Giraffe With +2s

October 8, 2013 Jackson, Mississippi State 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Former wannabe model Jamie has set upon the path of fitness now! What do you think about her transformation and +2′s?

Thank god for the +2′s or she would be a he for sure.- nik

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Longhorn Dillow

September 23, 2013 Jackson 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Adam Dillow, a 32 year old waiter at Longhorns. He not only has been to rehab not once but twice. He has a piece of shit car because he wrapped his around a tree for drinking and driving and being high. He lives with his grandma or a friend here and there because he blows all his money. He was fired from his job at Sticky Fingers in Jacksonville for showing up to work high and trashed. This guy is 32 trying to hit on a 19 year old girl with a daughter and a live in boyfriend. So not only is he scum he also is a home wrecker and a pedophile. I guess he worked enough charm on her and the girl sent him a few bra pics. WHICH he then posted on myex. Claiming “this girl wanted to cheat on me with her boyfriend and when I didnt want to fck her she got mad.” Oh quite the contrary Nik. Because I know that the girl told him to leave her alone. And when he wouldnt stop harrassing her she told him to fuck off. This pissed Adam off so he posted the pictures of her on the website. The girls mom found out and told him to remove the pictures and called his work to talk to him. I guess this pansy son of a bitch got scared of a 42 year old woman because he CALLED THE COPS on her and said she was threatening him. So this woman got put in JAIL for a couple hours for defending her daughter because a scum bag like him. This poor excuse for a man! This pansy loser was “scared” for his life. Not only did he ruin the girls life but now her mothers as well. He needs to be punished!

He’ll be holding up signs on the side of the road if he can’t kick the habit.- nik

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Erin Hale, Teen Mom Stripper

August 29, 2013 Jackson 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl named Erin Hale is complete trash! She’s 24 years old and already has an 8 year old kid. I mean what kind of mom wear’s a bikini like that to a neighborhood pool? A stripper, which is exactly what she is. This girl sleeps with anything that has a pulse especially when money is involved. She has a bad attitude and thinks she hung the moon. She’s a leech, she latches onto a guy and sucks them dry. Now she’s living off her military boyfriend in a trailer, who she can’t even be faithful to at that. To top it all off, she’s an alcoholic. This girl deserves nothing more than a major wake up call!

What’s between her legs in that last pic? its disturbing.- nik

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Lying Coward

May 16, 2013 Jackson 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK THIS PATHETIC SCUM, is named Thomas Kellam Smith! He is 19. & He is originally from Clarksdale, ms. But is currently attending Hinds Community Collage in Raymond… He works at Newks in Byram. He was dating my sister & we never had any doubt about him. He was pleasant, sweet, and acted as a father figure to her two sons.. Come to find out.. He was cheating on her 2 weeks into the relationship.. He stole the necklace he bought for my sister and gave it to his new GF. Even brought his new GF’s dog to our house, and said it was his dog that he had just gotten back from Alaska from duck training classes.. He was confronted numerous times before we found out about the other girl about wether he wanted to be in relationship or not etc…. And was even at my sister the day before we found out… Also promised this girl to take her to the beach which he had just done a few weeks before with my sister. And when he was confronted. He said that the girl was no one, but then went strait over to her house after work trying to convince this girl that my sister was noone. Point if the story is … HE IS A COMPOLSIVE LIAR, CHEATING, PSSY LITTLE BOY.

Duck training classes in Alaska…I hope you didn’t fall for that.- nik

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Welcome To Frontstreet Ave.

