Jersey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Marie Rasalla

June 18, 2014 Jersey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: A while back you posted on this I don’t even know what to call it but I’ve seen this thing walking around Hoboken. I think her name is D Marie Rasalla, Dana Marie Rasalla, Dmarie_Rasalla. Is this what jersey chicks look like now a days? Is this even remotely attractive? This can’t be human look at those eye brows. Is that even legal? She looks surprised all the time. When did they turn dragon ball Z into a live person? Nik be honest would you hit that? Give her pointers on how to better her appearance, for the sake of America!

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Could Real NJ Housewife Amber Corbino-Marchese Be A Fraud

June 10, 2014 Baltimore, Jersey, The Dirty 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was watching the promo last night for the new season of Real Housewives of NJ and one of the new cast members, Amber Marchese, seemed eerily familiar to me, down to the voice and mannerisms. It dawned on me this morning who this person might be and, if so, she isn’t from a “lifelong resident” of NJ likes she claims to be.

If she is the same Amber I am thinking of, she worked for an auction house in Timonium, Maryland approximately 20 years ago, where she babysat the owner’s baby and did minor clerical work. Her mother, Donna, also did clerical work in the office. Amber, though only 17 at the time, had a reputation for being pretty promiscuous and was always flirting with a lot of the older, wealthy clients that came to the weekly auctions. There were rumors that she got together with some of them outside of work. Her mother was aware of all this and even encouraged her to wear more revealing clothing. Amber and Donna were eventually fired after taking the owner’s autistic toddler to a pool hall while babysitting. I could be way off base but there are just too many coincidences in the appearance and the name. Could make for some interesting digging.

Baltimore and Jersey are two totally separate animals. Anybody in the DA want to look into this… I don’t really care.- nik

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Natalia Christine, The Staten Island Escort

May 30, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, New York 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Natalia. This Staten Island trash is a professional dominatrix and escort. Her Instagram is filled with pics of her at her “dungeon” and getting ready for her “clients” She looks like a worn out junkie with saggy tits and a foul smelling snatch. Ive had the unfortunate pleasure of being her client once and she is plain old nasty. She’s INSANE and truly has a few screws loose upstairs. Gentlemen, Avoid this tranny looking hooker…She’s a nightmare.

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Butter Brisket

May 22, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: I slept with this guy and now I have three drds. He seem cool and I know I should’ve used a condom but sht happens and now I’m fck. Have to go but for my H**/a**s text in two weeks. He goes by the name Alex or brisket. So lady’s if you know him please get checked out.

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Brazilian Liar Again

May 6, 2014 Jersey 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: edna Osborne the lying bitch who is talking shit at work saying she got her green card i feel sorry for her husband chris who is a good man sge used him only to get her visa i hioe he see this so he can see she is a lying bitch she doesn’t love him she even said that at work i can’t believe she did that only to get her visa so she can go and visit her family and bfs in brazil she doesn’t deserve her husband and the life she have here ib usa

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Anyone know Dave

May 2, 2014 Jersey 234

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was talking to this guy and then he just stopped talking to me. Says he lives in NJ. We talk on and off and he always stops when it gets serious or trying to talk about us. He says all these stories about his dad that died, crazy ex gf, being in the hospital for some odd reason. Only one picture of him and he seems to be a catfish. Does anyone know him or talked to him? He goes by Ellbound.

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Aspergers is no excuse

May 2, 2014 Jersey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dick stains name is John Chevallier of New Jersey. This cumstain is a bad name to all Aspies out there. A complete manipulative liar who is sweet and gentlemanly when you first speak with him. On the down low he is the dirtiest hound for pussy you will ever find. After dating a while all he did was comment on my weight, make offhand rude comments about me and how I carry myself. His excuse was his Aspergers and for a while I took that LADIES OF Plainfield and beyond DO NOT BELIVE HIS BULLSHIT. The min we had sex only once he up and stops talking to me, after dating for nearly a year. He made excuses and over time I found him on a bunch of sex sites under the name of GlossuRH Dirty, scuzzy, swears he’s sophisticated because his father is an tenor in opera when in truth he can’t even afford water in his own home for his family. Is a wind bag and belittles everyone around him and uses his Aspergers as a excuse to really cut deep. Worst kind of asshole to roll away after claiming he loved me, and actually cared. Worst still is he’s still strolling for psy. Please put this bitch in his place FYI he isn’t working with anything ladies ;p looks is all he has.

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Laura Nunez

April 25, 2014 Jersey 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Laura Nunez (Noons) and she is a huge scummy whore if you couldn’t tell from the photos. This girl (I know it totally looks like a man in drag but I have seen her floppy vag) will do anything for attention. She’s currently a go-go dancer or stripper in some sleazy dump in North Jersey and thinks she is destined for fame. HOWEVER, her nudes on tumblr get a total of 5 likes because her body is horrid. Her stomach is built like a mans, she has acne all over her ass, and she has to wear 2 or 3 bras to get her saggy tits up to a normal level. Do I even have to mention her nose? This bitch steals from everyone and can not keep a friend for more than a few months because eventually people realize what a scummy cunt she is. Feast your eyes upon some classic NJ trash! Oh yeah and THAT IS A WIG SHE HAS ON! Bitch can’t even grow her hair. What do you think Nik, don’t you think she should spend the money she makes stripping and stealing to get that fcked up nose fixed if she’s not going to pay the people back she’s stolen from?

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