to try to help him pray on single mothers. He’s also one for sending girls videos of the same songs to help them fall for his games faster. He’s truly not a good guy and if confronted on his games/lying he denies everything (except that he knows the other girls)..

Next time you take a picture of yourself you should do it in a non-moldy area of the house.- nik

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