Jah Love, Ryan Castillo

April 8, 2014 Kansas City 0 8,615 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this piece of work is Ryan Castillo. He was a good friend of mine, someone I had known since high school, someone who I opened my home to many times. One night a couple of years ago I saw him in Westport. He begged me to give him and his friend a ride because he couldn’t afford a cab home. I drove them to Cold Storage lofts on 3rd & Delaware, and as I got out of I was struck on the head with a blunt object. The police found me bleeding and barefoot in the rain. My van was gone. The police offered to take me to the hospital, but knowing the people with my van also had my house keys, I asked them to take me home. When we arrived my door was wide open, and my big screen, computers, laptops, Xbox, Wii, and DVDs were all gone. He even stole my daughter’s Disney movies and an antique baby cradle given to her by my deceased grandma. My daughter referred to this “man” as Uncle Ry. My van was found three days later, driven by crackheads that admitted trading drugs with Ryan for the vehicle. He’s been in hiding and has recently emerged using his founding member of 77 Jefferson status to start a new production company Youthman Reggae. I would appreciate any help getting the word out that this person is absolutely not to be trusted. He was thrown out of 77 Jefferson for stealing their, (his own brother) equipment and selling it for crack. Incidentally, the friend he was with that night was shot to death three months later. I was awoken by homicide detectives in the middle of the night because my ID and credit cards, (all of which were in my purse in my van) were found in his wallet at the time of his murder. Ryan is still wanted for questioning in that case.

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Keep an Eye Out for this Wig

April 8, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 15 9,949 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: My friend met her online got ripped off watch out for her she ask for a donation up front goes outside to say she’s gonna get ice guys come in an take the rest of us cash watch out for this hoe

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Melissa Claudio City Sloot

April 4, 2014 Kansas City 0 9,134 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Melissa Claudio she is 27 and has 7 kids. LOL. And still wants more when she lives off government assistance and parties with her children’s child support. She loves to get attention from men and always needy wanting them to support her. She’s ugly and sadly insecure. She loves to act like she’s secure of her self when sadly she isn’t thats why she acts like the slut that she is. It’s about time she’s exposed.

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River Dumpster

April 3, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 37 9,563 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here you go Nik. I bring to you the hugest shit starter .. Drug addict… Con Artist .. Hooker .. And worse Mother . She has NO friends for a reason .she has screwed everyone man . Married or not . She Jason respect herself or others Not to mention she’s on major drugs . Her one son is gay the other one is in prison for 20 years. And who knows where the other one is . She’s. A real pos. She talks about everyone . She needs to be put on blast ..watch the comments come rolling in on this Carp .

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Austin, Be Warned of Luna Mayflowers

April 2, 2014 Austin, Kansas City 17 6,310 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: LOOK OUT AUSTIN, TEXAS! I have recently received word that this world class fraud is on the move again and this time TO OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY! After being successfully run out of Tampa, and Kansas City she is now headed here! Her real name is Harley Kapp, but she goes by “Luna Mayflowers”. She claims to be some peaceful enlightened bohemian but she is actually a pathological liar and a fake. She voluntarily works as a stripper and then she’ll cry rape when any douche bag slips a dollar in her disgusting crotchet panties. She abuses her animals. Her first dog ran away because she didn’t take care of it and then she got another dog, which after a few weeks of shamelessly flaunting it on social media, it mysteriously “ran away” as well. She claims to pay her own bills yet we all know her grandmother gave her a credit card, which Miss Luna uses to buy alcohol, pot, and crystals for her shitty jewelry. She had to pay for a majority of her Instagram followers because in reality no one wants to see her nude pictures and her crappy crotchet clothes that she tries to sell. Oh yes, and, she claims to be some “dread headed goddess” yet her hair is completely fake. If you took the weave out her hair is fried and probably about two inches long. This girl is the ultimate fake. My people in Kansas City are glad that they finally ran her out of there and everyone that knows who she truly is is sick of her having a huge ego and thinking she’s some super angel feminist martyr. She moves to a new city and changes her entire existence to fit it. For instance, when she moved to Kansas City she was claiming to be some type of burlesque performer, until that flopped and all of the burlesque teams declared her a laughing stock. And now, she’s moving to Austin and claiming to be a hippie princess. Don’t be fooled by this dirty trollop fellow Austinittes. GO BACK TO THE HOLE FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!

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Muslim Mexican Druggie, Ghassan Salhab

April 2, 2014 Denver, Kansas City 19 10,197 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man’s name is Ghassan Salhab. He is a raging drug addict who has stolen thousands of dollars from his parents to fuel his need for pills and m*th. His parents aren’t innocent either! His mother is a self loathing Mexican who spends her days pretending to be an Arab, and her nights sleeping with her husbands brother! Also, his father has known ties to TERRORIST organizations. This family is disgusting, racist against Jews, Americans, and every minority other than themselves. Ghassan has to lie about sleeping with girls, stays up watching child porn all night, and got kicked out of med school for using drugs! Blast this pedophile druggie Nik!

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Branson Closet Case

April 2, 2014 Kansas City 0 6,451 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dated this guy Aaron Ha*good, he is from Branson but goes to school in Kansas City. His family has a show in Branson and he told me a bunch of secrets about how they really feel about the people putting money in their pocket. Aaron had quit the show and became a drug dealer around Branson when he messed himself up from the drugs so bad and went crazy I guess he decided to go to a religious school, I am also pretty sure he is either bi or gay. He also likes to talk to under age girls, so if youre in the KC or Branson area I would watch it!

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Cassie Cormacks Never Satisfied

April 1, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 14 10,778 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Cassie Cormack. She is a whore that can’t get enough dick, so she sends naked selfies to guys other than her boyfriend that she lives with. If it has a hard cock then this girl will be on it in no time. She’ll take it however you gI’ve it her: no holes barred.

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