Jackson | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Utica Scum

March 25, 2014 Jackson 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Chris James. He lives sad life in Utica going from girl to girl. He thinks he’s a player because he can have sex with girls and not think twice about it and have no feelings. But in reality he ain’t nothing special. I mean he has a penis the size of a little boy and the sex isn’t that great…. That’s if he can get it up. Do yourself a favor and get checked if you let this trash touch you!

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Another Disaster Tori Donald

March 21, 2014 Jackson 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this jolly hunk of a sperm bank is Tori Donald. She is pregnant for the 3rd time at 26 yrs old. Constantly fighting with her newest “baby daddy” getting the cops called , letting her inbred mama live with them and fighting with her also . This pathetic excuse for a woman/mother needs to be put on blast for smoking Dope while preg & having sex with her ex bf who is a cop in richland or something . This piece of sh** actually has the audacity to tell her man who he can and can’t talk to , be friends with , look @ , stop at a red light beside etc. She is especially focused on his best friends gf , who is basicly his step sister her insecurity is extreme & her hate for others is rampant . she is a regular poster to this site so here ya go Nik.

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Megs Trash Is Back

March 17, 2014 Jackson, Mississippi State 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Megs trash is back and bangin her best friends fiance! She doesnt try to hide it but claims she still loves her “bestie” morgan roobinson! sad part is that she conned some guy had a wife to apparently leave his and move her in with him , she moved out a month later ,then went back to wannabe white boy gangsta rapper dead beat dad jeremy shedd and bailed on him again for the married guy . she walked on justin seaton only to return to jeremyy again within a few weeks . three months later shes living in a hotel with jeremy and they commence to fighting in front of their child , long story short jeremy goes to jail , simple assault,possesion,and is slapped with a no contact order . that was megs thrash needed to hear , she suckered an unknown amount of money out of justin seaton under the ruse of house keeping and other odd jobs and misc. loans , all the while banging her best friends fiancee in an abandonned building off fortification that was under rennovation by said fiancee Eddie stewart . who hired megs trash and justin seaton both to help with the rennovations and tanked the job in the ninth hour and stiffed his entire crew , except megs thrash of course! shes D meat whos gone through more dope heads then a 5 dollar pipe that magicaly cant be broken . shes manipulative and sinister and takes no issue with using her child to gain anything she can from her , shes got more issues than her mother who wont even utter her name and now shes free of jeremy shedd and looking for a place to stay soon so watch your couch or she may be crashing soon with wichever long haired hippie meth smoking dopeboy she ends up with next .

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Married Man

March 12, 2014 Jackson 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Raye Thompson. Hes a liar to any girl he dates or is married to. He will try to talk you into anything and everything. If he says he being faithful to you he’s not! He cheats on everyone. He’s being doing this for years! I suggest that nobody date or sleep with him. Anybody that does is crazy! He is a low down jerk and he’s crazy! STAY FAR AWAY!

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Once A Stripper

March 11, 2014 Jackson, New Orleans 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Courtney Lane or a.k.a “Roxie” she thinks she is God’s gift & entitled to everybodys man plus hers. She claims to be “friends” with all these guys but the ones she doesnt f*** has a rep for being a major tease. Not that she’s not a sloot, oh believe me she is a her*on adict , cheating , evil , dumbest , bf stealing skank. She’s pretty much been stripping in New Orleans since she was 3 doing God knows what for $ and bar hopping til the next afternoon , purposley causing mayhem with innocent people she claims have “scratched her” wtf? Dumbass. All this plus she is bat sh** crazy claiming “humans are the inferior race” and aliens blah & she is chosen because she is more evolved! and they dont like the ugly people !!! actually came out of her fat mouth while claiming to love God & rebelling against the american gov. what??!!! pshyco . she spreads chl**dia . posed in cheap nudie mags .Lets not forget her man whore brother is spreadin’ his nasty around here now probably tryin to hide from his statatory rape charges in Alabama or to help her whore couisin “Falin” get her 18th abortion! ha runs in the family . just nasty. She really needs to go back to the swamp she crawled out of in LA. This girls playin’ around gonna get f**** up in Jackson

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Rankin County Disease

January 29, 2014 Jackson 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat ass man whore is a real gem! DERRICK SEBREN. Hangs out at trash bars to pick up old desperate whores. Constantly seeks attention of skank low life women because he is so unhappy with his miserable life and disgusting body. This guy is so douchey he could clean a whales vagina. Also hides behind his man whore friends who are nothing more than poor white trash who seeks out one night threesome from Pops – this awesome pops pack consist of Derrick Sebren, Brad Lewis, and Kenny Maqueen. Derrick has never been faithful because he will never be happy with himself. Good Luck to the next dumb bitch he tries to lure in, she will need a pack of not dogs for after that miserable, pathetic act he claims as sex!

The bigger the strap the bigger the douche.- nik

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Ginger Liar

January 28, 2014 Jackson, Jacksonville 10

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man is a scumbag!! He is stationed on Camp LeJeune, 21 years old. He is married to a beautiful woman, but has been sexting and picture swapping, along with actually having sex with other women! I texted him and wanted to hook up for quite awhile until the cat came out of the bag that he was married and was a sneak. He constantly told me he was divorced and blamed his so called ex-wife for everything. As you can see he is nothing to brag about and I am almost embarrassed to bring this to you! Just a warning to all the ladies around the Jacksonville/Camp LeJeune area – STAY AWAY!!!

How small is that washroom.- nik

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Loser Man

January 22, 2014 Jackson, Little Rock 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man Donnie Rogers of Yazoo ms is trash every female he gets with he makes sure they have a job so he can sit on his ass and play Xbox and smoke weed all day he cheats has babies with every girls he gets with dont take care of them at all he has 5 kids he has beaten everyone he has been with he puts them thur hell and plays games he is really a trip u have no clue he cheated on his gf and beat her many times talked her into having the baby the went out town stared cheating never took care of his own must less any kid he has he uses the girls for money watch out for him!! He is a true sweet talker make u believe anything! And I no of 4 females he has did this same thing to and one girl I no for acted cooked clean got him anything and he beat her cheated and lied! This man needs to be stopped

I don’t wanna know what’s going on in the bottom pic..- nik

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