Jacksonville | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Keystone Heights Gold Digging Slore

April 3, 2013 Cougars, Jacksonville 15

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Keystone Heights, hide your cash, hide the roxies, and hide the xanax because Michele Miller is looking to take it. Her own family will warn you that she is a gold digger. She will lie and cheat to get even the smallest amount of cash out of you. She is on xanax but it is ok because she has a prescription, had a roxie habit (may still) but supposedly clean now. This 37 year old can’t get her life together without having some man to bleed dry.

The proper bra could stop that flap-jacking.- nik

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Duck Face

April 2, 2013 Jacksonville 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik The girl, I swear has a permanent duck face. With her fake tans and all she does is act out sex, and talk about her sex life. Believe it or not, she is from a completely Caucasian background as well. TURN THE DUCK FACE DOWN.

That’s a lot of cleavage no one wanted to see.- nik

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My Wife

March 18, 2013 Jacksonville 28

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found my wife on an escorting site, she says she doesn’t want to be removed, so I will help her out. It won’t be hard to get a divorce now.  I just want everyone including her family to know what a person she really is.

I wonder who took the pictures?- nik

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BatSh*t Crazy

February 13, 2013 Jacksonville, University Of Central Florida, Winnipeg 167

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is totally insane. She dated this guy David for like, a month. He quickly discovered she was insane and left. She proceeded to harass his family, to the point where the family applied for protection orders. She called their house over 200 times in one week and just hung up, would stand outside their home and scream or just stare at their window waiting for David to leave for work. She threatened to k**l David’s sisters children, and proceeded to break into their home. Police were called and arrived immediately as there was a pregnant girl and one month old baby in the home. She put this David in jail 8 times in one year, tried getting his sisters kids taken away because hers was, tried getting his youngest sister arrested, and has claimed to be pregnant by David numerous times and they all ended, shockingly, in miscarriage. She says people are obsessed with her meanwhile a year later she’s still harassing that poor family. Davids false charges were recently dropped, and Cylina is now trying to regain contact with him and tattooed his name on her arm. This chick is completely Bat Sh*t crazy, and has done this same thing to another family.

Good thing she didn’t carry out with the original sized lettering for that tat.- nik

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Nastyass Sarah

February 5, 2013 Jackson, Jacksonville 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me introduce you Sarah. I don’t really know where to start. I’ll start by saying she makes fun of girls who are a lot prettier than her, she has a manly body with quarterback shoulders a nasty pizza face with so much acne scarring and redness I almost feel bad and a saggy loose vagina her old best friend saw her taking a pee in the bathroom and said it was hanging really low. She is just as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside though, she tries to date all of her friends baby daddies and watches their babies like the creep she is, she even told her old friend to make a contract with her so she was sure that she would be able to babysit her son and got angry when her friend told her she didn’t have to watch him anymore and screamed “BUT WE MADE A CONTRACT!” She also dated this guy Skyler who only dated her because his sons mother was dating his best friend he couldn’t even have sex with her he imagined it was Ariana the whole time and even closed his eyes. He ended up cheating on her with Ariana and even after Ariana bragged about her carpet burns from it and even showed her them in person she still begged for him back. She can’t get a guy on the outside world unless they use her as a rebound or to put money on their accounts in jail so they can have snacks in while they are in there. Yeah thats right the only guys that want her are inmates she is a felon homie hopping nasty ass slore. She needs to stop bashing these girls on social networks when shes the most hated girl in jacksonville and not because of jealousy but because she is a stalker who craves love from guys who secretly think shes the ugliest thing they have ever laid eyes on. She also tells everyone about how bad she wants to get pregnant and how she secretly got off her birth control and then told her old friends, she is only 18 years old and her face and vagina is already busted and has a 2 INCH GAP in between her two front teeth, poor….poor thing. Here are pictures of her inmate victims oh and she also takes creepy pictures of guys when they are sleeping. She is also trying to pretend to be pregnant by taking pics of her surrounded with food as you will see…. she wants to get pregnant so bad but no guy wants to touch her shes ratchet!!!

That’s a lot of pickles.- nik

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Nasty Hooters Girl Thinks She’s Hot Shit

January 3, 2013 Jacksonville 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: “Octavia” is a nasty dirty whore. She’s a Hooters Girl, yes…She neglets her animals, doesn’t pay bills, leaves animal feces on her bedroom and bathroom floor for months, thinks she’s sexy and better than everyone else, sleeps with any guy that will buy her a drink, and doesn’t hide how much of a easy slut she is. She mooches off of everyone she meets, and doesn’t bathe or wear clean clothes. She made her “best friend” become homeless in a town she manipulated her friend to move to with her despite the fact her friend has never been there. I’m pretty sure her piggy nose is from so much cocaine. She claims she’s engaged, too. But she also slept the the owner of Bluewater at Jax Beach for free drinks and no doubt money. She lies so much, I’m pretty sure she believes her own lies. IDK Nik, but I’m pretty sure this nasty slore needs to be put on blast? Am I correct? FYI I had to live with the ratchett bitch for 4 months!

She musta fallen a lot as a child.  I’m assuming that’s where the flattened nose comes from.- nik

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Douchebag In St. Augustine

December 14, 2012 Jacksonville 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this douche right here is John or as his facebook says “Johnn” extra n must attract the sluts I guess. So John’s favorite hobby is cheating on his girlfriends. He cheated on his most recent girlfriend about 18 times and all have been confirmed. Pretty much every slut in St. Augustine has slid down this pole, and trust me he has never turned them away. He loves to brag about his piece of shit car and cheating on his girlfriend that he claims to be madly in love with. He cheated on his girlfriend (who is gorgeous and the sweetest person) about 15 times and still remains to try and get her back while talking to a bunch of other girls. this kid needs to get his ass beat. he’s a lowsy friend and talks shit about everyone. Everyone hates him and he doesn’t even realize that. He is by far the dumbest person alive. He needs to be put on blast and needs a giant wake up call. It’s time he grows up and stops being such a douche bag.

Chicks are usually the only ones who pull off the same look in every pic.  You need some more mirror time slick.- nik

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The City Sloot Of St. Augustine

December 14, 2012 Jacksonville 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This sloot is Kendall. She sleeps with everything and anything with a pulse. She openly talks about her sex life and doesn’t care about who she tells it to. She has no problem with fcking over her friends to get what she wants. She’s the biggest whore in St. Augustine and everyone knows it. Its disgusting. I’m sure if you google sluts in St. Augustine she is sure to pop up. She must have daddy issues because this girl is out of control. She needs to be put on blast and needs a huge wake up call. It’s just sad how careless this drunken sloot is. She has no morals or values and no real friends because anyone who tries to be her friend she fcks over and sleeps with their boyfriends. Not to mention spreads rumors about them saying they have drds when she is the one to carry them. Blackmail? She has no problem using it towards her “friends” to keep their mouth shut about her secret sexual encounters. Ask anyone in St. Augustine who the town slut is, they will quickly reply with Kendall. She thinks she’s a model but really she just owns a camera and has fucked up teeth and a huge mole on the side of her head. Eww. Her number is outrageous and disgusting. Who knows how high it is since she last went public with it. Want some advice on how to steer clear of this nasty whore? Don’t live in STA. and not even that keeps you safe, she frequently ventures off to Jacksonville and other surrounding cities so BE CAREFUL. No one else needs her filthy diseases. She is officially the 904 HOE.  PLEASE PUT HER ON BLAST SO NO ONE ELSE HAS TO BE DRUGGED/DRUNKEN/UNCONSCIOUS WHILE SHE GETS HER NASTY WAY WITH THEM.

Nice teeth.- nik

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