Jackson | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Raymond Slore

December 30, 2013 Jackson, Ole Miss 28



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl was dating my friend James, her Name is Amanda Herrington she is 35 years old and wants someone to take of her anybody so she sleeps around with anyone, I made the discovering only after she left a old phone after att gave her a new after she cracked the screen, I got into the phone and found that she was fcking around with 2 other guys besides my friend, I saw emails and and pictures exchanged and even a video so if you see this Whore watch out, she has serious problems including a bad mental history, so i posted the pictures she was sending around, I hope she reads this i really do, her phone number is [removed], bad part it took my friend 6 months to realize she was a whore!

The sag almost makes her look double jointed.- nik

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Tia The Terror Hughes

December 7, 2013 Jackson, The Dirty 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the town trashbox TIA HUGHES. I never understood why “popular” high school trash are sooo ugly. This girl was nominated homecoming queen ever since middle school. She was Prom queen in high school. The clique she hangs out with are equally ugly!  She threw crazy wild parties, she is a huge gossiper and a huge total b*tch. She has lizard lips, ratface/rat nose features with that wide ugly shnoz and the ugliest beety eyes on this planet. She has no respect for herself and others. Im surprised she works at HOOTERS, seeing she has “raisenet” sized boobs, not hooters. but then again… Latham is one huge clique… its not about beauty or talent its about what person you know!  If you look at her FB page shes either right dab in the middle or on the side of a group of 8 or 12 homely unfortunate looking females!  This girl looks like a Hallowen mask with legs, if you’re gonna be arrogant… at least have the looks to go with it!

In Jackson… your High School life is forever.- nik

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Frontstreet Revisited

November 27, 2013 Jackson 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: I figured the time was appropriate to take another drive down Frontstreet. It is a fantastic place where the more personal details of people’s lives get put on blast. Now, once again, this post isn’t to create rumors, nor is it to satisfy some passive aggressive attempt at causing mayhem. This, my friends, is the infamous Niki Allen, who was on a very good path in life. However, thanks to a master manipulator, she has ran back to square one, or is on a path to said square. She obviously enjoys a person that cheats on her(with girls she WORKS with) and mentally abuses her. Same person who tries to score random blowjobs from his position. The same person who has a bit of an anger problem, one that may end up in getting him hurt, should he force certain people to defend themselves. At least her child will have somebody to look up to, who wouldn’t want their son to grow up to be a womanizer, cheater, stripclub owner, and an all around shitbag? Read the earlier post if you want details. Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without telling the readers how much of a pathological liar Niki is. She would routinely say how she would “never set foot back in that parking lot” or “I put all of that behind me” and other typical “blah blah I’m psychologically unstable bullshit”. She failed the 90 day(that’s three months,geniuses) challenge into becoming an actual productive member of society. We shall see, what I learned to call, if the “Zombie Niki” makes a comeback. I say we will.

I love how her panties vanish.- nik

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Regan Corder

October 9, 2013 Jackson 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Listen up Jackson-stay AWAY from Regan Corder. We have been dating for a while and found out she is sleeping with 4 other dudes. not to mention how many people her nasty,  a*s has been sleeping with while she is stripping. If uve been f*cking this nasty-a*s crab-having, bad teeth hoe, you need to get your sh*t checked out now. She is a lying, piece of sh*t who is just looking for moneybags. Stay away from this ho.

Ronald would never let those thighs touch him in person.- nik

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Giraffe With +2s

October 8, 2013 Jackson, Mississippi State 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Former wannabe model Jamie has set upon the path of fitness now! What do you think about her transformation and +2′s?

Thank god for the +2′s or she would be a he for sure.- nik

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Longhorn Dillow

September 23, 2013 Jackson 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Adam Dillow, a 32 year old waiter at Longhorns. He not only has been to rehab not once but twice. He has a piece of shit car because he wrapped his around a tree for drinking and driving and being high. He lives with his grandma or a friend here and there because he blows all his money. He was fired from his job at Sticky Fingers in Jacksonville for showing up to work high and trashed. This guy is 32 trying to hit on a 19 year old girl with a daughter and a live in boyfriend. So not only is he scum he also is a home wrecker and a pedophile. I guess he worked enough charm on her and the girl sent him a few bra pics. WHICH he then posted on myex. Claiming “this girl wanted to cheat on me with her boyfriend and when I didnt want to fck her she got mad.” Oh quite the contrary Nik. Because I know that the girl told him to leave her alone. And when he wouldnt stop harrassing her she told him to fuck off. This pissed Adam off so he posted the pictures of her on the website. The girls mom found out and told him to remove the pictures and called his work to talk to him. I guess this pansy son of a bitch got scared of a 42 year old woman because he CALLED THE COPS on her and said she was threatening him. So this woman got put in JAIL for a couple hours for defending her daughter because a scum bag like him. This poor excuse for a man! This pansy loser was “scared” for his life. Not only did he ruin the girls life but now her mothers as well. He needs to be punished!

He’ll be holding up signs on the side of the road if he can’t kick the habit.- nik

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Erin Hale, Teen Mom Stripper

August 29, 2013 Jackson 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl named Erin Hale is complete trash! She’s 24 years old and already has an 8 year old kid. I mean what kind of mom wear’s a bikini like that to a neighborhood pool? A stripper, which is exactly what she is. This girl sleeps with anything that has a pulse especially when money is involved. She has a bad attitude and thinks she hung the moon. She’s a leech, she latches onto a guy and sucks them dry. Now she’s living off her military boyfriend in a trailer, who she can’t even be faithful to at that. To top it all off, she’s an alcoholic. This girl deserves nothing more than a major wake up call!

What’s between her legs in that last pic? its disturbing.- nik

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Lying Coward

May 16, 2013 Jackson 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK THIS PATHETIC SCUM, is named Thomas Kellam Smith! He is 19. & He is originally from Clarksdale, ms. But is currently attending Hinds Community Collage in Raymond… He works at Newks in Byram. He was dating my sister & we never had any doubt about him. He was pleasant, sweet, and acted as a father figure to her two sons.. Come to find out.. He was cheating on her 2 weeks into the relationship.. He stole the necklace he bought for my sister and gave it to his new GF. Even brought his new GF’s dog to our house, and said it was his dog that he had just gotten back from Alaska from duck training classes.. He was confronted numerous times before we found out about the other girl about wether he wanted to be in relationship or not etc…. And was even at my sister the day before we found out… Also promised this girl to take her to the beach which he had just done a few weeks before with my sister. And when he was confronted. He said that the girl was no one, but then went strait over to her house after work trying to convince this girl that my sister was noone. Point if the story is … HE IS A COMPOLSIVE LIAR, CHEATING, PSSY LITTLE BOY.

Duck training classes in Alaska…I hope you didn’t fall for that.- nik

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