Reagan Kleymann

September 15, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a real treat for you. This born and raised Kansas girl is a real cupcake. Looks real sweet on the outside but will rot you inside out. Like a Kansas tornado, she’ll suck and blow everything in her path before destroying it. She calls everyone out for acting like they’re hot shit, but it takes a fake ass cow to know one. Caked in makeup, she goes to parties and is the first to throw up all over herself, but goes to work and gossips and calls everyone a drug addict; even though her parents do drugs. What a mess. If you come to Kansas, consider yourself warned, Nik.

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Josh Gameboykid and Finesha Baker

July 31, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Josh Gameboykid aka josh Tribble is a total fake and a liar, he finds girls on the Internet to go stay with, saying he wants to be with them all while he’s dating this creature Finesha. Be careful if you do invite him to your home because he\’s a klepto, stealing money, ohones, computer, jewelry, clothes. . really just anything he can get his slimy little hands on. apparently he’s not big downstairs and h\’s a tiny little thing in person. Also while he bulbs out at your place you will have to deal with the endless emails and messages from Finesha and her band of nappy hood rats sending message after message explaining how he always comes back to her… sounds a little sad and pathetic, he goes out banging different chick’s in different states why that creature sits at home waiting for him to come back, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are both in on this,, he probably steals the clothes and jewelry for her so they can get all dressed up and be ratchet and sweaty at some rave. . . or maybe the clothes and jewelry are for him.

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Parental Advisory

July 21, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This scumbag needs to be put on blast. Meet Devin, he\’s not only unfaithful but on KBi’s Sex Offender list as well. He likes to have his cake, eat it, and have another piece too. Beware ladies! This guy clearly has issues.

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Cheating Kaylee Wenerstrom With A Tongue Ring

May 26, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kaylee Wenerstrom. This chick will sleep with anyone that will stick it in her. She has slept around on her husband several times. She went to her slut friends house and slept with a guy named Travis while her husband was at home. Once a week she is talking to a new guy and “thinking” about leaving her husband for which ever dude she’s talking to for that week. She is disgusting and I know for a fact she has HPV. her whole family is disgusting alcoholics. Her mother is the same way. I guess the saying is true, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am really surprised she hasn’t been posted before. She is NASTY!!!!

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Cleat Chaser

May 14, 2014 Kansas, Wichita 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik thif is Burgandy Dreiling. She is probably the nastiest cleat chaser in all of Wichita. She’s a 40 something year old mother who spends half her time praying and the other half under some guy. She keeps trying to get accidentally pregnant so a guy will actually want to stick around and be her new baby daddy. Reality check! Nobody wants you. Nobody. Not only is she terrible at being a decent human being shes also terrible at her job. Constantly late and never in the proper attire. She works in an office and wears yoga pants and tank tops with her big fake tits hanging. She’s not an accountable person. Especially to her friends. You can’t split people up hoe. You don’t have anything other than your implants and years of experience going for you. Enjoy being lonely sloot.

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Crystal Wilkerson

May 14, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Crystal Wilkerson if u haven’t already. Let’s get started… first off your are the most ugliest person inside and out. You only care about urself. Your a SNITCH! You helped k**l Denise Streeter and u walk away with clean hands. She probably sucked and fcked the prosecutor. You are a nasty slut who sucks dick for dope. She will do ANYTHING to take a hit off that glass pipe. You take your 12 year old daughter to dope houses and if she’s not with u, then you drop her off with ANYONE. LIKE I SAID SHE COULD GIVE A.FCK LESS ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BESIDES HER DAMN SELF. Shes a liar and a manipulator. Shell fck whoever for a rock. Someone needs to set ur ass straight. U don’t deserve ur kids. Ur the BIGGEST P.O.S … and she will NEVER amount to shit. U R a lazy c(m guzzling slut. Want a fck? CRYSTAL WILKERSON WANTS ANY DICK AND EVERY DICK. FAKE ASS BITCH! KC’S BIGGEST DOPE WHORE!

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Horn boy Alex

May 7, 2014 Kansas, Wichita 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet alex aka aj aka dope boy. Cheats on his fake wife abuse’ s women and hands out drd’s . This guy is a real nut job . When he is not watching or making porn he is getting high and screw anything with or without legs. No he won’t tell you about the herpis or other drd’s and once he passes it to you he will get crazy. . Also is a stalker carries a gun and robs the weak he also is a closet racist but his fake wife and children are black this guy will do anything for a peace of ass and a pill . He lives in his grandmas basement oh my what a dump when I was dateing him he wanted me to live there with him but after seeing the things in his phone the warts on his body and what he does with his dog I was out of there . I should of left sooner before he passed me his drd dumb me now he is stalking me and other women that he has met online . He will tell you he is not with his wife that she is a whore or to just keep it a secret but don’t fall for it as I did his wife is a fat black lady no offence I am not a racist but even she don’t deserve what he is dishing out . Ladies hold on to your money and med cabinet this guy is a real peace of work he won’t use a condom he will lick and screw anything and will beat you physically he has caused my family a lot of grief because I Won’t nothing to do with him after I found out the things I did. He will try and get you to send nude pics he will try to get you high and make porn and he will give you drd’ s that you can not get rid of just ask around about alex rye and anyone in Wichita will tell you he is a phyco druggie stalker meth/coke head that will ruin your life in everyway he can . He also will send you pics of his small penis but wont show his tummy because his wife name is tattooed on it . Sorry Carly it’s time you know the truth about your fake perv of a husband … Nik any words on this bumb??

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Cassie Cormacks Never Satisfied

April 1, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 24

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Cassie Cormack. She is a whore that can’t get enough dick, so she sends naked selfies to guys other than her boyfriend that she lives with. If it has a hard cock then this girl will be on it in no time. She’ll take it however you gI’ve it her: no holes barred.

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