Jersey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Anyone know Dave

May 2, 2014 Jersey 230

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was talking to this guy and then he just stopped talking to me. Says he lives in NJ. We talk on and off and he always stops when it gets serious or trying to talk about us. He says all these stories about his dad that died, crazy ex gf, being in the hospital for some odd reason. Only one picture of him and he seems to be a catfish. Does anyone know him or talked to him? He goes by Ellbound.

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Aspergers is no excuse

May 2, 2014 Jersey 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dick stains name is John Chevallier of New Jersey. This cumstain is a bad name to all Aspies out there. A complete manipulative liar who is sweet and gentlemanly when you first speak with him. On the down low he is the dirtiest hound for pussy you will ever find. After dating a while all he did was comment on my weight, make offhand rude comments about me and how I carry myself. His excuse was his Aspergers and for a while I took that LADIES OF Plainfield and beyond DO NOT BELIVE HIS BULLSHIT. The min we had sex only once he up and stops talking to me, after dating for nearly a year. He made excuses and over time I found him on a bunch of sex sites under the name of GlossuRH Dirty, scuzzy, swears he’s sophisticated because his father is an tenor in opera when in truth he can’t even afford water in his own home for his family. Is a wind bag and belittles everyone around him and uses his Aspergers as a excuse to really cut deep. Worst kind of asshole to roll away after claiming he loved me, and actually cared. Worst still is he’s still strolling for psy. Please put this bitch in his place FYI he isn’t working with anything ladies ;p looks is all he has.

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Laura Nunez

April 25, 2014 Jersey 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Laura Nunez (Noons) and she is a huge scummy whore if you couldn’t tell from the photos. This girl (I know it totally looks like a man in drag but I have seen her floppy vag) will do anything for attention. She’s currently a go-go dancer or stripper in some sleazy dump in North Jersey and thinks she is destined for fame. HOWEVER, her nudes on tumblr get a total of 5 likes because her body is horrid. Her stomach is built like a mans, she has acne all over her ass, and she has to wear 2 or 3 bras to get her saggy tits up to a normal level. Do I even have to mention her nose? This bitch steals from everyone and can not keep a friend for more than a few months because eventually people realize what a scummy cunt she is. Feast your eyes upon some classic NJ trash! Oh yeah and THAT IS A WIG SHE HAS ON! Bitch can’t even grow her hair. What do you think Nik, don’t you think she should spend the money she makes stripping and stealing to get that fcked up nose fixed if she’s not going to pay the people back she’s stolen from?

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What do you think of Josie Cunningham

April 24, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, have you heard about this? Apparently this “glamour model” named Josie Cunningham is so desperate to be on the British TV show Big Brother that she’s having an abortion! Apparently she was in the running until the producers found out she was pregnant, so she’s trying to fix the problem…. I definitely think that women have the right to choose but this is pathetic. Also, glamour model?

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Flattered by the Jealousy

April 23, 2014 Jersey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: behind every successful personalize a pack of haters!!! I am Alexa Ferraro, And I’m so extremely flattered by the fact that somebody is so jealous of my beautiful life that they took time from their obviously shitty and probably Nonexistent one to post this on here with all these lies! To be perfectly honest it doesn’t even really bother me because none of its true, except for the fact that I have a few unfinished tattoos that have yet to be colored in, and the fact that I was a drug addict over 20 months ago. I always will be an addict, yes, but I am an addict in recovery, and even when I was in active addiction I NEVER lied cheated or Stole to support my habit. I worked damn hard for everything I lost. I have been clean for 20 months and I couldn’t be happier with my life. Blessed isn’t even the word. I’m also a lesbian,who has only slept with people that I was dating or in a relationship with.. and I have a very hard time finding somebody I could even think about getting close to, so wherever somebody got the idea that I was some Whore is sadly mistaken. I have a few ideas of people that have always been jealous of my life and the fact that I’m well liked and well loved by everybody that knows me, the fact that I have a wonderful family I’m very close with that supports me through everything even financially When im unable to support myself during times of unemployment such as right now,and some people who don’t have that tend to get very jealous. everybody and anybody that Knows me would tell you that I would be the first person to give someone In need the shirt off my back,I’m a very positive person who prides myself on integrity, trustworthiness, and always being there for everyone in need. I run a group on Facebook called hi about heroin, which I helps people suffering from active addiction define a rehab for treatment center willing to take them so they can live a happy life without suffering everyday. The disease of addiction is a very serious one and making fun of somebody who had/h a drug problem is not cool at all. There are very Upstanding people who have suffered from this disease… doctors, lawyers, celebrities, it’s not something to joke about, it’s an epidemic and almost everybody has an Addict in their family in this day in age. I feel so sorry for the negative person that route these evil lies about me and all I can do is pray for them because they definitely need it. Sadly whatever they were trying to accomplish definitely didn’t work because everyone who knows me knows that this is not true at all and those who don’t know me I don’t give a f*** about. I’m a damn good person who does everything they can for people. I hope everybody, I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every Wednesday for the Atlantic City rescue mission, for people I don’t even know because I don’t want anyone to be hungry. so all I’ve really got to say is this whole little bashing of me couldn’t be farther from the truth, and before people forM their opinions on me based onthe lies of somebody so negative you can find me on Facebook and get to know who I really am!

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Psycho Con Artist

April 21, 2014 Jersey, London-ON 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Olivia Newman, Olivia Michelle, Olivia Catalano, whatever you want to call her, is a CON ARTIST. She changes her name on social media regularly. Why? Because she makes up a fake life. She stalks athletes & lies to people that she’s in a relationship with them & goes as far as posting fake photos of her life with them. Then get’s caught & changes her name, pretend man & starts all over. She sports a fake engagement ring, pretends she has money, pretends she bought a home & has the mortgage paid off already. She recently PRETENDED she got STABBED! Everyone sent her flowers & gifts & gave her attention & pity & it was all a lie. The girl is NUTS! Actually clinically insane. Ask her for hard evidence, um, maybe a picture of her an one of her “ex” athlete boyfriends & you will get nothing. Now she is dating Tyler Murray from the London Lightning & the poor guy has no idea he is with a crazy.

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Looks Like A Child Tattoo’d Morgan

April 18, 2014 Jersey, The Dirty 201

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Morgan Joyce, otherwise known as “ilymorgannn” on YouTube. Not only is she crusty and looks like she would smell like a swamp, but she is a complete B. She claims that she is a “model” (obviously not high-end), and acts like she is god’s gift to men. I’m surprised she hasn’t been spotted in a raunchy, trailer park porn.  Well, its never too early I guess right?

Self mutilation is not sexy on any planet. I decided.- nik

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Dope Head Alexa Ferraro

April 15, 2014 Jersey, Jersey City 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this here is Alexa Ferraro (Lexy). She is South Jersey’s poorest excuse for a human being. Known around our area for being the biggest dirtiest skank. She is heavily on her**n, pills, crck, whatever she can get her hands on. She has the MOST disgusting trashy unfinished tattoos. She thinks she is the hottest chick that walked this earth, and somebody needs to warn south jersey to stay away from this trash. She pulls people into her web of drugs and lies. She swears she knows eveything about anything and is always trying to stalk people out and tell them how their lives relate to her shitty one. WARNING SOUTH JERSEY STAY AWAY FROM THIS DISGUSTING PIECE OF TRASH UNLESS YOU WANT AN drd OR A DRUG PROBLEM. you wont even know which crossed-eye to look into when you see her anyways. RUN!!!

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