Jersey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

July 21, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City, The Dirty, Toronto 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you seen Jwoww’s face lately? She looked way better before, now she’s looking like Lil Kim. Very sad.  I couldn’t even imagine how messed up her head is in order for her to do that to herself.  You can’t look in the mirror and be happy right?  There is no way someone can be that blind to how much they have f*cked up their face.

Plastic and pregnancy hate each other. Let’s see how well she recovers. Congrats on the baby Jwoww.- nik

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Gorilla chest

July 17, 2014 Jersey, Kansas City 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ape looking bitch is india warren. Her boobs sag from her 3 pregnancies. She had a baby in ’08 but adopted it out to New Jersey. In 2013, she was pregnant and aborted a year ago. She was knocked up recently again, but killed it. India’s boobs have taken the fall for it. Everyone thinks her boobs are amazing. It’s amazing what a bra can do.. Here’s her saggy flaps and then there they are pulled up. This girl is such a skank. She’s a stripper, escort and private dancer. Check her fat ass out in Yg hooties music video : drive me crazy.

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Coyote Ugly

July 15, 2014 Jersey 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heather eltringham Stevens is a 34 year old woman, mother of 4 children that thinks she is a hot model.. Lmao.. She has been doing modeling( as she calls it) not making no money.. She terrorizes her ex husband and wife constantly.. She is living with the man she cheated on her husband with then at the same time trying to get her ex and his wife apart so she can have him to her self.. She spends money and steals like it’s nothing.. She spends it on herself not her kids.. She claims she’s broke all the time but buys new things constantly.. She says she doesn’t cheat on her man but she has with her ex husband befor he got with his wife. She also been screwing all kinds of men. The nights she supposed to go have fun with friends she having fun with several different men. So guys , if you wanna have some fun sex with this chic you know how to get a hold of her. Or I should say free sex..Only if her so called boyfriend new. She also has nude photos going around to middle aged school kids making fun of her. This chic needs psychiatric help.. The way they live is disgusting. Her boyfriend been remodeling for two years. They have no ceiling in thier house. Live wires and instillation showing also through the walls. They went out and bought a 16,000 dollar toy instead of buying food , clothing for the children or fixing that house. The outside is disgusting with junk piled and animals everywhere. She shouldn’t be a mother I feel sorry for them kids.

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Sedrick Bailey

July 10, 2014 Jersey 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, I don’t misuse the word literally…and Sedrick Bailey is possibly LITERALLY the scummiest person in Mercer County, New Jersey. Where to begin…first off he is an IV heroin abuser (also smokes crack) who snitches to the Trenton police department to beat various charges. He just tells his friends he “skipped court” but somehow magically he never gets pulled in for not showing up the next time he gets arrested. Now here is where it gets worse… Sedrick being a scumbag likes to rip off dealers in Trenton, NJ and one day one pulled out a gun and fired at him in his GF\’s car. The bullet missed Sedrick (sadly) and struck his gf Danielle Schrenk in the back. Now she could have lived but scumbag Sedrick drove around for AN HOUR with her bleeding out in the car while he looked for more drugs and got high. He didn’t even take her to the hospital but eventually stopped at a closed gas station and called 911 for help. She lingered for a bit before baby girl died…all this was covered in the Trentonian, and other local news outlets so please everybody go verify it on your own if you wish. Now they arrested Keyon Powell over it and sedrick was going to snitch on him publicly but backed out because he is a pussy who only snitches when no one was looking. He tried to *** himself (sadly he failed) not too long ago and is back roaming the streets of Lawrence, Ewing and Trenton shooting heroin and smoking crck. Nik put this murderous snitch trash on blast!

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Emily Sweeney, Jersey Slore

July 3, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sadly this sordid character is a definite score @ the jersey shore. She thrives off being one of Jersey Shores raunchy and reckless drama queens. She is fake, selfish, deceptive and lacks morals; all which looks like it comes natural for her to be. She says she likes to be an adventurous soul and push limits, she has proven that. Her career should be in acting not teaching. Once you discover she has lied, she has an excuse for it but then after the next lie and poor excuse it starts to create doubt over everything she has said since the first excuse. Exposing the truth is irrelevant, but facts exist even though she chooses to ignore them. Lessoned learned you can’t just accept “friends” or people’s words anymore as truth, use the term “friend” loosely when dealing with her. It only takes one women to make the rest of us look bad and lately more and more women have lost that definition.

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Gregs Hangin’ Low in AC

June 24, 2014 Atlantic City, Jersey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: As if bathroom pics weren’t bad enough…”ladies” please pay attention to what you post or it could blow up in your face.

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Jerzy Bartender/Drug Dealer

June 20, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this mess of a person got busted with ten pounds of weed! Jenkinsons Bar on the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk didn’t even fire her. Keep in mind this is in a town where bars liquor licenses are being contested because of the irresponsible behavior of their bartenders and staff. Also what’s with the eyebrows? Do Jerzy girls want to look always surprised?

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Adam Hatheway

June 18, 2014 Jersey 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a total danger to society he is drd positive and he has ruined my life he is 29 years old and has spread his infection to people as young as 16 years old he hangs around high schools and picks up teenagers he knows he is infected and don’t care who he hurts he has nasty sores all over his body now when i first saw them he told me it was from paintball fight and like the dummy i am i believed his skinny ass when we were dating i found child porn on his computer he told me it was his roommates when i said we should call the police he said he would handle it now that i come to realize he likes little girls and that he is a pedophile i hope someday soon he gets his.

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