Dead Beat Dad in Kelowna

January 29, 2013 Kamloops, Kelowna 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies take a close look.this here is ryan rolfsen, the biggest wannabe player out there.he somehow gets girls into bed,doesnt use a condom and doesnt pull out.when he knocks the girl up he tells them to abort it.when they dont he denies his child(ren). he doesnt have ajob to support those poor babies and sells and smokes weed all day and snorts other various drugs.he is bottom of the barrel loser!he thinks everyone likes him when everyone thinks he is a fool and call him “cryin ryan”behind his back.this deadbeat needs to get a job and start making money for his unknown number of chldren at keast 3.he is a big drama case and tells people he is going to commit suicide so he doesnt have to pay child support.he makes up stories about people and lies his way through life.he is wacked up on too many drugs not to mention a becoming alcoholic to be a real dad and doesnt care about anyone but himself and the small amount of money he makes from selling weed goes to himself for drugs and booze rather than to his children!this POS needs to get served!!!

If you look closely you can see he’s a ginger.- nik

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Kamloop Sponge

January 25, 2013 Kamloops, Vancouver 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little c*ke whore decided to cheat on her bf with her new bfs friend she calls the person she was cheating with gf her friend but yet she was fcking that friends man!! just so she could stay with him cough cough BILL KLEMMER such a hoe he is! such a hoe I mean look at the cunt shes got the disgusting gut of having a kid and shes had it a year ago why haven’t you got on the tredmill to sort that shit out! you lied to your bf so you could spounge off dan morgan and thought you could get a way with it. You are a disgusting piece of trash you need to stop lying on your back to try and get what you want… I know it has worked for you in the past but maybe you should give something else a try like oh I don’t know a cough cough a job!! get a life hoe get your kid back and stop doin c*ke and have some self respect stop laying on your back to get a fox purse or anything else you want nad get a job and get t yourself! HHHHHOOOOOO< YOU’S A HOOOO I SAID THAT YOUS A HOOOOOOO

Nice pits.- nik

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Geoff Mental Morris

January 25, 2013 Kamloops, Vancouver 215

THE DIRTY ARMY: ATTN KAMLOOPS AND PLENTY OF FISH WOMEN!!! nik This is Geoff Morris he is a two timing, lying, cheating, egotistical, crazy, loser. He is in his 30s and still never been in a long lasting serious relationship. He knocks up chicks all over kamloops than buys gifts and plays nice till you get an abortion than leaves. He fcks anything that walks. He has serious mental problems any one who chats with him please dont fall for his good looks and charm because he will fck u lead you on all when he is fcking 4 other women including his boss…..bad bad boy!!! you have been warned btw he will sleep with any size or shape, he is not to be trusted

That’s a lot of hardware for a mall cop.- nik

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Samantha Lust

January 22, 2013 Kamloops, Vancouver 317

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Samantha “Lust” she is a nasty dirty slut. She went out with one of my best friends and what she didn’t tell him was the fact she was engaged to a guy in jail. She hangs out with all the teenagers when she is an adult. She sleeps around and from what rumors say, she is diseased infested. She talks shit to everyone and thinks she is super hot. She assumes everyone knows who she is when in fact she is just another wannabe prostitute. You really need to put this slutty bitch up.

I wonder what came first, the clip-ins or the weave…doesn’t matter I guess, they’re all one now.- nik

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Tyler Metal Svoboda

January 17, 2013 Kamloops, Vancouver 205

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik, I do not know WHY this pepsi head has not been submitted yet? He plays pretty much EVERY girl there is, he thinks hes tough shit yet when my friend wanted to fight him he never showed? He has to be the most patholigical lier i know. He says he hates gay people yet its confirmed he gave a guy a blow job before. He also slept with a guy well his girl friend was in the bed? what the heck? He bums off of everyone and doesnt have a job. He is with a girl right now but he is probably hooking up with more behind her back. He can be seen walkin around Kamloops in Steel toes and trying to be a tough guy. He beaks off to everyone then hides in his house. Nik blast this guy, hes a lying,cheating, hideous scum bag. GIRLS WATCH OUT HE WILL CHEAT AND LIE JUST TO GET IN YOU.

Cause nobody cares.  Just some guy struggling with his sexuality.- nik

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Man-Eating Whale

January 10, 2013 Kamloops 471

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik my friend was going to post but looks like she chickened out. This is Marie STD named that because she used to be a last name S then added D … but she deserves all three letters for what she does. Yes, she has a baby but that hasn’t stopped her from slutting herself out left right ans center she lives in Castlegar and goes after random guys and tries to get them to sleep with her. Someone said it was because she is desperate for someone to look at her since she had a baby and can’t get off her fat ass to lose the weigt. But heres where is gets really weird she got knocked up by some guy who then MARRIED her because he thought he had to or someonthing or naybe her dad forced him to. Anyway rumor has it that he bought her a fcking house and car! He supports her lazy ass like a man should but The biggest question is if that baby is even his. She dropped out of school so she can never get a real job and when she was working it was at the grease pit McDs in down with the rest of the fastfood hoes. People even started calling her Marie Slutier (from stuter her name before she got hitched) and Marie Jerkin (from durken which is the smucks name who got trapped into marry her). Some guys said they slept with her in the fcking house her husband bought her while she left her baby in the living room unattended! Talk about a horrible mother! When she fuked some chick’s man from Selkirk College in town the College went apeshit and there were even posters around schhol saying “Watch out for the maneating whale”but admin took them down the same day so barely anyone got to see. I want to officially warn the women and men of Castlegar. Men just because she’s easy and you can ignore the fact that she just had a baby for fck’s sake have some integrity… really fcking someone with their baby in the next room in her husband’s house is just low. She might put out easy but doesn’t mean you have to take the viral gamble by sticking your dick in a 2 cent pssy. These photos are from her own fb account.

Marrying someone you knock is not weird, its the right thing to do.- nik

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Bagged On Michelle

January 9, 2013 Kamloops, Prince George 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Michelle McColman.This girl is honestly the most disgusting mattress mutt in this town. This alcoholic cke whore has been around the block many of times, and her only friends are her auntie who she parties with, and a few greasy guys she lives with. She also sucks up to everyone she talks to, no point girl, everyone knows who you are and where you’ve been. She even moved away for a bit, to do what? lay on her back some more with different guys.

She’s photoshopped herself into a Pokemon.- nik

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Kamloops Karalee

January 7, 2013 Kamloops 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Karalee Aiken. An insecure, filthy drd infested cm sponge, who finds joy in stalking down and going on the prowl for guys with gf’s ( yes…sadly another one of those )she knows they would never do her sober so she waits until they are falling down drunk, offers them a ride home ( drunk cuz she is classy like that )and lures them into her filthy smelly dungeon were she goes in for the ki**, all the while being ever so considerate, and sharing her nasty rash infested vaj. True story, I worked with her and have watched her in action… YUCK Kamloops needs to be warned about this one Nick… And someone needs to tell this krust-sac to dress her size!!! No one needs to see ANY of that. Blech!!! Put this nasty scab on blast Nick!! help save Kamloops from one more of these poor excuses of a woman.

You’re welcome for not zooming in on that first pic.- nik

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