Jersey | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Gregory N Troiano

April 14, 2014 Jersey, Staten Island 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gregory N Troiano born 06/25/84 from Staten Island Ny and works for Delco Electric and drives white jeep commander has DRD and is willingly spreading  like wildfire through dating web sites like POF = Gtro*2 is his screen name and Gregory Troiano also has a facebook. He has texted me that he wants to spread std and is adamant and proud of it. The world and Woman all need to know to stay away from him cause he will not stop in his vendetta and will catch more stds on his quest to have unprotected sex with every woman he finds. The need to carve a scarlett letter for sex offender on his forehead but that doesnt exist anymore so this is my only option to warn all woman who try to date and sleep with him. He is an abusive drunk and has hurt his kids plenty of times during his drunken rampages and has current neglect and abuse charges in court but his Dad which is a NYC fire chief in bay ridge brooklyn ny helps him disguise his lies and abuse. His mother is having sex with his boss so she takes his bosses money to give to Greg for his debauchery, rent, car payment, bills, sex, partying, hookers and drugs. i will try to find any gf he dates to warn them. If your a woman with children when he is in his drunken rages will intentionally try to hurt or **ll your kids just to prove his point and his mom and dad will use their status qou to cover up any damage he does, she even helped him cover up a manslaughter and made it look like an accidental overdose on drugs he sold to his own

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Stacey Barbalinardo

April 1, 2014 Jersey 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dumb bitch, Stacey Barbalinardo. She is seriously one of most unintelligent girls I’ve ever met, and she thinks she is so fucking awesome. She needs to get put in her place. Also, she claims to be “moving” every couple months to either North Carolina, Florida, or wherever the fuck else she wants. It NEVER happens. She’s a LIAR and a fake bitch. She also has had ever drd known to man except for H**/A**S (to my knowledge… who knows if she has it.) Seriously, this fat cnt had sy**ilis, go***hea, AND chl(((ia at the age of 16!!! And she also needs to stop with the dumb duck faces to hide her fat face.

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Natasha Madden

March 31, 2014 Jersey 4


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Platinum Portal

March 31, 2014 Honolulu, Jersey 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this woman is married with 2 kids and trolls bars looking for dick….her body is sick but her tits are fake and her scars are bad…she looks great on her knees and on her back tho…I feel sorry for the poor sap who married her..she says she has a platinum p*ssy.. It’s nice..hardly platinum

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NJ Badge Witch

March 31, 2014 Jersey 165

THE DIRTY ARMY: Theresa Stevens; Her favorite shade of Lipstick is Penis. Preferably NJ Cops or Troopers (Married) best quote from a cop who got busted by his wife about her is “she is just a c(m dumpster” Somebody let her know the trailer park wants their trash back so she needs to get moving! She is unbelievably disgusting in so many ways imaginable and unimaginable! The words that come out of her mouth never add up, so clearly the truth is never included in the equation. Classic explanation from her is “it’s all lies, it’s gossip, he told me he was separated, he told me he was leaving his wife, we are just friends because he needed someone to talk to about his martial problems etc., all while she was either with him, calling him or texting him. She made herself look like the thirsty hoe she was from the beginning of time! Just as the most wanted signs are posted all over, there needs to be one for her in every police station NOT to let her in. She has gone to great lengths to get what she wants at any cost and at anyone’s expense! She doe not hesitate to steamroll over whoever to get the cop she wants. Wether your a family or a friend, if she wants your man that is her mission. When the men try to back out or leave her, that’s when it gets ugly and the dirtiness begins! Everything the guy ever said, did or gave her will be used against him to get him to stay and if he doesn’t, she will create drama by telling everyone her side of the affair, contacting the wife, family members or close friends. She seeks pity from others and to herself because she fell prey to a married man, always the victim in every situation she made a conscience decision about. She tells herself whatever she has to mentally in order to believe she never does wrong. The lies on top of lies and the exaggerations in her delusional mind are just so overwhelming to process how one can think and act like this! Its scary that women are like this! This has been going on for years with her and it’s time she is stopped! She knowingly enters into a sexual arrangement with married men and then begins her investigating as if she is entering into a relationship with them. She will find your house, things about the wife & kids, friends cars you drive, places you go with family, send cards and letters to the stations or bring food to the stations for the cops. She will ruin everything and everyone who gets in her way. KARMA will get her one day, however sadly people like her don’t get it and feel they have been wronged, especially her!

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Brazilian Liar

March 27, 2014 Jersey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Edna Osborne i work with this liar she marries her husband chris only to get her visa cuz she didn’t wanted to go back to brazil he’s so stupid that he did it i called him and told him the truth cuz she been bragging about her visa at work you got fooled chris she use you you were her visa now she got it.

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Crayola Face

March 27, 2014 Jersey 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: I SEEN this horrible mess on fb ,i first seen her picture and thought ok pretty girl and people were telling her how pretty she was but then i enlarged her picture and seen a horrible scary site! It looks like she was drunk and couldn’t stop pounding on the eye liner ,mascara and bronzer now its in all her wrinkles i just want to take a wash cloth and start scrubbing

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Shame On You Amanda Travaglione

March 26, 2014 Jersey, The Dirty 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so tired of this wanna be white girl. Everyone thinks you are a b*tch. She is almost in her mid-30′s and can’t even hold a steady job and still lives at home with her adopted parents. It also turns out that little Miss Travglione was arrested for none other than petty SHOPLIFTING. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search. She dates losers and is a total pot head. Our circle of friends just laugh at her behind her back for being such a delusional bitch. Grow up Amanda.

I thought midriffs went out of style 17 years ago?- nik

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