Raven Black Drama Queen

April 23, 2014 Kansas City 0 9,536 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Raven Black a wannabe model who thinks she is the end all of everything. She wants you to believe she has a modeling group and is a great promoter. All that she really is is a drama queen that will rip you off at every turn. She has a couple of kids she doesn’t take care of and would rather party than be a mother. She is pregnant know who the hell knows who the daddy is.When she does get in a relationship she turns psycho. So much so she posted she would trade sex for someone to k*ll her ex on a fetish website. Her modeling group is just a bunch of other wannbes who try to get free drinks for showing up and looking like crap. She will try to get hairstylists to make her look good for so called professional shoots and then refuses to pay them. All around crazy drama filled bitch that will sleep with anyone who shows her attention or has drugs. She keeps telling people she has offers for all these great shoots and all it really is for is porn which she has done quite a bit of and not good porn at that. So tell me do you think she has the looks to be the next greatest model?

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Depetre’s Back Again

April 23, 2014 Kansas City 0 6,428 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lauren Depetre. There’s so much to say such little time. She’s fcking my friend, nasty slut will fck anyone while she leaves her kid home with her old ass fiance. Want to choke her until she almost dies? Buy her a drink and she will let you. She’s obsessed with her exes, thinks everyone wants her or is jealous of her. But the funny thing is while she’s out fuking my friends we’re all sitting back laughing at you you nasty cum dumpster!

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Jeffrey the LowLife Troll

April 21, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 2 9,392 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Run Ladies! This 37 year old loser is a narcissist nut job. Four Dui’s, no job, lives off his parents and is a total drunk sewer troll. He cheated on hi gf of five years with a druggie and got caught. This loser denies and lies so much it it sick. So ppathetic. He has even beat two other exs bloody one of which was pregnant.

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Druggie Kenneth Bowers

April 18, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 0 7,283 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ate up drug fiend is Kenneth or goes by “Kid” by all his Wichita Burning Man groupies. This idiot is a total backstabbing liar. He popped 30 pills at once causing him to be fucked up every day for almost 4 months. Every time I saw him he was so ate up from all the pills he downed at the raves in Wichita and Kansas City. He’s lied to me about who he was when he and his friends forced someone I know out of town to some little-known Burning Man mini festival. Oh and when it was over he couldn’t remember what he had done or how he had gotten there. Watch out for him and his “radical self expression”. He may try to drug and rape you .

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Grimy Mario Cruz

April 17, 2014 Denver, Kansas City 17 6,596 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Talk about a low life who thinks he’s a hot ass stud! Hummm is he really? No guess again he’s a broke ass who can’t support his two daughters. He always gets drunk can’t hold a job an rather free load off everyone else. He don’t take care of his kids or pay child support. Let’s see what other chick he plays miss innocent to an let her pay for everything oooh wait maybe he’ll buy dinner sometime from Taco Bell!!!

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Scumb Justin Logen

April 15, 2014 Kansas City, Kansas State 0 7,499 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this boi is a total mess. He fucks around on his baby mama he sleeps with anyone an everyone. His babies mother don’t need the shit he causes. He sleeps with all his friends women. I just don’t think he should have a chance with his baby mama. He has made her into someone I don’t know anymore. All he does is talk shit and fu** everyone. Ladies stay away he gave me an std and boys if you have your women around this boy be careful because he will try, I seen it myself. This boy should have been on here all along. He doesn’t even take care of his kid what a shame. Total loser. Thinks he’s hard too lmao

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Community Slore

April 15, 2014 Denver, Kansas City 17 6,010 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: what a whore ….can’t wait to move up out these apt to get away from this fake ass couple…..once a whore always a whore

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If Miranda West sees it…it’s gone

April 10, 2014 Kansas City 3 6,889 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this dirty little slut! She says she has a job but really just prints off fake paycheck stubs and certificates so it looks like she’s working. If you leave money out it’ll probably be gone when you return. Also this fake ass cunt faked a pregnancy. She put pictures of a sonogram she got off google. She stole or “borrowed” money from all of her friends and slept with anyone that would give her drugs. Somehow this girl got married 3 months after leaving her previous bf over $3000 in debt. Mostly credit card transactions with his work credit card, which nearly got him fired until his boss realized what a crazy bitch she was. Hide your money, drugs, or anything worth of value cause it will be stolen or end up at a pawn shop. Her name is Miranda West….or as she goes by her married name Miranda Chrisman, but I’m sure it will be back to West after she steals or takes half his shit in a divorce. Get a real life skank!

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