Manipulative Campbell

September 15, 2014 Kamloops, Kelowna 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lena Campbell, This girl is probably the biggest bitch in vernon. She is incredibly manipulative and just down right horrible. She takes advantage of all her friends and expects them to do everything for her, but cant be bothered to help her friends when they need her.. She is also a slut.. she treats her boyfriends like straight up shit and flirts with and takes boys home while in relationships, she leads on boys, excepting them to wait for her and continue to do everything for her while she is out being a whore. Not to mention she is bipolar beyond belief.. be warned and stay away

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Clown Pepsi Head

September 11, 2014 Kamloops 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this coke snorting fuckface is Mike Weich, he’s a loser dad that gives people’s women coke and fcks them, he thinks he’s a gangster, but he’s just a loser that lives in his fcking moms basement. Mike a catch you trying to work your way back into my family with coke Ill fcking get you, you own friends think you’re a fcking loser. Ladies please understand that this guy is a deadbeat cokehead dad that uses drugs to destroy your families. I hope his kids mom knows why he’s doing. Come around kamloops again Mike I dare you. You have no fcking balls to get outta the car and fight, you beg me not to tell your friends what you’ve been doing. I told my friends homie, real OG fckers. Your are a clown mike, fck you and your friends. Goof.

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Kaylie Wheadon

August 21, 2014 Kamloops 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: We’ll guess here’s the dirty fcking ratchet I’m sure most of you have been waiting to see on here: Kaylie Wheadon. Ha this bitch thinks she’s allllll top shit when in reality she isn’t. When she was living with me she would go out every night with random guys she’s never even met, and she would come home bragging about how she finally got laid and how it’s only been 2 days since the last time she fcked someone. The funny part about that was she was fucking them for a gram of weed, she’d come home and say “OMG guys I finally got laid and he have me weed” no bitch, you only fucked him for weed. in the month she was living with us she had fucked over 10 guys. weird how someone so ugly could get laid that much??? Last year she had the clap and she didn’t end up going to the hospital for over 2 weeks and it got so bad she couldn’t walk, she ended up getting it again after all the guys this SLOOT banged this year and her boyfriend contracted it the next day. She got tests done and found out she also had a yeast infection. Doesn’t surprise me though. You think that\’s the last of it? This dirty slut prostituted herself out so she could have money for smokes and drugs, she ended up making $100 and her so called “best friend” ended up stealing it from her! But then again that’s what happens when you’re a two faced bitch, now look where you are. She’s caused so much drama amongst so many girls and guys in kamloops I know at least 10 people that want to beat the living fck out of her. She was subletting with ellesia finlay at my moms house and ended up calling the cops on my mom because my mom told her to get the fck out, the cops laughed at kaylie obviously. She tried again and again and again to phone them but they clearly wouldn’t do shit. So before she left she broke cupboards, made x\’s in the walls with scissors , punched holes in the walls and made holes in the roof with a broom stick. She thinks she\’s a good friend but in reality all the does is lie, steal from you, fck youre boyfriend like she did to ellesia finlay, and talk behind your back like the slimy cunt she is. So ladies and gentleman if I can give you one word of advice it would definatly be STAY CLEAR AND FAR AWAY FROM THIS C**P INFESTED WHORE.

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Megan Elizabeth Loves To Flex

August 21, 2014 Kamloops, Vancouver 192

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Megan-there’s so much to say about this girl, but 1st things 1st…she ain’t the realeast (Fake tits, for one). (Oh, this isn’t Keatons ex, I’m a friend who’s sick of you)The “money” you work hard to make…you flossing like you made it but you got a hefty inheritance from dad so stop acting like all the cars n shit are bought on ur own. You couldn’t cut it in Van, so back to the ‘loops for you. Meg “owned” melon salon, then POOF you’re gone. I’m sure you’ll find a reason to fck up this new job, blame it on all ALL of us jealous girls. Jealous of your tacky tattoos, fake boobs, over inflated new boyfriend Keaton and all his shitty tattoos,(who you jumped on REAL quick after Mo.). 2 weeks in the gym has made you quite the expert on health and fitness too,lol! insecure about HIS fb, harassing him to stop changing his status…let the man breathe( already changing it back and forth is a sign of a VERY healthy relationship haha)before he realizes how crazy you are. Keep up the Monroe “inspirational” quotes, keep on talking like a thug and raise your daughter. Your biggest fan is YOU, bitch.

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Burns Lake Slore

August 14, 2014 Kamloops, Prince George 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Koster will not keep her dirty legs closed. She sleeps with all the men that come from out of town to come and work. She passes her nasty crap back to the faithful women back at home. She is dirty home wrecking whore that has been passed around a time or two and she needs to be blasted on here so we can all be aware of her dirty nasty antics.

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Krazy Kelci

August 12, 2014 Kamloops 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Krazy Kelci Ried. Pucking disgusting worthless piece of sh!t that god happen to create. Most of you females know this sk@nk because either shes slept with your boyfriends, weather you know about it or not. May I add she does have a husband and kids. This b!tch got fired and dragged out of NRI for cornering a few males in the warehouse and trying to rape them. Now she does this because she knows how pucking worthless she is so to make her feel better about her saggy vagina she goes for these poor young idiotic boys. Unfortunately this b!tch happend to puck my EX boyfriend in the NRI parking lot. UNPROTECTED. who knows what kind of pucking diseases this girl has whirl winding down there. Just warning all you poor idiot boys out there. Look the puck out. NIK put this b!tch on blast.

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Seanique Kip

August 7, 2014 Kamloops 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lady here (and I use that term lightly) is seanique kip and I believe this is the 3rd?? Maybe 4th time she’s been posted on here. Anyways this waste of skin got knocked up about 2 years ago and had no idea who the baby daddy was. She was cheating on her bf with a different waste of space and ended up getting knocked up. It took her far too long to finally get a paternity test done but finally discovered her son was fathered by the guy she cheated on her bf with. The baby daddy is a completely irresponsible wanna be macho douche bag who has been in and out of rehab forever. And the mother of this poor kid (seanique) is a coke head lphsyco path who just lost custody of her kid becuase of neglect. Get your fcking life together seanique. If not for you, then for your child who deserves a fair chance at life, a chance you have never given him becuase you are too consumed in your own selfish bullshit. Grow up. You’re a mom. Time to stop being a selfish spoiled psychotic bitch and take care of your responsibilities and give your boy a chance at a normal functioning life. He\’s in foster care now becuase of you. Becuase of your selfish ways. That poor little boy. Shame on you. You have a beautiful boy who needs you but becuase you were too concerned with partying and pawning him off on anyone who would take him, he now is without a mom and a dad. Way to go. GET IT TOGETHER!!!

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Keven Lavoie aka Keven Francice

August 7, 2014 Kamloops 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: He does online dating scams says hes associated with hells angels and is not he will steal the cloths off his mothers back he is a fricken liar that says he has cancer and trys to move in with unaware women he has kids that he don’t even look after .. he is a looser dirt bag that needs to be put in his place I judt want to put a warning out there for unsuspecting women he also knowen to work online scams with his ex too I think that karmas to slow for this guy he needs whats coming to him !!!! Beware ladys looking for love he is a real fckin looser!!!!

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