Elizabeth Martin

July 3, 2014 Kansas City 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Elizabeth Martin, she loves spending her day taking photos of her chest and big ass forehead, making ugly faces at the camera, Instead of taking care of her kid, while she’s pawning her baby off to her mom, she makes drug runs, and “pop champagne ” with her “real niggas” And hangs out with her ex, who use to beat her, Real smart. Get a job, and further yourself in this world, or end up a crack whore, whatever, it’s your choice, But if I were you, that face is like a mans, you won’t make it that far honey.

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Alyssa Cooksey

July 2, 2014 Kansas City 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alyssa Cooksey is the biggest slut in Kansas City. She will steal your boyfriend in a heartbeat because that is what she does and that is who she is. She is not a trustworthy friend at all. The biggest you know what on campus. Backstabbing liar is what she is…

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Heather Shipley

July 2, 2014 Kansas City, San Antonio 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Heather Nicole Shipley. She’s been on here another time before, I just want to say she’s the most disgusting MINIPULATIVE CNT I have ever met. She changes guys more than she probably changes her uderwear! She’s bounced from relationship to relationship to relationship! She has no self respect or respect for other peoples happiness. I strongly believe in the saying misery loves company. She is famous for a good BJ down the block for free… If you’re in a relationship with her ex she will manipulate her way back in! She just doesn’t stop! I hope this bitch some day gets what she deserves ! And another thing she’s an awful mother!! She posted a picture of her child “pretending” to take a shot. Who the fck does that? She thinks she’s got her shit together but far from it. She’s is like human chameleon, she will try and blend into who ever she’s around or whatever she’s doing. She dates a puertorican then she’s gonna act likes she’s a puertorican. Again if she dates a black guy she’s gonna think she’s thug and black. She seriously has issues and has no idea who she even is at the age of 26 that’s sad. Nik, I would like to here what you have to say about this bug eyes chameleon manipulative whorey ass bitch.

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Ron Martin

June 30, 2014 Kansas City 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ron Martin is Kansas City’s biggest douche bag! From lying, to stealing from friends, family, and his place of employment this sad loser has no shame in his game. He has cheated on every girlfriend he has had in Kansas City, has multiple women pregnant, and refuses to take care of the children….his children. He manipulates women he works with into sleeping with him by promising to talk to GM’s to get them better paying positions. He lies about his degrees, and steals every opportunity he has. The truth is he can not pay any of his bills. He tries to get his friends fired to try and take their positions. Nik, this guy is an absolute joke. He goes around bullying women, and it is time someone puts him out there again! Any man that threatens women needs to get his ass handed to him. If there is drama, Ron created it! He will take you for everything you have if you give him the opportunity to enter your life. If you think you are the only girl, think again. He sleeps with anyone who can help him financially. Don’t become another victim of Ron Martins! It is time that we tell this loser to get the hell out of KC and go back to SD! He walks around like he is a big deal in Kansas City telling people he fly’s planes. He is a local bartender, and that is all he will ever be. He hurts, and uses people, and then tries to ruin their lives with bullshit gossip and lies when they try to stand up for themselves. Ron we all know who the bipolar, pathological liar is. Eyes on you!

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Innocent looks, but a Theif and Slore

June 27, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: I let this bitch stay with me for three months. She did nothing to contribute. I paid for everything, bought her anything she needed as if she were my kid. I make decient money, I didn’t mind helping out what I thought was a friend. Well behind my back, this bitch would bring strange men into my house while I was away, drug addict men, and fucking them on my bed, and stealing larg amounts of money from me. Like 500$ at a time , quite often. She is a drug addict, and pregnant … Likes to smoke meth while putting her unborn child at risk. She didn’t need to steal from me, she already had it made. She uses men like they are disposable objects. Juggling 6 or more “daddy’s” at a time. She meets up with her victims on pof. Her pics are very misleading FYI. Thought I’d do the Bay Area a favor and warn those who may fall for her bs Her name is Anna kimmel

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Debbie Downer

June 27, 2014 Kansas City 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is the definition of white trash gold digger. Debbie Stumfoll Mcgree is a married woman that doesn’t have a job and sleeps with married and non married men. She will fck anything as long as you give her a bottle of booze. She tells men she can’t get pregnant so she doesn’t have to use condoms. Ladies watch out if she gets ahold of your man shes known to have some sexual diseases. She has hospitals and doctors suing her left and right because she doesn’t have the funds to treat her diseases. Unfortunately My buddy had to find out the hard way and had to take antibiotics for his drd.

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Rachel Boltz

June 26, 2014 Kansas City 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am ashamed to be uploading such vulgar pictures to represent Kansas City, unfortunately the trash is everywhere. This girl is 19 year old Rachel Boltz of Oak Grove, Missouri and is an insane danger to those who troll the Internet dating sites and phone chat lines. Not only that, but she is a carrier of HPV genital warts as well as Herpes. She “loves” children and loves to try and get her hands on them so that is my reason for posting. Dont let your kids eat or drink after her, although if you do already you have no standards. She is trying to hide the diseases.

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June 25, 2014 Kansas City 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: this POS is felipe aguilar he’s my baby daddy and is a dead beat he is so called married and has another baby on the way. he cheats on every girl he’s with every chance he gets. he’s abusive physically and mentally. he’s the worst lier he’ll threaten to kill himself just so yo’ll stay with him. he uses girls just for a place to sleep and something to fck.

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