Jacksonville | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Douchebag In St. Augustine

December 14, 2012 Jacksonville 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this douche right here is John or as his facebook says “Johnn” extra n must attract the sluts I guess. So John’s favorite hobby is cheating on his girlfriends. He cheated on his most recent girlfriend about 18 times and all have been confirmed. Pretty much every slut in St. Augustine has slid down this pole, and trust me he has never turned them away. He loves to brag about his piece of shit car and cheating on his girlfriend that he claims to be madly in love with. He cheated on his girlfriend (who is gorgeous and the sweetest person) about 15 times and still remains to try and get her back while talking to a bunch of other girls. this kid needs to get his ass beat. he’s a lowsy friend and talks shit about everyone. Everyone hates him and he doesn’t even realize that. He is by far the dumbest person alive. He needs to be put on blast and needs a giant wake up call. It’s time he grows up and stops being such a douche bag.

Chicks are usually the only ones who pull off the same look in every pic.  You need some more mirror time slick.- nik

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The City Sloot Of St. Augustine

December 14, 2012 Jacksonville 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This sloot is Kendall. She sleeps with everything and anything with a pulse. She openly talks about her sex life and doesn’t care about who she tells it to. She has no problem with fcking over her friends to get what she wants. She’s the biggest whore in St. Augustine and everyone knows it. Its disgusting. I’m sure if you google sluts in St. Augustine she is sure to pop up. She must have daddy issues because this girl is out of control. She needs to be put on blast and needs a huge wake up call. It’s just sad how careless this drunken sloot is. She has no morals or values and no real friends because anyone who tries to be her friend she fcks over and sleeps with their boyfriends. Not to mention spreads rumors about them saying they have drds when she is the one to carry them. Blackmail? She has no problem using it towards her “friends” to keep their mouth shut about her secret sexual encounters. Ask anyone in St. Augustine who the town slut is, they will quickly reply with Kendall. She thinks she’s a model but really she just owns a camera and has fucked up teeth and a huge mole on the side of her head. Eww. Her number is outrageous and disgusting. Who knows how high it is since she last went public with it. Want some advice on how to steer clear of this nasty whore? Don’t live in STA. and not even that keeps you safe, she frequently ventures off to Jacksonville and other surrounding cities so BE CAREFUL. No one else needs her filthy diseases. She is officially the 904 HOE.  PLEASE PUT HER ON BLAST SO NO ONE ELSE HAS TO BE DRUGGED/DRUNKEN/UNCONSCIOUS WHILE SHE GETS HER NASTY WAY WITH THEM.

Nice teeth.- nik

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White Buffalo Needs Some Food

December 12, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, saw this video of Kimberly Leigh (I refuse to use her fake KimbyrLeigha name..) on her new ‘official’ acting facebook page. Wow. I didnt realize she forgot to take off her halloween makeup cuz the girl is SCARY thin now.. and all in the face. I guess moving to LA to become a famous actress (you know, the dream she had before she got knocked up) is taking its toll. Get to the nearest fast food place and eat Kimberly.

Wow, I truly concerned for White Buffalo’s well being… her face shows malnutrition and depression.- nik

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J.R. Walker Is A Loser

December 5, 2012 Jacksonville 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is J.R. Walker. He thinks he knows everything and thinks that he\’s the lady\’s man of our small town. Truth is, he\’s a nasty cracked out loser. He\’s 21 and lives at home with Mama. He\’s a cook at McAllister\’s and constantly spits in people\’s food. He gets the freaky on with girls for about two months, lets them get attached, then moves on to the next one. His teeth….well I would definitely call him a \”meth mouth\”. He\’s absolutely disgusting. But let\’s be real, rumor has it, his little champ is only about 3 inches long and he only lasts about 5 minutes in bed. And 3 girls have claimed he gave them genital warts. And let\’s top it off with, he thinks he\’s the hottest thing to walk the streets around here. What do ya think?

Still living at home?  C’mon man.- nik

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What Happened To Her +2′s

November 29, 2012 Jacksonville, The Dirty, White Buffalo 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was completely in love back when White Buffalo was a major hit on TheDirty.com.  I remember that little frame, those beautiful eyes and those AMAZING +2′s.  Just came across this pictures and it saddened me, she looks nothing like she use to and doesn’t seem to have any of that sex appeal.

She is a Mom. Let White Buffalo be forgotten as the legend she once was.- nik

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Jacksonville’s Nastiest Junkie

November 21, 2012 Jacksonville 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Is Corrine Lepper Anderson She Is Some One I Went To School With Through Middle And High School. She Is A Junkie When I Met Her She Was Smoking Crack With Her Dad At 13 yrs old she now has 2 kids and is married to a junkie. She continues to smoke crack and do pills. she is always asking to borrow money for her daughters and cigarettes for her and her husband but all the money you loan her goes to her addiction she thinks she is hot sh*t when really she looks like shit she has super saggy skin she has no titties or ass she is covered in nasty ass stretch marks and she osts these pictures like everyone wants to see them I wish her kids didnt have to grow up and be picked on because their mother is a nasty slore nik please help this girl so she can help her kids.

Someone please help her kids out, or they will end up like their mother.- nik

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Nasty Jacksonville Trash

November 14, 2012 Jacksonville 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of trash is a good example why I hate Jacksonville/ orange park area. Just another stupid bitch working at hooters lol I\’ve known this girl since high school and shes always thought that she was better than everyone and wouldn\’t even speak to most ppls stuck up bitch. She claims she\’s single but everytime I go out shes with a diff guy.NASTY!! Always playing little miss innocent but stay tryin to chill with someones bf. including mine. So desperate and all these douche bags fall for it. she only dates white guys (gross!!!) and I don\’t see why any guy with a brain would want her. She\”s pretty much the dumbest bitch in jax and that\’s really saying something. she tries to act all sweet and nice but its all fake!And Can you say attention whore?? always posting pics of herself on instagram constantly. Grow up you nasty dog faced bitch!!! I love this site. she needs to be on full blast!

Sounds like the average girl working at Hooters.- nik

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Trashy Tattoo Sloot

November 13, 2012 Jacksonville 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little sleezy bitch is Tyler Seymour. She uses and abuses her relationships. Her “best friend” is her cousin who she uses so that she can go out and have cigarettes that she doesn’t have the money for, yet she’s all excited about her job at Wal-Mart. Her ex boyfriend cheated on her, probably because she’s too clingy. “Why don’t you want to hang out with me tonight? Do you not love me anymore?” She’s an idiot. She thinks that every guy on the planet wants her and shes got these trashy looking bird tattoos on her chest that she is VERY proud of. “They’re supposed to look like that.” She gave one of her ex boyfriends a rash and she just kept saying that she didn’t know how he got it, even though her then-boyfriend said something about getting a rash from her, too. Hahaha. She doesn’t have a license or a car and she’s constantly using people for rides. And every time she takes a picture, her head is facing the same way. WTF! The moral of the story is, don’t ever hang out with this skanky sloot.

She works at Walmart.  Nuff said.- nik

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