May 16, 2013 Jackson 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk, while I am normally above passive aggressive bullsh*t, sometimes, people just need to be put on frontstreet. Now, I’m not here to create libel words, I will tell the truth. This person, is Niki Allen, somebody who has graced this webpage many times. Now, I don’t find her to be the whore this site has made her out to be, that is just what is sometimes wrongly associated with strippers, I could be wrong of course. Anyways, she is quite possibly the most brainwashed person I have ever met. She loves to parade about exclaiming how great her “boyfriend”, Dax Owens, is even though he has cheated on her several times, threatens her with violence, calls her names, convinces her her friends care nothing for her, and then, like the weak minded person she is, she crawls back to him. Seriously, get real, nobody with a properly working brain would brag about having a significant other like that. Now, Why? stupidity maybe, or maybe because the idea of \”number 1\” is more appealing to her, or maybe because she doesn\’t think she is capable of doing any better. I\’m sure dude makes a great role model, being an ex-con, known for sending death threats to past girlfriends, and also known for blindly shit-talking to people he doesn\’t know, after all, he does get beaten up deservedly so once every 3 months. Usually the weakest of men treat people in this manner. All in all, it is an obvious case of 0% self respect in her case. So, don\’t hate this girl, just pity her, and be sure to throw lots of cash on stage at her, because it is obvious the only thing she cares about.

That was detailed.- nik

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Letting Me Know You Are Cheating

May 16, 2013 Jackson, The Dirty 177

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, that one with the blue nails is Kimberly Davis and this is how Kim let me know she is busy for the night. That’s not me in the back.  So hurt!

You can do better. Her nose is much too masculine for you.- nik

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Simpson County Pig

April 30, 2013 Jackson 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Redneck trash to the fullest, Shannon McKinny, he has never gotten anything for himself so his daddy gave him the Pit Stop in Florence,cause he couldnt get a job anywhere else where he exchanges young girls bills for sex. short man syndrome took roids and all it gave him was a small dick and man boobs. He thinks all the girls want him, but all he looks for is underage girls, married or black hoes. Can we say pedophile? Had charges against him for corruption of a minor, for jacking off to a porn and not stoppin when a 9 yr old girl walked in the room. Videos himself with hoes and then watches em with his loser son, whos been in and out of jail and only job he can find is with dear ole  ridden dad. Loves breakin up families and getting hoes to ride on his bike, know of three skanks who had abortions cause of him. Loves to send pics of his small dick and stuff stuck up his ass, to hoes that think that they will get some of his money that he jacks from ppl at his over expensive oil changin place, loser, dirtbag and plain trash

People with blurry photos = ghetto.- nik

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Jacksonville’s Hairiest Douche Bag

April 11, 2013 Jackson, Jacksonville 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Marcus McLeod is the hairiest douche bag in Jacksonville(Westside). He likes to play the Christian nice guy and make himself look good but once you get to know him he is a true a**hole. He is confused if he is a redneck or gangster. One day he is rockin the plaid shirts and the next day he has his flat billed hat on with a Famous shirt and golds on his teeth. He is never going to make anything of himself. At 25 yrs old he still lives at home with his brother and has TERRIBLE credit(proof in the pic, removed social and personal info). He has been DENIED by the Florida Highway Patrol THREE times because he cant pass the psych exam. Because of that he will ALWAYS be a dispatcher and never get a life long CAREER. He is CHEAP and always BROKE. He thinks $25 is to much for a meal for two. He is a puppet to his older brother, cant do anything without his permission; date nights include him and his bro. All he does is goes to Mavericks gets girls COMPLETELY WASTED to where they can barely walk and then tries to take them home. He is hairy all of his body, as you can tell from the pics his hair connects from his chest to his shoulders all down his back. He is going bald on top of his head.TERRIBLE IN BED! Has admitted to messing around (girl just grinding on him) and he busted lol didn’t even get his **** wet. Marcus plays Semi pro football – ha-ha its not anything to get excited about. He is THE KICKER. He was never any good so now he continues to pay to play at 25 years old. He checks in at the gym on FB.. He should probably change gyms because that one isn’t working! LADIES BE CAREFUL HE IS ON PLENTY OF FISH DATING SITE.. HE WILL LIE TO YOU CONVINCE YOU TO MEET HIM, GET YOU DRUNK AND TRY TO TAKE YOU HOME!! WORTHLESS HAIRY CONFUSED BROKE A**HOLE!

I bet he could school people in COD thought, or any other game involving sitting on his ass.- nik

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