Diseased Women Beater

December 3, 2013 Kansas City 24 10,593 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Austin Trembly, a 23 year old dirty liar from Gladstone. He likes to cheat and deny everything when you answer the phone one day to find out he has a girlfriend! Along with this is getting drunk and beating girls when they don’t want to have sex with him then stealing their prescription medications to take and sell. He also has ch***dia and go***ea!!! He is in denial about that too and won’t get treated! Watch out ladies… He may seem like a nice boy livin with his mom and sister, but truth is he lies, cheats, steals and beats on women.

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Justin Shockey Has a Gaping Butthole

December 2, 2013 Kansas City, Missouri 161 10,031 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Justin Shockey, Kansas City’s biggest predator. He lives a double life, one as a father figure to his son and to his live in girlfriend’s kids, and another as a single bachelor going to school to “better himself”. This douchebag is not only a sexual deviant, he likes to lure in multiple single mothers at the same time, all while bringing his precious son to meet and connect with all of them. Who the fuck does that? He is from Oak Grove, but is known in Warrensburg at UCM, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lee’s Summit and pretty much anywhere in the Metro area. After years of being jobless, he finally landed a gig that requires him to travel. So, ladies in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Maryland, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Minnesota, beware! He likes to troll on POF and all other dating sites and will change his city til he finds a match. Don’t worry, this joke does not discriminate. He loves FATTIES, old ladies, tattooed slobs, trannies, and anything with a pulse. He will also demand anal…not GIVING it but RECEIVING it. He will beg you to bang him with a HUGE, gag gift size dildo. At least 18 inches, and he takes it all. He certainly claims to not be into men but, ATTENTION MR. SHOCKEY, your asshole doesn’t get that wide from harmless foreplay. This weasel will do anything to impress you and will become your best friend over night. But no friendship lasts for long. He has fcked everyone over he has ever met, including his family. He loves to blame every problem he has ever had on his mom. He dogs out his entire family constantly, as well as former friends. The entire world must be out to get him. He claims his marriage fell apart for many different reasons but everyone knows he cheated on the poor girl with countless women. She finally wised up and kicked his ass to the curb. He wouldn’t know how to be a loyal friend or significant other if his life depended on it. It’s time to put this fcker on blast so hopefully he won’t keep getting away with being such an all around asshole and douche. This guy isn’t just a sex addict, he has some deep psychological issues. He will try to play this down but anyone who knows him will know it’s the truth.

Now I understand why gay guys like turning straight guys.  I didn’t know de-virginizing appealed to both teams.- nik

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Emily M Coulter

December 2, 2013 Gremlin, Kansas City 44 9,497 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t touch this girl. Emily M Coulter sleeps around with anyone and everyone. She’s ratchet. She tweaks 24/7 and parties every night and mooches off of all of her friends to get her fixes. She’s completely psychotic, delusional, a compulsive liar and a thieve. She’ll even go so far as to sleep with her friend’s boy friends. She calls everyone else fake even though she talks shit on all her friends. She’s ratchet.

Where’s a cabbage patch when you need one.- nik

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Crazy Eye’d Wife Beater

December 2, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 19 10,103 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guys name is Daniel Smith. Last week he was arrested for domestic violence for beating up his pregnant wife and throwing her down stomach first in the alley behind his house, in what can only be considered an attempt to kill his unborn child. He also works at a home/school for handicapped and abused kids called Lakemary Center. I don’t think a women beater like him should be working at a place that houses and teaches kid who have suffered physical abuse. Put this loser on blast nik and let everyone know he’s a women beater. The pictures don’t show it very well, but he also has one of the craziest lazy eyes you’ll ever see.

He’s gotta get off the ‘highway’.- nik

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Briana Brewer

November 26, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 57 10,492 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like your opinion on this personal trainer. Shes blonde with +2′s. What would you rate her?

Answer: No, +2′s on pecs don’t like good, they refund themselves. 

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Dirty Girls ALMA

November 20, 2013 Kansas City 3 10,345 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Wow. Man, these hoes are down for boys in every area code. the blond in red is the step-mom of the brunette hoe we call shorty in Alma. We call her shorty because “give her a 12-oz bottle neck and she will stand waist high for you”. These incest ladies think they run Alma and cheat on their mutual man weekly in K.C. Put these hoes on blast yo!

I feel bad for men in KC.- nik

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Sigma Pi Scumbag

November 18, 2013 Dirty Greeks, Kansas, Kansas City 42 9,116 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Andrew Locke and he is a scumbag prowler from the University of Kansas. He thinks he is hot stuff since he is part of the Army ROTC and the Sigma Pi Fraternity. But ladies, do not be fooled, this man is NOT single no matter what he says. Andrew likes to go on dating apps and trick girls into thinking he is single and ready to mingle. He will even leave his girlfriend to drop his pants and take pictures for you. This man is a cheater and it needs to be known!

His pants are wading on a urine filled bathroom.  Just saying.- nik

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Farming Walker Dog

November 14, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 2 9,845 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is a lying, cheating, stealing, non farming ass he will tell you anything to get into not only your pants but in your life. he will first flash stolen money and brag about his car which you will see it repoed within the first few weeks and when he tells you he’s going to work, check his glove box i’m sure you’ll be shocked to find his unemployment papers. This man has racked up several women’s credit before leaving without any notice. He is a big time cheater and baby maker but denies any and all children.

What a trophy.- nik

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