Joselinn Villalba

August 20, 2014 Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl joselinn Villalba is a nasty home wreaker she cant even buy her kids nothing I gave her a car seat and bed for her baby she cries that her man is cheating on her but she sleeps with everybody in her apartment building she just had a baby 2months ago she slept with my baby daddy while we was together we lived next door to each other and she knew he had a family she is nothing but a nasty hoe she even gave him a std stay away

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Ryan Heyer Abuses His Girlfriends

August 20, 2014 Kansas City, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ryan Heyer. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas. He has had domestic abuse charges pressed against him by his past two ex-girlfriends. The pic of the girl you see is his last victim. He still chases after her even though he beat her up so badly! He runs a business called Fitness Kitchen with his sugar mama Rebecca Eller. Women need to know about this douche, and how he beats his girlfriends. Most girls see through his BS fairly soon, but the past two he trapped and was constantly cheating on them and being physically abusive. This guy needs to be stopped!

Never trust a man with Nautical Stars on his body.- nik

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Prince Asswipe – Jake Favrow

August 19, 2014 Kansas City 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the most manipulative, conniving, disgusting, excuse of a man I’ve ever known. He’s made one girl attempt suicide over him, had another girl abort his baby, and of course he’s been giving out drd to multiple girls since he got them after cheating. Sure, he’s tall, smart and charming to suck girls in, but he soon becomes violent and controlling and a using, lying bastard. He seeks out girls with issues and breaks them down even more. He’ll tell you that him and his current gf are having issues during sex or that he doesn’t have feelings for her like he used to and use you as his side chick. He always has at least 3 girls in his life at a time: a girl best friend, a wannabe gf, and a current girlfriend (oblivious to it all). He makes groupings of people on facebook that can only see limited info on his page and puts certain girls into those specific groups, so many girls don’t know of his other girls. He’ll lie and say his phone died/he didn’t have signal/he fell asleep and will have another girl over his house. He is very shielded and wont show emotions to anyone, so no one can get to him. He uses people for anything: his parents for their money, his friends to cover for him when he’s out with some slut, and his jobs to steal from. He’s a huge klepto and has stolen things from his old job a CVS many times. Most of the time he can’t stay hard during sex, and blames it on his diabetes. He is a worthless and the world needs to know! Beware of Jake the Snake!!!

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Kristi’s Stink

August 19, 2014 Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: I Nik I would like you to meet Kristi, this girl walks around like her shit don’t stink . She’s a wanna be northsider . Always starting drama with prettier girls because shes scared they’ll take her boyfriend . She says that’s his ride or die , & all this bullshit when all he does is cheat on her lmao who wouldn’t her boobs are shaggy & she has acne all over them ! Ewww ! She claims to be classy , she posts picture of her & boyfriend having sex lmao that’s real classy . She is a slut that goes around fukin every guy she can including one of her cousins that girl as no shame ! Watch out for her nasty ass !

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Bala Soump

August 19, 2014 Kansas City 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Bala Soump, he has Genital W**ts and has drd. He thinks he is all that. He is a complete douche bag. He thinks he is all that. I slept with him 5 months ago not knowing I was going to get drd’s. I also heard that he blew a guy I know several weeks back. So all I can say is watch out girls.

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Brandy Wrenfroe

August 18, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shis bitch thinks shes “hot shit” because she used to have some friend u was a stripper and the strippers boyfriend was a cage fighter. So now she thinks she can get away with anything and based her whole outfits and looks off this stripper and forgets about her floppy used up body and doesn’t have any responsibility towards her son! Shed rather smoke weed and go party and dance. Oh! Shes also an escort! She thinks her shit is worth 400$ a night! She gave me an std. And 2 of my friends! And who knows how many other guys she is nasty nasty nasty! If u go to the grizzly rose your sure to find her! Shes been kicked out of her parents house at least 50 times because she cant pay rent or wants to be a whore…stay away!

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Antoinette Houston Toni

August 13, 2014 Kansas City 139

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  This warped bitch right here Antoinette Houston aka Toni is one Nigger lovin slit she has sucked so many black dicks her lips are black Her ex hubby is Fieldon Houston aka Squeak and their stupid off spring of a child Devin he is now the Drug dealer of Liberty Mo. Wtf do you expect with some fck up parents he got poor kid the parents are the most dis-functional fcks I’ve ever witnessed they use their kid as a pone in their sick twisted games they play they fck other people just to make each other jealous and innocent people get caught up in their nasty lil web they weave ! We call her the BEAST case she fo sho is the Devil she don’t want that fat ugly Negro she just don’t want no one else to have him total slut mite she has had so many abortions from suckin and fukin niggas to piss ol Squeaker off …and him too he fckin on a real scab right now her name is Kristi Stuedle she’s a real winner haaa not! Toni got herself all tattooed up she looks like total trash and them bangs plzzzz give us a break lady you lookin like a monster high doll or the dork on the Incredibles! You are an evil witch and we know you are one the way you treated Squeaks mom she hated your fat ugly ass you feed her apple sauce with a fork and the lady has MS a total monster! How does it make you feel to know she talked hella shit on you and her no good son on her death bed!?! You are one sick individual with your **’s you spread nasty slit!ugy as yo momma

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Thinks She’s a Ten

August 12, 2014 Albuquerque, Kansas City 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: So she is 18, but looks closer to 30. Already been fired from Twin Peaks & a retail job, she spends all day bitching about why some guy from high school doesn’t love her anymore. Biggest ambition in life so far, she lives in uptown, where she likes to get drunk & bring the boys home for fun. Beware of this stage five clinger from New Mexico though, I’m sure they were glad to see her her go. Give her six more months and she’ll be working the stage at baby dolls and trolling for a sugar daddy. The girls self esteem is is a -50, which is perfect because once you take off the Mac force field, the push-up bra, the self tanner, and the fake nails so is she.

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