Manly Redhead

April 3, 2013 Jackson 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Alanna Ann Walden. This girl finds a man gets preggo and runs with the baby….She ruins his life and ties to his family. This girl was living with her man while seeing another because her man had brain surgery and couldnt work to pay her habit. When she had her last child she was 200 lbs and could not lose the weight while with her man.. As soon as she skips out on him taking the child she started back smoking the country shit. She is now an unhealthy 120 for her tall ugly red headed ass…I just want to know if you would hit it or even give her the time of day. This manly bitch must be stopped. Now Casey omara(the poor schmuck in the photos) is going to marry her. Feel so sorry for him for he knows not what he does.

I wonder whose the cowboy in the relationship…- nik

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Father Of The Year

April 2, 2013 Jackson 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kent Sellier. Redneck trash to the fullest. He goes around town bragging that he is a manager of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Biloxi and he claims he has \”the best job in the world\”.  He obviously has some pretty low standards for success. He also thinks he is a bad ass MMA fighter even though he has lost ALL of his fights.  He has had several DUI\’s and has been to a rehab that his family paid for but he still continues to drink and drive and do any type of drug he can get his hands on.He doesn\’t have a car OR a license but in his free time you can find him sleeping with one of his desperate employees or out snorting cocaine and driving the car of whatever girl he is dating at the time. He has two kids he never sees and says that paying child support(court ordered out of his check) should count enough as being a good dad.

No way is that the best job in the world.- nik

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Queen Of The South

March 18, 2013 Jackson, Mississippi State 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Mallory Bridges. This is her son Brody Pee (yea she dresses her son up like a girl, get over it). (single-mom, the boyfriend dipped out quickly after the baby was born) Mallory is well established in Mississippi. She has made her rounds (if you know what that means) through Jackson, Hattiesburg, Yazoo, Starkville, Humphreys, Biloxi, Greenwood, Greenville, and even New Orleans, (to name a few). One person stated “that girl would date a tree if it gave her attention” . Don’t get shit twisted, she is a very blonde(my favorite) and proud-to-be -skanky(my favorite, yet again) woman, but Nik, what do you think about hitting it? She seems* to be fuckable in some pics but others -not- so much. so , would you? cause im considering hittin it!

What’s with the close-up of the stash?- nik

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Beware Of Babes In Jackson

March 5, 2013 Jackson 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: here ya go nik the best jackson has to offer!! need i say anything else?

Nope, their bush gregs speak for themselves.- nik

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Ms Magoo

February 11, 2013 Jackson, Mississippi State 61


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I’ve got to tell you about the Crusty Crotch of Magoos Nightclub. We have shown you before what kinda of winners go in Magoos so I thought it would be appropriate to show you what WORKS there. This rancid little crotch critter is Annaskank Crenshaw from Byram. She has a horrible reputation from when she worked at reeds and every guy complains about the horrible smell coming from her crotch as she grinds it in their face whenever she gets drunk or fcked up on pills which is often. This would also explain all of the vomit all over the restrooms at magoos. We stoped going to reeds because my friends were creeped out by her bug eyes and sick of the attitude she has and now shes working at magoos so we have to see her when we go in there. At least she is working to pay for all the drugs she does and antibotics shes gotta have for having the drd. Nik please do somethin about this hoe. our eyes hurt

