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She Is A Bad Mother

December 6, 2013 Jacksonville 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Mariah. She has DRD and will sleep with anyone just for the hell of it. She also tricks for money and cocaine and molly. She has a seven month old who she sits up in feont of all night doing drugs then when she is coming down she calles her baby a bitch. Not to memtion she never gives her baby a bath or bathes herawlf doe that matter.  Ahe is a baser for any drug out there including pot. She doesnt know who the father of her child is and when a guy tries to break up with her she lies and tells them shes pregnant.She is physcotic to say the least. So bewars because she doea have herphiea and she sure will spread it to you.

That’s Jacksonville for you.- nik

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Do Not Mess With This girl

December 6, 2013 Jacksonville, Orlando 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please for the love of god, do not mess with this girl. She is a theif, a scumbag, and she will USE you for everything you are worth. She has burned ALL bridges around Jacksonville, FL, and probably other places to. She has stolen from everyone I know, even sentimental things such as THIS NECKLACE IN THIS PICTURE, that has NO MONETARY VALUE AT ALL. Her “friends” post her bail and she takes off never to pay them back. Just be warned.

She’s pecking at my eyes just looking at her.- nik

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Please Give Them a Reality Check

November 15, 2013 Jacksonville 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please put these nasty whales on blast. I only know two of them, Thea (2nd to the left in the group picture and the one trying to hide her fat by herself for her profile pic for facebook HAHA) and Allie (on the way right) and I don’t want to know the other two. They think they are THE shit. Thea is your typical druggie whore with a 1 year old son, who spends more time at Pure in Jacksonville raving her ass off almost every night rather than to be bothered raising her baby. They claim they are ‘VIP’ and the ‘baddest bitches’, acting like they run the club and claim they get on stage. Who would let these piggies on stage? Please tell me Im not just going crazy, and that these slores are the fugliest looking bunch probably to ever step foot in there. Claiming they get on stage, please, did you confuse the BOOS and garbage thrown at you, for encouragement? Nobody wants to see your disgusting guts jiggling around on stage, especially since mommy Thea completely let her body go and still hasn’t made any effort to get it back. This just makes me sick, what is our world coming to???? Please tell me I’m not crazy Nik, let them have it and don’t hold back! If you dont, more and more girls will think looking like this is acceptable, and you and I both know it’s NOT.

Who invited the misfits.- nik

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My Waitress Ranea

November 4, 2013 Jacksonville, Would You? 10

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THE DIRTY ARMY: found this girls nudes online. shes usually my waitress at []  Pizza in san marco. i always tip her well. wish i could tip her my dick in her mouth.

I’m not seeing what your tipping for.- nik

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Alexis Carn Loves Her Refund Gap

October 21, 2013 Jacksonville, University of Miami 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Alexis Carn or as I like to call her the biggest REFUND GAP I’ve seen in a while. Alexis used to be a lot of fun and well… now she is just a drunk. She goes off on trips for weeks and leaves her poor adorable son with his dad all the time who is an amazing dude (first man I’ve seen in Jacksonville to man up). Alexis works at bars and “models” haha. Just this weekend she went to biketoberfest with her grandmother and mom and she entered in a bikini contest. What a bunch of classy women right? She talked about straving herself for 24 hour before being in the contest how silly is that? I blame the downfall of Alexis on Brandon’s troll of a sister Christina Ghioto, those teeth WOW! Alexis just needs to grow up, get a real job that is not in the industry and be home for her child. Clean up your act or as your son and his friends get older they not going to think you’re a “MILF, as you would like that” they going to think your gross.

Without those +2′s Alexis Carn would be the fattest girl in Florida.- nik

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Alexis Carn Is Trying To Validate Herself

September 14, 2013 Jacksonville, The Dirty 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce Jacksonville’s newest ratchet documented under “failed attempts”. Alexis Carn used to be a pretty chill girl – while not bartending, she seemed to take pretty good care of her son. Then come along the +2′s. Not only did she get +2s, but decided she wanted them bigger, bigger did she go. Now the girl’s turned into a total train wreck, sleeping with multiple guys to prove her “bad girl” lifestyle and constantly uploading slutty pictures of herself. It seems like she never spends time with her son anymore, instead choosing to party with her hook-nosed friend and crew. This is truly a good girl gone bad, and I miss the old Alexis. I mean, you have a kid. Why do you feel the need to go out & promote yourself as a slu* when you have such a sweet child waiting at home for you? She’s going to realize soon that guys are starting to see her as just another wh*re looking for some validation.

I feel like the doctor who delivered her baby was trying to make a statement (or warning flag).- nik

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Tampa’s Newest Ratchet Girl

May 20, 2013 Jacksonville, Tampa 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! check this girl out! She’s from Jacksonville. She’s so gross. She has a nasty body, and huge gross fake tits. She’s got a ton of plastic surgery, and is extremely ghetto. She’s a True Stripper like she is! She’s 22 years old, she has a 5 year old son, and is a horrible mom always trying to pawn her son off on others. She tries to take everyone’s boyfriend, and starts so much sh*t with people. She beats up her boyfriends, and changes her boyfriend probably more than her panties, she even tries to take her own “friends” boyfriends. She’s got a horrible body! She’s fat & a very backstabbing person! She deserves to be put on blast! This ghetto ugly piece of trash needs to go back to where she came from!

What is with the shiny wart on her lip?- nik

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Ariana Rogers AKA Mercy Marie At It Again

April 23, 2013 Dirty Horses, Jacksonville 113


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, Ariana Rogers also known by her porn star/webcam name Mercy Marie is at it again. Some people pay to see women naked.. I’d pay to make sure this bitch keeps her clothes ON. As you can see from the attached pictures, she’ll flash her tits on webcam for a quick $5, and her busted floppy pussy for $10. CLASSY. You’d think she’d atleast try to make her horse face look decent for her webcam shows, but as you can see she’s still looking nasty as usual. Can someone please get this girl to keep her clothes on? I sat like a deer in headlights watching her rub her dirty brown asshole at the camera while guys actually paid to watch. Might as well ask Nik, but WOULD YOU?

Someone turn off the live feed.- nik

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