February 25, 2013 Kamloops 142

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Nyomi she thinks shes cool shit but really shes a fat fuking whale who needs to go back to go back to the Ocean, She hangs out with underage kids like Tianna Rose so that makes her feel all high and mighty. Bitch please no one fcking likes you they just use you so can boot for them then they laugh about how fat, ugly and gross you are behind your back. She was living with people my friend knows and they kicked her out because she ate ALL their food, and she NEVER took a shower or cleaned her room like EWWW, They invented soap for a reason! Blast this wana be nasty as loser.

Only posting this so you will stop submitting her multiple times a day.  Post real dirt! All you’ve done is uploaded a pic of a fat chick and called her one…poor post.- nik

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Trashy Isnt Classy

February 11, 2013 Kamloops 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik… This sloot right here is Kandice mulhall, she is BY FAR thee NAAASTIEST piece of trash in kamloops. She thinks she is hot shit and that she has soo many friends but whenevr you see her, she is alone. She is a fat slutt, i see her downtown almost every day and she is wearing the tightest jeans imaginable, with her huge gut hanging out! She looks like she could be at least 5 months pregnant, but shes not. She says she has class but she sleeps with whoever will fck her. One time she offered to let me stay at her place and in return i bought her at least 100$ worth in groceries and i didnt even stay more than two days, or even really eat any of the food. This bitch actually had the nerve to ask me for money for staying at her house! wtf? the food wasnt enough for your fat ass you had to try and get some money for yoiur dope out of me too? pathetic! you are such a nasty goof, nik its time this bitch was put on blast!!

These are much more flattering then her other pics (Click here: Also See) on account of the quarter shot.- nik

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Jordin Immature Steele

February 6, 2013 Kamloops 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. This bitch is Jordin Steele, she is BY FAR the GROSSEST NASTIEST peace of trash in Kamloops. She sits on her fat ass at the computer in her little facebook group called “B*tch Fest Uncensored” thinking shes so cool, making up bullshit lies with her “friends” and when people call her out on it they get blocked and banned so they cant stick up for them selves. she think they are so fucking cool because she can talk so much shit and make her selves feel good. Its pretty pathetic if you ask me. Shamu its time to go home to the ocean. Put this bitch on blast!

That tattoo is grossly under-sized.- nik

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Messed Up Couple

February 5, 2013 Kamloops 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: this couple is messed up, this sloot has already been posted here and its about time her “boyfriend” was as well. shes already lost custody of her other three kids now she’s expecting her 4th??? not only that but they have been searching for another girl to live with them and be barefoot and pregnant with them?? way to bring another female in just to have the ministry take that chicks kid away as well as yours? maybe they should look at what they already have and put some priorities first. their little fetish goes to show they are not responsible parents and do not deserve the role as parents ( more like trailer trash if u ask me ) put them both on blast nik, they deserve that much.

How many more till she gets the memo.- nik

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Taylor The Wana Be Model

January 30, 2013 Kamloops 527

THE DIRTY ARMY: Taylor Mcburnie she thinks she is a tuff bitch, She will sit behind her computer screen and tell people to go and drink bleach and talk all this shit, but when you call her out on it and it comes down to it she runs and hides like the little bitch she is. I have already beat her pathetic ass once, and now she is talking shit again. she thinks that she is a model but she posts pictures of her self with lips stick all over her face making her look like she has some kind of disease, (I’m sure she has many!!) news flash bitch thats not hot, it makes you look like a tool. her only friend is the biggest goof in town Tyler “i think im so cool” Svobda they really are the perfect couple because they both no how to talk so much shit to people, and try to be these big hard asses, im the most awsome person ever, but in all reality EVERYONE hates them and talks nothing but bad stuff behind thier back. Taylor go take a shower, get some new clothes, some plastic surgey, pull out all the fish out of that smelly as cunt of yours, and then maybe just maybe you will get ONE just ONE friend, But that is just one big MAYBE, your such a sleaze bag it actually makes me sick to my stomache, and by the way your site modeling page is a fucking joke! you use so much photoshop on yourself yet you STILL look like you were just ran over by a truck lmao, sorry hunny but with those looks, you better get your ass out and get a REAL job, cuz your so called “modeling” isnt gonna get you no where

Definitely should aspire to be something else, modeling aint gunna happen.- nik

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Shes A Model

January 30, 2013 Kamloops 454

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik its time… Tianna May Mckenzie of Kamloops… she thinks shes a model… shes all of what 17? yet she’s always posting half naked pics (not shocking shes a teen mom right?) She drinks every weekend, hangs out with crackhea, and she thinks she’s such hot shit. It’s time she be brought down a peg, you can’t call her out on FB because she just resorts to threats and violence. she thinks its cool to fight girls, get drunk n make out with other sloots like herself, all for attention. her latest ‘photoshoot’ is just hilarious, she named it, and I quote… always trashy, never classy and little bit sassy…I’m sorry but its all trash and no class. FYI any photographer who thinks its artsy to make the client do a bridge should probably learn to photoshop stretch marks and cellulite out. her +2s are all scarred up because she cuts… I wonder why.. they’re so bad they’re -2s. shes been put up before but shes still rampant, spreading her legs for any ‘photographer’ so she can be a model, shes 1 year away from porn… so Nik… please tell us… does she have any hope? I wont even ask if you would because youre standards have to be higher than her… sadly this town is full of nasty guys who thinks shes… beautiful? hahaha funny  Tianna you’re a joke, I wish you a prosperous porn career, lots of men like stretched out cellulite ridden moms, you’ll make tens of dollars

Yoga never looked so unappealing.- nik

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Head Case, Tiny Balls

January 29, 2013 Kamloops, Vancouver 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, introducing Kyle Smith to the Dirty everyone. Kyle is such a roid monkey and major coke head. This dude has been at the same parties as me for the last little while and we all can’t stand him and his little gang of wife beater drug dealers. The kid does steroids and coke all the time and has a temper to match the size of his shrink dink and tiny balls. Ive heard from chicks that he lasts like 2 mins in bed and has a tiny dick. He tries to get with any chick he can but from what Ive seen he always strikes out. Put this guy on here to let people know that roids don’t make you hot and same with coke. Just gives you an attitude like some spoiled southern teenage girl.

Dude needs help.- nik

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Dead Beat Dad in Kelowna

January 29, 2013 Kamloops, Kelowna 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies take a close look.this here is ryan rolfsen, the biggest wannabe player out there.he somehow gets girls into bed,doesnt use a condom and doesnt pull out.when he knocks the girl up he tells them to abort it.when they dont he denies his child(ren). he doesnt have ajob to support those poor babies and sells and smokes weed all day and snorts other various drugs.he is bottom of the barrel loser!he thinks everyone likes him when everyone thinks he is a fool and call him “cryin ryan”behind his back.this deadbeat needs to get a job and start making money for his unknown number of chldren at keast 3.he is a big drama case and tells people he is going to commit suicide so he doesnt have to pay child support.he makes up stories about people and lies his way through life.he is wacked up on too many drugs not to mention a becoming alcoholic to be a real dad and doesnt care about anyone but himself and the small amount of money he makes from selling weed goes to himself for drugs and booze rather than to his children!this POS needs to get served!!!

If you look closely you can see he’s a ginger.- nik

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