Bond Update

November 14, 2012 Kamloops 24 5,967 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Seen this posted and thought i would give an update… i use to be friends with her when she still lived in Kamloops,BC Kayla plays men and so does her friend Sam, i dated Sam\’s ex-boyfriend and he vented one night and spilled the beans…. they \”experimented\” with each other and now hide from the world their true love for each other… nothing wrong with being gay… but to hide it.., well the reason for hiding it was the dry that was caught from Sam… i discontinued my friendship with the too cause i could not handle watching what they did to men and how they got them, they would never approach single men always taken.. who does that? doesn\’t suprise me to hear her sister is involved she\’s barely grown up since high school, i feel bad for her current boyfriend… and the couple she destroyed what a tragedy.

Thanks for the update.- nik

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Up And Coming Model

November 14, 2012 Kamloops 139 7,771 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh my god Nik, it is about time this sleazy attention wh*re got blasted !!!! This is Kayla Douglas .. Kamloops B.C’s up and coming “model”… there are a few other girls who think they are just the cats ass but kayla is by far the worst of them all!! Also why do half of her pictures show her underwear…. trying to let some air out between gregs probably! God she is do damn trashy!!! Trying to be a “role model” huh? Try posting some pics with clothes on ya dirty sloot!!!! On her fb she is always talking about getting baked…. I see that there is a little gut coming up there from all her late night munchies… or maybe she got knocked up. I hope Kayla finds some sense of morals and stops this modeling sharade her and the rest of her clan has been doing… GET REAL you are KAMLOOPS TRASH!!!!!

Kamloop and the word “model” should never be used in the same sentence.- nik

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Vernons Dirty Jones

November 12, 2012 Kamloops, Kelowna 34 5,545 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik theres this chick named Chelsea Jones known in vernon as (Dirty Hoe Jones) This no love cheese smellin floppy titty b*tch is a plain pathetic excuss for a women, a mother, a friend, or a human being in general.. she is everything she hates in a person, she is not only lacking in looks with this constent confused look on her face.. she is a sloppy women as well.. with two children.. and old food and garbage all over her house.. The sad thing is on her second pregnacy she drank through half of it cuz she didn’t want her child… there was alot of confusion of who the baby dad was… then last minute decided to keep it… When she gets drunk she likes to steal other peoples bottles pound them back and get disgustingly wasted and spread her clammy thunder thighs.. guys have to watch out with falling asleep around her while she\’s on her drunken rampage’s cuz of her burning drunk desire to have d*ck in and around her mouth… be careful this over weight slut will sit on you and trap you with her good good loving… She is what makes natives look bad.. even though she says she hates natives for this edxact same reason (she’s part native herself) She claims to be spanish and to be able to speak it… but doesn’t know sh*t with out google translate hahaha… but if your still interested go for it.. even know she has gave a known reported confession to have chlamydia for 8 months… lol…. she is very lonley cuz none of her baby daddy’s want anything to do with her and her sloppy mess of a twofaced life she has built for herself.. she has been known by EVERYONE to go online and talk nothing but bullsh*t and make up storys about her own friends for other peoples attention.. that couldn’t give two shits about her…(wheres the sense in that?.. there is none.. mabe thats where the confused look on her face comes from) She seems to feed off of drama but the funny thing is when u see her face to face she can’t look no one in the face and if you get in her face she will have no problem dialing 911.. so that i don’t give a fck, im tough, fake gangster attitude you see online is just a front.. sorry to burst that bubble.. so don’t feel so bad for her just yet this is a taste of her own damn medicine.. cuz not everyone is gunna put up with her sh*t forever

That’s a lot of bread.- nik

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Shady Person Shady Company

November 12, 2012 Kamloops, Kelowna 52 6,768 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Carman Cancino Jones of Your green clean this single mom is a mess from the drugs she does to the outright beatings of her crazy son to the garbage she dates yet shes everyones bes friend while shes talking shit behind your back or doing a few rails she has a cleaning company with a bunch of local sluts all loving the Pepesi all the way. This woman is a bad Mom her business is shady her employees are bar sluts cleaning your house and prob casing it for there boyfriends to rob. watch out for this one Nik bad business and bad news

No mop?- nik

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Lenny Isn’t Too Smart

November 8, 2012 Kamloops 145 6,652 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lauren but she goes by Lenny…..she is a dirty sl*t who sells her body for 10 bucks and a bag of weed….she lies all the time and calls the cops on guys after they f*ck and says that shes been raped! This girl has her nudes every where and her own friends send them around to get a good laugh, you will find this tramp all around town swinging from any greg she can find watch out kamloops shes not to be trusted.

She really needs to get that Lazer’dAway.- nik

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Shitty Mother

November 7, 2012 Kamloops, Prince George 68 8,099 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , This Pathetic Girl KAYLA Is A Dirty Low Life Mutt ! She Has No Self Respected What So Ever, She Blames Others For Her Doing Rails And Drinking While She Pregnant!!!. To Be Honest She Is The Biggest Fucking Lier I Have Seriously Ever Met, She’s So UN-Classy Is Makes Me Sick! She Is One Dirty Bitch Thats For Sure, She Spreads Her Legs To Any Guy That Has Money Or Drugs! Because Thats What She Dose, I Honestly Feel For That Child Inside Her!! From Personal Experience Of Being Her Friend And Having Her Fuck Me Over, I Hope She Gets Her Kid Takin Away And I Know That Sounds Pretty Bad But Anyone That Knows The True Kayla Knows She Wont Be Able You Take Care Of That Child Properly ! I Think Its Sad Personally That She’s Having This Child To Get Back At Her Ex …Even No He Still Wants Nothing To Do With Her !. She Should Be Having A Child For Her, Not For Her Selfish Needs On A Guy That Wants Nothing To Do With Her, Basically Kayla’s Having This Babie To Trap Her Ex ? Dont You Think Thats Just Fking Sick! Ugh

Looks like an organized hoarder.- nik

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Don’t Let Him Record You

November 6, 2012 Kamloops, Prince George 135 7,991 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik meet lee larocque welcome to the playerz club he only wants you around if you have he wants or gets what he wants and walks all over you he films girls sucking him off and has all footaege of many different girls all sizes and ages unknowns genders even lol ever sick you are lee youngest is 16 i do believe…yeah he even had one of his ex gf’s daughter over and prob hooked up with her he is easy and sleazy he will throw down with anyone and deny it to them even i cant wait to see all the comments on this douchebag pedafile, loser people need to know all about his sex videos he has on his pc and laptop barely or not even legal makes me sick to know there are worse predators then him out there.

Guys with contacts = no buen0.- nik

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Alicia Slooty Fox

November 5, 2012 Kamloops, Selkirk 43 5,333 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alica Susan Fox this slutty cnt got her self knocked up by dirty pankiw. This dirty cke hoe can be found almost any where. The best is she lives in a two bed room house with 3 guys pregnant…Gang Bang!! Feb should be a great month…. what a dirty girl .

Rock paper scissors, daddy. -nik

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