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Nastyass Sarah

February 5, 2013 Jackson, Jacksonville 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me introduce you Sarah. I don’t really know where to start. I’ll start by saying she makes fun of girls who are a lot prettier than her, she has a manly body with quarterback shoulders a nasty pizza face with so much acne scarring and redness I almost feel bad and a saggy loose vagina her old best friend saw her taking a pee in the bathroom and said it was hanging really low. She is just as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside though, she tries to date all of her friends baby daddies and watches their babies like the creep she is, she even told her old friend to make a contract with her so she was sure that she would be able to babysit her son and got angry when her friend told her she didn’t have to watch him anymore and screamed “BUT WE MADE A CONTRACT!” She also dated this guy Skyler who only dated her because his sons mother was dating his best friend he couldn’t even have sex with her he imagined it was Ariana the whole time and even closed his eyes. He ended up cheating on her with Ariana and even after Ariana bragged about her carpet burns from it and even showed her them in person she still begged for him back. She can’t get a guy on the outside world unless they use her as a rebound or to put money on their accounts in jail so they can have snacks in while they are in there. Yeah thats right the only guys that want her are inmates she is a felon homie hopping nasty ass slore. She needs to stop bashing these girls on social networks when shes the most hated girl in jacksonville and not because of jealousy but because she is a stalker who craves love from guys who secretly think shes the ugliest thing they have ever laid eyes on. She also tells everyone about how bad she wants to get pregnant and how she secretly got off her birth control and then told her old friends, she is only 18 years old and her face and vagina is already busted and has a 2 INCH GAP in between her two front teeth, poor….poor thing. Here are pictures of her inmate victims oh and she also takes creepy pictures of guys when they are sleeping. She is also trying to pretend to be pregnant by taking pics of her surrounded with food as you will see…. she wants to get pregnant so bad but no guy wants to touch her shes ratchet!!!

That’s a lot of pickles.- nik

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Jackson Sloot

January 23, 2013 Jackson 35


That first pic looks like auditions…she didn’t make it…-nik

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Its Me, Cari

January 10, 2013 Jackson, Mississippi State 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik! My name is Cari and I want to put myself on the dirty with all my roommates, because really, who knows me best? They say the first step is admitting it right? So here we go… I am a dirty whore. Yep, ive slept with all kinds of girls. Lots of them. I cant help it, damn I like pssy! I used to have this album years ago on MySpace (which seems lame to talk about but people still like to bring it up) that has me kissing about 40 girls on there that I was just kissing. Seems juvenile perhaps but hey, some people collect coins, I collected girls. Oh well. I have also have had sex with a few boys, 4 exactly. Their names are Jim, Jacob, Josh and Joshua. I know, its a strange J thing. Unfortunately, the last one knocked me up, but I didnt end up having a kid because im a woman and thats my prerogative, thank you America!! So yep, if you didnt already know that about me, now you do! OHHH well!! Ive had a few serious girlfriends, some good ones, a few psychos. And this last time that I gave this nutbag a chance, she pissed me off and I had this knife in my hand and instead of stabbing her and ending up in jail, I stabbed myself in leg and ended up in the psych ward. And guess what I learned from that? Two important lessons. 1. That shit hurts like a bitch. and 2. If I had the nerve to stab myself, im pretty sure I wouldn’t hesitate to stab somebody else. I dont do drugs, even though you bet your ass if I had little or no bills or just the love of wasting my money, I totally would be! Hell yea, I would get fcked up all the time! Sadly, I have to go to work and pay bills and do those kind of working stiff things. Sucks right? Other things that make me a good candidate for this website:
1. My socks smell fricking terrible after the end of the workday. For real. They stink. My roomates make me leave my shoes at the door. 2. I am still sleeping with girls as we speak, im adding them to the list of conquered “P”. Yep, still whoring around. Nope, dont care. 3. I use proper English. I know, I know, not really dirty, but it seems like its a dying thing so I thought I would mention it. 4. My roomates think that my cat doesnt get fed everyday. This may or may not be true. 5. I left shoes in a bar in New Orleans and walked down the street in my socks. Now thats dirty!!! 6. Did I mention my parents hate me? They are persona non grata with the gay thing. Oh well, win some, lose some. 7. Sometimes.. and this is hard to say.. I make the duck face in pictures!!! Too much Jersey Shore I guess. Anything else my roomates Bean, Val and Rachel can think of they will come and add later via the comment section, just in case I missed anything. Thanks for listening Nik, I am so glad I got this all off my chest. P.S. Beat you at your own game… now go tell that shit!

How admirable of you.  Now its time for some healing.- nik

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