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Chuck Tripp

December 15, 2014 Kansas City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me tell u about this dirty man whore name chuck tripp. He calls himself a real man but brags to all his friends he has slept with over 600 women. how he got me is telling me he wants to settle down then soon as he sleeps with u he drops u like a dime. Here is what is funny he live with his grandma in this tiny house in independence, mo. has no doors which I didn\’t know at the time that was who was in the bedroom right next to us. he is a disgusting pathetic waste of a man who cheats on every women he has ever been with. just watch out ladies u might be the next victim…

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Barbie Princess Andre

December 15, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chelsey Ashley Marie Brown she goes by the name of Barbie Princess Andre She dress like a clown most of the time she has over 30 cats in her home. plus she is a mother of a 1 year one. That child should be taken away from her ASAP Last time i saw her she has the most nasty smelling pssy there is. she moves a lot she cant pay for your own bills She goes by the name Barbie Princess because of how much people made fun of her smell. Her house smells like cat piss and shit. She lives in a bad place for a 1 year old. FYI she will fck any thing that comes to her. I feel so sorry for that Little boy that has to live that. Where is his dad does he know about this?

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Kelli Finally Got Some…Karma

December 14, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kelli Roberts. One of Kansas City’s biggest homewreckers. Ladies, lock up your husbands. Because if he has a job and can support her no-job, pot head, smoking, mooching ass, she is going to try to have him. She has successfully shattered at least 2 marriages with men twice her age but daddy dearest still thinks she is the bees knees. Fortunately, karma has finally caught up with this little hussy. She is unmarried with a kid, lives with daddy, and is fat and ugly. Her tits look like 2 squirrels fighting in a sack. She has some of the most f***ed up eyebrows that look like they were drawn on by a blind 2-year old with a crayon. And, she is a touch cray cray. Lucky for baby daddy, he got smart and moved on…a little too late, but nonetheless after HE cheated on HER. Bahaha.. Karma will get you every time.

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December 14, 2014 Kansas City 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Dylan Byram from Kansas City, Mo. Just wanted to get the word out to everyone in KC/Raytown that this dude is a complete tool. He thinks very highly of himself however. Always bragging about his big time paying job (lunch lady not chef. And how he served in the military..not true. Also can’t forget he’s a black belt in martial arts, another bullshit story. Ladies, be warned, he posted good looking pictures but notice he never smiles in them? Most of his teeth are black with holes in them/ falling out. But he makes so much money how can’t he fix them? See, the lies are catching up to him. He also fails to mention he has drd when he sleeps with a girl. Which he got from his psycho bitch mother. Dylan is a complete joke and will do anything to get money, rides to places, and sex. Don’t fall for the pretty face, underneath it is a bed of lies and rotten teeth.

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Roman the Pedophile

December 12, 2014 Independence, Kansas City 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Roman Gonzalez III is a pedophile. He dated 12-18 year olds when hes 22. He’s nasty an has had an drd from his baby momma. He beats his gf that’s still on high school. Everyone makes fun of him because he stupid. But none of my business. Well anyways what a looser. Go on with your bad self an keep fuking girls still in school. I’ve reported you

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Daddy Bad Touch

December 11, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well I was partying with this guy Jack who I thought was my boy. We was out in Orrick, MO and he started talking about how he was screwing over his wife in a divorce. I was like dude no one cares about you hoe drama. The dude kept running off at the mouth. He started telling me about how he had already lost two kids to the welfare for abuse and was about to losse his 13 month old baby girl but he had more money then the wife so no problem, he would win. He then started talking about how he had forced a barely 17 year old into marrying him after getting her prago at 16. He said he scared and beat the shit out of her. I was like dude not cool, how old are you and he said he was like 45. I said so you got a 16 year old pregnant and beat her to marry you to beat the wrap. Guy got all pissed and I left before he went off on me. I asl around that he lives in a dope house and takes his kid there and gets high with the kid in the room. He lost 2 kids to the state for child abuse and he has a abuse wrap sheet longer the an elephant\’s dick. I started looking old dude up and well he is a pos and wanted so save the poster and share it everywhere to keep this guy from hirting anyone else.

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Teena the Greg Cleaner

December 10, 2014 Kansas City 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Teena Martin From Grain Valley, she’s the biggest closet whore in the metro area. She will pretend to be anyone’s friend just to get another needles full of meth. She is a pathological liar and will say anything to get what she wants. She cooks and cleans in her underwear for a place to stay. Simply stay away from this girl unless you like girls that shoot dope and reuse needles

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Jana Man

December 10, 2014 Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jana, a woman with NO shame and NO class. She is one of the most hated people in the city. She will lie, cheat and steal from anyone, plus if you sleep with her GET TESTED. She will jump on any dick, and openly brags about all the guys and girls she has slept with. She even told me how she gave her supposed best friends brother a blowjob and had sex with him in her ex-friends bed. Then she told me about how she tried to convince that same friends husband to sleep with her while her friend was DYING in the hospital. When he said no she tried to spread a rumor that he tried to rape her. She also openly had a relationship with a known child molester and would role play that she was a child while having sex with him. Jana has burnt every bridge she has. She has been evicted from every place she has lived, has been fired from every job she has, and has had every single one of her cars repossessed. She stole her friends jewelry and stole a lot of money from me. WATCH OUT.

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