Shame On You Amanda Travaglione

March 26, 2014 Jersey, The Dirty 98 89,672 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so tired of this wanna be white girl. Everyone thinks you are a b*tch. She is almost in her mid-30′s and can’t even hold a steady job and still lives at home with her adopted parents. It also turns out that little Miss Travglione was arrested for none other than petty SHOPLIFTING. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search. She dates losers and is a total pot head. Our circle of friends just laugh at her behind her back for being such a delusional bitch. Grow up Amanda.

I thought midriffs went out of style 17 years ago?- nik

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Butt Injections Have Finally Reached New Jersey

March 25, 2014 Jersey, Rutgers, The Dirty 127 104,426 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amiee Barbato is a pioneer in Sleezside, NJ. Probably one of the first in New Jersey to get butt injections and claim it is from squats!!! I think this girl should be a representative for She has got every aspect down pat, (denied being a stripper-pictures of her stripping at a strip club come on here) (fake boobs, ass injections, tattoos, selfies all day) and she lies about every aspect of these things until someone finds pics to prove her wrong… which they usually do. I think she should win Ms. Dirty 2014.  PS. check out the photoshop on the left in the white bathing suit… that black bar seems to be bending around her waist area lol.

That black bar is totally bending. Amiee please LaserAway all those tattoos… you look like you’re from Australia.- nik

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Dana Rasalla Needs To Be Exposed

March 20, 2014 Jersey, The Dirty 22 98,686 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so let me introduce to you Dana Rasalla. This chick thinks that she is God’s gift to all men… she looks like she has caterpillers on her eye lashes. She is nasty, her +2′s she has she brags that she got them from Miami when in reality she should have gotten liposuction instead. She smells like an ashtray and smokes a pack a day. She meets random guys on the internet and meets them in person and starts a relationship with them over night. She tells everyone that she has money because she drives a nice car but in reality she is a waitress and sleeps on her mothers couch because she doesnt have a place of her own. Please I beg you Nik expose this girl for who she really is… a lying fat beach whale with a huge ass nose…

Those boobs look real because of the weight in her face.- nik

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Lindsay Marie Miles

March 19, 2014 Jersey 4 9,711 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cheating white trash sleeps around with everyone.

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New My Little Pony Panties

March 10, 2014 Jersey 1 6,993 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well these are the new My Little Pony panties! Nic are they sexy or no?

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Spoiled Brat Rachel Canning Is Suing Her Own Parents

March 6, 2014 Jersey, The Dirty 409 109,832 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Rachel Canning who is suing her own parents for money.  She left home by the time she turned 18 because she didn’t like the rules laid down by her parents and now she wants her parents to pay for her allowance and school tuition fees. She also lied about how her parents abused her emotionally and sexually. She needs to learn to get a job and not to mention she got a free ride to college anyway, worth 20 grand. So I don’t know whats her intention. Look at her, smirking and smiling in court! If I were her parents I would disown her no questions asked. What do you think Nik, if she were your daughter what would you do?

I don’t know what I would do. It would suck to be on this jury.- nik

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30yr Mollyhead

February 27, 2014 Jersey 4 9,117 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so this is Carly. She might not look like so bad at first.. until you look at her facebook and see she is unemployed, 30 years old, addicted to molly,e,etc, gets fucked up and goes to raves EVERYNIGHT and likes to get fucked all day everyday. I have to put her on blast because she is constantly trying to get drugs from my ex with blowjobs as payment. personally, I think she is fat and disgusting but what you think Nik? Would you?

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Sangiovanni Dirty New Jersey Political Family

February 25, 2014 Dirty Politics, Jersey, The Dirty 45 93,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a Dirty NJ politician and his Dirty Daughter.  Joseph Sangiovanni ran for office as a “fiscally responsible” candidate, but court documents reveal that he has filed three bankruptcies in the past six years, with over $1.6 million in unpaid debts, including a substantial amount of back taxes owed to the IRS and the State. His most recent court filing, a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy in 2010, declared more than $838,000 in liabilities.

The liabilities listed in Sangiovanni’s personal bankruptcy filing include more than $145,000 in unpaid credit card bills, spread out over 26 different credit cards. He also owed $21,883 on a federal tax lien to the IRS and another $40,101 in back taxes to the State of New Jersey, plus $7,390 in unpaid fees to the state. He also had mortgage debt that totaled $623,941 on his two homes. He also disclosed approximately $110,000 in annual income from his two public jobs. How does a guy getting paid by the tax payer get out of paying his own taxes?

His daughter Bianca Sangiovanni worked as a public defender for Brick, the town where he was a councilman, and from 2009 to the very first three to four months of 2012, she overbilled the township for as much as $20,000. “Her contract states that she is to be paid $250 per session, and she was charging $250 per person. Even though she could represent someone for all of five minutes. New. Jersey politics as usual! I’ve also been told by a councilman in nearby Point Beach that Bianca was relieved of duties in that town for overbooking again! It’s about time we got our tax dollars back from this father daughter set of con-artist.

I wonder if our next President is going to be from New Jersey?- nik

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