Kansas City | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

JoCo Thief

December 8, 2014 Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: STORE OWNERS BEWARE!!! This woman’s name is Lauren Gilbert. She recently made local news after stealing from an Olathe Target. I’m a manager at a store in JoCo and she’s been in my store too many times. She will always try to get a discount, then throw a fit if she doesn’t get her way. She tries to make a scene to get whatever she wants. She is a real embarrassment and a thief! God only knows what she has stolen without us knowing. It is good to finally see her getting in trouble.

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Danielle Duvall Compares Herself To Barbie

December 5, 2014 Kansas City, The Dirty 77


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you think Danielle Duvall looks anything like Barbie??? No right??? As you can see from the lockers, you know what she does for a living and I don’t know if that is the best career for her.

If you ever thought about doing a KC trip…this is the talent.- nik

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Worst Couple of the Year

December 4, 2014 Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: The douchebag on the right slept with his psycho gf on the lefts sister. Droski is back at it with sisters again. The question is- did she deserve it for playing him their whole relationship, or is he the almost 30 year old who won’t ever grow up or learn how to treat a woman? Also the sister, not significant enough to be pictured, is an escort as droski himself admitted, revealing that he has a special thing for escorts (since he posted on Fb on thanksgiving about Olivia and tried to brag about tapping that again) which makes every man wonder…escorts, WTF why man? Higher risk for disease, just plain dirty, and almost all of them are psycho or with daddy issues….but then again, what normal girl wants droski. Last i heard he was texting everyone pics of a bed he “bought” while his new roommate was busy telling everyone that HE was the one who actually bought it, LOL Broke Droski get a clue-ski!!!!!

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Sarah Babcock

December 4, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik this is a girl who thinks she has it all made she has a guy in her life that is very good to her. But what he does not know is that she likes to have her so called man and she likes to have her own life on the side. she is the kind of girl that claims she is so in love with that sorry ass guy she is with but at the same time she tells other men the same thing. Sarah is also pregnant with what she hopes is her boyfriends baby but from my side of this i just don’t think it is his. She tells me every day that she is leaving him so she can be with me but she feels so sorry for him that the guilt keeps her their with him. I am not sure why she feels sorry for the guy, every time she tries to leave him he starts crying and then she just can’t do it, i think its pathetic that he just does not get the hint that she is playing him for a damn fool and he has no idea at all that she is doing that to him. So what should we do to this kind of girl??? I think we should embarrass the shit out of her because she does not deserve the life that guy has given her so lets see what the world has to say about this girl…

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Amanda Stanks

December 4, 2014 Kansas City 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Slut is a homewrecking dirty two-faced ugly ass bitch right here! she “acts” like shes your friend then BAM sleeps with your husband//boyfriend. She is such low life white trash its unreal and i feel bad for anyone that has to come in contact with this dirty ass slut.

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Daniella Stop the Lies

December 2, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 14



THE DIRTY ARMY: I just busted u! The guy ur seeing is my good friend. Guess u shouldn’t send nudes or let ppl take ur pics while u give head u nasty tramp! Hope ur bf sees this!

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Tiffany Mildernberger

December 1, 2014 Kansas City 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: anyone who has met this bitch not only knows shes a compulsive liar she’s nasty as fck . Let’s see this bitch has a kid by.. Wait I can’t tell you because she does’t even know… The truth anyway. She’s managed to make herself believe that three different guys are actually the father of this kid. Tiffany worked at bazookas strip club in downtown KC for awhile. Currently she’s pregnant by the local rapper Dutch Newman. But that’s not the casecase. She’s the ugliest bitch at the club and walked out one night with $1,000 .. AND ITS NOT BECAUSE SHES “good” ON THE POLE. The only pole she’s good at working is the dick. She made $1,000 in one night from fucking and sucking dick in the VIP room. Result? She’s not only pregnant AND STILL STRIPPING , she’s also been seen prostituting not only in Ferguson MO, but now in San Fran Cali. The kids she has now she not only DOESNT provide for she shoves him off on her adopted parents who she claims beat her, her whole life…. But she leaves her kid with them? Hmmm either she got caught in that lie right there or she’s so desperate to get out there and suck some dick for $1.00 she could care less who her kids with. Poor kid and I only feel worse for the one she’s pregnant with now. Which is not Mr. Newman’s baby. But thatll be proven when she pops it out. TO MY KCMO AND CALI FRIENDS DO NOT TOUCH THIS HOE NOT ONLY DID I HEAR SHE CAUGHT THE HERP FROM HER LATE NIGHTS ON THE STREET SHES BEEN SEEN WITH NASTT ASS BLISTERS ON HER LIPS THAT KEEP POPPING UP. Hell she looks enough like a man I don’t think any guy in his right mind would fuck her with a ten foot pole. Oh lord, this bitch needs not only Jesus but serious mental help. PLEASE VEER AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS SMUT AS POSSIBLE. Run, run like a fat kid who hasn’t eaten in a week is chasing you like your a fat slice of cake. I’ll pray for you if you’ve every even sat next to this girl. Sincerely QUANTINAE aka SUCKIN SHAY.

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Airhead Heartbreaker

November 26, 2014 Independence, Kansas City 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik.So this is Layton Vance. lives in Indep, Mo. Beware ladies what i do know about him is not good He left his girl of 3 years, to go fk some chick who lives in another state and did not come back for weeks, she left him and is now doing who knows what with her slutty bestfriend. had me over,told me some lies, told me all the things girls would like to hear that its okay your a “free spirit” haha something he says to every girl he tries to fck/or get naked pics of. He has a website that is only pics of girls which he got to do something forh him.or his buddies.nasty things.gives you nothing in return execpt take advantage of your body of course hes sick, and tells every girl that hell give them this present hes been keeping for the girl who makes him jizz.he says he cant get off.haha he sends these pics of them to his guys friends he doesnt care about anyone but himself.(no matter what he tell you) he wants a lady to give him money and sex Watch out for this guy

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