Bethann Adams

July 11, 2014 Cleveland, Kansas City 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This my friends is Bethann Adams she is here by popular demand Bethann is a doped out pill head stripper you can catch her shoes at the harem where in the couch room she will get wild for you this girl is pilled out on a daily bases drives around with her baby in the car she is a user not to mention she is burnt this girl has been with everyone she uses people if you have anything she wants she will use you she is hidious and is getting worse everyday this girl has no future other then if she doesn’t slow down death she is probably the worst looking girl posted on the dirty

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Fat Pin Ups

July 10, 2014 Kansas City 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was skimming through some model facebook checking out goods on some of the ladies when I came by this heifer?? From what I saw she proclaims to be a pin up model. Bro seriously.. Some of this girls pictures she has posted makes me want to cut my eyes out of my head. Since when did girls that size and that ugly think they could take pictures like that and post them for the world to see. Apparently there is a shit load of other heifers like this girl that takes those pictures with her. Please someone stop this madness!!!! We want to see sexy fit ripped girls not these fat lards. I hope these aren’t your day jobs people! So Nik, would you lay the wood down on this girl?? All I can think of when I see her is MOOO.

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Jessica Bessel

July 9, 2014 Kansas City 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Brasel will fck anybody for dope or for some money.. She got I engaged to a guy she knew for couple months that she met cuz she was escorting.. Poor girl needs to grow up.. She’s addicted to m*th and sighs like 60 pounds.. If u know her u might wanna get checked for std.. . She lives from house to house mooching off people .. Not to mention… Cleptoomaniac ,

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Kim Hannon

July 7, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This Bitch is a Fcking whore! No doubt about it. She’s so fake its disgusting! She has slept with and ex of mine before he was my ex. (get it) She has slept with Multiple of her friends boyfriends and Husband!! Yes you read it right. HUSBAND! His wife and him were having issues so she snatched up the opportunity to open up her nasty Vagina for business ! The husband she slept with has a child also -.- Can you say HOMEWRECKERRR! She’s a nasty slut who thinks she can get any guy she wants but in all reality no one wants to touch that. She has spread rumors that Kayla H. Has more than One drd. And they were supposed to be good friends!! The hell? She thinks she is a model but newsflash she isn’t ha. She either pays ppl to photograph her or pays by once again opening her vagina for buisness .. Gross right? She’s a fatty and loves to start drama. So Kim Hannon just know Not even your ex’s want you back doll. And when you do get a good guy you fck him over and ruin it. You’re disgusting and have no friends. Go get your teeth fixed and give the aliens their forehead back.

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Sammy’s Slore

July 6, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so this sloot Starla (what kind of trashy name is that anyway?!) Shanel is the biggest joke and trust me there are plenty of those out here. She is usually at Seville when she’s not working the pole at the trashiest Sammys around here- when she isnt hooking up with your man that is. She is constantly fucked up, calling her ex boyfriends from 10 years ago and of course posting “selfies”. Honey its time to get off the pole; youre what, 35 at very least? Your tits sag, your ass is flabby, and no amount of Photoshop or IG filters can cover that old ass face. Grow up, get a real job, or at least find some stupid trout. Stop putting pix all over FB showing off 6 figure Mercedes; your lifetime earnings couldn\’t even cover one. Stop getting it from old men, red bottoms are trashy and so are dollar bills in your G string. So are G strings for that matter, it’s not the 90′s anymore. She is constantly looking for attention or whining back for her old boyfriends then playing victim when their women call her out and deleting the shit she said. She is a Pepsi lover and my God it shows. Thank God that she hasn’t bred but thankfully DRDs often leave one sterile. Nurse my ass!! Youre a Junior College dropout bitch. Stop acting like you’re something )

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Elizabeth Martin

July 3, 2014 Kansas City 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Elizabeth Martin, she loves spending her day taking photos of her chest and big ass forehead, making ugly faces at the camera, Instead of taking care of her kid, while she’s pawning her baby off to her mom, she makes drug runs, and “pop champagne ” with her “real niggas” And hangs out with her ex, who use to beat her, Real smart. Get a job, and further yourself in this world, or end up a crack whore, whatever, it’s your choice, But if I were you, that face is like a mans, you won’t make it that far honey.

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Alyssa Cooksey

July 2, 2014 Kansas City 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alyssa Cooksey is the biggest slut in Kansas City. She will steal your boyfriend in a heartbeat because that is what she does and that is who she is. She is not a trustworthy friend at all. The biggest you know what on campus. Backstabbing liar is what she is…

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Heather Shipley

July 2, 2014 Kansas City, San Antonio 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Heather Nicole Shipley. She’s been on here another time before, I just want to say she’s the most disgusting MINIPULATIVE CNT I have ever met. She changes guys more than she probably changes her uderwear! She’s bounced from relationship to relationship to relationship! She has no self respect or respect for other peoples happiness. I strongly believe in the saying misery loves company. She is famous for a good BJ down the block for free… If you’re in a relationship with her ex she will manipulate her way back in! She just doesn’t stop! I hope this bitch some day gets what she deserves ! And another thing she’s an awful mother!! She posted a picture of her child “pretending” to take a shot. Who the fck does that? She thinks she’s got her shit together but far from it. She’s is like human chameleon, she will try and blend into who ever she’s around or whatever she’s doing. She dates a puertorican then she’s gonna act likes she’s a puertorican. Again if she dates a black guy she’s gonna think she’s thug and black. She seriously has issues and has no idea who she even is at the age of 26 that’s sad. Nik, I would like to here what you have to say about this bug eyes chameleon manipulative whorey ass bitch.

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