Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour This Thursday at Susquehanna Bank Center

August 19, 2014 Jersey, Philadelphia, Rutgers, Temple, Temple University 0


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together.  Get your ticket now for the show at Susquehanna Bank Center this Thursday (8/21) at 7pm!  

Click here to get your TICKETS now!!!

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Jen Prescott

August 14, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City, Manhattan 4

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Jen Demura

August 5, 2014 Brooklyn, Jersey 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: The consequences of looking in this girl’s direction for more than five minutes is the most persistent, needy, and delusional stalking you will ever experience in your life. Even if you never had a relationship, somehow she’ll convince herself you were soulmates. She’s probably held on to her first tampon because it “fcked” her too once. Cuss her out, say it kindly, be reasonable, and you will only be met with more compulsive and pathetic pursuit. Jen Demura is like a a nasty dose of drd, just when you think you’re in the clear, the bitch pops back up asking for attention, causing drama, even hitting you up for MONEY. The only solution is NOT to fck with this girl in any way, change your number and email, and hope she goes fatal attraction on someone else… It’s not worth it and there’s so many cooler, hotter girls especially in New York. Ultimately, she’s a powerless, lonely bitch and the only way she feels relevant is by causing drama like all the other crazy bitches in the world with daddy issues. I am not the only one to have been stalked, pretty much there could be a self-help group for all the dudes this girl calls up and emails crying for attention. Maybe some blind, deaf, sack of shit will marry her and offer relief but hard to believe there’s any dude out there that dumb.

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Constance Prudence Lynne

July 22, 2014 Jersey 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this clown has been posted many times. One for having blow up dolls for boyfriends and again for killing a cat. She looks like a clown. She photo shops herself and it’s pretty funny considering this bitch is just nasty all the way around. I just find it funny when she calls people fat and she can barely fit into a Jacuzzi tub LULZ. The bikini picture is photo shopped. She is a desperate troll. She claimed at one time she was 28 and now she’s all the sudden only 19 with a kid. Shit’s hilarious. Sucks to be her fat ugly ass. still funny though. Enjoy Connie! If you need to reference her look up Connie Austerlitz krusty the clown and that woman needs to be in jail. This bitch needs attention anyway she can get it. All I have to say is it looks like she used to have a dick because of the fat bulge where her tat is. I’m not impressed. She can’t even fit in a bath tub and it’s funny how she photo shopped a picture of her in a bathing suit. As if you all can’t tell. Being raped by the ugly forest didn’t help her and she thinks that she is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I was thinking more like the beast. Hahahaha. She calls people that wear a size 11 fat. She claims to wear a size small on bottom and a medium on top. That is such a crock of shit. I highly doubt the picture of the chick in the bikini is her. It’s probably her face photo shopped to the body. LULZ

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Scam Artist Perv

July 22, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Stephen Violante, so I was talking to this guy for a few days for a business I wanted to help him with called Veema it’s a rip off Herbalife it seemed like, anyway I ordered from him and never got anything all I kept getting was pictures of his dick! I wasted my money for nothing and never got anything from him. I’m just trying to warn people to stay away from him, he’s a huge (small) pervert that use to be fat and is still a loser deep inside, so he just tries too hard, talk about the fake scissor gang. I tried sending the pictures and videos he kept sending me to his parent to prove what an awesome young man they’ve raised.

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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

July 21, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City, The Dirty, Toronto 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you seen Jwoww’s face lately? She looked way better before, now she’s looking like Lil Kim. Very sad.  I couldn’t even imagine how messed up her head is in order for her to do that to herself.  You can’t look in the mirror and be happy right?  There is no way someone can be that blind to how much they have f*cked up their face.

Plastic and pregnancy hate each other. Let’s see how well she recovers. Congrats on the baby Jwoww.- nik

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Gorilla chest

July 17, 2014 Jersey, Kansas City 31

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Coyote Ugly

July 15, 2014 Jersey 2

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