Dina Klein Borgata

October 29, 2013 Cougars, Jersey 4 7,273 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, This nasty little slut cheats in every relationship she’s been in. First, she cheated on her fiancé and broke up an engaged couple. After that relationship ended she had to marry a guy because he knocked her up. He cheated on her and a one night stand gave him drd, which he passed on to her. She too had a very public affair and denied it, but later admitted, “I f*cked Frank C. all over the place!” After her divorce she got engaged and cheated on him too. With her next boyfriend she had threesomes with a co-worker, and laughed about riding a doubled-headed dildo with her. They’d go to swingers clubs to fill the void after their partner moved to Florida. She likes to be tied up, gently whipped, and her fantasies are to have her face slapped as she’s being raped and gangbanged. “I can’t be with just one man” she says, and admitted “I should be a porn star because I love sex.” Not only does she love sex, but is enamored with herself, and is the most conceited person you’ll ever meet. She’s remarked, “Men are stuck to me like bubblegum on a sidewalk.” Again she returned to her cheating ways, and was screwing her boyfriend, former fiancé, high school sweetheart, some other guy, and her roommate’s boyfriend. An alcoholic to boot, she carries Jello shots in her purse to work and is frequently buzzed. Her personality is as fake as her tits. She’s strongly pro-choice but if you had four abortions from four different guys wouldn’t you be too?

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You Wanted Dirt

October 28, 2013 Jersey, New York 10 8,062 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik there is this chick. Her name is Kayla Taglieri. She is 24, and her highest level of education is high school. She makes 127 dollars a week working in Dunkin Donuts. Then there is this kid. He is an active duty soldier that just came back from a year long deployment in Afghanistan. He considered Kyla one of his closest friends, even though she constantly asked him for money because she couldn’t pay her phone bill, and regardless how she could afford her living expenses even if that meant having a part time position as a… you know what (cannot confirm, nor deny it). One day the kid and her got into an argument. She claims she is anti-government, although she is trying to get government housing. Now, I don’t judge her political views, if there are any (that’s not why I am here), but during that fight her stupidity went beyond possible, and she said that she wishes that the kid does not come back from his next deployment. That sparked up a lot of hatred towards her by his military friends and anyone who has at least some respect for the military. Wishing death upon someone is already not a good thing, but wishing someone dies during a deployment is just beyond everything. All in all, she’s just an inbred whore that has no money, that keeps asking people to pay her bills, that sleeps around with differed guys just to have a roof above her head and a bite to eat, that can’t do better than DD, and that is not interested in higher education. She likes to take pictures of herself in very awkward positions with her mouth open and her tongue stuck out showing off her tongue piercing (hint-hint?). She also have absolutely no sense of fashion. Your opinion?

That’s a pretty graphic greg face.- nik

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Is My Number Too High

October 13, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 609 105,333 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I have a question about the number of guys a girl can be with before it’s deemed sl*tty. I’m 24 in your opinion what’s an acceptable number? My ex begged me to count the guys I slept with and tell him the number then tried to make me feel like a sl*t. It’s fewer than 15, is that bad? BTW loved your book made the mistake of taking it on vacation in Miami & could not put it down and ended up staying in the hotel room the first night reading it, whoops.

By the age of 24 your sleep number should be 3. Anything more than 3 is a polluted womb.- nik

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Everyone Needs to know about this Scumbag

October 9, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, Jersey, University of Miami 0 7,218 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This is Josh Tambor. On the surface, he seems like a nice and normal enough guy but those who really know him know better and those who don’t know should know to stay the hell away from this sociopath. Josh is a pathological liar. He lied to his fraternity brothers at UM about his brother having leukemia and being on the verge of death (his brother is perfectly healthy) to explain why he went away one weekend junior year and we quickly figured out the truth- he made it up and actually went to go visit his girlfriend at the time? First of all how f*cked up do you have to be to lie about your brother dying of leukemia to all your friends? Then things really started to go downhill, he started bragging to us that he was cheating on his long distance gf with girls off craigslist and exposing her to diseases as well as inviting them over to his house, where his little sisters lived. we told his girlfriend because we thought she deserved to know she was being fcked around behind w whores from CL and they broke up. Thought this was the end of it. Now I am browsing casual encounters because of boredom and the entertainment value and he pops up again… it is definitely him because the email is his initials and birthday. Put this scumbag on blast. Girls and friends, beware, this pig hasn’t changed one bit. Do not trust him.

I bet one things changed, that vest has turned into a male corset.- nik

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Got Doritos

October 7, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 61 91,671 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is seriously the biggest group of douchebags I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the most ugliest. They all look like they rolled in a bag of Doritos. They should be embarrassed for theirselves.

Yes, people from New Jersey still look like this.- nik

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Clairissa Fischer Loves Any Attention She Can Get

October 4, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 38 88,689 Views




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wanted to see what you think about Clairissa Fischer?  She loves any attention she can get, basically that is what she lives for and tries to achieve from her social networks.  For having a beat face, her body is fine as hell and those boobs are awesome… Thoughts Nik?

Her back is fat which make her love handles look normal. It does take skill (or very long fingers) to hand cover the nipples like that.- nik

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Jersey Trash Is Still Going Strong

September 26, 2013 Jersey 11 6,420 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel like Jersey gets a bad rap for some of the northern NJ and Staten Island trash that makes its way to the beaches. But NJ has some trash of its own, and it’s usually the orange, meathead guidos that get all the (deserved) attention. However, as you can see – sometimes the girls are just as bad as the guys. No wonder Jersey guys have to move out of state – what they have to choose from back home is a tragedy.

Jersey will never be cool.- nik

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Drugged Out Loser

September 26, 2013 Jersey, The Dirty 53 88,251 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Matt Bartling aka Matty B… He is a herion addict loser. He is the biggest liar I have ever met. He has robbed so many people and done so much f*cked up sh*t. At one point he was actually going to college on a football scholarship but screwed that up all because he is a doped out heroin addict.  There was even an incident when he was involved with a kid dying in a hotel bathroom from an overdose and him and everyone involved left the kid in the bathroom overdosing because they “forgot” about him. Here is the thing I think this kid is a sociopath he is always posting sh*t on FB about being clean and living the right life but then can be seen out nodding out at bars. I know for a FACT this kid is still on drugs so just because you posted on FB that you and your mom went to church doesn’t mean sh*t. This kid needs to be called out there is just so much f*cked up sh*t he has done to people and has no remorse.

I bet he doesn’t even have a savings account.- nik

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