Doug Gibbs

March 14, 2013 Kamloops, Prince George 344

THE DIRTY ARMY: DOUG GIBBS don’t trust this guy, he has a GF he sweet talks every girl by talking shit about his baby mama telling girls how his GF doesn’t let him see the kids, she chases him around with knifes (clearly lies) girls fall for his charm of BS and he runs back to his GF telling her how so and so is stalking him, blowing up his cell just to cause a big scene when clearly he’s just full of BS he likes drama, word TO ALL YOU FEMALES this guy is a women beating POS chump, lies all the time, he don’t know the truth, he’s thief who rips everybody off, he’s not holding a full deck of cards when you get to know him. he’s fkd

He looks so proud to be a deadbeat.- nik

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Greasiest BC Player

March 14, 2013 Kamloops 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy Cody Lanz, AKA my ex (ya ya not proud!!) is probably the biggest greasiest loser you will ever meet, hes a huge coke head and complete pooker. He takes any girl that will get with him and he only lasts 5 minutes in bed! I heard he caught the cl*p from some chick too! Yuck i would soo NOT hook up with that if i were you girls, be warned! He’s a complete player and cheater and loves the chubby women, will tell them anything just to get in their pants. Don’t trust this guy girls, he will make you fall for him and then dump you and break your heart when he finds something more interesting! and he thinks hes so gangster! HA!

I didn’t know gangsters shopped at Value Village.- nik

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Disgusting Family Man

March 13, 2013 Kamloops 44

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is rocky hunter…. owner of both dominos pizzas in Kamloops… this man thinks he is all above the best man out there…. sorry to say rocky but bringing young girls out to the bush and doing c*caine with them so they will strip for you is disgusting….. especially when ur poor wife is @ home fighting cancer taking care of ur son while yu mess around all day…. makes me puke…. he also enjoys dressing up like Santa every year so the little girls will sit on his lap…. he will do anything for a girl to be near his “”sack”” yu should work on making sur the crickets next door to ur dominos on the north shore stop getting into the pizza and stored food….. everytime I go to dominos I here crickets cherping throughout the store and have seen them hop up into the pizza toppings…… yu should also stop firing ppl for things like there skin color or se*ual orientation…. this man is by far the worst business owner I have ever seen…. don’t work for him because he will scr*ew yu around and yu will never get paid or he will try to undress yu !!!!!! watch out young women of Kamloops…. this is pure dirt!!!

I can only imagine what kinda girls he trolls with free pizza.- nik

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Spread WIDE open

March 6, 2013 Kamloops 695

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Rachel deKerf, one of the biggest whores in Kamloops. She has 5 children with 5 different men. That just says it all! It’s all about the party life and sleeping around. She ruined my life by sleeping with my husband, she is a homewrecker. She sticks her nose in other peoples business when she should worry about her own life and those poor children with different fathers. I wonder if her new man knows all about her hidden past. Life’s a bitch eh Rachel..what comes around goes around…It’s called KARMA!

How’d she get wrapped up in the window curtain- nik

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Jesse Cardinal

March 5, 2013 Kamloops, Prince George 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I have a prize for you here! His name is Jesse Cardinal and he has a very bad habit! His idea of fun is beating up little girls. That’s right – hes the classic WOMAN ABUSER ! Not only has he hit me personally, hes got quite the reputation for hitting other little ladies as well. He should have hit me harder because I know a dirty little secret about him… Hes also a compulsive cheater ! Ooops… bet he didn’t want his girlfriend to know that . Last night I watched him stick his tongue down another girls throat as his girlfriend turned to take a shot… dirty ! Not to mention the other one he had locked in the bathroom with him a bit later… ooh you naughty naughty boy !

These script tats are getting out of control, becoming more forgy by the day.- nik

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Rhianna Derouin

March 4, 2013 Kamloops, Vancouver 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rhianna Derouin. She is a fat disgusting east van bitch who is only good at laying on her back. This crusty rat bitch is in her mid 30s and has 3 kids all from different dads, she recently just had a kid and still smokes weed every day with the music full blast around her new infant, someone should call social services on this trashy drug using, cm guzzling whore. Also she is a thieving piece of shit, this cow well take peoples things most likely to support her drug habits, this stupid bimbo only got preggo to trap her current boyfriend who is quite frankly the stupidest mother fcker you will ever meet, he has the same IQ as a fruit fly, not to mention he is also a trashy east van deadbeat. These two fcking losers can hardly even pay their rent let alone feed their kid! Rhianna Derouin claims to be well off and pretends like her shit doesn’t stink yet she lives in a shit hole on the east side! To make herself sound like a nicer person she also claims to work with the homeless and is an expert on crck heads and whose with drug problems, I guess IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE! She is a an uneducated, over weight, lazy, dead beat cnt. If anyone sees this trashy scum bag scurrying around Vancouver most likely EAST Van like a dirty RAT!

