Doug the Pedophile

April 19, 2013 Kamloops 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy right here touches little girls! he touched a friend of mine at the age of either 3 or 4 she is so tramatized that she cant remember which. and he fcking got off on the charges saying he has a mental disorder that prevents him from knowing what hes doing is wrong. there is no doubt that he has some sort of special needs but there is no way that he doesnt know what hes doing when hes over 40 yrs old and still chasing 13-16 yr old girls offering them timmy coffee and runaways a place to live in the pedos mommas 5th wheel trailer in the backyard. cause he cant be around his own kid who is cared for by his momma cause he made eyes at his own child at 5 months of age and his mental incapabilities just make it hard for him to parent. this guy also threatens and beats women and wonders why e[]!! Like really buddy its not that big of a mystry why everyone wants to kick the shit out of you! Your a rapist, pedohpile, woman beating, verbally abusive, sexist piece of shit and a COP RAT!! go run to the police about this and see if they can help you out as i am going to make sure that everyone in kamloops knows who you and what you have done! you should really just pack up and leave town

Nice doll collection…- nik

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Famous Kamloops Trash Twins

April 18, 2013 Kamloops 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Zoe Willard and “Miissy T May ” KAMLOOPS TRASH..Not much else to say about these girls except they’re absolutely disgusting. Everyone in Kamloops and the surrounding areas knows their repuations. They can be found whoring up the town together, blowing any hockey players they can find. They are the definition of puck bunnies. These girls give Kamloops girls a bad reputation. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if they had ***’s…Miissy’s crabs are probably big enough to eat her child anyway. Not to mention Zoe is underage and didn’t she pose in lingerie shoots? Hah, these girls have quite the life. Put them on blast Nick!

Infamous is more like it, and that’s within a small radius.- nik

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BC Stinky Pit

April 1, 2013 Kamloops 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittani Towle, M*th addicted slut with drd, goes around Kamloops and Kelowna fucking any guy that will stick their dicks in her failing to mention she has herpes! Funny thing is, she got the nasty drd from fcking a guy who had got them from her little sister Samantha Towle who also gives out drd like its no big deal! Brittani also lies about fcking all these guys and goes around telling everyone she doesn’t understand why they think she is such a slut and then steals from EVERY single person who she pretends to be friends with! She got her head shaved because she fcked the wrong chicks boyfriend one to many times!!! She is a no good nasty walking derp!

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Nasty Brianna Traverse

March 27, 2013 Kamloops, Prince George 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, check out this chick. shes a low down dirty sloot. she F*cks around every ones boyfriend and denys it… shes always drinking with her loser family. She makes natives look so bad…I used to hang with her till someone told me she had … This chick is the definition of nasty sloot… so tell me nik would you?

Quite drinking and empty those boxes.- nik

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Candice Carter

March 14, 2013 Kamloops, Prince George 185

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik look at her pics, nuff said, this ho gets around all over PG fks every guy in site (GF or not) and a low class walking drd slime ball. She dont care about anybody but herself and her fix

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Doug Gibbs

March 14, 2013 Kamloops, Prince George 345

THE DIRTY ARMY: DOUG GIBBS don’t trust this guy, he has a GF he sweet talks every girl by talking shit about his baby mama telling girls how his GF doesn’t let him see the kids, she chases him around with knifes (clearly lies) girls fall for his charm of BS and he runs back to his GF telling her how so and so is stalking him, blowing up his cell just to cause a big scene when clearly he’s just full of BS he likes drama, word TO ALL YOU FEMALES this guy is a women beating POS chump, lies all the time, he don’t know the truth, he’s thief who rips everybody off, he’s not holding a full deck of cards when you get to know him. he’s fkd

He looks so proud to be a deadbeat.- nik

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Greasiest BC Player

March 14, 2013 Kamloops 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy Cody Lanz, AKA my ex (ya ya not proud!!) is probably the biggest greasiest loser you will ever meet, hes a huge coke head and complete pooker. He takes any girl that will get with him and he only lasts 5 minutes in bed! I heard he caught the cl*p from some chick too! Yuck i would soo NOT hook up with that if i were you girls, be warned! He’s a complete player and cheater and loves the chubby women, will tell them anything just to get in their pants. Don’t trust this guy girls, he will make you fall for him and then dump you and break your heart when he finds something more interesting! and he thinks hes so gangster! HA!

I didn’t know gangsters shopped at Value Village.- nik

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Disgusting Family Man

March 13, 2013 Kamloops 44

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is rocky hunter…. owner of both dominos pizzas in Kamloops… this man thinks he is all above the best man out there…. sorry to say rocky but bringing young girls out to the bush and doing c*caine with them so they will strip for you is disgusting….. especially when ur poor wife is @ home fighting cancer taking care of ur son while yu mess around all day…. makes me puke…. he also enjoys dressing up like Santa every year so the little girls will sit on his lap…. he will do anything for a girl to be near his “”sack”” yu should work on making sur the crickets next door to ur dominos on the north shore stop getting into the pizza and stored food….. everytime I go to dominos I here crickets cherping throughout the store and have seen them hop up into the pizza toppings…… yu should also stop firing ppl for things like there skin color or se*ual orientation…. this man is by far the worst business owner I have ever seen…. don’t work for him because he will scr*ew yu around and yu will never get paid or he will try to undress yu !!!!!! watch out young women of Kamloops…. this is pure dirt!!!

I can only imagine what kinda girls he trolls with free pizza.- nik

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