Chandler Geller

May 19, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: this girl is a manipulative bitch who will use anyone or anything to get what she wants. She has claimer her own brother Adam has finger raped her and that she\’s been raped more then 5 times (all lies). she has been spreading around genital warts around kawasaki and doesn\’t even care she\’s ruining lives. She has a sever pill addiction and will do anything to get them (suck, fuck, or be pimped). she has stolen to get what she wants and often has mental melt downs that make the strongest guy run. Her alcoholism is very strong and makes her fck multiple men in a day and more then likely make her break down in tears to try and gain sympathy for whatever reason she wants sympathy. I warn you if you see this girl run. she may have more then just genital warts but that one is for sure. she has ruined marriages and doesn’t care who she has to step on to get what she wants. she will make you regret ever meeting her so just run.

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Hannah Marie Greene

May 15, 2014 Kansas City 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hannah Marie Greene: A girl whom demonstrates sociopathic and narcissistic behavior by faking pregnancy and miscarriage in order to retain guys that just aren’t into her. In other words, deceit and manipulation are a-okay if it staves off feelings of “abandonment” and gets her what she wants — regardless of what the person being deceived and manipulated wants and regardless of how the person being deceived and manipulated feels. Sociopathic much?  For the record: I can look pregnant if I arch my back and push my belly out too. Synonyms: Nutbag, psycho, crazy bitch, succubus, skank, ratchet, gold digger, leech, demon, evil.

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I Thought you were a Mom

May 14, 2014 Kansas City 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch, Nik…. Is Pamela Josephine Monshower. She is the nastiest bitch I’ve ever met. She fuks with any dude that’s Mexican… And she hangs out with Melissa and Esperanza. They are dirty ass escorts and fck old ass men for money. She has so many sugar daddies and they aren’t even legal citizens. She’s a fuking shit talker and a snake! Shes a damn thief and a conniving whore… She has the cutest little boy ever who is greatful for everything and she’d rather get high, drink, pop pills, ‘fight’ bitches and hit her mom. She even lies to guys and tell them that she’s pregnant to try and get them caught up with her when they try to leave her nasty ass. And Essy actually just lost a baby who was born with out a brain because she popped Xanax, smoked dope, snorted crack, her WHOLE pregnancy. And they ALLLLL have kids! BE A FCKING PARENT.

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Crystal Wilkerson

May 14, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Crystal Wilkerson if u haven’t already. Let’s get started… first off your are the most ugliest person inside and out. You only care about urself. Your a SNITCH! You helped k**l Denise Streeter and u walk away with clean hands. She probably sucked and fcked the prosecutor. You are a nasty slut who sucks dick for dope. She will do ANYTHING to take a hit off that glass pipe. You take your 12 year old daughter to dope houses and if she’s not with u, then you drop her off with ANYONE. LIKE I SAID SHE COULD GIVE A.FCK LESS ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BESIDES HER DAMN SELF. Shes a liar and a manipulator. Shell fck whoever for a rock. Someone needs to set ur ass straight. U don’t deserve ur kids. Ur the BIGGEST P.O.S … and she will NEVER amount to shit. U R a lazy c(m guzzling slut. Want a fck? CRYSTAL WILKERSON WANTS ANY DICK AND EVERY DICK. FAKE ASS BITCH! KC’S BIGGEST DOPE WHORE!

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Bewarre of Octavio Torres

May 9, 2014 Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please watch out for this man, his name is Octavio Torres and he is very dangerous, he likes little boys in a sexual way, The red truck described on the news that was near the school in OLATHE is him!!!! He is a sad ass alchoholic who enjoys beating women and molesting young boys, and what makes it even more dangerous is the fact that he has GENITAL WARTS and is trying to spread it around town to everyone. Be careful and use a condom.

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Weakest Wackest Ever

May 9, 2014 Kansas City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: WOW. what exactly can be said about the train wreck that is LUIS GARCIA. OK lets start with the fact that this Nigga is a straight up BITCH and the biggest pussy in Kansas city, I called this dude out probably like 100 times and he’s still running, but supposedly hes a “gangster” LOLOL LMFAO YEA RIGHT PUSSY! Ok then lets move on to the little penis. His dick is so small and he fucks like a damn jackhammer, Guys, if you’re looking for a great night in bed with someone, THIS AINT IT. Its not satisfying. He has no rhythm at all. Its sad really. Ok now lets move forward to the sad sad reality that this dude is so stupid and uneducated( for real…he stopped going to school in 5th grade!) that he has to work 2 minimum wage jobs and STILL driving a old ass ford Taurus. Maybe this will teach him to keep his smart ass mouth shut, I could find this dude and beat the dog mess out of him, but I figure his sad ass life is punishment enough, his life already over. SMH.

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Need a Prostitute

May 7, 2014 Kansas City 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik, this guy write here is the WHORE OF KANSAS CITY. He acts like he has nothing and is hopeless so vulnerable people take him in. Then he uses those people. He gets them to buy him pills, drugs, etc. He acts like he has no money at all, well heres the twist. He has plenty of money because he “male escorts” yeah hes a PROSTITUTE. He sells himself on craigslist for any amount of money you’re willing to offer. he’ll lick shit as long as you pay him. He is a lying, conniving, two-faced, back stabbing whore. He stole money from my friend, and also stole her laptop, and iphone 5. I would always watch when he would ask her to borrow some money and she always felt bad so always gave him some because she looked up to him like a big brother, until he started slipping and she checked her safe and found out there was 1000$ missing. He would always leave her house and come back on he*oin, coke, or ec*tasy. He would steal needles from a diabetic mother of 3, and stole and cheated outless times on his ex who did nothing but love him. This is the scum of kc. Jerrad Woll is disgusting, disease infested, c*ke whore who will sell himself for a cheap buck. He breaks up his friends relationships just to fuck there boyfriends. He told me that he has slept with over 268 guys. so i know he has a disease. If you’ve been with him get yourself checked. This bitch is nasty. and lock your doors cause i promise you he’ll steal your shit and not even be remorseful about it.

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Jake Jordan

May 7, 2014 Kansas City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jake is a poser. He’s a liar, cheater, and master con artist. He uses his puppy dog eyes to trick you into thinking he is a caring person. He will keep you around while he depleets your money and ignorance. The moment you need him, he’s long gone. On to the next victim. He also likes to brag about how good he is in bed, it really isn’t anything special. Jake needs to be thrown away and forgotten like the piece of trash he is.

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