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Delcia Sanchez Strikes again

November 4, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, New York 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So 2 weeks after I find out that this whore is fcking and sucking my husband, she hooks up and is now engaged to another womans husband. And the poor woman is distraught. She has 2 small children with her husband and they are just displaying all their love on social media for the poor wife to see. She is disgusting and I hope she gets what she deserves

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Duck Face Queen

October 29, 2014 Jersey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: look at this model named morgan maria and check out ehr lips looks like it deserves in the duckface hall of fame

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Delcia Sanchez

October 23, 2014 Jersey 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Delcia Sanchez. She gave my husband head twice in her office, offered him a car, have him plenty of money and had sex with him all while trying to get him to leave me and our 2 children. She lives in Clifton NJ and works in Paterson. She’s a desperate & lonely piece of crap. Her marriage fell apart so she decides to come after mine

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Get this Girl Help

October 13, 2014 Jersey 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK my ex fiancé nicole scoloveno is insane!!!! Mental case!! Abusive, drug addict and obsessed with stalking models on Instagram and trying to look at them, her pictures are filtered and airbrushed with 12 diff apps and she’s insane. She stabbed me in the arm, beat me, threw bricks at me and spit on my face – walked away from this mental case!! I have videos to proove everything!!!! She now runs and promotes illegal of the house silicone injections from someone who’s not licensed to practice medicine please contact this drug addict slash selfies obsession caked up monkey face – Nicole Scoloveno out of Cedar Grove, NJ. She thinks she looks cute however is a bipolar, narcissistic mental case who has over 20 videos of herself displaying and showcasing her mental physical behavior and one which your eyes won’t believe it- yes locking herself in her ex fiancés car to prevent him from leaving and sticking – yes- the key to the car in her genitals all on film and then rubbing her filthy pussy on the steering wheel- videos can not make this shit up- this bitch is crazy and there’s no mental facility big enough to house this monkey face- please get her help before shes a threat to others! She lives in a fantasy world and she needs help!

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Jessica Stewart

September 30, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, Newark 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: shes going around fck an sucking every one for dope shes a meth head when they run out she turns them in so she can move on to the next dope boy she fcks old men 3 times her age mentaly challanged an even sells her ass in the city right now shes fck a handicap guy by name jim bob she does not cARE WHO SHE SLEEPS WITH SHE WAS PRGENET BY HER HALF BROTHER JOSH WEBSTER DOING M*TH ALSO FCKS HER 65 YEAR OLD BOSS ON SAT DAYS

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Proud to Steal Husbands

September 30, 2014 Jersey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: ADRIANA (ANDI) FLORES MAHAR – CHEATER with GEORGE EDWARD ENGLE. She is the FOURTH WOMAN he’s involved with and not listed on his profile:  Online: Two Canadian Women named Laura Real Life: A Chinese Doctor + Adriana Flores Mahar. Andi is known to George through online gaming. Contacted Adriana (a.k.a. “Andi”) directly to ask the status of her relationship with my husband of 23 years. Was told “just friends”. Must be FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS! Adriana is a married homemaker and Mother of three (no employment outside the home). While her husband is bringing home the bacon, Andi is pressing George’s! Andi knows George is married and continues her cybersexing escapades with my husband professing her love and future with him. She is constantly on her webcam or PC or phone at all times of the day or night with him. Leaves me to wonder what happens to her kids while Mommy is playing with George? George flew her to NYC for a week long stay at a hotel, dinner at Carmine’s, Broadway shows, etc. all on MY DIME! She’s talking about moving into my martial home in New Jersey – NOT! Why she would discuss any of this with her children to damage their emotional security I don’t understand (some Mother!) . Andi is a cruel manipulative con artist that is desperate to leave her husband and life in Arizona behind. She must be exposed for the liar, cheater and husband stealing wench that she is!

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Pretend Doctor and Navy Seal

September 19, 2014 Jersey, New York 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Married to GEORGE EDWARD ENGLE for 23 years and been cheating on me for many of these years. Told my family and friends he’s a Navy Seal – NOT! Told me he was a doctor – NOT! Told me in words and text that he loved me every day and felt secure until I found out AGAIN I was not the only one. I caught him before and he swore he would be faithful – NOT! LOVES TO PLAY ONLINE GAMES AS LORDGENGLE OR GENGLE169 ON SKYPE AND LURES HIS VICTIMS BY MARRYING THEM THERE THEN TAKES THE RELATIONSHIP TO REAL LIFE. Claims every woman is “just a friend” and has them messaging him “Baby I love you” messages at all times of the day and night. He gives them a false sense of security telling them he’s single and alone. Found out he has many online women going at the same time making promises of kinky sex and sending them money. Having sex by webcam and sending nude photos of himself to them but tells me he’s too embarrassed to show me his body. Said he was too sick to have intimacy (he has erectile dysfunction) with me (and believe me I am a size 3 bombshell kickboxer) but is doing one handed fun multiple times a day for them. Told me we have no money to pay the bills (he’s spent over $18,000 on credit cards) yet paid for hotel in NYC in July, went to Carmine’s for dinner and Broadway shows with a married woman with two children also cheating on her husband from Arizona that he flew in to be with for a week. He’s a sick man who likes to destroy all the lives he touches.

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Rebecca Marilyn

September 9, 2014 Jersey 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: let me introduce you to Rebecca aka Alexis her  name is Rebecca Marilyn She’s a nice girl but way too full of herself and needs to snap into reality. It’s like she’s a drone and not her own person. From all the make up to the false eye lashes to the fake nails and hair. she looks like some washed up slut from the hood. She thinks she is hot shit But who is she really? I seriously think that her and her main girls are escorts / slut she been around the block she works at a spa under Alexis they hide the tattoos but you can tell it’s her body an tells everyone different stories, but people are too polite to call them out on escorting, Alexis or Rebecca it’s about time this girl gets real. Grow up an work a real job not be a whore an fuck guys for money. She needs to stop lying how else would a young girl get this much money You’re a nobody and we know for a fact you are a complete whore. She goes around not only trying to f*ck anyone who has a Benjamin but also trying to act like she’s a big shot

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