Jackson | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Crusty Crystal

May 1, 2014 Jackson 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is crystal morgan. One word. Skank. Not only is she with another guy every month but now shes about to marry her offshore boyfriend that shes been with for a month and probably screws around while hes gone. We all know shes just using him for money. Poor guy dont even know it probably. He will see eventually. Shit she just had another guy living with her not even a month before she got engaged. Her fiancé is crazy I wonder what shes doin to make him wamt that! Her name matches her habit. I mean who wakes up and says lets do some meth? Party animal right here in the bars so much pops could pay rent with her tab each month. Nasty ass has been with more guys than she can count. I hope her new man gets out before she throws his ass to the side or cheats.

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Lina still hasn’t learned

April 29, 2014 Jackson 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here is an attention whore. Always posting Stutty pictures only to get attention from ghetto loser guys. She acts likes mom of the year but constantly parties. She’s the biggest ho ever willing to go home and sleepwith you on the first night of hanging out with you. She used to look decent but gained like 50 lbs since high school. She’s already divorced with two kids and she still hasn’t settled down. Oh and btw if your married or have a girlfriend don’t hesitate she will still sleep with you. Lina don’t accuse girls of being a hater. You have nothing to hate on. Your fat with fake hair and sagging boobs. Not to mention your fckedup teeth. This is a wake up call. get your life together stop partying and going to clubs. Get an education give your kids the life they deserve.yo’re behaving like the stripper you use to be. You might as well go back to doing that. However you never made much money doing it.

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Ms Maria is not a model

April 24, 2014 Jackson 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: I posted Maria bout a year ago and sense then she has changed a few things up and i think you need a update. sense then shes gotten on drugs – maybe due to the comments from the past post and lost some fat of her big ass and started doing “modeling” ,. well heres the examples of her modeling career, flying real high you see. So nic do you think maria improved any from her last debut here?

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Carly “Coco” Suzette Welch

April 22, 2014 Jackson 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a very young *girl* who desperately wishes her name was Coco. She is one of the hottest girl’s in Hattiesburg, Mississippi! I mean look at that face, just wow. She has been working at hooter\’s for a while but recently she has taken up stripping to support her addictions… to sex, drugs, and just to keep up being a groupie. really though who could be hotter than this girl? i mean stripper, groupie, AND a hooters girl? what could possibly be better? just look at all those dollars she is making! amazing. pure talent. she seems to be doing great in life other than the fact that her boyfriend Adam walters is abusive. maybe one day she will find a man who will take care of that rotten p**sy.

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Dirty Gold Digger Lyncola Platero

April 16, 2014 Jackson 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl stole over $1200, stole medicine, sent dirty messages to every contact in her x boyfriends phone, and to top it off she put sugar in his gas tank!!! If you ever meet her don’t believe anything she says!! She’s a compulsive liar and will do anything for money$$$ I’m posting this mugshot of her!!! She was arrested for hitting her mother!!! She also has a warrant for grand larceny…. This 2 bit whore needs her ass beat and put under the jail!!!

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Jackson Dike In Prison Nikka Looses her Baby

April 10, 2014 Jackson, Would You? 252

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THE DIRTY ARMY: JACKSON MISSISSIPPI’S JennaMcGraw is a Dirty Whore! She will sleep with anything bitches and tatted up prison thug nigga and now loosing her kid in custody battle with baby daddy… Bloody days no prob she fck anyways straight dirty as hoe..makes porn video with baby in floor in car seat … Outstanding mother right here …. Disgusting ass deep throating porn making slut will give anybody the time of day anywhere .. Beware of Jenna shes definitely not Wifey material…

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Jacksonville Tag Chaser

April 2, 2014 Jackson, Jacksonville 90

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch cheated in my buddy and I got this pic and want people to know. He is a US Marine and she is a skank

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Transectual Taylor

March 26, 2014 Jackson 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Taylor Walker from Flowood, MS. He is a party boy, soccer/football jock-strap! He has a routine to try and pick up women, with a rather masicistic techniques. When a female, ANY female sends him even the slightest “Hi how are you” on his Facebook, he sweet talks his way into getting their cell numbers, and the second he starts texting them, he starts his routine. He chats the girls up over text, while at the same time messaging them on his Facebook pretending to be a vengeful exgirlfriend hacking his profile because “he’s a no good cheater with a tiny c*ck that deserves it.” He makes fun of his own c*ck size, he calls it “tiiiiinnny tiny tiny,” talks about how ‘they measured it one day on hard and it was only 2.3 inches,” then he manages to get the girls to agree to allow the ‘ex’ to send a pic of it(being actually as tiny as ‘she’ says it is) and then starts talking about how Taylor would fit better in panties. He pushes and pushes the panty subject until he can manage to slip in a few pictures(all self-taken) of him in women’s panties, posing and everything(OBVIOUSLY enjoying it). If mentioned over text message, he ‘freaks out’ and moves to part 2 of his routine. Which is making the girl feel bad for him, asking if his c*ck is as small as he knows it is, and continuing the ‘ex’ act trying to convince the girl to meet up with him and “dress him up and take pictures.” If the girls ever do actually hang out with him in person, he says that he’s being blackmailed and that if the girl doesn’t dress him up and take pictures of it, then his ‘ex’ will post all the photos she already has on his Facebook profile for the world to see. He opviously LOVES showing people these photos, so I thought I’d give him a helping hand! Now every girl who ever comes across him will know how f*cked in the head he is! If he ‘and his ex’ start messaging you, no matter how much you try to ignore him or stop it, he will pester you and pester you and make you feel like crap about not helping him keep his ‘ex’ from exposing his photos to everyone, and NEVER go away or talk about anything else! You’ve all been warned of his psychotic, masicistic tactic at getting women! Plus, I know he will appreciate everyone FINALLY knowing his secret that he so desperately wants to be public!

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