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Drop Dead Gorgeous

July 1, 2014 Jacksonville, The Dirty 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Nadia. I believe her to be the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen. She’s absolutely beautiful and she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. So, what you think?

I think you need to get out more. This chick is beat like her flower tattoo. I give her a 3.887292.- nik

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Jacksonville Warning

June 4, 2014 Jacksonville 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is running around the jacksonville area spreading diseases..drd in particular. Hes telling these chics hes sterile and the are ending up pregnant! Watch out for TERRELL LEWIS. This nigga is doing nothing but fuking up people’s lives. He’ll use you for cigarettes, pills and a place to stay. He is a leach, and thinks nothing can touch him.So Watch out girls! You don’t want to be the next infected one.

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Jax Beach Tramp

June 3, 2014 Jacksonville 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick stays at jax beach, is 19 and has been with 19 guys. She started having sex at 13, got pregnant at 16 and 3 years later still doesnt know who the baby daddy is. She doesn’t care if the guy is teken or not, fgive her attention for more than 5 minutes and shes already screwing them.

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Kaleigh Longnecker Revision

May 26, 2014 Jacksonville 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, people are just haters. Look at these modeling pictures. Kaleigh Longnecker is beautiful.

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Kaleigh Longnecker

May 5, 2014 Jacksonville 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I found the biggest slut of all of florida. I would say america but i dont want to give her that much credit. She has been whorin since the scene days in 2008. Which would have made her like 14 or 13? Its sad. She is now 19 or 20 and is going NO WHERE in life. She leads on all these guys, has sex with them, and dumps them like trash. And from what Ive seen, shes been pregnant 3 times, and gave them all up for adoption because her excuse was the same for all 3 babies, “I dont know who the father is”. I feel bad for those babies when they grow up trying to find their mom. She loves her some molly! So much that she would fck ANYTHING for it. or any drugs for that matter. i think alot of people would agree she is in the triple digits of men shes been with, and im talking more then 100. Shes a raving party slut that goes to Pure and TSI and goes out looking for sex and drugs. And now she thinks shes a classy model and her pictures are “art”. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THIS BITCH HER PICTURES ARE NOT ART! Please Kaleigh Elaine Longnecker, have some fcking respect for yourself. go to school, get a job. stop fcking your way into life, slut. and learn how to do your eyebrows! sheeesh!

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Larose Lovett

May 1, 2014 Jacksonville 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have been married to a wonderful Godly man for 32 years, who was turned out by the very appearance of evil by a dirty and criminal whore name LaRose Lovett who was 59 but now she is 60 years old. My husband was very loyalty to me and our four children. I retired disabled at an early age because of multiple medical conditions in which I took medications that had various side effects, such as, fatigue, sleep disturbance, weight loss, low sex drive, depression, and no sex drive. I discussed these side effects with my husband, but he could not comprehend or understand that these side effects were coming strictly from the medication. My spiritual relationship with God showed me in dreams that my husband was having an affair with this woman, and there were also the wife instincts of her soul mate that she has been sleeping with for 32 years. As a wife she knows what he is thinking, whether he is lying or telling the truth. I asked him on several occasions was he having an affair, and he stated “NO”, and I would joke with him about sleeping with women in his cargo van, and he would say things like nobody wants me because I am a landscaper. In August 2013, my heart was broken into small pieces when I found out about this dirt. Earlier that day I went to my ob-gyn for my annual, and she asked me did I change sex partners because I had a bacterial infection, I replied “No”; so I went home and confronted my husband, and asked him twice was he having an affair, he answered “no”

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Jacksonville Tag Chaser

April 2, 2014 Jackson, Jacksonville 90

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch cheated in my buddy and I got this pic and want people to know. He is a US Marine and she is a skank

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Sarah Namdar-Yeganeh

February 14, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Jacksonville 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This “woman” is an evil drug addicted sub-human being. She sells oxycodone, methadone pills and fentenal patches. She has a 6 year old malnourished son, who she does not even take care of. Her 60 year old mother has custody of the poor child. This woman claims she was in the army, but that is just another one of her many lies. She will rob, steal, and use you. She is also a kelptomaniac and will steal hundreds of dollars in merchendise from any store. *BEWARE* of this USING, white trash, horror.

That apron for her mug makes me think there more poor parenting aspects.- nik

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