Facebook Slore Crystal Lavinder

September 25, 2012 Jacksonville 160 9,701 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Crystal Lavinder. She’s always posting statuses on FB about “broke *ss nikkas”, how shes a “rapper” and how she loves god and how much she loves her son yet every other picture or post shes asking some men to come smoke her out, she’s out at a club, getting arrested for threatening people over the internet or she’s posting her t*ts and *ss everywhere. Shes’ got 3 evictions on her record, her man left her because she had 2 other men and her kid is NEVER with her. This chick needs to learn what its like to be a MOM not a facebook prostitute. Her “raps” can be found on http://soundcloud.com/werule. Sounds like an over synthesized little girl.

Did she pull the trigger?- nik 

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Slooty Spencer Hutto

September 24, 2012 Jacksonville 138 9,794 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a while back this girls best friend Jordan Grace was submitted “expressing herself” and showing off her nasty cottage cheese *ss. Now Spencer is trying to come out of Jordan’s shadows and show off her own slootiness. Apparently posting photos of her fake t*tties all over facebook is the only way she can get guys to avoid looking at her f*cked up crater face. B*tch please no one wants to look at you so cover up and stop “go-go” dancing. You’re not even cute to look at and no one wants to go to a club filled with ugly chicks shaking their cellulite.

That bottom pic looks so awkward cause she’s trying to hide her side muffins.- nik

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Katie Hoeward

September 24, 2012 Jacksonville 80 7,439 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, this is Katie Howard aka HOEward. Lately her club rat outfits have been getting skimpier and leaning more toward prostitute/ stripper attire. Then a few days ago she posts this completely naked photo of herself to facebook with the caption: “Being comfortable naked is an important aspect of life”. No sweetie, being respectful of yourself and classy is an important aspect, not being a whore. Stop dressing like a baby hoe. Those braces + skank attire aren’t attracting anyone but creepers.

The blurriness doesn’t make it alright to post nudes.- nik

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James Needs To Stop Bragging About Cheating On His Girl When He Is Drunk

September 18, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty 63 9,961 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the biggest tool I have ever met in my life! He thinks he is tough sh*t because he has a girl that is in my opinion “way too hot” for him. Just wait until she turns 21, he’s going to be left on the streets, while she is showing her bolt on +2′s and giving it up to every guy in town. James also was hooking up with 3 girls while dating his current GF, and bragging about it drunk to everyone. And he claims he loves is GF? Hah, he’s just another loser that will become a washed up drunk in Jacksonville. What do you think Nik?

I think you masturbate to his girlfriend.- nik

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White Buffalo Is Back In Action

September 13, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 47 9,534 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, guess who is back in action taking self portraits of herself for the internet… I knew she could stay away from the action. The famous White Buffalo is looking fine for just having a baby. Oh and Nik you were right, she ended up becoming a single mother. Long live White Buffalo and I hope her body gets back to normal.

I’m surprised her +2′s survived the pregnancy.- nik

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Jordan Roxicodone Healy

September 5, 2012 Jacksonville 92 5,764 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ratchet bitch Jordan is addicted to roxicodone. She is the nastiest stripper in Jacksonville that I’ve ever met. She is passing around go***rrhea, she sucks at dancing. Even the DJ at Wackos is so embarrassed he skips her turn all the time. She is a homie hopping skank. She humps the pole and looked like a drugged out monkey. She calls herself a dancer but sucks cock in the VIP room to make her tips. She also had sex with old asian men for money. Someone needs to tell her to chill on the tweezers. She edits her pictures so much she turns herself pink. This bug eyed bitch is such a crck whore she got high and totaled her friends car and went to jail. She f*cks everyone’s baby daddy and is waiting on a guy that is in prison for 30 years, cause she cant find a man that will stay with her after they see her saggy p*ssy. Shes a bad lay and wont even take her shirt off during sex cause of her nasty titties. She wears like 5 bras to push her boobs up in pictures, and she has insanely large feet. She can’t go anywhere without her sidekick Holly. They are the little nobody twins.

You actually think she’s waiting for him…- nik

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Trashy Tabitha

August 31, 2012 Jacksonville 13 8,195 Views

Free Prostitue

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tabitha Carreras, she’ has been around the marine corps barracks since she was 15 years old. Sleeping around with every marine in Jacksonville. She was recently dumped by a David, Camilo & Ivan because she was caught sleeping around with all 3 of them at the same time. She is now with Kevin Wilson another Marine. She also likes to travel to New Jersey to mess around with a former underground rapper named William. She frustrated William do much he decided to move to California. Biggest cheapest escort in Jacksonvile Tabitha Carreras. I say cheapest because the b*tch is free.

The army turns a lot of dudes into sword fighters.. just saying.-nik

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Ratchet Ariana

August 31, 2012 Jacksonville 449 9,837 Views

Ratchet Ariana

Ratchet Ariana

Ratchet Ariana

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Ariana Rogers, one of Jacksonville’s most ratchet females. She’s hardly 20 years old and her life sounds like it came right off an episode of Jerry Springer. She was one of those teen moms who had to drop out of high school, her “baby daddy” is in prison, and by night she’s an underpaid stripper. She tells everyone about how her own mother is going against her in court to win custody of her child, meanwhile this nasty sloot is getting naked at the strip club and posting these nasty *ss pictures all over facebook. This mother needs to get her life together and stop being such a slootbag.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but, put your clip-ins back in your hair looks terrible.- nik

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