October 18, 2012 Jackson, San Diego 15 8,952 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to Greg Cleveland. He’s from San Diego and living in Clinton, MS. He obviously needs to go back where he came from because he dresses like a douche. He thinks all the girls want him, but all the girls he is every looking at are underage. Can we say pedophile? These girls better watch out, because word is that he has A*DS and drd. This guy is so money hungry it is ridiculous. He is always looking for free stuff, and always arguing prices. He acts like his shit don’t stink and he always has to have the best of everything. Speaking of the best of everything, wouldn’t you want that for you child if you are a parent? That’s right, he doesn’t support his kid! Yet, he talks about how great of a parent he is. If he is so wound up in his San Diego lifestyle, maybe he should just carry his trashy cracker ass back. He’s not going to bring the “San Diego swag” to Mississippi even if his life depended on it. On top of all that, he claims to be a fighter, yet a lot of people have never seen him fight… He just hops around like an idiot high on m*th. So if you see this little misfit around the area, please point him in the direction of the west coast..

He dreams of some guy being able to fill out/fit into, that handlebar on his side.  I decided.- nik

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The Truth Is Out About Wendy The Cougar

October 11, 2012 Cougars, Jackson, The Dirty 35 9,546 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Wendy she has been posted before for being a Cougar yeah right.. well if this is what she caught then she needs to be retrained!! Rumor has it her and her catch have been doing sex shows for her so called photographer so she can get free pictures.. are these the free pictures?? Cause they look as cheap as she does lol.

Wendy this one is a framer, perfect for the fireplace mantle. Love the side butt tattoo and midget.- nik

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Anyone Looking For A Rebound

October 8, 2012 Jackson, University Of Central Florida, Winnipeg 73 7,555 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:nik meet Channelle Twiss, a rebound, a slut from Portage la Prairie since she was able to spread her legs around Portage. Everyone knows she’s a lil hoe. I think she’s desprate for attention, eiher that or she really is a hoe.

Does she ever show any of her other quarters?- nik

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Slores Never Change Their Ways

October 3, 2012 Jackson 0 6,231 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has been on here several times before. As I am sure most of you know, here name is Erica. It is apparent that wh*res don’t change their ways and holy sh*t look out because she has now involved baby # 4 with baby daddy # 4. Take a real close look at the bald dude towards the back standing with none only but the wh*re herself!! What kind of mother puts her kid in the middle of all that drunkenness!! You would think after losing custody of two kids she would learn her lesson. The guy she is married too is supposed to be a stand up kind of guy. Seems like he has been sucked into her evil ways.

Interesting after party. Whats that guys hand doing down his pants.  No homo.- nik

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Trashy Pole Dancer

September 19, 2012 Jackson 55 6,549 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I know this btch has been on here before, but now she has a kid she hides behind so I’m going to expose her for that. Of course, everyone knows she cheated on her Military husband while he was over seas fighting for our freedom. If that was not enough, it wasn’t' with one, but multiple guys a week and sometimes at the same time. Next, she went to a biker rally and stripped it all “because she was on Jager.” That can be seen at []. After that, she went on with her multiple guys per week fiasco, including girls which ate her out on  a pool table in the bar, until she found Cody that she could dupe into paying for her bills and wants. During the time she was dating Cody, she screwed a 13 year old. Needless to say his mom wasn’t to happy to hear about this and pretty much beat her an inch from death.  She then went on to get multiple dui’s in other peoples cars, including her mom’s. After said accident, she called the cops on herself which lead to her license getting suspended. On one of her sexcapades, she ended up getting pregnant by one of her biker boyfriends. After she found out he wanted nothing to do with her, she found Matt that gave pity on her and decided to “date” her while she was pregnant and working at the bar. He couldn’t take her shit and split before the birth.  Not too long after the birth of her child, her mom grew tired of her and she ran out of money. This caused her to go back to work at the bar. That’s where she met Daniel that took care of her, and her child, completely. Especially, after her mom tried to take her child for the second time because she came home belligerently drunk. While still drunk, she called in to the Department of Health to report her mom for fraudulently claiming food stamps.  After Daniel’s money ran out, she decided she was no longer in love or wanted to get married, nor was she ever in love or want to get married. Although, it was obvious she was the one that pushed the issue. She ended up leaving him saying she did not want to live with him anymore or want anything he ever bought for her or her child. When he found out she had been cheating on him with multiple people, was in porn gang banging, and finally said “Bye” she decided she actually wanted to stay with him as a roommate and keep everything he bought. He wasn’t too fond of the idea and finally talked her into leaving since she never would admit she was wrong.  As the drunk and child she is, she tried vigorously to send him on a guilt trip because her and her child had nowhere to go.  He still said bye. This caused her to go into a rage getting all her friends to threaten his life for doing that to her and her child. What she didn’t know was he had more friends than her that knew the truth and didn’t believe everything she was telling them. This caused her to become even more enraged.  Now, since she has no one to watch her child, she gets drunk and drives around in her friend’s car with her child in the back seat, still without a license. She is also, now dating Clint that is 20 and still lives at home with his parents and has no intentions of taking care of her or her child. She is currently unemployed but is trying to get her job back at Babes. She is staying at her friend Amy’s house until they get tired of her like her mom, ex-husband, ex-fiance, and her “best” friend already have.

Flubbery chicks shouldn’t be allowed to climb the pole.- nik

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Dirty Devron

September 18, 2012 Jackson 16 5,220 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Devron Martin. Sadly Ive actually had sex with the guy. This dude will hump anything with a v*gina…literally. He has prolly cheated on every girlfriend he’s had when he does somehow get them. He is alllllways looking for attention, an flirts with one girl but if she’s not giving it up he goes to the next. I’m actually friends with a girl he had a threesome with, along with his cousin Vurnest Mcfarland. Between them two an vurnests so called “brother” Ben mcglown, they’ve prolly slept with all if zumwalt north an south but devrons standards are horrible, from fat to well…anything. He claims to love his current girlfriend but I heard he’s cheated on her many times including with his hippo of an ex andrea. I also found out he almost had a kid with a girl who weighs about 80 pounds. Nik please set him straight, maybe it’ll save another girl.

Someone let his baby mama know about Devron.- nik

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College Teacher Sleeps With His Students

August 23, 2012 Biloxi, Jackson 2 9,270 Views

College teacher sleep with his students

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Justin Williamson is a teacher at Pearl River Community College (prcc) he likes to sleep with his students. In 2011 he started to flirt with one of his female students, and sexual entice her into his office during the first semester. Before the first semester was over he started to send her dirty text. When the second semester came around he sleep with her and now he has her pregnant. The college and the dean know about this and have done nothing. Rules of the college state. Teachers are not allowed to date or fraternize students and has been caught before and the college still has done anything. If anyone know how to put this all over the internet please do so.

You’ve submitted this dude before.  I’ll say it again, post some facts, first hand pics, texts something.  Nobody cares about hearsay.- nik

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Megan Smith-Thrash Is Preggo Again

August 20, 2012 Jackson 21 6,403 Views

Megan Smith-Thrash is pregnant again.

Megan Smith-Thrash is pregnant again.

Megan Smith-Thrash is pregnant again.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this wh*re has already been posted once but she had to be re-posted because she is KNOCKED UP AGAIN!! What the hell?? This girl already has 3 kids that she doesn’t take care of now, so why in the hell would you get knocked up AGAIN?? This would have been her 5th child had she not miscarried with the last guy. As you can tell from the pictures her baby daddy is just as nasty. This girl is as loose as a wizards sleeve and really just needs her legs glued together.

Whose the overly generous relative whose watching them all?- nik

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