Manda Boo

January 24, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan 3 6,600 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: so Amanda or “manda boo” as she calls herself thinks way too high of herself, she was stupid enough to fall in love with some twat who would tell everyone he was with her out of pity, yet he would tell her that she was pretty and so almost all his friends would tell her that as well. Well now cause of this douchebag this girl thinks shes the shit, and has even gone so far as to completely ignore me even though i was always there for her as a “Friend”. well now its time to expose this bitch, maybe shell realize shes not a dime and stop ignoring people who TRULY care for her. someone needs to tell her how ugly she REALLY is and who better than you? Nik, please help this girl so she can help herself.

You can’t suck in all day, put a shirt back on.- nik

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Another Girl Getting Naked On IG For Attention

January 22, 2014 Jersey, The Dirty 33 102,262 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I was going through Instagram and came across this chick, this babe is Isis Mascote. She’s supposed to be makeup artist and model, after looking at some if her pictures I thought she’d be perfect for TheDirty, since she needs the attention.  With clothes on she looks decent but reminds me of Lindsey Lohan with the bad plastic surgery face, with clothes off, well this girl needs to do squats and get cellulite work done.

I like when she hides her tattoo.- nik

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Duck Face Angels

January 15, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City 3 10,246 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl goes by Nicolette Leblanc Can someone tell her to stop the duck face? I swear she does it in every picture. I don’t know whether I think she thinks she cute with the duck face angles, and the hair always covering one eye. I’m so annoyed she always shows up on my feed cause everyone seems to know her and like her pics, but I’ve never seen here, out she could definitely be a fake or a cyber whore nobody even knows.

I see she conveniently cropped out the belly, the root of the duck face.- nik

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Well All Love Jobs

December 27, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, Jersey, The Dirty 64 100,337 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, thought everyone would get holiday chuckles from this T-Shirt I acquired on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

I prefer receiving Bill Clinton’s employment strategy.- nik

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The Haggling Holiday Hog

December 19, 2013 Harvard, Jersey 14 6,712 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Saturday afternoon in Mount Laurel NJ this fat guy rolls in my hotel room. We had been speaking from my back page ad. He called so many times and was super nice so I hoped it was going to be a pleasant meet. Usually I collect the cash upfront for each session. As I DID in this case. What happened ,was he pretended to be a novice. After I had already began. He asked for MORE “services”, that we hadn’t agreed on, nor were paid for. Doing Strap on, bondage and any type of fetish acts are ten times harder on a SuperSized person! So I really didn’t expect any issue since he came in behaving servile and nice. He initially paid upfront.I definitely expected my HARD EARNED payment for additional tasks- all the toys and the physicality of holding him down to mount him. It was a real work out dealing with a Huge Roly Poly slut like Chris Halgas. He sheepishly pretended like he didnt really know what was going on & was merely “curious” about prostate play then threw his gigantic legs over his head like we were in a yoga class, and started fingering himself. I was already disgusted because he smelled like pork when he disrobed. This fat slut was asking for multiple things on the kinky menu, that made things go differently because I wasn’t prepared. I usually have the room PRE set up in advance. Now I had to stop and lay towels down and obviously spend more time with him After I got dildos and toys out, he wanted bigger ones.. I told him that costs extra, he begged to get fisted and that he would pay after due to the fact he was already in a compromising position ( rope, restraints, dildo). His anus was so wide, stretched out and loose with no elasticity EVERYTHING was disappearing up there. He was an ” AGGRESSIVE BOTTOM” insatiably writhing his flat ass- and switching positions from doggy style/ on all fours – making things so much more of a task because he has so many rolls of fat. It was clear this horny little shameless mass of sleaze and blubber got fucked up his ass LOTS of times!!! Saturday afternoon my phone was ringing crazy and I couldn’t answer because Obese Chris Halgas was stinking up my king sized bed, sweating up the towels id laid underneath him, and now holding his ankles for me to fist him. With his excitement & release, he also let off fecal matter, and liquid through his anus. A distinct smell! I thought he would give me my tip for sure / separate fee for all my hard work. The only reason why I went through with out stopping because he was already in such a compromising position and promised me he had the exact amount in his pants on floor. I was shocked after shitting on my bed, sweating it up ,he tried to get dressed and leave. He told me he only had $20/ WHICH WAS NOT THE AGREED AMOUNT. I wasn’t dressed to chase him out the door. He stunk, he was a lot of physical work!, he shitted on my towels and sheet and he ran out saying he was going to get more cash. The whole day before we met he called me several times, was friendly. Now he wasn’t answering except to say he would come back next day. I was so irate I left messages days later (nothing   rrational)and looked him up. His behavior was foul. I grabbed him as he was leaving and told him he had to pay me what we agreed & he assured me he would. Its days before Christmas. I have a lot of kids in my family and people to get things for. I could have gladly ” took” some one else that would have paid me, and been less problematic, like lying pig. HE UNSUCCESSFULLY RAN FOR JERSEY STATE ASSEMBLY.

Any relation to Rob Ford…- nik

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Slores of NJ

December 5, 2013 Jersey 193 12,289 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: There is a group of college girls being run by a pimp and he keep cycling through the trash girls of NJ, here are some of the latest They have videos here:  They have thier own web site :  Stacy Stroker is Caitlin Conway. She went to Rutgers and Played soccer a few years before becoming a coke whore Vicki Vixen is Chelsie Lacinski  Mia Minx is Kaitlyn Kortekaas  High quality photos that they cover ther tatooes with body makeup and hide thier faces but you meet any of them on the street and you know thye are whores. Its time these people make a honest living or collect Unemployment like the other 15% of us in NJ

They’re trying to cash in before the rest of their bodies fill in.- nik

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Glen Kelly Realtor – NJ Stalker

December 5, 2013 Jersey 8 8,795 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Glen Kelly is the definition of stalker/predator he spends all his time trying to make every guy in new jersey look bad in order to make him look good, and make up crazy lies about himself to make him look attractive to women but the truth is he is a low life, lying scum bag that in no way can get laid being him and has to try to make other guys look bad to make himself look good, he tells every woman he is a doctor but in reality took a 2 month CNA coarse and was fired from every job for spending his time internet stalking various women via face book, dating sites and the internet. then he got into the real estate business and recently opened his own real estate agency and stalks every woman he comes across his path but he is such a coward that he does it anonymously through fake email accounts but mostly through fake face book pages that he has spent many years putting together he is a very sick person and has deep psychological problems and relies on the fact that every woman is stupid and until now I have to admit myself as well as many others have been to be fooled like this. glen Kelly has around 50 fake women as his friends and he logs on to fake women’s accounts to comment and make himself look good on his facebook wall to try to make himself look good and other women jealous then brags about how he dated these beautiful women and how they wont stop chasing him. and most of his fake facebook friends he created with pictures off the internet of models, hookers, and some real women from other countries this scum bag, loser, freak, weirdo, stalker has to be exposed and, put on blast so that no other woman can be taken advantage and lied to or tricked into buying his stalker stories

Women are impressed by wallets.  Get back to work.- nik

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Princess Dana Loves To Talk Down On People

November 30, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 183 97,785 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dana. She has a very high opinon of herself and loves to talk sh*t on others. Does she live up to her self professed reputation.  She swears she is the best thing alive and I had to ask you and the Dirty Army what you guys think about this perfect girl.

She is normal looking. A 5.99827818 for Jersey. Dana if you get your hair professionally done (go lighter) it could be a game changer (as in a prevent for a nose job).- nik

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