Work with, or, hang out with…I’ll go with the latter.- nik

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Cindy Baron

March 4, 2013 Calgary, Kamloops 112

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Cindy Lee Ann Baron/born 1970. In the risk of legal action against me, I have chosen to send this Statement to you Dr.Peter Henlney, I’ve been in a very unstable relationship with your client Cindy Baron for the past year, I’m sending this email in hopes you’ll hear my plea, even though I know you’ll probably side with the money. Since I’ve known Cindy Baron she has spent every dollar that she gets and or has on Crck c*caine. Cindy recently received over $13000 from the government that her family helped her organize and get ( at there own expense and stress ) I know now for a fact the every dollar Cindy Baron gets will go do her immediate addiction. That money would be better suited for programs to help addicts, rather then support one! The drugs that she gets from the doctor (ocxycontin ) Cindy never takes, Cindy takes them the day before she goes to the doctor to pass the piss test, And she stays clean (off of cr**k coc**ne )long enough to do that.. Cindy then sells those pills to the highest bidder in the criminal market (yes I know who they are). I know that this ploy might suit your firms best needs (monetarily), but in my opinion, doesn’t suit the best needs of her family or the people around her. Cindy has explained to me many times about her drug dealing (and drug using) past, and her abuse of people and there addictions for her profit, and her willingness to continue that lifestyle. I tried with all of my conviction to help/support Cindy through this, so maybe one day she could be free off her addiction. But I have paid dearly, economically, spiritually and physically. This is not a statement to hurt her, rather a statement of where her money (if any) would be better suited. I started my relationship with Cindy lonely but with hope. I worked hard for a living and lead a meaningful lifestyle. I meet her in a crack house in Enderby BC where Cindy Baron and Hossam Bou-sahel were dealing and doing Crck/mth/and prescription medication. In my low in life, I found a friend. In the later months I found myself compelled to help Cindy at what ever cost. I have sold my fifth wheel, boat and many other things that I had spent my life building. To support and pay for Cindy to be comfortable in my modest home.  Cindy has also stated to me many times regarding her accident (in 2008) that she doesn’t know if she was driving. To point of fact “I was too high to remember, I just sold 2 pounds of dope (cr*ck coc**ne) in Revalstoke BC”., The facts. Cindy will facilitate anyone she can in hopes of continuing her addiction at any cost. Up to and including, bribing her son Daniel Bou-Saleh DOB 02/03/95 into stating what is needed to be said in order win Cindy’s case. I have witnessed these conversations. In closing, I don’t want this to come across as a vindictful lover. I believe in Cindy. Or I would have not done what I have done to help Cindy. And I am not saying that I haven’t had my faults in this relationship, but someone has to say something, to someone.

All people care about these days is a paycheck.- nik

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Chris Bie Always Lying

February 28, 2013 Kamloops 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris Bie, from Terrace BC, married Laurie in Las Vegas on May 19, 2012. He never told anybody he married her. He said to people he went to Las Vegas for a vacation. He said the same thing for when he went on his honeymoon. On June 5, 2012 he went on a date with Candi Redlick, then on June 16, he hooked up with Nicole Friesen. He told Nancy Martionlich he loved her. He gave her a $500.00 diamond necklace and told her to lie to her husband about it if anyone asked if it was real. He screwed Aleata Dool the day after Chris and Laurie got back from their honeymoon. He he changed the locks to the house. Chris went on several dating sites after these two were married and lied. He said he was divorced for years. He JUST got married. All the while he kept telling Laurie that he would commit s***e if she didn’t co-sign the loan for the 50,000 Camaro. He manipulated her for money. On her birthday she gave in and bought Chris 500.00 in flooring to shut up his temper tantrum in Costco. She’s kinda f*cked up too. She knew he was on dating websites seeking a russian bride and didn’t leave him. Everybody was telling her Chris was a lying, cheating SLORE. She wouldn’t believe it. Not until she saw him injecting anabolic steroids into his thigh. He said she always brought drama around. He was the one stealing fuel from his boss’s fuel card and lying about it. STAY AWAY from this liar. He can’t stop lying. When he got served divorce papers, he ripped them up so his new girlfriend wouldn’t see them. HE IS STILL MARRIED. He told Laurie that if she tried to contact him again, about the divorce, he would change his phone number and his cell number. She now has a text to prove it. He is a loser liar. His first wife filed for divorce. He cheated on her for years. He took forever to get a lawyer. This wife has been trying to divorce him since August 15, 2012. He won’t get a lawyer. Help her out, please Nik. Maybe he can be shamed into getting a lawyer to proceed with her divorce.

Serve him with the papers before he transfers his poor credit to you.- nik

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