Eric Cole

October 16, 2014 Denver, Jacksonville 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is a lying cheating douche. He will constantly lie, even when he is caught in something. No one deserves the lies and bullshit he will put you though. It is unbelievable. He will do everything for you, seem really sweet, and even please you in bed. But its all a game. He will cheat on you and lie about it. And not even use a condom. beware ladies. He is a marine but he plans to play football in CO for college. He is legit the biggest piece of shit I’ve met. Please stay away. Unless you like constant bullshit. He is from Boulder CO btw.

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Tallahassee Cheater

October 14, 2014 Jacksonville, Tallahassee 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: She stole my baby daddy

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Bondage Around Kids

October 14, 2014 Jacksonville, Tallahassee 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s a whore jeniffer west

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Heather Used to Be

August 27, 2014 Jacksonville, Tallahassee 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: We used to date in high school when she was skinny and hot. However she slept with at least 7 other guys that I know of. She already had 1 kid when I met her and at 16 she became pregnant again with my child. (It is mine there was a DNA test). She continued to sleep around on me even while pregnant. 20 years later we start fcking around again only to find out that even fat as she is now she is still a whore and fcking whoever she can. She invited me to a party where she met my best friend and sent him these photos that very night. I went to confront her and walked in on her with 2 men.

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Kourtnie’s Love Affair

August 27, 2014 Atlanta, Jacksonville 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi my name is Kourtnie Nakai Daniel and I am a dirty little whore. I like men and women. I cheated on my husband and making him take care of a kid that isn’t even his. My family is white trash from brownwood texas and MS. My mama was a whore like me. I copy everyone and can’t ever keep a friend. I gossip and lie about everyone and I kiss ass to get my way. I am as evil and fugly as it gets. people like me should do the world a favor and jump off the bridge. you can find me online just look for iateurzombie or iatedurzomibe. . lets have lots of butt sex.

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Ocala Escort

August 19, 2014 Jacksonville, Orlando 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik me and boyfriend of 3 years broke up because he fcked this dirty ocala prostitute that goes by Winter Vixen. So this shit leads you into rooms with no beds ducks with no condoms and only charges 60$. My ex found out he was drd positive when he got tested I also tested and came up negative when I asked his ass about it he came clean and told me everything so this Fcking ugly man in a wig fcked up my relationship so if your in the area and fcked this thing go get tested this is no joke

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Kandy Smith

August 15, 2014 Jacksonville 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl wants to meet new people and showing herself is the only way she knows how to get anyone to like her.

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Pearls Finest Trash

July 2, 2014 Jackson, Jacksonville 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: This big boned broad loves looking for drama and is very intimated by her boyfriends exes. You can often spot ashley easily by identifying her 3 million freckles covering her body, her short orange fried hair, OR her eye brows that are so light you miss them when you see her face. She’s really hard to miss! This girl really believes she’s a “thug” and loves trying to be hard ass. She even lets her boyfriend have sex with other girls, and sometimes even joins just to make him happy. She lets him do whatever he pleases because deep inside she knows No one would every truly be happy or faithful with the psycho that she really is! (But Corey is just as fcked up in the head as she is so they are a perfect match.) She has mental issues and seriously refuses to let drama go with her boyfriends EX who is happily married now for almost a year. Please put this crazy bitch on blast just so Jackson can really see her true colors!!

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