Nik In Atlantic City

November 20, 2013 Atlantic City, Dirty Army Strong, Jersey 0 8,842 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know this may sound insane but I just saw that Shayne and you will be hosting this Friday night in Atlantic City at Harrah’s. I am a 21 year old college student that fell in love with your blog and book within the past few months. I been determined to meet you and feel as if this would be my oppertunity since I live in Jersey.

Only thing is I am so curious how you go about fans that do not fit your standards.(not saying I don’t I am confident in myself and not overweight just curious,dam nik can’t beleive I need a disclaimer). Anyway, I have always wondered how you approached fans minus the +2, itg and all your other fixations. I know I will most likely get so much hate about this but its been on my mind! See you Saturday.

I’m nice to all shapes and sizes in person. Don’t worry my little angel.- nik

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The Beauty Guru And Her Psychotic Mom

November 14, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 137 92,199 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Oriana Russo or oribarbiexoxo has been submitted before and it amazes me how many people kiss her ass on Instagram and YouTube. She gives beauty tutorials yet look at her. Bad bleach job, big nose, ugly brown eyes and overweight. If you comment anything about her nails or appearance that she doesn’t want to hear she will reply with some childish tantrum comeback and sick her crazy mom on you. She claims to have been married to Kris Angel and dating NHL players and her mother encourages her to really believe it. Now her mom is stating she has a degree in psychology and diagnosing people who don’t agree with her baby girl. These two people need serious help and should not be loose in society.

I agree. Oriana is Kris Angel’s ex-wife.- nik

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Hot Jersey Boy Ronnie Martini Marinari

November 7, 2013 Hollywood, Jersey, The Dirty 137 90,777 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this kids name is Ronnie Martini Marinari. He lives in New Jersey and Los Angeles. Friends with Tracy from Jerseylicious. All the girls go crazy over him! He used to be a hair stylist. I used to follow him on instagram but as his followers grew he became a hotshot.  All because he was making celebrity friends through his music! Heard he’s such a cool guy. But look at him he’s got that player look! He says he doesn’t party and what not but as a girls point of view he seems too good to be true. Comon now!! I’m only posting him on here because a lot of girls ask me about him and we gals from NJ and NY should have each others backs rite? If any of you know more PLeASE comment!! Guy’s are sneaky these days especially after having some success. Don’t ya think!?

I’m digging the 5 O’clock shadow on the chest (no homo).- nik

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Carli Bybel Needs To Quit The Innocent Act

November 6, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 334 101,589 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Carli needs to get off her high horse, this all American Country girl act needs to stop. I think its hilarious that she talks about positivity and gives young girls advice on makeup and life on YT when she herself doesnt live up to it. Her boyfriend controls everything she does, she barely chills with anyone without her boyfriend present, Carli doesnt’ even know how to do makeup properly… please Nik put this woman on blast… her subscribers need to see how sl*tty she really is… P.S. By the way Carli stop photoshopping your fugly face.

Carli is actually Mexican, but she always goes Black and White on images so people think she is white and cannot see the stretch marks on her rack.- nik

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Everyone Needs To Know About This Loser

November 6, 2013 Jersey 0 6,817 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Im about to tell you about this idiot named JOE CICCARELLI. He has to be one of the BIGGEST douche bags to ever walk this planet!! I actually went to high school with him and honestly he’s VERY rude, mean, belligerent, dumb, ignorant, racist and more. Btw, Im really surprised that this kid even graduated high school because hes REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY stupid! No lie! Im pretty sure his GPA in high school was freakin 2.0! It’s also realllly surprising that hes even going to college too. But then again everyone know he’s only going to college because he got a scholarship since he’s “so good at swimming”. In my opinion, its such a WASTE of a scholarship since this kid doesn’t even take school seriously at all and is probably gonna waste his college career away! BTW, he practically gets drunk everyday and it is also know that he shows up to class drunk ALL THE TIME. Like really? Who does that?! What an IDIOT! He’s also know to DRIVE DRUNK after drinking alcohol heavily at parties too! Truly pathetic! Furthermore, it’s also funny how he tries to act like a thug from the hood but he’s really just a foolish, annoying, silly white kid from the freaking SUBURBS! This kid is nothing but a useless person to society!

Have you seen Ryan Lochte?- nik

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Anthony Amado And His Girlfriend Jenn

November 6, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 63 92,602 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Anthony Amado and his girlfriend Jenn. Anthony Amado runs a penny stock pump and dump boiler room called Equities Awareness Group in Edgewater NJ. There’s numerous complaints about Anthony on the Internet from senior citizens who have lost their life savings investing into his penny stocks only to find out the companies don’t exist.  Anthony just bought Jenn a $50,000 BMW 5 series. Would you buy Jenn a $50,000 automobile to be able to bang her? Was it wrong for Jenn to accept this gift knowing where the money came from?  Anthony also pays Jenn a weekly allowance of $5,000 to spend shopping in NYC. Doesn’t that make her a paid wh*re? Look at the love notes they leave each other. Maybe their relationship is legit, unlike Anthony’s stocks.

Tell me more about Equities Awareness Group.- nik

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She Is A Typical Bills Fan

November 2, 2013 Buffalo, Jersey, The Dirty 27 91,944 Views

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THE DIRYT ARMY: Nik, you hit it dead spot on when you said the Proud Stoner was a typical Bills fan.  I think this girl would be so much hotter if she didn’t act like a 12 year old on IG about her smoking habit.  There is nothing cool about what she is doing, if anything it really makes her look like a little girl trying to get attention.  Imagine if people started posting IGs of them taking every single shot or drink they had?  It would get annoying as f*ck.  We get it, you are a loser and smoke weed non stop.  Now why don’t you go be a productive member of society instead of planning out your next IG selfie.

Super Bowl Champions… she must smoke some really good stuff.- nik


Proud Stoner

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Dina Klein Borgata

October 29, 2013 Cougars, Jersey 4 7,271 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, This nasty little slut cheats in every relationship she’s been in. First, she cheated on her fiancé and broke up an engaged couple. After that relationship ended she had to marry a guy because he knocked her up. He cheated on her and a one night stand gave him drd, which he passed on to her. She too had a very public affair and denied it, but later admitted, “I f*cked Frank C. all over the place!” After her divorce she got engaged and cheated on him too. With her next boyfriend she had threesomes with a co-worker, and laughed about riding a doubled-headed dildo with her. They’d go to swingers clubs to fill the void after their partner moved to Florida. She likes to be tied up, gently whipped, and her fantasies are to have her face slapped as she’s being raped and gangbanged. “I can’t be with just one man” she says, and admitted “I should be a porn star because I love sex.” Not only does she love sex, but is enamored with herself, and is the most conceited person you’ll ever meet. She’s remarked, “Men are stuck to me like bubblegum on a sidewalk.” Again she returned to her cheating ways, and was screwing her boyfriend, former fiancé, high school sweetheart, some other guy, and her roommate’s boyfriend. An alcoholic to boot, she carries Jello shots in her purse to work and is frequently buzzed. Her personality is as fake as her tits. She’s strongly pro-choice but if you had four abortions from four different guys wouldn’t you be too?

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